The Human Emperor Chapter 699

Chapter 699: Wang Chong Strikes

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Qin Qicheng seemed to have transformed into a completely different person. The aura he gave off had utterly transformed, becoming ruthless, dangerous, and brimming with a desire to attack and assault.

The Divine Ape Art was a divine technique passed down through Wushang Village for centuries. It was an art developed through observing the great apes living in the mountains, and was capable of greatly boosting a person's strength, dexterity and speed.

In Wushang Village, this technique was on a much higher level than the Halo of Mists and the Gloom Hand.


With a wave of his hand, Qin Qicheng fused with the divine ape behind him. Boom! Qin Qicheng grabbed a massive stone that had to weigh around two thousand jin and tossed it at Wang Chong.

Behind the rock, Qin Qicheng lunged at Wang Chong like a hungry tiger leaping at its prey.

As the stone thundered down, a scene repeated itself. While the rock was still several zhang away, it was caught and held by an invisible energy, floating in the air as steady as Mount Tai.

"The Divine Ape Art! With such a severe leakage of Stellar Energy, it's clear that you haven't cultivated it very well."

Wang Chong half-closed his eyes as he gazed at the lunging Qin Qicheng, no sign of emotion on his face. The madness and ruthlessness of the divine ape that was Qin Qicheng apparently had no effect on him.


Just when the massive divine ape's arms were about to smash down, Wang Chong's eyes widened and a sharp light flashed. In that moment, Wang Chong had suddenly moved, his finger jabbing into the 'Moji Point' in Qin Qicheng's armpit.

Qin Qicheng froze, and like a balloon deflating, the energy drained out of him. The black smoke scattered and he quickly returned to his original self.

"Impossible! Just who are you?"

Qin Qicheng staggered backward, but his eyes were fixed on Wang Chong, full of fear and disbelief.

Wushang Village rarely communicated with the outside world, so outsiders had no knowledge of its martial arts. When confronting the martial arts of Wushang Village, the majority of invaders would end up being captured or severely wounded before they even knew what was going on.

But Wang Chong gave off the feeling that he knew all their secrets and flaws. In front of him, the Divine Ape Art had no secrets to speak of.

At the start, Qin Qicheng's impression of Wang Chong had been that of an unwelcome outsider, but now, this outsider had already become completely unfathomable.

"At the end of each month, don't you feel a terrible pain at your Yujing, Yuanchuan, and Longchi Points? This is because your training is poor and your energy is being diverged. Try to move your energy through the Pansha, Yongquan, and Longwei Points. In around three days, you should be able to resolve the problem of your Stellar Energy being diverged and your meridians spasming," Wang Chong said with a faint smile.


Qin Qicheng's eyes went wide, and his face looked like he had seen a ghost.



This can't be happening!

Qin Qicheng felt like a peal of thunder had exploded in his head. Not even Wang Chong seeing through the flaw in his Divine Ape Art with a single finger had given him this great of a shock.

The Divine Ape Art did have its flaws, and with the different talents, potential, and states of cultivation for each person, the location of the weakness would also be different.

And no one would ever tell their weakness to someone else, so the location of a person's weakness always remained their personal secret.

Moreover, Qin Qicheng had not even told his closest confidants about the problem with his Yujing, Yuanchuan, and Longchi acupuncture points, so just how did this teenager know about it?

In addition, these three points would only ache at the end of the month, and this was something only people who cultivated the Divine Ape Art would know. How did he know about this fact as well?

Qin Qicheng suddenly felt like his head was about to burst.

Before Qin Qicheng could say anything, another person angrily roared, "You dare attack Brother Qi! Everyone, let's kill them all!" The people of Wushang Village were extremely united, and seeing Qin Qicheng be beaten back twice by Wang Chong had left the villagers fuming with rage.

Bzzt! Whichever one charged forward first, he was quickly followed by a second, a third, a fourth People charged in from all sides.

Black mists roiled and metal clattered. Halos that the outside world knew nothing about began to emerge from the bodies of the Wushang.

The Halo of Mists, the Gloom Hand, the Divine Ape Art, the Climbing Ivy Art, the Boulder Halo different halos accompanied by their respective Stellar Energies began to rise from the Wushang.

"Careful! Protect Young Master!"

Gao Feng, Nie Yan, and the other guards gripped their weapons and nervously stood guard around Wang Chong.


