The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1855

Vol 8 Chapter 1855: Give Up

"Kill in!"

In the distance, someone looked at the battlefield and whispered that Ye Futian was protected by the strongmen, but as the Southern Emperor was taken away from the battlefield, Tianshen Academy shot, the gap was finally broken, and a strongman killed them Inside the area guarded.

Of course, that area is actually very large. Who are the people fighting today? Although they protected Ye Futian, the aftermath of the battle was terrible, and the attack swept through thousands of miles, so it was not really just beside Ye Futian, it was actually a very large space.

Killed in, still enough to accommodate the violent war.

The outer area, above, suddenly there was a dreadful of scary **** lightning coming. In the darkness, a **** storm came. Many people looked up there, and a figure appeared there.

"Tianhe Taoist ancestor." Many people were a little shocked. The horrible blood flow swept across the sky. He glanced at the empty space, and then his body disappeared into a blood of light.

In the void, there was a blood spanning hundreds of miles. Princess Donghuang also saw this scene, and beside her, Gunhuang Duyou frowned, saying, "Your Highness."

Seems to be asking what.

However, Princess Donghuang didn't speak, and Youyou understood that the princess was not prepared to interfere.

Since the Tianhe Taoist ancestors participated in the war, they would be considered as the people who participated in the war on the side of the Tianyu Academy.

In the battlefield, Shen Ji was attacking Ye Futian, and the other two great **** clan strongmen took the Southern Emperor away from the battlefield. He stayed, but Tai Xuan Dao Zun played the avenue strings in Ye Futian, countless strings facing As he flew, every string contained a terrible sword.

Moreover, converge into a sword, reversing the avenue.

"Boom ..." The two's attacks collided together, Shen Ji's body was shrouded by the air of the destruction of Kendo, he frowned suddenly, aware of a sense of danger, the breath of space Avenue was released, and his figure directly turned into nothingness. Ready to disappear in this space.

But in the moment when his body turned into nothingness, a blood of divine light descended from the sky, not on him, but around his body, that blood of light turned into a terrible **** array, directly blocking this piece Space makes Shen Ji's figure reappear, even without leaving here, Space Avenue is forcibly blocked.

The squeaky noise came out, and the space was transformed into a large **** array. Shenji was at the center of the array. The terrible **** large array seemed to refine his way, even rushing towards his body.

In the eyes of Shen Ji, there was a cold cold awn, a ray of space radiance blooming, a **** cut, a terrifying cutting storm wanted to tear the big **** array, but when he saw this, he was going up and down, and there was a ruin of everything at the same time. Light.

The sound of the piano is in the ear, the road is against the current, Tai Xuan Dao Zun blooms the sword for years, and a sword comes out, as if the time and space are against the current, everything is destroyed.

And the other side is Taixuan Daozun's Scarlet Excalibur. There is a terrible storm that destroys everything around the Scarlet Excalibur, like a vortex, smashing everything.

Shen Ji had seen this kind of swordsmanship. At that time, the great disciple of Tianhe Dao Zun, known as the first sword repairer in Tianhe Realm, died in his hands and released the swordsmanship. However, due to the gap in the realm, he was not his opponent. But the power of the Tianhe Taoist ancestor to release this sword is simply not the same.

Divine Ji's face was extremely embarrassing, two amazing swords were slain at him at the same time, and the gods and gods of his body were released to the extreme. A series of storms that cut through the space erupted from him, and his hands were waving up and down simultaneously See the space **** blades to cut off the space.

However, he couldn't stop the double attack from above and below, the Excalibur invaded directly, he could only block one attack.

He stood in the middle and faced a double attack. His eyes shot out the devastating space. He shouted, and his palms were facing both sides at the same time. The space was trembling violently, and a sharp sword flew from him, slashing towards the sharp sword. In the new years, his hands were suddenly caught in the void, with the sound of his rumbling, the space was twisting, and there was a faint hint of fear in his eyes.

He felt he could not kill two attacks.

But at this moment, there was no one to help him. The two strong powers of the Protoss were not there. The others didn't seem to care about his encirclement and suppression. Their purpose was to kill Ye Futian. This is a common goal.

As for Shen Ji, if he is here today, is there any harm to others?


Even if he died, the power of the Protoss was weakened, which was good for the Central Emperor Realm and many other forces. In this way, there are only two of the three top characters of the Protoss.

Today's gods are a little stronger. If a **** is dead, it will be more balanced.

Therefore, at this moment, many people did not make a move in tacit understanding. On the contrary, they even took the two powerful men to attack the **** Ji while killing Ye Futian, and wiped off Ye Futian as soon as possible, so as not to produce extra branches.

In that battlefield, the two upper and lower swords left a skylight in the void, and the roar of anger and fear came from it, and then everything in that space was annihilated and shattered, as strong as the **** Ji, His body disappeared.

Under the sword light, the soul flew away.

Dark, deep and terrible cracks appeared, extremely terrifying. Many people looked at it, and there was a slight wave in their hearts.

