The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1852

Vol 8 Chapter 1852: Last Round

Ye Futian was in Tianyu Academy at the moment. He stood quietly and looked up above the sky. In different directions, a top giant who could not be seen in ordinary days came to Tianyu Academy in person, just to kill him. Come.

This time, the forces of the Nine Realms can be said to have given face, so many powerful people gathered to kill him.

The Protoss giant, the God of the Golden Kingdom, the Master of Tongtianjiao, etc., placed in peacetime, you can't see them when you want to see them, and now come for him, Ye Futian did not know whether to feel honored or sad.

The general trend is so unstoppable.

He will definitely die.

This lineup, three thousand avenues, no one can save him.

Not to mention, Dark God Court and Sky God Realm are also staring at him, Ye Futian knows this well.

Today he is hailed as the first arrogance of the Three Thousand Avenues world, but the Three Thousand Avenues world can no longer accommodate him.

These days, he used this month's time to explain some things, and at the same time arranged a large formation in the Tianyu Academy. After he left, the core characters of the Tianyu Academy can borrow it to practice, so that it can make up for it. The absence of his absence.

Standing next to Ye Futian, everyone is a big figure in the Nine Realms, the weakest person is the Emperor of the Nine Realms, the emperor of the Heavenly Realm, the Emperor of the Eight Realms, none of them It makes no sense to let them participate in the war.

Such a battlefield, the eighth rank of the emperor is not very useful for the battle.

Not to mention, it is still a decisive battle.

They are well aware of the disparity in strength between the two sides and will not have a fluke mentality.

Beside Ye Futian, Tai Xuan Dao Zun, Jing Gong Palace Master, Southern Emperor, Xiao Ding Tian, Dou Clan Patriarch, and Dragon Lord Demon Lord of Tianyu Realm, etc., they all looked up at the void and decided to participate A dangerous war.

They don't know what the future is like. If it is the worst case, it may even be the last time they have joined forces to fight together.

In this battle, for a junior character, a talented person in the second realm, but they are believed to be able to influence the future of the original realm, but unfortunately, the powerful of the original realm does not want to see such a character go to the top. He didn't grow up and wanted to beheaded.

"It's all here." Tai Xuan Dao Zun said softly, looking at the figure in the void, it was really a person who hadn't fallen, they counted, they were all there.

Since it is decided to participate, it is necessary to do so, and there will be no slightest reservation.

This battle, Ye Futian will die.

In the atmosphere of the killing, the disciples of Tianyu Academy were extremely unwilling, but they were helpless.

I saw that at this time, Ye Futian rose from the sky, and the strong people around him took off with him, and his eyes swept to the strong men in the void. He suddenly smiled, and now he has a slightly soft and handsome meaning. There was a bit of evil spirit at the moment when he smiled, making those top figures frown.

Ye Futian is laughing?

"You guys think of me as Ye Futian, so if the lineup is going to kill me, I'm afraid I will be alive." Ye Futian said, his tone was calm, there was no fear, and there was no despair, as if it was just another very common thing.

"You can't live." Gai Cang said, several of his juniors died in Ye Futian's hands. He thought it was easy to kill Ye Futian.

But obviously, this time Ye Futian will not have another chance.

"My next emperor, can kill me with such a lineup, but it is not a waste of the world." Ye Futian said with a smile: "I hope you can get what you want, and cut me to today, otherwise, just in case I m not dead, I m afraid you ll have trouble sleeping and sleeping. "

Everyone sneered.

just in case?

In case it comes.

Ye Futian will die, there is no other possibility.

"Come here today, just to settle the dispute in the original realm, and for those who are not involved in the practice of the oracle realm, you choose Ye Futian, the place of battle." Jian Ao, the dean of Tianshen Academy said, as if to kill Ye Futian for the sake of justice. To quell disputes between forces in the original world.

The dispute in the original world was caused by Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced at Jian Ao, the dean of the Tenjin Academy is really hypocritical.

So far he didn't understand why Jian Ao wanted him to die so much.

If he said that last time he died, he would be saved, and what happened afterwards would make him understand that Jian Ao didn't just die, but wanted his life.

It's just that Zang Ao has never been as straightforward as others, but has always been very obscure, and they have no conflicts between grievances and grievances, so many people are easy to ignore this, and Zeng Ao has no reason to want Ye Futian's life.

"Go to the sky." Ye Futian said.

In this battle, only those who participated in the battle competed against each other, and those who did not participate in the war would not be involved in it. Other people should not deal with it without permission. Princess Donghuang set rules for maintaining the order of the original world.

