The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1847

Vol 8 Chapter 1847: Reward And Punishment

The descendant of Netherworld King, Netherworld God, also died in Ye Futian's hands, and Ye Futian took control of the power of Taiyin.

It is conceivable that both the Dark God Court and the Nether World will inevitably want to take Ye Futian away. They promised that they will not touch the original realm, but it does not mean that Ye Futian will not be moved.

This is also the reason why Ye Futian was concealing his strength when he was on the battlefield. Mu Xiu Yulin and the wind will destroy it. He thought about it after he killed the Quartet. I wonder if it is a blessing or a curse.

Nowadays, no matter the forces of Shenzhou, or the Dark God Court and the Sky God Realm, they want to deal with him.

Unless Princess Donghuang decides to protect him, he will be in a very dangerous situation, staring at many top characters.

The powerful people outside the Emperor's Palace were speechless for a while, and they did not expect that the situation would change in this way. A person who led the Divine State to reverse and win victory in the battle of the realm actually fell into such a situation. Shouldn't they be rewarded Credit?

Looked at the princess of the east phoenix, the dark **** court and the evil emperor realm came, and it was also a kind of pressure in disguise, saying that it was looking at the lively, but it must also have its own abacus.

Today, only the attitude of Princess Donghuang can determine everything, or in other words, the fate of Ye Futian.

Princess Donghuang's gaze withdrew from the Dark Divine Court and the Evil Emperor Realm strongman, and once again looked at Ye Futian. Although she stood there quietly, she felt like a bathing god, she was born as a goddess and dazzled. All women in the world are envious.

"Ye Futian, in this battle, you slaughtered a lot of enemies. When you were a guard, you slashed the **** of the dark **** court. This battle won, and the first merit was recorded." Princess Donghuang's voice came, and everyone looked at her suddenly. Princess Donghuang's attitude is too important to decide everything.

When she said this, the strong eyes of the protoss and other parties were dignified and serious. For example, if the princess was really iron, she wanted to protect Ye Futian. Even if they wanted to kill Ye Futian, they would fight according to the rules set by the princess. The same can directly overthrow the disallowance. In that case, no one can kill Ye Futian.

Now, it depends on the weight of Ye Futian in the heart of the princess.

They have been repeating Ye Futian's crimes before. Counting Ye Futian disregarding the interests of Shenzhou, he doesn't care about the outcome at all, just to make the princess feel bad about Ye Futian.

Now, it is time to see the results.

"However, you deliberately conceal your strength, persevere, delay the fighters, and put the benefits of Tianyu Academy on the battlefield, for some reason, but it also led to the decline of many Shenzhou practitioners who are also on the battlefield. These, Do you have any objections? "Princess Donghuang asked Ye Futian.

This time, it was the turn of the strong man on the side of the Tianyu Academy. What did the princess mean?

No one can see, from her beautiful eyes, she can't see any emotion.

"The princess's statement is true, I have no objection." Ye Futian admitted frankly, these can not be denied, everyone in the battlefield is in the eyes, Princess Donghuang is not stupid, how could not understand.

The key is to measure from.

Therefore, it is still up to the princess to decide.

Princess Donghuang looked at Ye Futian and saw that her palm was waving, and suddenly a bright light flew out, floating in front of her. This is a bright square box with a terrible space filled with morals, making the surroundings bloom gorgeously Divine light.

She waved her hand, and the box flew towards Ye Futian, and only listened to Princess Donghuang's opening words: "This thing is a treasure, and I will give it to you now. I said that after this war, you will talk about merits and deeds. First performance, this is a reward for you. "

The box flew in front of Ye Futian and floated there, the divine light shining brightly, illuminating Ye Futian's handsome face.

Looking at Ye Futian in front of him, this box is unusual. The treasures inside are bound to be extremely precious, but even if they are given by the princess, they cannot dare to move other ideas, especially the Divine Power. Even if they take it, Who dares to take it as his own to return it to the princess?

And, at this time, they are very curious what is this treasure?

"Thank you princess." Ye Futian accepted it, you are welcome, as for what to wait and look back.

"This is what you deserve, you do nt have to thank me. In addition, you hide the power and delay the fighter, causing the people of all forces to fall. This is your personal choice. Since you finally won, then I only look at the results and there is no reason to rule you. Sin. "Princess Donghuang's words shocked the look of the powerful in all parties.

Especially the strong people such as Shenga of the Protoss, did Princess Donghuang decide to keep Ye Futian?

"But ..."

Princess Donghuang hasn't finished speaking yet, the two words fall, everyone stands solemnly, listening quietly to the following.

"Just as I have no reason to cure your sins, all the forces of China have participated in this war, and have made contributions and sacrifices for this war. Likewise, I have no reason to stop them from resenting you. Therefore, the forces of China and you I do nt help each other between the grudges. If you want to go to war, follow the rules I set before. Do you have any objections? "

Donghuang Princess looked at Ye Futian and asked again.

