The Human Emperor Chapter 989

Chapter 989: The Death Of Masil

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The moment Ziyad attacked, preparing to work with Abu Muslim to attack Wang Chong from both sides, a gout of scorching flame struck Ziyad's Ocean Ring. Its terrifying strength exploded on the Stellar Energy Ziyad had attached to the Ocean Ring, knocking the Ocean Ring away.

"The Burning One!"

Ziyad paled at this abrupt assault. At this moment, the Burning One was the only thing capable of destroying this Great-General-level attack of Ziyad's with a single gout of flame.

"Damn it!"

Ziyad's heart sank. The Burning One was positioned even farther behind him. If Wang Chong could use the Burning One's strength to shatter his attack, it meant that he had clearly predicted Ziyad's movements.

"Ziyad, did you really think you could hide from me?"

Wang Chong spoke from the shoulder of the giant ape, a teasing expression on his face. Both Abu Muslim and Ziyad had deeply underestimated the power of a Psychic Energy expert. On this battlefield, Wang Chong could borrow the strength of any one of the Behemoths to observe every corner. No matter how Ziyad tried to conceal his movements, it was all pointless against Wang Chong.

"Ziyad, be a good child and play with this one!"

A howling wind drowned out Wang Chong's words as an enormous white bear palm swatted at Ziyad. Ziyad turned his head and only had time to unleash a fierce black energy before he was flung aside. Behind him, the white bear Behemoth fixed its savage eyes on Ziyad and pursued.

In the distance, the Burning One turned its head back around and continued to wreak havoc on the fleeing Arabs, having completed its mission of stopping Ziyad's attack. The Burning One was not the strongest Behemoth, but the flames it breathed were the most effective tool on this battlefield.

Through these four Behemoths, Wang Chong now completely dominated the battlefield. With a thought, he once more concentrated his Psychic Energy on Masil. Masil was currently less than ten zhang from the surface. More importantly, Wang Chong could sense that he had reached the final stretch of his assault on Masil's defenses.

In just a few moments, he would have Masil completely under his control!


"Wang Chong, you will regret this!"

Underground, Masil gave a howl of despair. As his Psychic Energy was thrown back again and again, it became weaker and weaker, no longer any match for Wang Chong's. He was on the verge of being controlled by Wang Chong just like the Behemoths. What shocked Masil the most was that while Wang Chong was mentally assaulting him, he was also obtaining all of Masil's experience in the mental domain. Wang Chong's attacks were becoming more and more proficient, even using the techniques he had learned against Masil.

Masil's chances of escaping Wang Chong's grasp were getting smaller and smaller.

Wang Chong's expression was cold and aloof. He ignored Masil's words and redoubled the assault.

"…Wang Chong, release me. I can be your slave and help you control the Behemoth Army!"

As the odor of death grew stronger and stronger, Masil restarted his pleas for mercy.

"Not necessary. I can control the Behemoth Army myself."

Wang Chong's stance was as firm as steel. He would show no mercy to this commander of the Behemoth Army.

Masil was at first dazed by Wang Chong's response, but he swiftly retorted, "Hahaha, do you think you understand all the secrets of the Behemoth Army? You can't control them! Only I, and I alone, can directly control them. I am their true master! Release me and let me live, and I will tell you everything!"

"That's not needed. Once I control you, I'll know all your secrets."

Wang Chong loathed Masil to the extreme and would hear none of his arguments.

"You won't get that chance. You still don't have a complete grasp of the mysteries of the Psychic Energy domain. If I self-destruct, you won't get anything," Masil anxiously said.


Wang Chong's brow slightly creased, and he immediately relaxed his attacks.

"Right! Right! Release me! If you release me, I can tell you anything you want! You don't need to go through all this trouble. I can tell you everything."

Masil immediately saw a sliver of hope and latched onto it like a drowning man grasping at any straw.

Wang Chong fell silent. Although he did not completely trust Masil, he truly did have to consider the possibility that Masil's mind might self-destruct.

