The Immortal's Poison Chapter 175

Chapter 175: The Standby Time

By the time Chang Li was satisfied with her appearance, she sat down and requested Wen Leyang to describe his encounters for the entire year before she told him about what happened to her in a relaxed manner.

For over a year, Chang Li spent most of her time investigating and tracking the organization leader that killed demons and extracted their primordial energy with Po Tu. They finally chased all the way to Shanghai and realized about the existence of the porcelain shop Year 221 Before Christ. When Cone Nail was probing around, she once attempted to fight Hanba. As a result of that, both of them were mildly injured.

Wen Leyang asked out of puzzlement, "The respected gracious…"

Chang Li gave an evil stare, "What do you mean by the respected gracious, you can either address me by my name or just ‘you’."

Wen Leyang paid no attention to that. He sniggered as he nodded, "Back in those days when you and Grand Master Tuo Xie were acquainted to each other, you did not know that he had two more brother disciples? You were not acquainted to the zombie corpse?"

With a sign of rage on Chang Li’s face, she shook her head and said, "He has never spoken to me much! I have never heard of him mentioning about his two brother disciples either!"

Little Chi Maojiu was just the same as Wen Leyang. His face was filled with puzzlement. With Mi Xu and Lue Luo’s capabilities, they could be placed on any point on the timeline and they would still be famous personages in the entire world. Even without Tuo Xie’s introduction, Chang Li should have heard of them.

Chang Li understood their thoughts, she shook her head with an indifferent expression, and said, "Those two people were utterly unpopular. So was he, if it was not because I accidentally met him, I had utterly no idea who he was." As she was saying that, a strand of cunningness flashed past her eyes suddenly, "Because of me, he became extremely famous!"

Wen Leyang’s laughter sounded rather pretentious, "Yes, yes, the Grand Master Tuo Xie ought to be grateful to you."

In order to protect Chang Li, Tuo Xie engaged in a great battle with the master cultivators of the world. He really caused quite a sensation in the cultivation world two thousand years ago. Nevertheless, his fame was not determined by the name of Tuo Xie but his pickle jar physique. Wen Leyang and little Chi Maojiu gazed into the eyes of one another. The two men appeared shy as they followed Chang Li to feel proud pretentiously.

Chang Li was a demon cat. Other than being passionately devoted to Tuo Xie, she had the cold temperament of minding her own business inherently. When she was bustling about, the thought of keeping in touch with the Nine Peaks Mountain completely slipped her mind. She had since forgotten where her cellphone was as well.

The giant pangolin Po Tu was sent by Chang Li as a messenger to the Wen family village, to help Ah Dan cross the God’s punishment. On the other hand, Chang Li stayed in Shanghai. She did not have the confidence to deal with Hanba but she was even less inclined to allow Wen Leyang and the rest to come and die here. However, once they were engaged in a battle, Chang Li and Hanba simultaneously felt that something was wrong. They immediately stopped fighting.

Even though Chang Li was not acquainted with Lue Luo and Mi Xu, they were fighting side by side with Tuo Xie once. It was not long before they noticed that Hanba’s Corpse Dance and the supernatural power used by Tuo Xie were cut from the same cloth. Hanba understood about Chang Li’s basic facts in the past. So, when he was confronting Chang Li something clicked in his mind. Chang Li also found out about the sequence of events involving Cone Nail and Xiang Liu from Hanba’s words.

The Painting Town disciples remembered and hated Tuo Xie and Chang Li. On the other hand, Hanba did not mind. Firstly, he was a half man half ghost creature, he had always been weak in understanding emotions. Secondly, he did not suffer as many losses, unlike the Painting Town. Even his spiritual intelligence was awakened as a blessing in disguise. However, Hanba had been on friendly terms with the Painting Town for generations. That was why he did not inform them about the information that Chang Li had arrived in Shanghai.

At this point, two lines of clear tears flowed down Chang Li’s delicate face abruptly, yet the corners of her mouth curled up in an unyielding and proud manner into a happy arc, "He…is always worried about me…I am delighted!"

Wen Leyang hastily nodded his head strenuously, he purposely diverted the topic of conversation with a relaxing tone, he laughed, "You and Fifth Brother Hanba are considered friends from the exchange of blows. On the other hand, the cultivators in the world were startled by that battle of yours. Every treasure that was used to monitor the spirit primordial energy in the world by all the sects exploded. All the master cultivators of Five Blessings came to Shanghai because of that."

