The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Unmatched In The Earth Immortal Realm

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Lu Li slept the whole day and night before he woke up. The scales had vanished into his body. His appearance returned to normal which took the burden off Ke Mang’s mind.

When Lu Li woke up, he did not open his eyes right away. Instead, he checked the changes in his body carefully and was quite satisfied with what he achieved.

The potent Origin Blood Essence of the Nine-clawed Silver Dragon had reinforced his physical body. Relying on physical strength alone, he could already endure an attack from a warrior who was at the peak of the Human Sovereign Realm.

But that was not his most notable progress!

He now had one more Bloodline skill. Patriarch of Law Enforcement was right, and this new Bloodline skill was named—Dragon Armor!

The Dragon Armor emerged automatically when Lu Li passed out, but it did not cover him entirely; his head should be covered by a helmet. As for its defensive power… Lu Li was not sure yet.

He combed through the information that appeared in his mind. After taking some rest, he opened his eyes. He was a bit embarrassed because his robe was ripped apart. The blanket on him was put on by Patriarch of Law Enforcement.

“Are you finally awake?”

Patriarch of Law Enforcement had been tending to Lu Li. Since reaching the Semi-God Realm, Patriarch of Law Enforcement had become more humane. He adored this great-grandson deeply.

“Great-grandpa, I am okay. I just acquired another Bloodline skill yesterday.”

Lu Li forced a smile but was still embarrassed. Patriarch of Law Enforcement smiled and then turned around. Finally, Ke Mang took the hint and turned around as well.

Lu Li got up quickly and put on a new robe. He checked outside with psychic power. It had been peaceful. For the time being, the Master of Silver Dragon would not find them here.

“Should I try the strength of the Dragon Armor?”

A moment later, Lu Li said to Patriarch of Law Enforcement, “Great-grandpa, strike me and gradually increase the force. I want to see how strong the Dragon Armor is.”


Patriarch of Law Enforcement was curious about that himself. Lu Li asked Ke Mang to step behind Patriarch of Law Enforcement. After a flash of light, silver scales emerged all around Lu Li’s body and on his head was a silver helmet.


Patriarch of Law Enforcement and Ke Mang realized that the Dragon Armor looked different from yesterday.

Yesterday, Lu Li seemed like a human-shaped dragon with scales. But the scales had changed today, forming some handsome patterns. Around his chest, shoulders, arms, waist, and knees, there were some changes in the shape of the scales.

At the moment, as far as Patriarch of Law Enforcement and Ke Mang could tell, this was a beautiful suit of silver armor and neither of them could see any traces of dragon scales.

“Ha, ha!”

Lu Li noticed that Patriarch of Law Enforcement and Ke Mang were surprised. “I can control the scales to shift and change as I want. I can turn them into anything. Come on, great grandpa, strike me,” Lu Li said while smiling.

Lu Li stood in the middle of the inner hall with the Dragon Armor on. He was five feet and eleven inches tall with broad shoulders, a slim waist, and long legs. Even though not very handsome, he was charming in his own way. This elegant armor made him more dazzling.

Patriarch of Law Enforcement took out his black iron rod. This time, he did not use Xuan Energy and only smashed at Lu Li’s shoulder with force.


After a muffled sound, Lu Li trembled. But he remained unfazed. Instead, the iron rod had bounced back.

“Great-grandpa, I am stronger than that. Harder!”

Lu Renhuang grinned. For Human Sovereign Realm warriors, Patriarch of Law Enforcement’s move could have been hard to endure. But Lu Li’s physical strength was comparable to the Earth Immortal Realm. As expected, he could withstand it.


Patriarch of Law Enforcement poured out Xuan Energy. The iron rod emitted a dark glow. Once again, he aimed at Lu Li’s shoulders.

Even though he did not use Profound Meaning, as a Semi-God Realm, his action could have flattened a hill. For average Earth Immortal Realm warriors, they would at least be wounded or killed if they were struck by this attack.


Lu Li trembled. This time, the strength of Patriarch of Law Enforcement’s attack was tremendous. He was forced to back down a few steps. Even so, he did not feel any physical harm. Before the horrifying strength of Patriarch of Law Enforcement’s attack reached Lu Li, it had already been offset by the Dragon Armor.


Lu Li smiled a radiant smile. He rushed back and shouted to Patriarch of Law Enforcement, “Great-grandpa, hit me harder. This Dragon Armor is quite strong.”

Though he had such expectation, Patriarch of Law Enforcement was still stunned. He had exerted almost full strength. Semi-God Realm warriors were unbelievably strong. What was more, the rod in his hand was a Quasi Relic.


This time, Patriarch of Law Enforcement exerted his full strength. He poured out Xuan Energy and tapped into the extra strength that came with the Quasi Relic rod. Carrying tremendous force, the black iron rod pounded at Lu Li.


Lu Li was knocked away into the walls and then bounced off from it. He rolled on the ground. He climbed up while grimacing in pain. Nevertheless, he was clearly delighted. He tried to stretch his shoulders as he said, “Great-grandpa, you have used your full strength, right?”

“I think the Dragon Armor is as strong as a ninth rank ultimate Mystic Armor!”

Patriarch of Law Enforcement nodded. Not even an average Earth Immortal Realm warrior could have survived that. Lu Li’s face was contorted in agony but the fact was that he was not heavily injured. At the very worst, his arms were hurt. His bloodstream was calm, an indication that his internal organs were unharmed…

Even when Lu Renhuang used a ninth rank Mystic Armor, he would have suffered a minor injury because of this move. Theoretically speaking, Lu Li’s Dragon Armor was no weaker than a ninth rank Mystic Armor.

In other words…

Lu Li’s Bloodline skill had reached the Eight rank!

As a disciple of the Lu Family, why didn’t Lu Li awake the King Kong Bloodline. It was strange because the King Kong Bloodline could have given Lu Li more Bloodline skills.

Patriarch of Law Enforcement was quite confused. But he found it not suitable to ask in Ke Mang’s presence. Patriarch of Law Enforcement hesitantly asked, “Should I try one with Profound Meaning?”

An attack with Profound Meaning was the full strength of a Semi-God Realm. Lu Li could be seriously injured. Therefore, Patriarch of Law Enforcement was hesitant.


Lu Li was quite confident. A glow of silver light rose in his eyes. He used the Burning Blood Skill to reinforce his physical strength. He shouted, “Come on Great-grandpa, I’m confident that I can withstand it!”

“Swish, swish~”

Patriarch of Law Enforcement began to converge dark elements. Ke Mang was too scared to even breathe. As a Semi-God Realm warrior, Patriarch of Law Enforcement was using a ninth rank Profound Meaning. Ke Mang believed that he would be reduced to dust if he were the one being attacked.

Patriarch of Law Enforcement did not gather too many dark elements or used his full strength. The iron rod was circulated by a black airstream. He swung and smashed it at Lu Li.


As soon as an explosion was heard, Lu Li was smashed away. Blood oozed out from his mouth in mid-air. The dragon scales were falling apart around his shoulders, and he was bleeding. He bounced back from the ground and came to a stop after rolling around for quite a while. Half of his body was tainted red.

“Saint Lord!”

Ke Mang was frightened. Patriarch of Law Enforcement put away his rod. He waved his hand, and exclaimed, “He is okay. He just sustained some injury. This Dragon Armor is impressive and his physical body was unimaginably strong. With this Dragon Armor on, no warriors of the Earth Immortal Realm shall defeat him. No matter how horrifying they may be.”