Today's battle, a top giant figure fell.

God clan **** Ji, die.

Starting today, there are only two pinnacles left for Protoss, and Shen Gao has been practicing in Shenzhou.

If Ruo Shengao and the God Patriarch knew what was happening here, they did not know what the mood would be, and they would regret taking away the Southern Emperor.

If they were there, Shenji would not die, but in order to kill Ye Futian, they took the Southern Emperor away. On the side of Shenji, there was no one to support him and was killed.

Waiting for them to come back, I do not know how to feel.

After killing Shenji, a sorrow flashed in the eyes of Tianhe Taoist ancestors. At that time, it was the killing made by Shenji. He led the **** clan strongman into Tianhe Realm. I do nt know how many people died.

Now, Shen Ji is finally killed by him, but this is not enough, the **** clan should be destroyed.

His daughter, his disciples, and so many innocent people, Shen Ji's life is not enough.

But there was no time to think about it at this moment. The **** demon rolled, and he walked towards other battlefields, but he saw a figure standing in front of him. He was a top character of the Mo family in Shenzhou.

He glanced at Tianhe Daozu, and then he knew there was a monster on the other side.

In another battlefield, where Ye Futian is located, at the moment, a terrible sky-high pagoda appeared over there. The eighty-one pagoda revolved, and a ray of divine light swept down, knocking back the dragon master and other powerful people. The mighty emperor of all forces came to this area to fight against the dragon master and others.

"Boom ..." A ray of divine light was oppressed down, Dawei Shenwei directly penetrated the heavy space, blasted on Ye Futian, he released the gorgeous divine light, Emperor's will bloom, wearing the armor of the Divine Soldier, but when the one of the heavenly pagoda It is still unbearable for Shenlun Shenhui to attack him, and the terrible remnants directly blasted into his body, making his internal organs seem to shatter.

The patriarch of the Dou clan raised his hand and blasted out, hitting again on the Tongtian pagoda, the Tongtian leader snorted, he stepped, and walked directly to the Tongtian pagoda, crushing the void, the pagoda went all the way down, desire Erase the figure below.

The Master of the Jingu Palace wanted to support this, but above the void, the hands of the dean of the Tenjin Academy stretched out, and the wisps of scrolls flew out, turning into shocking ancient scrolls, covering the infinite space, and the endless power of the attack bloomed from it. , Suppress the palace master.

"Why bother struggling." Jian Ao said, his eyes looked through the void, and there were countless highway seals flying from one page of the scroll to the strong men. One of the scary seals directly came to Ye Futian, even if someone blocked it Weakened its power, still Ye Futian Zhenfei vomiting blood.

Can't stop it. It's hard to imagine how difficult it is to keep one person from the attacks that so many top characters must kill. It's almost impossible.

Ye Futian actually understood.

Moreover, there is no one here who can deal with the strength of the dean of Tianshen Academy, he is one of the few people standing on the peak of the Sanqian Avenue.

Looking at the people around him who were injured one by one, he looked up at the powerful men who had killed him and said, "Seniors, give up."

The main palace of the Jingu Palace and others heard silence from Ye Futian for a while. Today's war has not begun, they understand that the ending is set.

The terrible avenue storm swept across the sky, and the sound image of the collision came again and again, and several powerful people were injured.

Centered on Ye Futian's body, everyone came close and surrounded the area around his body.

Beside him, Tai Xuan Dao Zun, Jing Gong Palace Master, and other people with their eyes cold, sweeping into the void.

However, the other party did not care, and looked at Ye Futian while killing Nian Sheng.

They also understood that from the beginning they knew that ~ ~ Ye Futian had no way to live, so some forces would join the battle.

"Since Ye Huang also understands, then there is no need to fight anymore, increasing casualties and affecting the strength of the Nine Realms." Jian Ao said aloud, and the strongmen of the Tianyu Academy looked at Jian Ao. How much did he hope Ye Futian died?

Really for the peace of the Nine Realms?

No one can believe.

"Fu Tian, can still fight." Tai Xuan Tao Zun said.

Ye Futian shook his head: "Dao Zun, all of your predecessors have done this step. It is enough. You have become a king and defeated the enemy. Since so many people in Jiujie want me to die, then complete them."

Tai Xuan Dao Zun and others took a step forward, a strong breath enveloped Ye Futian's body, and arranged layers of gorgeous light curtains. It seemed that he was still not reconciled.

Ye Futian looked at Tai Xuan Dao Zun, shook his head at him, he suddenly smiled, looked at the crowd and said: "Chief, senior, remember you."

Today, no one can shake the situation, and the situation is firmly controlled by the other party.

"It doesn't matter if you want to blame me." Jian Ao replied: "The land of the Nine Realms, the talent is the strongest, and you don't want to see this scene. However, the general trend cannot be violated. After you die, after this turmoil, the nine The future of the world will definitely flourish. "

"It's still so hypocritical." Ye Futian said ironically: "Who will do it?"

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