The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1853

Vol 8 Chapter 1853: Battle Of Destruction

Above the sky, beyond the heavens, looking down from here, you can no longer see the Tianyu Academy, only a huge land plate, they are already above the sky.

The chaotic storms are raging. At this moment, this space, everywhere, is standing with the top characters.

Ye Futian is in the center of the center, Tai Xuan Dao Zun, the Southern Emperor, the main palace of the Jingu Palace, etc. surround his body and surround him in the center. They are also very calm at the moment, looking at the strong people in all directions, one Top characters.

The vast majority of people participating in the war are still the top local powerhouses in the original realm. After all, the people in Shenzhou have restrictions. As long as they participate in the war, they must stay in the original realm for ten years and cannot leave.

Ten years is not long, but they do not want to stay here for ten years, not to mention, today's lineup to kill Ye Futian is enough, foolproof, there is no suspense at all.

Otherwise, the Wushenshi and Tongtianjiao would not come to join in the excitement.

Although they have some contradictions with Ye Futian, the hatred is actually not deep. The main reason for removing Ye Futian is also some scruples. The alliance power of Tianyu Academy is too strong. Once Ye Futian grows up, the alliance power of Tianyu Academy, also Those who have the perfect God Wheel owners around him will directly rule the Three Thousand Avenues.

At that time, who could compete with them?

Not to mention whether Ye Futian will retaliate against them. Even if they do nt retaliate, Yuan Ao, Xiao and other forces are close to Ye Futian, they have had friction with Ye Futian. Can understand.

Therefore, Ye Futian had to die.

If Ye Futian falls, at least they can still maintain their original position.

When the Protoss and the Golden God Kingdom found them, they did not hesitate too long before they agreed to shoot. This lineup, Ye Futian could not escape, foolproof.

As for the alliance between the Shrine and the Golden Kingdom, they are not worried. This is an alliance formed in order to deal with the Tianyu Academy. As long as Ye Futian dies, everything is over, and they do nt have so many concerns. They do not care how the academy develops, and they cannot threaten these top forces.

Perhaps, in the future, I can suppress it from time to time.

Farther away, in the outer area, there are a lot of powerful people watching the war. Shenzhou is like some powerful powerhouses in the Emperor Song Dynasty Palace, and there is also a dark court.

Of course, there are strong men such as Princess Donghuang and Gunhuang Duyou. They came to watch this battle in person.

"Since the ending is doomed, why not fight?" Jian Ao, the dean of Tianshen Academy, said to the strong man on the side of Tianyu Academy.

"What does the dean ask?"

The Southern Emperor asked Zangao, but he didn't quite understand it. Zangao was the least one of all people to shoot. No matter how strong Tianyu Academy was, how strong Ye Futian was, Tianshen Academy would still be the central emperor kingdom The evangelical holy land of China, even if it is surpassed by the Tianyu Academy, they are not sect after all, just weakened in fame.

For this reason, if he killed Ye Futian, the reason was not enough.

"Nan Emperor, what are you doing in the war?" Jian Ao asked the Nan Emperor, the two of them, can be said to be the most powerful in the original realm.

Nan Huang looked at Jian Ao, did not respond, but did not get the answer he wanted.

Perhaps only Ao himself knew.

Qinghe sword flew out of his hand, suspended above the sky, in an instant, the vast blue divine light enveloped the boundless space, every ray of divine light seemed to contain the terrible sense of destruction of the sword, seemed to be able to destroy everything.

The Lord of the Jingu Palace also took a step forward. Suddenly a towering Shenshan lay between the heavens and the earth, and enveloped Ye Futian's body in it. The Lord of the Jingong Palace stood on the Shenshan Mountain, and a stone stele expanded madly, from which an amazing power filled Pressure.

Tai Xuan Dao Zun stood on the mountain of God, and there appeared a string of avenues between heaven and earth. His hands stretched out, playing the tune with the heaven and earth avenue as the string, and it was a relic song.

From the sound of the piano, many people felt a sense of sadness and a hint of anger.

Seems to be Tai Xuan Dao Zun's state of mind.

The head of the Dou clan and the lord of the Seven Sects of the Seven Sects, one left and one right, one person has an infinite domineering spirit, and the other person has infinite killing intentions, covering the infinite space.

The patriarchs of Xiao Dingtian and Yuan Ao also released their arrogant atmosphere. The top characters of the oracle world, such as Dragon Lord, Golden Crow Demon Lord, and God Emperor, all revolved around Ye Futian s body and defended heavily. This boundless void created a terrible scrape. Avenue Storm.

The strongmen on the opposite side stand in different directions and allow the storm to fall on them. There is an amazing and terrible atmosphere around their bodies.

The three top powers of the Protoss stood together, a ray of divine light was released from them, and the divine divine light extinguished all the power of the avenue. The unparalleled space storm raged and cut the void.

