The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1848

Vol 8 Chapter 1848: Back To College

Ye Futian's words came out. Some people from Tianshen Academy realized that there was such a story in Taiyin Realm. No wonder Ye Futian would hesitate to shoot.

Said that it was Tianshen Academy who died before he could be saved. Ye Futian hesitated and did not do his best, but even then he still shot, Ye Futian was already benevolent.

I want to say that they are alliances in the battlefield. Isn't it the case when they are in Taiyin Realm?

Tianjin Academy, how could it not be saved.

Many people look at the direction of the Tenjin Academy, and to the Ao. The Tenjin Academy preached in the Central Emperor Realm, known as the first missionary sanctuary in the Three Thousand Avenues, and cultivated countless people, the strong like clouds, admired by others. .

The name of Tenjin Academy, the land of the Nine Realms, who doesn't know?

However, such a holy place, the dean of the Tenjin Academy, is a hypocritical gentleman?

If what Ye Futian said is true, then compared to him, what Tianshen Academy did is a bit mean. Ye Futian complained with virtue, and Tianshen Academy graciously revenge, and the Dean of Tianshen Academy also participated in the war in the name of great righteousness, preparing to deal with Tianyu together. The Academy and Ye Futian, under the guise of restoring order to the original realm.

But what everyone does not understand is why did Jian Ao do this?

In the status of Miao Ao, there is no need to condescend to deal with Ye Futian in this way. After all, Tianshen Academy and Ye Futian have no grudges. Even if Ye Futian rises, it will not affect their missionary holy place.

Could it be that Tianyu Academy replaced Tianshen Academy as the first preaching place in the realm?

Should not be right.

Some people's eyes turned to Jian Qingzhu, and there was some speculation in their minds. The most important thing about Ao was undoubtedly his heir. The one who is hailed as the most outstanding descendant of Tianshen Academy, Tianjiao, is possible for him.

Without Ye Futian, Jian Qingzhu may be the first arrogance of the original realm. Perhaps the harvested eyes are far from being comparable today. All eyes of the original realm are now focused on Ye Futian.

Jian Qingzhu also noticed everyone's eyes, he looked at his father, he didn't understand.

Tianjin Academy had never seen death, but he felt that Ye Futian had not lied.

This made him feel a little ashamed.

"That day, the battle of the Taiyin Realm was as strong as the cloud, and the scene was extremely chaotic. I did see you at the time, but I did not care about it. As for you who rescued the **** of the academy in the battlefield, I am very grateful." Jian Ao seemed very calm. , Said: "It's just that the storm in the original world will eventually come to an end. If the storm disperses, the Tianyu Academy will still be the Tianyu Academy. No one will move. If you hate me, it doesn't matter. I can understand it."

Jian Ao's words, in fact, equal to confessed, it is awe-inspiring.

Although his words are still beautiful, many people have already felt that the dean of the Tenjin Academy is somewhat decent.

Moreover, the imagination is very deep. At this time, starting with Ye Futian and standing on the opposite side of Tianyu Academy, for Tianyu Academy and Ye Futian, it is undoubtedly the disaster of extinction. After all, the current situation is already for Ye Futian. Extremely disadvantageous.

"It seems that I can't ask the reason." Ye Futian heard Miao's answer and said, Miao's apparently did not intend to tell him the reason, because of Tianyu Academy, Jian Qingzhu? For other reasons, he is unknown.

Princess Donghuang also glanced at Jianao, and then looked at the crowd and said: "Since you are meaningless, then this battle decided on both sides to participate in the battle, so that after January, the battle was decided in Tianyu Realm. Those who participated in the war are not allowed to shoot at anyone other than those who participated in the war, and ended with the defeat of one side. They are not allowed to retaliate against others outside the battlefield. Do you have any opinions? "

"Princess's words, you should bear in mind that as long as Ye Futian, Tianyu Academy and other allied people, we will not move." Shen Gao said, as long as Ye Futian died, it meant that the other party was completely defeated. I am afraid that many people will die. At that time, when the other party's alliance collapsed, its strength would naturally weaken, and sooner or later it would be destroyed. He was not in a hurry.

The other strong men also nodded their heads in agreement, no opinion.

Ye Futian saw Princess Donghuang looking at him, and then nodded, "Ye Futian leads, if I die in battle, the storm will end. I hope that it will not harm the innocent people. At that time, I will also ask Her Royal Highness to watch."

She is also planning for the worst.

"I promise you." Princess Donghuang nodded.

"Thank you princess." Ye Futian slightly lowered his body and said: "This matter is over, I will start my journey back. Can I use the space in the Emperor's Palace to send a large array?"