Chang Li dried her tears, her delicate face appeared slightly weak. She smiled as she shook her head, "They were not drawn in by the battle between me and Hanba, our powers were dispersed the moment it was released. Our powers could not have startled those useless toys. The event that drew in all these small characters was…huh, why aren’t you asking me what it is?"

Wen Leyang scoffed once. He immediately inquired unanimously with little Chi Maojiu, "What is it?"

Chang Li’s gaze brightened abruptly, her entire face was glowing with enchanting excitement. Under the complements of her shiny silver ornaments, she looked so amazing that it was difficult for one to stare straight at her, "The scene that day was extremely magnificent!" Upon saying that she stopped for a moment as if she was complaining that her desire was insatiable. She used her heaviest tone of speaking to repeat again, "Extremely magnificent!"

Wen Leyang and little Chi Maojiu smiled and humored Chang Li unanimously, "How magnificent was it?"

"As magnificent as the combination of the Taoist priest San Wei, the Sword Immortals of Black and White Island, Hanba and I!"

Wen Leyang’s smile froze on his face abruptly. He finally understood that every living top master cultivator in the cultivation world except for Cone Nail had attacked each other. Of course, the scene was magnificent.

Chang Li observed that every single person in the house was filled with astonished expression. Only then, she pouted her red lips and exhaled a long breath. A joyous satisfaction flowed out in between her brows as she continued, "After the Taoist priest San Wei completed his cultivation of one breath that melted into three pureness, the god level body secretly lurked into Shanghai in an attempt to deal with Hanba!" As she was speaking, Chang Li suddenly diverted the topic of conversation, "Tian Hua from the three Sword Immortals of the Black and White Island traced his way to Shanghai. However, as the evil soul was hidden within Fifth Brother’s body, Tian Hua did not manage to locate the correct place all along…"

At this point, little Chi Maojiu suddenly rubbed his palms together and laughed, "I understand now! Haha, the Taoist priest San Wei also carried along the utmost evil spiritual energy of the evil soul. Did Tian Hua locate him directly?"

Chang Li revealed a rarely seen shy smile. She raised her hand to scratch her head in embarrassment, but only managed to scratch onto her head full of silver ornaments, "That is not completely correct. Ever since I learned of the past events from Hanba, I was agitated and accidentally emitted my demonic energy that drew in the Taoist priest San Wei and the Sword Immortal Tian Hua.

Chang Li was already aware that the Taoist priest San Wei was Hanba’s rival. Even if San Wei was not looking for her, with her demon cat’s temperament, she would kill the Eyang Sect’s immortal sooner or later. The enmity between the Sword Immortal Tian Hua of the Black and White Island and Chang Li could not be washed clean even if all the water of three rivers and five lakes were used. At the same time, Tian Hua noticed that there was also the evil soul’s evil energy emitting from the Taoist priest San Wei’s body. Only San Wei was the most unfortunate one, he did not know about Chang Li’s identity. He also did not know that Tian Hua was the Sword Immortal of the Black and White Island.

The three persons’ relationship was supposed to be a chaotic mess. There was no way for them to explain themselves, so each of them released their supernatural powers and spirit primordial energy. They waved their weapons and displayed their imposing mannerism. They were all in Shanghai. Hence, that immediately alerted Hanba, Tang Tang and Leyang Tian. However, Hanba predicted that this matter was related to Chang Li. He was afraid that the people from Leyang family would be overly excited. Moreover, at this point, the descendant of Painting Town’s actual power was so weak there was already no way he could rival against these top master cultivators, Hanba stopped Leyang Tian and went rushing over by himself alone.

San Wei was not acquainted with anybody else. He was only acquainted with Hanba, from the short conversation in between San Wei and Hanba, the Taoist priest Tian Hua confused Hanba by solely declaring that San Wei as the evil soul. In addition to Chang Li’s continuous mediation, when they finally fought, Tian Hua still did not know who he was supposed to fight. From his point of view, it seemed that all three of the evil souls deserved to be struck, yet he was no match for either of them.

In between the four persons, Chang Li, Hanba and the Taoist priest San Wei’s actual powers were almost similar. Only the enlightened person Tian Hua was slightly inferior in comparison. Nevertheless, even Tian Hua was the worst one amongst them, he was already the top cultivator in the world. The violent battle of these four persons was enough to startle the treasures that were used by every sect to monitor the spirit primordial energy in the world. It was not a wonder that the Kunlun Sect’s Liu Zheng was drenched from the Wave-less Well’s splashing and the little stutter divine monk of the Great Mercy Temple stuttered even more after being shaken by the Mute Bell.