"Wang Chong, you are a great hero, the commander of the Tang. I am just a slave of the Arabian Empire, insignificant and without any status. Abu Muslim threatened to kill my entire family, forcing me to follow his orders. I'm just the knife being wielded in the hand of another. All of this has nothing to do with me. Why should you concern yourself over a lowly person like me? Releasing me will give you far more advantages than disadvantages. I can even sneak into the Arabian Empire for you and send you intelligence. Just think about it. The Arabs were the ones that started this war. Don't you want to get revenge on them?"

Masil continued to run his mouth, the pressure of death stimulating all his potential. He continued to speak, and as he noticed that Wang Chong was being slowly persuaded, he lowered his head and took on a meek expression, throwing aside all of his pride.

No one noticed that as Masil lowered his head, his fingers trembled, and a sinister gleam flitted through his eyes.

"…I'm just a lowly man. You saw my memories. I was born deformed, with everyone looking down on me and regarding me with disdain. I've always been someone else's slave or subordinate, existing for the will of others. Do you really want to bother yourself with a pitiful man like me… HAHA, REAPER, KILL HIM!"

In the final moment, Masil's expression turned savage, and the white bear that had been fighting with Ziyad and was just going past Wang Chong suddenly swung one of its enormous palms at Wang Chong.


Everyone was stunned by this sight, and cries of alarm rose from all around. Even Ziyad showed a slight hint of shock, clueless as to what was going on. On the other end, the white palm was getting closer and closer to Wang Chong. Even with Saint Martial Tier 8 strength, Wang Chong would be doomed if the white bear struck him.

"Masil, you truly think too highly of yourself. You really thought your little tricks could fool me!"

Wang Chong apathetically spoke from atop the giant ape, his expression cold and unmoved.


In a flash, as countless Tang soldiers looked on in unease and panic, and all the Arab soldiers hoped to see this palm crush Wang Chong, there was an enormous boom as the giant ape's other arm rose up and blocked the attack as if it had long ago been predicted.


The giant ape turned its head and furiously roared at the white bear.


Masil cried out in despair as he slumped down upon the centipede monster's head. This time, his eyes were ashen, drained of all hope. In order to avoid Wang Chong's perception and furtively take control of the white bear Behemoth's palm, Masil had expended a great deal of energy, little expecting to fail once again.

"Now! …Accept your fate!"

A callous voice resounded in Masil's mind. This time, there was no more pity, no more hesitation. Brrroom! An enormous flood of Psychic Energy crushed the last sliver of Masil's consciousness. In scheming against Wang Chong, Masil had cut off his last chance to survive.


Masil gave one last dying scream, so shrill that it penetrated through the ground and resounded over the entire battlefield. At this sound, both Abu Muslim and Ziyad grimaced.

"I curse you! Wang Chong, and all the Tang in the east! None of you will have a good death! One day, someone will come to avenge me! This war is far from over!"

Masil spat out this venomous curse, and then he was dead, his vitality severed and his aura utterly vanishing from the world.

"Truly seeking death!"

Wang Chong's expression was cold, and there was no pity in his eyes.

Masil's petty schemes had only hastened his death.


"This bastard actually killed him!"

Abu Muslim and Ziyad, these two highest commanders of the Arab army, had completely different reactions from Wang Chong. Even when Wang Chong had taken control of the four Behemoths and begun to wreak havoc on the Arabs, Abu Muslim and Ziyad had only slightly paled and turned angry. But the death of Masil made these two illustrious and iron-fisted commanders of the Arab army turn ghastly pale.

Masil was not merely the commander of the Behemoth Army, but also one of the Caliph's favored ministers. If not for the fact that Masil had come on the Caliph's orders and Talas was so far from the eyes of the Caliph, Abu Muslim and Ziyad would have never been able to command Masil around.

More importantly, Masil did not know martial arts. He was just a weak-bodied Psychic Energy practitioner. He had been tasked by the Caliph with leading the Behemoths to assist the army in the east, and Abu Muslim and Ziyad, as the highest commanders of the east, had the duty of protecting him. But now, Masil was dead!!

Even though he was on the battlefield, Abu Muslim could already imagine the Caliph's wrathful expression once he learned of this news.