Because of this turmoil, the Emperor Emperor Palace built a large array of transmissions through the forces of the Nine Realms, which can support the strong parties in the shortest time. Among them, there is naturally a passage to the Tianyu Realm.

The reason why Ye Futian did not go directly but borrowed the passage was also because he was afraid of the Dark God Court and the Evil Emperor Realm. He was worried that these two forces would strike him, so he planned to leave directly.

"Today's battle is hard for you, all forces can return directly by teleportation." Princess Donghuang did not speak, and not far from her, the main emperor of the Emperor's Palace said loudly, and Ye Futian nodded and said, "Thank you."

Finally, he took the powerful people of Tianyu Academy towards that side, and his allied forces also went to the direction of the teleportation group, with a dignified expression.

However, they still have one month to prepare.

According to the rules stipulated by the princess, if the two parties have an agreement, it is impossible to start in advance. One month is enough to prepare, but in front of absolute strength, this time actually has no meaning at all, and nothing can be changed.

After all, practice is not done overnight, and within a month, they can't improve much.

Sending a large array of bright lights, the powerful powers such as Tianyu Academy and other powers have left one after another. Many strong powers such as Protoss and the Golden Kingdom have not left immediately. They still have matters to discuss **** the Tianyu Academy and cut the leaves. .

This child grows too fast, the combat power is too strong, the talent is extremely high, don't worry about killing.

If he got the importance of Donghuang Great Emperor and entered the emperor's palace, he would fly to the sky in the future. Mo said that the opportunity to kill Ye Futian, I am afraid that it would be difficult to fight Ye Futian in the future.

Therefore, they acted decisively and even put pressure on the princess to start a war again, just to get rid of the trouble.

This time, more than half of the top powers in Nine Realms wanted Ye Futian's life.

Who helped Ye Futian, who died.

The ending is already doomed, and no one can change it.

"It's really interesting." Evil Emperor Realm Shixie opened his mouth with a smile, and he looked at Princess Donghuang: "It's an eye opener today, but I'll see you later."

With that said, he also led the Sky God Realm to leave. This time, Ye Futian killed many of them, many of whom were descendants of top powers. This is destined to have no possibility of solicitation, otherwise, it will be disheartening, Offend many people.

Since they cannot be used by them, they can only be removed, but now, it seems that the infighting in the original world may have killed Ye Futian. In this way, they only need to look at it. If they need it, they do nt mind. Do something.

The strong man of the dark court also left, and the darkness dispersed, and the practitioners of the Emperor's Palace were in a mixed mood.

This is even more true for people who are at the Battle of the Emperor's Palace. This is different from what they imagined, and it is not the ending they want to see.

Ye Futian They returned to Tianyu Academy, and everyone was in a bad mood.

Had just won a big victory, and kept the original boundary so that it would not be divided, but Ye Futian, who made great achievements, was directly facing the crisis of life and death in addition to the aura.

Tianyu Academy has many people in a very bad mood, with a cold face and even a little anger.

"She should understand how bad the situation is for you now, but she hasn't stopped it." Beside Ye Futian, Yaya said, she in her mouth is naturally Princess Donghuang.

Princess Donghuang rewarded Ye Futian, and did not condemn Ye Futian, but failing to protect Ye Futian after Ye Futian exposed his full strength meant that Ye Futian was in a very dangerous situation.

It seems to be partial to Ye Futian ~ ~ Actually not.

"Perhaps, she did have dissatisfaction with Fu Tian's deceit." Tai Xuan Dao Zun said.

"Maybe." Ye Futian whispered: "However, this princess is really hard to see through."

"Really." Tai Xuan Dao Zun nodded: "This princess's emotions are never exposed, you can't see through your heart's thoughts, this time, it's very dangerous.

Ye Futian looked at Tai Xuan Dao Zun, and after seeing his eyes, he understood Tai Xuan Dao Zun's intention, let Ye Fu Tian go, and sent to Shenzhou to practice.

Stayed here and was delayed.

He shook his head: "The time is determined by the princess, and this battle is also witnessed by her. How can it be violated, if it is violated, even if it is the Divine State, it is difficult to have a foothold."

Tai Xuan Dao Zun nodded, it was difficult to go, nowadays, I am afraid that the other side of the academy is the eye of the other party.

"Then go to other realms." The rest of his life was extremely dissatisfied, big deal, went to the demon world to practice, and left Shenzhou.

"There is still some time, let's not mention it for a while. Didn't the princess also reward me with a treasure? Now it's time to see how much the princess shot." Ye Futian said with a smile, seeming to deliberately ease the tension and depression.

However, he was indeed curious, what treasure the East Phoenix Princess rewarded him!

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