In the violent battle between the four persons, the enlightened person Tian Hua with the weakest ability was naturally most severely injured. He went into comatose directly. He was followed by the Taoist priest San Wei, who ran away after he was injured. Chang Li was feeling guilty from her doings to Lue Luo and Mi Xu. Not only did she fight with her life during the battle, she took extra care of the zombie corpse. In the end, she was also injured. Only Fifth Brother Hanba survived without a scratch. Following that, Chang Li left while chasing after San Wei.

Wen Leyang had only understood that Chang Li’s injuries were caused by her involvement in the tangled warfare in between the two Taoist priests Tian Hua and San Wei. Naturally, the two Taoist priests were more severely injured that her.

San Wei ran away after he was severely injured and his identity was revealed. Of course, he dared not return to the Eyang Sect, he was afraid that he would accidentally emit his energy such that Chang Li could capture him. So, he dared not use his spirit primordial energy to contact his other split bodies anymore. There was a period of time he spent days and nights running in deep mountains and remote forests.

At this point, Chang Li abruptly laughed, "It seemed that this Taoist priest was truly insane. He only knew how to used his spirit primordial energy to deliver messages but did not know how to use the cellphone!"

The Kunlun Sect rushed off to Shanghai in order to reinforce the enlightened person Tian Hua. At the same time, the Taoist priest San Wei’s other two split bodies sensed that the god level body was injured yet they could not locate the body. So, they left behind the First Brother to look after the house and brought along the Eyang Sect to turn up in full force. They went to Shanghai to look for the god level body, among which involved the jade talisman, which was why the Eyang Sect shifted their focus to the Painting Town.

Not long after, Wen Leyang also arrived in Shanghai. After a series of ever-changing events of the cultivation world on a spectacular scale unfolded in Shanghai, which took less than a month, the severely injured cultivators were the two Sword Immortals of the Black and White Island Tian Shu and Tian Hua, the demon cat Chang Li, the god level body of San Wei. As for Wen Leyang and the little supreme leader Liu Zheng, they were utterly not considered to be in the same position as the prior ones.

Two of San Wei’s split bodies and the descendant of Lue Luo, Leyang Tian had their souls scattered. They died with resentment, the Eyang Sect’s master cultivators were almost completely annihilated. The Kunlun Sect’s disciples were also severely injured.

There was also the incident involving the little demon rabbit Shan Duan’s injuries but since Chang Li knew nothing about this matter, she could only wait for him to wake up before she could ask.

At this point, Chang Li stopped. She blinked her eyes as she looked towards Wen Leyang in anticipation.

Wen Leyang was well prepared this time. He immediately met Chang Li’s gaze and inquired closely, "So why are we ambushing Cone Nail and the Taoist priest San Wei?" This matter was Chang Li’s proudest work of art. He must flatter her as much as he could regardless.

Little Chi Maojiu was smarter than Wen Leyang but he lost out on his lack of engagement with Chang Li. Due to some constraints, he dared to speak too conveniently and missed the opportunity to make the first move. He was so remorseful and angry at himself as he sat on the chair.

As expected, Chang Li’s expression was elated. She laughed so hard the messy silver ornaments were jiggling and gave out the sound of clanking, she continued in a delightful manner, "Hanba’s ability was never any inferior to Cone Nail’s but it was not an easy task to capture her. Moreover, Hanba was most afraid that once he attacked fiercely, he would destroy that shop full of his precious demon figurines. That was why he ran away temporarily. He found me so we could figure out a way. It was only then I managed to track down San Wei’s whereabouts." As she was saying that, Chang Li felt around in her pocket. Only then, she recalled that she had since changed her Chanel outfit and tossed it aside.

Second Mother was quick-witted. The moment she saw Chang Li’s expression, she could tell what happened. She stood up and was about to help Chang Li to look for her clothes. Unexpectedly, the vision before her eyes blurred, Chang Li had already left. In a flash, Chang Li returned to the house with a cellphone in her hand, she smiled at Second Mother kindly, "You don’t need to take care of me constantly. If I have anything that I need you to do, I will naturally tell you!"