Powerhouses such as Protoss and others were relieved when they heard the princess s words. It seems that the princess acted very attentively. The rewards and penalties were clear, and both sides were treated fairly.

They didn't expect the princess to cure Ye Futian's death. They all knew this was impossible. The real purpose of everything they had done before was to let the princess not interfere with Ye Futian.

Otherwise, once the princess is important and important, Ye Futian, then they want to deal with Ye Futian too late.

Who dares to kill the princess?

"Princess rewards and punishments are clear, and naturally there is no objection." Ye Futian nodded. Judging from the attitude of Princess Donghuang, he could not pick out any faults. They were all those who participated in the war for Shenzhou. But everyone else is also a participant, and therefore does not interfere with their grievances.

Has to say that this treatment is fairly fair, but the situation will still be very detrimental to him.

Now, more people and forces want him to die.

Princess Donghuang nodded, she looked at the Protoss and other powerful people and said, "How about you, can you have an objection?"

"Princess's intention, I have no objection to nature." Shen Gao nodded, and the result was enough.

This time, as long as Princess Donghuang does not keep Ye Futian, he will not be able to return to heaven and will not be as lucky as last time.

"Good." Princess Donghuang nodded.

"Princess, my protoss and Ye Futian have been grudged for a long time. In addition to the battlefield, I am ready to make a conclusion. Ye Futian is a person of the Tianyu Academy. If the Tianyu Academy and other forces help, my Protoss and other forces will also Shot. "Shen Gao said.

"What forces are going to participate in this battle?" Princess Donghuang asked, looking around the crowd.

"I'm the Golden Kingdom of God, join the war." Gai Cang said.

"I also lost a lot of people in the Holy Land at the beginning of the war." The strong man of the Holy Land at the beginning of the Divine State said.

"Wu Shen, join the war."

"Ziwei Palace, join the war."

Only listening to the opening of the forces, it seems that they have reached a certain tacit agreement, or they have exchanged their minds and thoughts, and heard the sound of a sound. The forces of the Nine Realms and the Divine State have all expressed their positions one after another, and they all want to leave Ye Futian to death. .

In the world of Three Thousand Avenues, there are many people who want to witness the rise of Ye Futian. For example, many powerful people outside the palace of the Emperor Xu, they want to see the birth of a legend.

But also, there are many people who do nt want to see such a legend grow up to the top, especially those who have grudges with Ye Futian, they do nt allow it.

Tianyu Academy and its allies are too powerful. Once Ye Futian ascends to the top, this alliance will form a situation that will dominate the three thousand avenues. At that time, it will directly affect other forces.

Therefore, this time there are more forces involved in the battle of the last shrine.

This time, the Sun Shrine of the Sun Realm also announced its participation in the war.

They control the power of the sun, do not want to see a top character who controls the power of the lunar world appear.

"Nantian Divine Kingdom, representing the side of the Tianyu Academy." At this time, the Nanhuang said, standing at the Tianyu Academy, but this time, the alliance of the Tianyu Academy was obviously in absolute weakness and would be completely suppressed.

Especially this time, fighting under the rules set by Princess Donghuang, they have no worries.

"Xiao, join the war." The alliance on the side of the Tianyu Academy successively expressed its position, but in comparison, the gap was very large.

However, as an ally, they do not stand up to protect Ye Fufu now, they will be suppressed in the future.

Successive voices began, and Princess Donghuang asked, "Are there any?"

"Nine Realms were shocked, I didn't expect Ye Xiaoyou to be so unpopular. Perhaps, apart from the ruins of God, Tianshen Academy should not be involved, so there would be no current disturbances ~ ~ Just listen to the Dean of Tianshen Academy Ao said: "Princess, since this battle started with Ye Futian, he will also end with him. If Ye Futian died in battle, I hope that this storm will end. "

Princess Donghuang glanced at Jianao and then swept to others, saying, "How do you think?"

"Go back to the princess, we have no objection." Shen Gao said, Ye Futian threatened too much, killing Ye Futian was enough, other people still could not threaten them far, let alone, there is still a chance in the future.

Obviously, this will be a hunt specifically for Ye Futian, everyone just asks him to die.

Ye Futian died, and everything is over.

"In this case, I will join Tianshen Academy, and hope that the original land will restore the previous order as soon as possible." Jian Ao said, as if awe-inspiring, he looked to Tianyu Academy: "I can only say sorry to Ye Xiaoyou." Now. "

"Father ..." Jian Qingzhu shouted, he didn't understand, why should he do this?

They have no injustice with Ye Futian, why?

Ye Futian looked up and looked at Jianao. He was curious and asked: "Last time, Taiyin senior didn't save me, and I have no complaints. After all, I am not familiar with my predecessor. There are some favors in the academy. Why do the seniors repay their hatred? And they are so awe-inspiring. The younger generation really do nt understand. Please ask the seniors to solve the puzzle. "

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