The three great protoss powerhouses all contain the eyes of the gods. Their eyes are facing forward and above the sky, there is a sharp edge that cuts the space. From different directions, they cut towards the space where the strong side of the Tianyu Academy is located.

Tenjin cuts, annihilates all existence.

Under the terrible Tenjin cutting storm, there appeared to be space cracks. At their level, they could already tear open the space of the original realm. In the previous battle in the Taiyin realm, the battle between the gun king alone and the ghost king. He even forcibly penetrated the original space and took away the Hades.

"Oh ..." An extremely terrifying blue divine light bloomed, the green sword of Hefei flew out of the hands of the Southern Emperor, directly pierced the space, and pierced the sky above the head, and the endless blue divine glory swept out, cutting the storm in that terrible god. When it came to the cyan divine area, it was actually smashed into nothingness by the cyan divine light, as if there was no attack to get close to the cyan divine light field.

The strong men stared at the Southern Emperor, and they deserved to be one of the pinnacles of Shenzhou. They covered Ye Futian with the field. If the lineup is not strong enough today, it is really not easy to kill Ye Futian. After all, the camp of the Tianyu Academy is also strong. terrible.

But this time, how could the Southern Emperor want to protect Ye Fufu?

The world is changing, and the destruction of the gods cuts the area into them. They can naturally see that the other party defends instead of attacking, but after all, it is just for defense, to protect the Ye Futian inside.

The two powerful men of the Golden Kingdom of God stand on the sky dome. They seem to be transformed into gods directly. Their bodies become extremely majestic, holding a golden **** spear, and the sound of the **** s sigh comes out. The road resonates and resists the sound of the piano. The invisible destruction storm swept down.


A terrible golden lightning bolt slashed down from the sky dome. The two gods pierced the spears of the gods at the same time. From the sky dome, there appeared a light. The light of the sky penetrated directly into the field of blue divine glory and pierced. Ye Futian in the middle.

There was also a rumbling loud noise, and the huge and endless stone monument appeared, as if it turned into a big handprint that covered the sky, and went towards the spear. The terrible road storm raged between the world and the roar. Still, the stone tablet released an incomparable radiance and attacked the two gods, Gai Cang and Gai Qiong, the gods of gold.

The Sun Palace, Tianzun Temple, Taichung Holy Land and other powerful people have successively released monstrous divine power. These forces are actually more than one top-level figure. The Sun Temple and Tianzun Temple are also branches of the Divine State. Those top characters didn't make shots and didn't need so many people. This lineup is enough to kill Ye Futian. Before they came, they discussed the people who played.

The Lord of the Sun Palace stood above the sky, and the vast world seemed to be covered by a sun, blowing up a terrible solar storm. It was extremely hot, even if it was the power of the avenue, it would burn into this hot solar current. The nothingness is destroyed.

He stepped forward step by step, and walked to the land above the powerful person of the Tianyu Academy. The devastating solar storm was still raging. His palms stretched out, and the power of the infinite solar storm gathered in his palm. Suddenly a sun sword appeared.

This sun sword was born from the fire of the sun god. The solar air flowing around the sword can burn out all forces. He glanced down at the empty space, and his palm slapped out. The sun sword immediately pierced the avenue. The force, all the way down, killing the sky.

The Qinghe Sword straightened into the sky, and the cyan divine turned into a devastating storm, directly piercing the Sun Divine Sword, causing the Sun Divine Sword to stop, and two different destructive forces merged together to form a devastating cyclone Looking at the sky dome from the ground, this cyclone is like two devastating storms hovering together. The UU reading scene is terrifying.

The Lord of the Temple of Heavenly Lord pressed his palms down, and a loud rumbling sound came out, and a Wuzhi Mountain suppressed the sky dome.

Ziweigong Palace Master created an unparalleled super Ziwei array, endless stars circling around the large array, Ziweigong Palace wearing purple robes, long hair flying, his eyes also emit a sky of purple divine light And glanced down.

In an instant, the star formation directly oppressed the powerful people of the Tianyu Academy, and there was a beam of destruction in the middle of the formation, killing everything.

The major top powers have successively shot, and each person's attack contains the power to destroy the world. Any one of these people, taken alone, is a giant-level character who deterred one side. There are still many powerful characters behind them. At present, there are no qualifications for shooting, and they are just watching.

East Phoenix Princess, Dark God Court and other powerful people can see this war, the Meiting Shennian in the restaurant is enough to cover, and can also see the battlefield.

But on the ground, in the area where the Tianyu Realm is located, countless people looked up at the sky, they could not see the battlefield, only to see above the sky, the ruined vortex storm covered the sky, and a terrible divine light bloomed, even if they were very separated. Far away, still vaguely able to feel the heavenly prestige from the sky.

This battle, the ordinary emperor does not have the qualification to watch the battle, if you watch the battle at close range, it will be directly swept and destroyed!

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