Soon after that, she placed the cellphone on the table. She disregarded Second Mother, who was overwhelmed by flattery and continued to speak to Wen Leyang, "Hanba was considerate. He feared that it might be difficult for him to locate me in the future so he gifted me with this."

Wen Leyang gave a forced laugh as he shook his head, "What is the point of giving you a cellphone? I have your cellphone number but you never picked up my call! Your phone is powered off all the time."

Chang Li pouted her lips with a wronged expression, "This is a good one. It has an can go inti standby mode for very long and will not run out of battery easily! From the day I acquainted with Hanba until now, I have only charged the cellphone thrice."

Hanba brought along Leyang Wen and ran away from the City God Temple before they parted ways. Cone Nail then chased after Hanba while he ran away. They passed a thousand miles. During the course, they fought on a few occasions. Cone Nail depended on her body of God’s will. When she realized that Hanba and Xiang Liu’s evil soul were sharing the same body, she became even more determined at capturing him.

The pursue in between the top master cultivators was of course unlike the act of policeman chasing after a thief, where one was racing before the other. Hanba had been living in the mortal world all the while. He was smarter than the Taoist priest San Wei, he knew how to use the cellphone. Hanba contacted Chang Li and made a plan for Hanba to lead Cone Nail into running all the way towards the direction of the Taoist priest San Wei’s hiding ground. Simultaneously, Chang Li concealed her tracks. As such the Taoist priest San Wei mistakenly thought that she had already taken the wrong turn.

Under Hanba’s intentional guiding, Cone Nail was united with San Wei. The scheming and plotting chase became Hanba running in the open, Cone Nail chasing in the open, while the Taoist priest San Wei chased in the dark and Chang Li hid in the dark. Chang Li persisted in following them constantly. As Hanba was in the open and Chang Li was in the dark, in order to conquer the entire situation, Hanba and Chang Li relied on their ‘extremely long standby mode’ to contact each other. 

At this point, Leyang Tian from Shanghai’s Painting Town was killed. After Leyang Wen inherited his younger brother’s witchcraft power, he rushed towards the Miao stockade village. Even though Hanba was still running away, he was concerned about Leyang Wen. Hence, he came rushing over here at the crucial moment.

The four persons were old monsters with strong capabilities, their supernatural powers were exceedingly powerful. Their treasured weapons were very efficient. The two persons, San Wei and Chang Li who were chasing in the dark, were constantly hiding their breath. If it was not for their own willingness to appear themselves, no one would notice them. That was why in front of Miao stockade village, Hanba was obviously aware that San Wei was nearby but he also knew that San Wei would create trouble anytime. Even though he was luring the enemy, the situation was extremely dangerous, he could die if he was not cautious.

In order to kill profound master cultivators like Cone Nail and San Wei, one must pay the price.

Chang Li described the event casually but the ghastliness still amazed Wen Leyang. The four persons were divided into two groups. They schemed in the open and in the dark. San Wei and Cone Nail did not learn to use the cellphone, which was why they lost…

As Chang Li finally finished telling her encounters of the past year, she heaved a breath of relief. On her delicate face, there was an expression of pride.

The rest of the people were relieved. In the beginning, Chang Li’s encounters seemed to be ordinary and insignificant. However, for the recent one to two months, her encounters rippled in great waves. Master cultivators of all paths gradually broke lose. Their fierce battle of supernatural powers and schemes gave everyone creeps. However, extraordinarily, even though Chang Li was so busy, she had the time to shop for new outfits.

Wen Leyang pondered for a while before he understood the rough sequence of the event. In the end, all the matters circled around the matter of Xiang Liu of the Black and White Island and every single event that took place recently was related to Chang Li, who crushed the ice cone nail. The details could only be determined after the little demon rabbit Shan Duan or San Wei’s primordial soul was awakened. For example, the Taoist priest had three split bodies. The First Brother was honest and straightforward and could not be placed in an important position. However, what was the important matter that was handled by the Second and Third Brother? Why did they not come forward and help at the crucial moment when the god level body was dealing with Hanba? Did the Eyang Sect followed along the rest of the Five Blessings’ sects to create trouble on the Nine Peaks Mountain because the Wen family village was hiding a person capable of influencing the fate destiny of the right and evil path of the cultivation world? What was the jade talisman that absorbed Qing Miao’s witchcraft power…

While Wen Leyang was pondering, he procured the jade talisman and passed it to Chang Li. Chang Li could not discover anything and planned to crush it to take a look. Wen Leyang was so shocked, he hastily snatched the jade talisman away.

