The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Chapter 196

Chapter 196: I Seek Your Kind Guidance (3)

Hu Sisheng only felt a throbbing pain in his butt, while Ji Fengyan's mocking laughter drifted over to his ears. Without a care, Hu Sisheng sprang up from the ground, turning his soiled face to glare at the smiling Ji Fengyan.


Ji Fengyan grinned at Hu Sisheng. "What about me? Hu Sisheng, is this your Green Nightmare Army's power? Don't tell me that you deliberately went light on me—sullying the good name of your Green Nightmare Army?"

Hu Sisheng's face went pallid with rage. Heaven knew he did not understand how Ji Fengyan was so close by!

But Ji Fengyan's words—there was no way he could deny it.

Admitting that he had not gone light on her?

Wouldn't that be saying that he could not even match up to a teenage girl?

Hu Sisheng's face flushed white, his eyes burned with a blazing fury. Offering a chilly smile, he said, "All right, you are indeed General Ji Yun's daughter. Like father, like daughter! I underestimated you."

Ji Fengyan gave a light laugh, putting up a pretense of modesty. "Then I would have to trouble you to show off some of your real skills. If not, I would have to take it that the renowned Green Nightmare Army has only so much ability."

Hu Sisheng quietly gritted his teeth and suddenly leaped toward Ji Fengyan in attack. He aimed at Ji Fengyan's face with his fingers interlaced.

Seeing Hu Sisheng's display, the surrounding crowd silently took in a breath of cold air. Hu Sisheng was really going to put forth his real skills this time!

Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan didn't move from her original spot. She looked like she was getting ready to take on Hu Sisheng's vicious attack!

Just as Hu Sisheng's hands came close to the tip of Ji Fengyan's nose, she suddenly shifted her left leg back. Her step was as light and relaxed as before, but somehow still half a beat faster than Hu Sisheng's hands. The moment her feet landed on the ground, she once again vanished from sight!

Her two consecutive disappearing acts sent a major shock wave through the crowd. Speechless, everyone rubbed their eyes, all suspecting that they were hallucinating!

Hu Sisheng's attack met empty air, but he did not remain stock-still. With the previous experience in mind, he immediately turned around in a defensive position. His severe expression made it seem as if every inch of the surrounding air was his enemy.

It was a pity that regardless of how well Hu Sisheng prepared his defense, he still failed to notice when Ji Fengyan appeared once again by his side.

This time, Ji Fengyan savagely struck the tip of her foot straight into the back of Hu Sisheng's knee!

Hu Sisheng felt a sharp pain at the back of his knee, his legs immediately turning to mush. He collapsed helplessly to his knees!

"Are you apologizing to Brother Ling and the rest?" Ji Fengyan's merry voice drifted into Hu Sisheng's ear like a ghostly presence.

Cold sweat sprung up on Hu Sisheng's forehead. He instantly raised his head, only to find himself kneeling right in the direction of Linghe and company!

Ji Fengyan had done this on purpose!

This thought suddenly surfaced in Hu Sisheng's mind, engulfing him in a spine-chilling terror.

Once might be an accident, but twice?

Ji Fengyan had consecutively attacked him twice. He couldn't even see her clearly, let alone defend himself.

It was as if he was not doing battle with a human being, but being teased by a ghost!

An unprecedented panic rushed over Hu Sisheng, crushing his earlier arrogance into a pulp!