The Human Emperor Chapter 794

Chapter 794: The Death Of Dayan Mangban Ii
Chapter 794: The Death of Dayan Mangban! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Dayan Mangban's shock quickly turned into a sneer.

"A good show! I really didn't think that you would dare to appear before me!"

As Dayan Mangban spoke, his eyes seethed with killing intent.

"Haha, I appeared here so that I could send you off!"

Wang Chong faintly smiled and immediately attacked. At the same time, Dayan Mangban's body exploded with energy as he lunged toward Wang Chong.

"Great Snow Mountain Devil Dragon Art!"

"Vast Heaven Earth Art!

"Great Yinyang Art!"


Several explosions rang out within the Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap, more dazzling than the sun, and fierce winds swept through the space created by the formation.

A few moments later, there was a scream, and then silence.


After around five minutes, there was a flash of light as Wang Chong, wearing the Karmic Battle Armor, strode out of the Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap. His eyes were sharp and profound, his entire person bursting with energy. More importantly, a pure and vigorous energy was rising from his body. It seemed like Wang Chong had become a new person, the aura of the Saint Martial realm no longer conferred to him by the Karmic Battle Armor. This energy was all his own, naturally arising from within.

The Saint Martial realm! I've finally succeeded!

Wang Chong's eyes flashed with an intimidating elegance, his very being inspiring respect and fear. This was not an intentional action, but a natural aura that one exuded once one reached a certain level of cultivation.

The combination of the Vast Heaven Earth Art and the Great Yinyang Art had finally managed to deal Dayan Mangban a heavy wound. Wang Chong had then absorbed the energy of this legendary Tibetan Brigadier General, the Asura War God, the future King of Generals. Upon absorbing the Saint Martial energy, he had finally broken through that threshold and reached the initial tier of the Saint Martial realm.

Although he was still far from the peak of the Saint Martial realm, this was still a difference as vast as the gap between heaven and earth to Wang Chong. As long as he could rest firmly on this level, he could relearn many of the supreme techniques from his last life, and utilize many of the skills that had been locked away.

He was finally released. His fighting power had not simply been given a boost, but had been multiplied. Most importantly, he had finally stepped on the path to becoming the War Saint once more.

Starting from now, he wouldn’t need very long to reach the cultivation level of his last life.

"Congratulations to user! For completing 'The Threat to Qixi', you have been rewarded with 400 points of Destiny Energy!

"Warning: the history of the world has changed. With the death of renowned general Dayan Mangban, the course of the plateau has been changed. These changes have worldwide ramifications and have produced many indeterminate variables, with the changes still being calculated. Since user was responsible for these changes, user is rewarded 2000 points of Destiny Energy!"

At this moment, the Stone of Destiny spoke, and upon hearing this voice, Wang Chong couldn't help but slightly pause and let out a gasp.


Wang Chong's eyebrows slightly rose, belying his massive shock.

There was an extra 2000 points of Destiny Energy!

Wang Chong was unsurprised by the reward of 400 points of Destiny Energy for killing Dayan Mangban, because that was exactly what the Stone of Destiny had promised him. But the 2000 points of Destiny Energy that came afterward were truly a big surprise.

The Stone of Destiny had not even mentioned such a thing when giving the mission.

The Stone of Destiny said that changing the history of the plateau has worldwide ramifications. It turns out that changing the fate of other countries can also result in generous rewards. This is quite the method for rewarding extra points of Destiny Energy. In addition, the penalty for failure in The Threat to Qixi was 2000 Destiny Energy, and the reward now is also 2000 Destiny Energy. Are these related? If they are, then I guess there's another special way to obtain Destiny Energy from the missions given by the Stone of Destiny.

Wang Chong looked up at the sky, his mind in deep thought.

However, a moment later, Wang Chong took in a deep breath and returned to his senses. He could research the Stone of Destiny later. The urgent task at hand was dealing with this battle.


