The Legend Of Futian Book 1

376 Descend Upon Book Mountain

Chapter 376: Descend Upon Book Mountain
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At the foot of Sky Mountain, it was a beautiful sight with dragons, Golden Ravens, and floating warships. Many more people were attracted to Sky Mountain. They wanted to see the strong cultivators who'd come from beyond the Eastern Barren Territory.

The extraordinary youths descended from the mountain those days to return to their camps. They couldn't climb Sky Mountain. Countless eyes focused on the beautiful figures in the sky. Even they couldn't climb Sky Mountain?

"Has anyone climbed Sky Mountain since the bell rang last year?" a handsome youth on a dragon asked while looking down.

Many people below him met his eyes and shook their heads.

The Arhat's eyes flashed. The pressure of Sky Mountain increased after the last year. It was normal to be unable to climb the mountain no matter how strong you were.

"Yes," someone said at that time. A figure in a gold robe walked out of the robe. Seeing him, many people were confused. It was Qin Yu of the Qin Dynasty. Shouldn't he be preparing the battle with the College? Why was he here?

"I am Qin Yu from the Eastern Barren Territory's Qin Dynasty. Greetings," he said, soaring into the sky.

"Who?" The youth did not greet him back. Qin Yu had extraordinary temperament and cultivation, but he didn't care. He wanted to know who could reach the top of Sky Mountain.

The sharp gazes of people of other forces landed on Qin Yu. They wanted to know too.

"A junior of mine reached the peak last year," Qin Yu said.

"Where is he? What's at the peak of Sky Mountain?" a fiery youth from the Golden Raven asked. Fire intent burned in his eyes. This was because of the technique he cultivated. He was so powerful that it showed in his movements.

"She is in my clan. The wills of the two emperors are at the peak. They'd left a famous piece called Ukiyo," Qin Yu. Hua Qingqing had admitted to stepping onto Sky Mountain. She wouldn't lie.

"Ukiyo." Everyone's eyes flashed. Ukiyo was one of the top ten pieces. It was said that there would be no law with it. Apparently, when Donghuang the Great played it at his peak, he froze all the laws and time. Was it here again?

"If you dare lie, you will pay for the consequences. Where is she? I shall go now," the fiery youth said.

"I would like to see as well," a beautiful girl on a floating warship said.

All strong cultivators were intrigued. They wanted to go forward and fight for the chance for Ukiyo.

"Everyone, my junior has limited cultivation," Qin Yu said, putting his hands together. "She heard Ukiyo, but only heard it. She couldn't play it and wasn't able to learn it. She can't perform it."

At this, everyone grew disappointed, but it was normal. As one of the top ten pieces, it couldn't be easy to get. However, if she could reach the top of Sky Mountain, she must be impressive.

"In that case, bring her here," the youth said. Qin Yu nodded. He came to Sky Mountain because he'd heard this news. If he could get connections with these people from outside the Eastern Barren Territory, the Cottage would be nothing. He guessed that these people who'd crossed such miles were probably at the Sage Plane.

The hearts of the people below trembled when they heard this. They couldn't believe that someone had actually climbed Sky Mountain and heard Ukiyo.

The Arhat's heart was clear. He knew who Qin Yu was talking about. When he was resting on Sky Mountain, Ye Futian's group had come. Hua Qingqing of the Donghua Clan had been close behind Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Qin Yu meant that Hua Qingqing had stepped onto the peak. If she reached it, then why did Ye Futian descend unharmed? This was interesting.

"Greetings, Crown Prince." Thinking of this, the Arhat descended and greeted Qin Yu.

Qin Yu looked at him, confused. Why was the Qianqiu Temple talking to him?

"Are you speaking of Hua Qingqing of the Donghua Clan?" the Arhat asked.

"Yes." Qin Yu nodded. Since he said it, he wouldn't hide it. He hoped Hua Qingqing could take these people up.

The Arhat smiled. "If that's true, I know someone else who also reached the peak. Perhaps Hua Qingqing never told you."

Qin Yu furrowed his brow. "Speak."

"When I climbed Sky Mountain, I had seen Hua Qingqing," the Arhat said. "She was chasing after Ye Futianperhaps because Ye Futian had killed the royal grandson of the Qin Dynasty." Hearing this, Qin Yu's expression turned ugly. This was a thorn in his heart.

"If Hua Qingqing reached the peak, she must have caught up to Ye Futian. Why are they both alive now? Ye Futian had been gravely injured at that time and couldn't fight back," the Arhat continued.