All forces do not care, they come today, the main purpose is to kill Ye Futian, as for other people, kill if you can kill, you can kill it.

Of course, if they fight, they do nt mind to fight hard, kill a few more, in order to eliminate future problems.

At this time, a glorious divine light came again. Above the sky, the space seemed to be broken, and a ray of ray of light sprinkled down from there. Many people looked up and saw a line of figures appearing above the sky.

In the most gorgeous place of Xiaguang, a stunning figure of the world appeared there. She seemed not to be a man in the world, but a goddess in the sky. identity of.

Is such a magnificent place, and there is only Princess Donghuang. Many people have a slight wave in their hearts. This is the first time they have seen the daughter of Donghuang Great Emperor, the Lord of Shenzhou.

Because of this battle, Princess Donghuang personally came.

"Princess." The powerful men in the void saluted the figure that appeared, Ye Futian also looked over there. The thoughts of the emperor's daughter, he still can't grasp it, I don't know how she thinks.

"Ye Futian has seen the princess." I saw Ye Futian's salute: "After today's battle, Ye Futian has something to ask her highness."

"What's the matter?" Princess Donghuang asked.

"The battle of the original realm, whether I hide it or not, but I won the battle for the original realm after all, I do nt dare to take this credit, but now the forces want to kill me, the reason is that I did not do my utmost to cause their power. Since the death of the people is so united in the original realm, after the death of Ye Mou, I hope that the original realm can really quell the disputes, and do not take the opportunity to retaliate. Fu Tian said.

Just because he did nt do his utmost to convict him and kill him, so what is the reason to find a reason to destroy Tianyu Academy and other forces?

"I said, if you die, this battle will be over." Princess Donghuang said.

"Thank you, Your Highness Princess." Ye Futian leaned back slightly, and then looked at others: "You will kill me in the name of righteousness, and hope that you will not violate it in the future. If you deal with Tianyu Academy, then you can do it now for personal gain. Don't hesitate to deceive me to convict the princess and kill me. "

Those people frowned. Ye Fufu was ruthless enough. Before death, he even wanted to restrict them. Is it afterwards?

Thinking of doing something for the end of the Tianyu Academy and other forces?

In the Tianyu Academy, did the practitioners look at Ye Futian, until now, are they still thinking about them?

They all felt a little sad, and many people didn't look so respectfully towards Princess Donghuang.

It seems that there is a touch of resentment in my heart.

As the daughter of the Great Emperor, Princess Donghuang, of course, was capable of stopping this war, but she didn't. Although Feng Futian was rewarded, what's the point? It's more like a form of illusion, she didn't stop the war, it was equivalent to defaulting on it.

A hero who reversed the battle of the original realm was abandoned, so many of them have resentment in their hearts.

In the restaurant in the distance, Mei Ting's eyes looked toward Tianyu Academy and looked at the princess, Dongfang Shenzhou's most beloved person, there was no one. The East Phoenix Great Emperor favored this princess extremely.

If she knew that the young man below had a relationship with Emperor Ye Qing, would she kill him personally?

Or, she already knew something, so she borrowed a knife to kill?

But it didn't matter, he continued to drink and watched everything happen quietly.

Today, he is just a visitor.

At this time, Ye Futian and others continued to move upwards, and the powerful people around them also accompanied them, especially the people of the Tianyu Academy, flying together in the sky and toward the sky.

"Don't come near." Tai Xuan Dao Zun glanced down and said aloud below, UU reading with a serious tone, warned the practitioners of Tianyu Academy to keep them away from the battlefield.

This war, the people under the upper emperor's realm, can't afford the aftermath of the battle, they will be destroyed in the sweep, so he will not allow them to come close.

The practitioners of the Tianyu Academy stopped here, the rest of his life clenched his fists, his body was magical, and he looked cold and angry at the road in the void, and everyone who participated in the war today will write it down. Will kill it back.

Xia Qingyan looked at the white hair figure, and there was a hint of pain in her eyes. Although Ye Futian drove her away, she still did not leave. She wanted to survive this disaster together, but it seemed impossible, Ye Fu Tian they also think there is no hope.

Many people like Huafengliu, Douzhan, Qi Xuangang and others looked up to the sky. The words that Ye Futian talked with these days are still clear, but they all have some doubts about the words that Ye Futian said. understand.

Those figures are getting higher and higher, gradually blurring, above the sky, Ye Futian they rose all the way, and soon they left the ground far away, until they came out of the sky, their figures stopped.

Ye Futian looked around the crowd and looked at the familiar figures, warm in his heart: "Thank you all."

"Send you the last ride." Tai Xuan Dao sighed.

Ye Futian Zheng Zheng head!

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