Roars came from all around, but the first wave of attacks was already here: massive rocks weighing thousands of jin. These rocks hurtled through the air with incredible speed, crashing toward the soldiers.

These guards who had lived through the southwestern war were nervous to the extreme.

Even to them, the Wushang were extremely powerful opponents. This many Wushang working together to attack them instantly placed a massive pressure on them.

All of them could smell the thick stench of death.

This obscure and remote place on the Silk Road was definitely a lair of dragons and tigers.

"Gao Feng, Nie Yan, all of you just need to protect yourselves. Let me handle these people." When things were at their most tense, Wang Chong spoke in his calm and confident voice, instantly bolstering their confidence.


A powerful wave of energy erupted from Wang Chong's body, sweeping in every direction. Just like before, those massive rocks were frozen in the air while they were still several zhang away.

"Kill him!"

"To be so bold as to barge into our Wushang and even dare to attack Brother Qi, does he really think we can't deal with him?"

"Don't be impulsive! Seize him and hand him over to the chief!"

Furious cries filled the air as the powerful and courageous Wushang charged at Wang Chong. Although they held no weapons, their fingers, palms, arms, and bodies were trained to be as tough as steel.

"Young Master!"

Gao Feng's panicked voice came from behind Wang Chong.

"Don't worry."

Wang Chong's voice was as calm as ever, the corners of his lips curling into a relaxed and confident smile as he gazed at the lunging Wushang.

"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!"

A voice that was neither loud nor soft rang out in everyone's ears. Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Chong used the legendary evil art of the Central Plains!

"Ah!" With cries of alarm, those powerful Wushang were suddenly caught by a powerful attractive force and began to spin in the air.

None of the Wushang could land, and none of them could escape the attractive force!

Forty-some Wushang floated in the air, moving like they were puppets on strings and crying in surprise. Even Wang Chong's guards were struck dumb by this scene.

Since the war of the southwest, Wang Chong's strength had become even more refined and powerful, even more unfathomable.

These forty-some Wushang who were at the True Martial or Profound Martial realm floated in the air, spinning in circles faster and faster, unable to control themselves. This sight was truly astounding to witness.

"Lord Marquis truly is getting stronger and stronger!"

As the guards Wang Chong had brought from the capital looked at this sight, their hearts were filled with deep shock.

They had seen those people traversing cliffs like they were flat terrain, seeming to fly through the mountains, and had seen how they trained with stones weighing thousands of jin. Now that these Wushang had gathered and were about to attack, these guards had prepared themselves for a fierce battle.

But no one had expected Wang Chong to send these valiant warriors spinning in the air with a single move. They had all been stopped, with not a single person able to reach him.

They had prepared themselves for a pitched melee, but Wang Chong had resolved it singlehandedly.

"Lord Marquis's strength truly is unfathomable, crossing a thousand li in a single day!"

The guards watched in awe.


Meanwhile, Wang Chong was standing with his face to the sky, the smile on his face growing wider and wider. Bangbangbang!Wang Chong had extended two fingers, placing them together and stirring the air. In an instant, the energy in the air fell into turmoil, and the panicked Wushang were slammed against each other by the energy of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and thrown to the ground.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art could not only be used to absorb an opponent's energy. It could also serve as a powerful martial art technique. Its enormous attractive force could push around any martial artist weaker than the user, allowing the user to play around with them as the user pleased.

The Wushang were innately fierce, ideal warriors for the battlefield. Wang Chong had his plans for them, so he naturally wouldn't absorb their energy or heavily wound them.

"My leg!"

"Damn it, my internal energy is in chaos! I can't even move!"

"I'm the same. My internal energy is diverging to random places. Bastard, just what devilish art did you learn?"

"Tell the chief! Inform the chief and tell Granduncle Jiu and the others to come over. These people are too strong! They're not people we can deal with!"

The forty-some Wushang on the ground were filled with fear. Their injuries were not severe, but their internal energy was in complete disarray. This made them more shocked and uneasy than if Wang Chong had heavily wounded them.

This completely surpassed their understanding of martial arts.

"Bastard! Who are you! What do you plan to do in our village?"

Qin Qicheng clenched his fists, his knuckles cracking. He was the only person left standing, and his face was contorted into a nasty grimace. He had just been a little slow and failed to stop them, but never had he expected that all his fellow villagers would be left lying on the ground.