The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1851

Vol 8 Chapter 1851: Binglin

Tianyu city, centered on Tianyu Academy, I don't know how many powerful people have arrived.

All restaurants are full, it can be said that the attention of the Nine Realms.

Ye Futian is now famous, everything about him is paid attention to, not to mention, today the top powers of the Nine Realms are going to kill him, this legendary figure of the Nine Realms may die.

The last time he had faced the crisis of life and death, this time, I am afraid it is really difficult to escape, there are too many people to kill him, almost covering the top forces of all parties in the nine realms.

Protoss, Golden Divine Kingdom, Sun Shrine, Martial Gods, Tongtianjiao, etc ... There are also the powers of the Divine State, even the first preaching Holy Land Tenjin Academy of the Three Thousand Avenues participated in this time, one can imagine What kind of catastrophe Ye Futian faced once.

True death, he will be killed.

You must know that Ye Futian won the battle in the realm after the other party proposed to kill Ye Futian. Doing so may even cause the princess to be unhappy, showing the strength of her determination.

This time, Mei Ting also came. He was drinking in the restaurant last time. The situation this time seemed to be similar to the original one, but it was completely different. This time, it was more dangerous.

Meiting has been speculating on Ye Futian s identity. Will this person be related to Ye Qingdi? And, if he is in the dark, will the three top strong men encountered that time appear?

If it appears, it is discovered by the people of the East Phoenix Emperor Palace. I am afraid that it will definitely die. The East Phoenix Great Emperor will send people to kill him. Therefore, he wants to know if they will choose to come out of the secret?

This time, the people of the East Phoenix Emperor Palace may come here in person, even if they appear, it will not help.

If Ye Futian is killed, can the rest of his life be brought back to the Devil Emperor?

He drank quietly alone, and no one disturbed him. After all, many people now know him. His last appearance was too shocking. In addition, it was still the restaurant. The same scene is naturally easy to recognize. Many people looked at him from afar, the demon characters from the demon world, super strong.

This land of the realm is truly called a hidden dragon and a lying tiger. Today, it is not known how many extraordinary characters.

Shenzhou, Dark Divine Court, Sky God Realm, Demon Realm, Sifang God-level forces are all gathered here. In addition, there are many forces from the Shenzhou Lower Realm and almost all the top forces of the Three Thousand Avenue Realm, this time may come , One can imagine what a grand occasion this is.

Many people are wondering, has this grand occasion ever occurred in the land of the original world?

May be unprecedented.

At this moment, a line of figures in the restaurant came, and the headed person had a somewhat demon temperament. He was very handsome, he looked very young, and his eyes were deep.

"Mr. May."

The person who came came shouted, but the tone did not have much respect, just the number of gifts.

Mei Ting raised his head, his deep dark eyes looked at him, and then he picked up his glass and drank silently.

Not familiar.

Although he knows who the person is, the **** of the sky **** realm, this young man, should be the most prestigious demon of the sky **** realm, known as the existence of the Dao **** body, ten evil.

But no matter how high the talent and status of the other party, as a demon in the devil world, he still does not need to give his opponent a face. It is not a person of the same way. There is no need to be fooled with the snake.

The demon world is strong, most of them are arrogant.

Shixie didn't care, he smiled and sat down at the wine table next to him, poured himself a glass of wine, and then raised a glass to Meiting across the sky and said: "Jiu Wen, the name of Mr. Devil May, has never had a chance to meet See, today Mr. Jingmei has a drink. "

Said, without waiting for Mei Ting to reply, he would drink the wine in his glass.

Mei Ting is still drinking by himself, and there is no one beside him, which makes the power of the sky **** realm faintly unpleasant. The people around Shixie frown, and there is a ray of invisible coercion on their body. The prestigious existence of Jiejie is naturally as proud and proud as seeing Mei Ting so unpretentious.

However, Shixie didn't care, and Mei Ting ignored him, but he still said to Mei Ting: "I heard that Mr. Mei arrived in the original realm very early, but the Devil Realm has always been Mr. Mei alone, and he is not fighting for the Devil Realm. , Why did Mr. Mei come? "

Mei Ting was a bit surprised by Shi Xie's keenness when he heard his words, but he was even suspicious of his purpose of coming to the realm.

"At that time, the Devil Realm never competed for the original realm. The Devil Emperor's goal has always been the Eight Deserts of the Universe, Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. He said to himself, "While Mr. Mei is one of the devil generals, it is naturally impossible to come for play. This time, what attracted Mr. Mei in the original world?"

"Ye Futian?"

Shixie said softly, Shixie's eyes moved, but this extremely subtle movement could not be found at all.