Hearing this, Qin Yu instantly understood what the Arhat was hinting at. His features twisted. Hua Qingqing hadn't mentioned this. She only told her mother, Lady Yuxiao, that she reached the top but wouldn't say anything else. Because of her status, no one asked further.

But now, he had to think more.

"Crown Prince, do you know about the bells after Ye Futian descended?" the Arhat asked. Qin Yu nodded. Someone had naturally reported this to him. The noble sent to kill Ye Futian had been killed instead. It was very ironic.

"If Ye Futian stepped onto Sky Mountain, do you think it would be a coincidence?" The Arhat was getting closer to the truth.

"You mean that Ye Futian received the relic on the mountain?" Qin Yu's eyes were so sharp. The Arhat smiled without replying.

"Who is Ye Futian?" the strong cultivator on the dragon asked.

"The Cottage is the most powerful force in the Eastern Barren Territory," the Arhat said, bowing. "Their disciples are extremely talented and no one in the Eastern Barren Territory can rival them. Ye Futian is the youngest disciple. He is monstrously talented. To him, the relic would be easy to take. If anyone of the younger generation can take it, it must be him."

The Arhat praised Ye Futian generously. He knew the Buddhist law and understood a human's heart. These people from outside the Eastern Barren Territory had come with such a spectacle. They must have a special status. With their arrogance and special identities, they wouldn't think that they were below someone from the Eastern Barren Territory. Of course, he couldn't say that. It would be like looking for death. He just bragged about Ye Futian to complement it.

"Really?" the youth on the three-foot Golden Raven replied coolly, as expected. His eyes seemed to have sacred fire. Was there somewhere like the Cottage in the Eastern Barren Territory?

"Where is the Cottage? Take us there," the strong cultivator on the floating warship said.

"Of course," the Arhat said with his hands in prayer.

"Please," the person said. The Arhat's body flashed and stepped onto the floating warship. The woman there was very tall. Her long legs seemed to take up more than half of her body. She was sexy and beautiful. The Arhat lowered his head, hands together. His Buddhist heart couldn't be swayed. The other girls had extraordinary looks too. They were obviously above average figures.

Everyone turned around, ready to set off. Since Ye Futian could get the relic, they would go personally. Otherwise, he should come by himself.

"Take the Hua Qingqing that you spoke of before to Sky Mountain to wait here," the strong cultivator on the dragon said to Qin Yu. His attitude was arrogant but Qin Yu didn't lose his temper.

He nodded and said, "Yes." As he spoke, he glanced at the Arhat. It seemed that the Qianqiu Temple could be an ally too. The Arhat's actions weren't too friendly to Ye Futian.

The floating warship shot forward like lightning. Dragons soared, spreading their wings and covering the sun. The sun god's bird screamed The many strong cultivators set off at once to the Book Mountain, the divine capital in the center of the Eastern Barren Territory.

"This" Many people below were shocked. They'd thought that the Qin Dynasty and Cottage would erupt into battle. They didn't expect that an outside force would arrive and didn't know what would happen if they went to Book Mountain. And Ye Futian had reached the peak of Sky Mountain, receiving the two emperors' relic? With the Cottage's pride, they wouldn't hand it over even if Ye Futian really had it.

The College, Cottage, and Moon Clan were all on Book Mountain. Every day was lively with all disciples working hard on cultivating in preparation for sudden changes.

Now, clouds rolled over the empty sky above Book Mountain. Many people looked up to see a horrible dragon rush down from the sky. At the same time, a huge beautiful warship appeared overhead.

Next, dazzling flames rose up in the sky. The Golden Raven had come with the sun chariot. Gradually, other strong cultivators arrived with demons and rushed down. Seeing this shocking scene, all hearts of the disciples trembled. What was happening?

This was such a powerful spectacle. They'd heard that foreign strong cultivators had arrived at Sky Mountain, but why were they here at Book Mountain?

May figures rose up. Countless mountain elders and strong cultivators of the Sword Saint Mountain and Moon Clan soared. They stared at the comers. Even the College's headmaster looked up with furrowed brows.

They aren't weak, the strong cultivators who went up to the sky thought. They didn't mind though. If not for Donghuang the Great's law, the entire Eastern Barren Territory would be ruled as one.

The Cottage also looked up. Zhuge Hui's eyes flashed coldly. Where were these people from? They were so impolite.

"Where are you going?" Mr. Du called just as Zhuge Hui was about to soar into the air.

"Teacher, I want to go see," she replied.

"Stay obediently," Mr. Du said, giving her a look.

"Oh." Zhuge Hui was sad, but she still obeyed. She naturally understood her teacher, but she didn't care. After all, she had been young when she came out back then!