Little Chi Maojiu received the jade talisman from Wen Leyang. He could not accept that thirty percent of the witchcraft power of all the master cultivators of Miao Bujiao was unexpectedly absorbed by this small item. He fiddled with it for a long while but could not discover a clue. In the end, he finally made up his mind and tried to squeeze a whiff of witchcraft power into the jade talisman cautiously.

Chang Li watched him curiously, "Are you trying to fish by using a whiff of witchcraft power to lure the power hidden in the jade talisman?" Chi Maojiu had the exact same thought.

Wen Leyang reminded him nervously, "Be careful and don’t drain your witchcraft power completely!" Judging from his experience, the moment the jade talisman came into contact with witchcraft power, it would immediately absorb the power into nothingness.

Second Mother shook her head while giving a forced laugh, "No harm done, since the child’s Ben Ming was lost, his witchcraft power was also almost depleted. The remaining bit is not a lot more from having none…"

Little Chi Maojiu suddenly cried out in surprise. On his initially bright and clean little face, sweat beads the size of beans erupted abruptly. At the same time, a puff of weak vital fire the size of a garlic clove ignited on the jade talisman soundlessly. The vital fire swayed as if it was drawing little Chi Maojiu into doing something!

Wen Leyang turned pale with fear. He was afraid that the peculiar jade talisman would harm little Chi Maojiu. He jumped up and was about to go forward to snatch it away. Little Chi Maojiu’s expression was beyond agonizing, yet his eyes were filled with confusion. In between the confusion, a strand of excitement lurked. He clenched his teeth as he spat out three words at Wen Leyang, "Stop bothering me!" As he was saying that, his other hand turned and took out a piece of red-colored bamboo whistle from his chest pocket. He clenched it in between his teeth as he blew the whistle loudly!

The sound made by the whistle was not crisp but it was more like a combination of the sound of mud bubbling and the sound of snakes crawling and mouse, becoming a terrifying evil noise!

Wen Leyang was stunned for a moment. He recalled that the sound was similar to when they were at the Gold-Consuming Lair and Chi Maojiu realized that the Red Mark witchcraft mysticism spell that he cultivated was capable of breaking the stone forest’s prohibition spell. They were the same spell.

The moment the sound of whistle was heard, at the sound of a ‘pop’, Chi Maojiu’s top abruptly erupted into green butterflies. Countless of blood vessels on his chest enlarged, akin to a layer of horrifying spider web, and enshrouded onto his body!

As expected, Second Mother was filled with fear as she screamed out softly, "The Red Mark!" Her face bloomed with heartfelt delight!

The Red Mark was derived from the Grand Master Tuo Xie. It was a spell that must be cultivated by the Big Dragon’s Root of all generations. Yet, it was an utterly useless mysticism spell. When they were at the Gold-Consuming Lair, little Chi Maojiu understood that the Red Mark was a mark of one’s identity or it could be described as a key, capable of opening the precious box left behind by the first ancestors.

The stone forest’s prohibition spell was laid down by Lue Luo. It was supposed to be broken and entered calmly by the Painting Town’s disciples, depending on this key to open the lock he left behind.

Wen Leyang and the rest already understood that the stone forest’s prohibition spell could only be unlocked by the specialized key belonged to the Painting Town’s disciples. The Red Mark of Tuo Xie’s disciples was only a simple key with a similar approach. That was why they had to go through twists and turns when they entered the stone forest, completely unlike Leyang Shoujin, who was clear from restrictions.

In fact, the Red Mark left behind by Tuo Xie was not for the disciples to enter the stone forest. As for the lock that was supposed to correspond to this key, no one knew where was it. When Cone Nail appeared, the design of the plan that was left behind by their Grand Master’s brother disciple first revealed its clue. They were extremely shocked and forgot about this matter.

It seemed as though this jade talisman could perhaps be the precious box that was left behind by Tuo Xie!

Moreover, even for someone that was unskilled in the witchcraft spell, like Wen Leyang, could see that the jade talisman was lending its witchcraft power to little Chi Maojiu such that he could launch the Red Mark.

It was impossible for Chi Maojiu whose Ben Ming had just been destroyed earlier to depend on his own power to launch any form of witchcraft spell.