"I heard that Mr. Mei was also in this restaurant last time. Because of the influence of the Dark Divine Court, Mr. Mei shot before drinking. Later, in Daohai, he once shot again, and took away Ye Futian." It seems to have a very good understanding of what happened in the original realm, and it has obviously been investigated in depth.

Especially Ye Futian. Since the battle a month ago, Ye Futian was not only known by the people of Shenzhou, but also remembered him by the powerful people of Dark God Court and Kongshen Realm. After Ye Futian, he found that his growth was a legend in the original world, and he rose all the way to become the first arrogance of Sanqian Avenue.

And he also found that every time Mei Ting appeared, it seemed to be related to Ye Futian. This time he appeared here again. He had to wonder whether Mei Ting came to the original realm and whether it was Ye Futian.

Mentioned Ye Futian, many people behind Shixie showed murderous intention in their eyes.

In that battle, Ye Futian killed many of their juniors, and even those who practiced Kongshen Mountain fell a lot.

This time they came to watch Ye Futian die.

Mei Ting didn't pay any attention, the other party knew a lot of news, but he came to the realm, but it was not because of Ye Futian, but he also had a close relationship with Ye Futian.

"Today, the people of Shenzhou will kill Ye Futian, presumably he will die, and also hope that Mr. Mei will not intervene." Shixie said with a smile, if Mei Ting intervened, they would not mind, not participate in the affairs of Shenzhou, but Isn't it okay to deal with the devil?

His eyes looked toward the direction of the Tianyu Academy in the distance, and he said with emotion: "No wonder Mr. Mei likes to drink here. The scenery here is really good. It is an interesting thing to watch the first day of the frontier die before him. I m Princess Donghuang, so I do nt want to kill. "

Although Ye Futian is somewhat disobedient and even hides his strength, the behavior of their people in the evil emperor world is the same. Their own interests are first, people do not do themselves, and they are destroyed. The people of China are forced to kill Ye Futian. In his empty **** realm, he will directly interfere.

However, since it is an enemy, he had to watch Ye Futian die.

The strong man of the Dark God Court also arrived, but in another place, they also came to watch the battle, watching Ye Futian die.

The last invasion of the Tianyu Academy did not kill Ye Futian, and the Hades had some regrets. This time, although they can't do it, they can watch that Ye Futian must be dead.

The space above the Tianyu Academy suddenly became extremely suppressed. In the distance, a breath of air came, like Tianwei, directly descending from the sky and enveloped this academy.

Tianyu Academy practitioners looked up at the sky and were shrouded in this repressive breath. They all felt a sense of suffocation, as if death was coming.

Many disciples in the academy looked embarrassed, and their eyes were very unwilling. These days Ye Futian were very calm and walked around. When they saw him, they all had a gentle smile, but the feeling for the disciples of the Tianyu Academy was that he had accepted After all this, and face it calmly.

Moreover, there was some news in Tianyu Academy that I heard that Ye Futian was already arranging his own affairs, as if to know what kind of situation he would face.

"Yehuang led the great victory of China and kept the original realm from being divided. Now it is ironic that all the forces in China want to deal with Yehuang." There are disciples in the academy who are very unwilling.

"Princess Donghuang was also acquiesced, ridiculous, as long as he knew this, Ye Huang should not have participated in the war."

"Fighting for the original world, defeated, but ushered in such an ending, ridiculous."

An ironic voice sounded in the Tianyu Academy, and the disciples of the Academy were very unwilling about it. Although they would have nothing to do, it was Ye Futian. Nowadays, those who practice in the academy, Ye Futian Treated as an idol.

However, no matter how you complain, you can't change the ending. UU reading

Above the sky, a figure appeared, as if the army came, pressing the sky.

These figures are divided into different camps. The number of people is not very large, but the breath of each is super terrible. The powerful of the Tianyu Academy found that almost all of them existed in the upper realm of the emperor. Obviously, they did not plan to repair this war. For the weak, only the upper emperor is qualified to participate in the war.

Higher than the emperor, there is no need to participate in the war.

Feeling this indomitable coercion, the people of Tianyu Academy were a little pale, and the lineup was too strong, and they could only feel it when they were truly faced. This time, all the three top characters of the Protoss arrived, and the two top powers of the Golden Kingdom In addition, there are other major forces, such a lineup, not to say that a Tianyu Academy, even the entire Tianyu Realm, can be leveled.

Nine Realms, who can stop this lineup?

Tianshen Academy also came. There was only one person. The director of Tianshen Academy was in person, there was no one else.

The master of the shrine looked at Jianao, and he did not expect that the dean of the first missionary sanctuary of Sanqian Avenue would choose to do so, killing Ye Futian, a person with grace in the original world.

In the last battle, if there was no leaf futian, the original realm would be cut, and I don't know how many people would die because of it.

However, in the land of the original world, who can fight for Ye Futian? On the contrary, they all came to kill him!

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