Shouts could be heard as Wang Chong opened his eyes. In front of him, the Tibetans within the steel fortress were crumbling, their morale shattered by Dusong Mangpoje's flight. It was said that the morale of the entire army was tied to the commander-in-chief, so when Dusong Mangpoje fled, his tens of thousands of cavalry had suffered a massive blow, a destructive blow.

An Imperial Great General represented the highest echelon of power in the world, and in the minds of the Tibetan warriors, such an existence would never flee from battle. But when Dusong Mangpoje fled from the combined assaults of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief, this deep-rooted conviction was completely overturned.

The collapse of the Tibetan army was total and spontaneous, turning from a full-throated assault into a panicked retreat in the blink of an eye. The unique terrain of the triangular gap also showed its might at this time. When Wang Chong was dealing with Dayan Mangban in the Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap, all the Wushang Cavalry had finished forming up, Li Siye leading them in chasing down the fleeing Tibetans.

Although they did not have Wang Chong's powerful war halos, the Tibetans and their powerful White Braves likewise lacked the boost from Dayan Mangban. Without the Great Bon Formation or Dayan Mangban's war halo, the White Braves were like dragons without a leader. Given that they also had to contend with the flight of tens of thousands of their fellow Tibetans, they had lost much of their fighting power.


Wang Chong's eyes flashed as he considered the situation, his lips curling into a smile. Breee! The White-hoofed Shadow let out a long cry, kicking up dust as it galloped up to Wang Chong. Mounting it, Wang Chong quickly charged out of the fortress.

As he left the fortress, the smiling Wang Chong quickly unleashed his war halos.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With a metal clattering, halo after halo emerged from his body, shrouding the White-hoofed Shadow and then spreading over the fortress and his army. Boom! Earth-shaking cheers rose from outside the fortress.

"Lord Marquis, Lord Marquis has come!"

"Lord Marquis was just dealing with Dayan Mangban a while ago. With Lord Marquis here, it means that Dayan Mangban is dead! Charge! Now is the time to counterattack!"

"Don't let them escape!"

The cheers of the army shook the earth. Although none of them could see Wang Chong, they could sense the powerful energy of the halos. The three Halos of Dusk Stallion, the Bane of the Battlefield, the Bane of Generals… all the halos layered together, strengthening allies and weakening foes; one could easily imagine the state of the Tibetans. Screams and panicked shouts filled the air, and even from a distance, Wang Chong could sense the terror and dread.

Wang Chong knew that he had truly won this battle.


Wang Chong rode past the gate, past the steel walls outside the fortress. As he looked around, he could see that the northern region of the plateau was in chaos, the several thousand Wushang Cavalry divided into many small Arrow Formations and chasing down the fleeing Tibetans.

The Tibetans were in complete disarray, none of them daring to stop or resist, all of them panicked and only caring about escape. At this moment, even the clan experts in the city had joined in the pursuit.

Corpses of Tibetan cavalry were strewn across the earth, and even the massive black banner with the white eagle, Dusong Mangpoje's symbol, had been cut down, its remnants drifting in the wind.


As he was looking around, a metal clattering came from beneath him. The milky-white Bane of the Battlefield Halo suddenly began to brighten, the halo rapidly expanding before sweeping over the battlefield like a wave.

"Congratulations to user! The Bane of the Battlefield Halo has reached the fourth level!"

That familiar voice rang out in his mind. At first dazed, Wang Chong quickly broke into a smile. The Bane of the Battlefield that had been dormant for so long had finally broken into the next level, a truly pleasant surprise. After all, the conditions for leveling up the Bane of the Battlefield only grew harsher as the levels increased.


These thoughts on his mind, Wang Chong urged his horse into a charge. In the distance, he could see two figures, one black and one white, rapidly making their way toward him.

"Master! Village Chief!" Wang Chong shouted, his eyebrows raised, his face full of joy as he went up to welcome them. The greatest contributors to this battle were the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief. If he had wanted to defeat Dusong Mangpoje without them, then he would have truly had quite the headache.

At a place not far from the last of the steel walls, Wang Chong dismounted and met up with the two elders.

"Master, Village Chief, how is it? Did you manage to catch Dusong Mangpoje?"