In order to confuse the Taoist priest of Qilian Immortal Sect in the Gold-Consuming Lair, when Chi Maojiu was launching the Red Mark spell to break the forest’s prohibition spell, he intentionally complicated the process. His movements and gestures appeared simpler. His mouth was muttering intermittently, he blew the whistle in a ghastly rhythm, his left hand was holding the jade talisman that ignited the vital fire, his right hand fisted into a chisel, and pushed into the area between his brows strenuously.

The blood vessels that were bulging on his body continuously contracted and expanded under the whistle’s urging. Gushes upon gushes of fresh blood with the reddest color surged within the blood vessels, visible to the eyes and converged continuously towards his chest. After ten minutes, his spider web-like blood vessels returned to normal, while a bright red yet twisted mark appeared abruptly on his chest. The sound of whistle did not stop but became more and more rushed. The Red Mark was akin to a red-colored worm that snuck into Chin Maojiu’s body. Along with the whistle’s rhythm, it wriggled its body strenuously and dug continuously towards the jade talisman on his left hand!

Finally, the Red Mark dug all the way until it was underneath the jade talisman in his left palm. Chi Maojiu stopped blowing the whistle. The house became quiet in the blink of an eye. There were only four excited hearts that were giving out the sound of thudding.

Wen Leyang asked cautiously, "Are you alright?"

The Red Mark had already been triggered. No one knew what was about to happen. Chi Maojiu did not talk nonsense but he hurried and spoke to the rest, "The moment my witchcraft power entered the jade talisman, the Red Mark became alive immediately. The jade talisman transmitted its power to me so that I could continue to launch the Red Mark…" Before he could finish his sentence, the jade talisman in his palm suddenly gave out the crisp sound of a ‘pop’ and erupted into a streak of fine fissure, which conformed firmly to the Red Mark on the hollow of Chi Maojiu’s palm.

Little Chi Maojiu was wild with excitement abruptly. He had only spoke two words, "Witchcraft power…" when he abruptly screamed out in agony. His tiny body was tossed ferociously into the air as if there was an invisible giant hand that was grasping onto his neck and pulled him strenuously into the ground! Wen Leyang and Chang Li simultaneously shouted as they pounced forward. They stretched out their hands in an attempt to catch Chi Maojiu.

Whether it was Chang Li or Wen Leyang, none of them expected that the tiny Chi Maojiu turned heavier than Mount Tai by a thousand folds. This gush of tremendous force was utterly not something they could lift. Within the sound of their alarming cries, the three persons waved about their limbs as they fell into a mess.

Wen Leyang was weak from the fall, while little Chi Maojiu was safe and sound. He chuckled oddly. His agile head turned around as he looked everywhere. His right hand suddenly turned around as he summoned a puff of vital fire that was more vigorous and more exuberant than the Heart-linking Lock abruptly!

Bang! A muffled crash was heard!

The house of Big Dragon’s Root was exploded into dust by the enchanting vital fire in a flash!

The three of Chi Maojiu, Chang Li and Wen Leyang were lying on the ground. However, that did not hold up Chang Li from laughing and scolding in a carefree manner, "I have never seen anyone set fire on his own house!"

On the other hand, Chi Maojiu completely disregarded the comment. The already shattered jade talisman was tossed directly into the flourishing vital fire. In a flash, Wen Leyang could only feel as the darkness that was oppressed to the greatest extent crashed into his eyes ferociously. Even his telegnosis ability was wiped off by the thick darkness in the blink of an eye!

Wen Leyang had an illusion that he was suddenly dead. Fortunately, it only lasted for a moment before the vision before his eyes regained its brightness. Everything in the surrounding changed. The Miao stockade village disappeared, Second Mother was gone, the Qing Miao clansmen that were rushing over in fear and trepidation had vanished. There was only Chi Maojiu, Chang Li and him who remained in the world. They were still stacked together with their arms pinning onto their thighs and their heads pinning onto their buttocks as they were entangled in a ball of mess.

The sky and the land in their surrounding were basked in gentle light. Gusts upon gusts of warm wind blew onto their bodies. It was beyond pleasing to them. It was very similar to the witchcraft spell world that was launched by Painting Town’s Leyang Tian. Under the urging of the Red Mark, the jade talisman and vital fire launched into the witchcraft mysticism skill that was left behind by the predecessor that created this stretch of sky and land.

Even if Wen Leyang was left with only one brain cell, he could already guess that the person who left behind this witch’s territory here was certainly Grand Master Tuo Xie!