The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1856

Vol 8 Chapter 1856: Destroy

Who will do it?

Ye Futian finally gave up?

Eyes fell on him, this first evil character in the realm, now begging for death.

But everyone can understand that the battle has reached this point, the overall situation has been determined, he can't live at all, more than half of the top characters in the Nine Realms want him to die, how can he live?

There is also the Dark God Court and the Sky God Realm who are watching and want him to die, how can they live?

Fighting again is nothing more than involving the people around him.

So, Ye Futian finally decided to give up.

Under the sky, Tianyu Academy, the weak people do not know what is happening above the sky, but the emperors know that some of them have cold eyes, some are angry, and some clenched their fists, and there is a lot of killing in their bodies.

However, nothing helped, no one could change.

"How's it going?" Hua Fengliu couldn't see it. He could only ask and ask the people around him, but no one answered him, not unwillingly, or unbearably.

"Did he lie to me." Hua Jieyu murmured, she felt so uncomfortable, her heart hurt.

Moreover, this feeling seems familiar, why is it so painful, so familiar.

As if she had experienced it.

She was so uncomfortable, but she was helpless, but didn't he explain all this with a smile, didn't he say that he would be fine.

Is he cheating her?

I saw that at this time, a figure in the Tianyu Academy stepped out and walked towards the sky. They wanted to see the battlefield and take a look at Ye Futian.

Xia Qingyan was also there, a long black hair flying in the air, she was fast, and there were tears in the corner of her eyes.

So, this is why Ye Futian drove her away?

Wants her back to Xiahuang Realm.

A drop of crystal tears ran down her cheek, and she speeded up, flashing away into the air.

They are extremely fast, rushing towards the battlefield above the sky.

Hua Xieyu didn't move. She still stood in a daze. At this moment, her mind suddenly became messy and her head hurt. It seemed that suddenly there were countless pictures appearing in her mind.

There was a ray of thought in her mind. Who is she, where did she come from, and why did she live?

She is Ye Futian's wife, why she has no impression at all.

A picture appeared, stimulating her, causing her to have a headache, but her eyes were still staring at the figure in the void, with a bit of affection, she only knew that she was his wife, Ye Futian was the best for her Good person.

Now, is he going to leave her?

"what happened?"

The people in Tianyu City are asking, they don't know what happened.

Those who knew were silent and felt a sense of sadness. They were expecting a miracle to happen, but after all, they still have to return to reality, even if he is evil, creating more legends, and then facing the top forces of the entire original world Strangling, still can't live.

In the restaurant, Mei Ting is still drinking, but he saw everything that happened in the void battlefield.

Ten evils also saw it naturally. He looked up at the sky, and a smile of evil intentions appeared in his eyes. He said: "Unfortunately, if it were not for him who killed a lot of practitioners in the space **** realm, maybe I could take him away . "

"You can bring it?" Mei Ting said with a slight glance at the other party.

This is the original realm, the people of the East Phoenix Emperor are there, that princess will let the sky **** realm take away?

Shixie looked at Mei Ting with a smile, and said, "Maybe, this person will be an extraordinary figure in the outside world. Now, he died in the original realm."

Mei Ting did not say anything, infighting?

Perhaps it is infighting in the eyes of the ten evils. After all, they are the practitioners of the original realm, but how big is the original realm, placed in this world, they are all different forces, all in order to fight for their own interests.

Above the sky, in the battlefield, those who came to kill Ye Futian were not so anxious.

The overall situation has been decided, Ye Futian himself is begging for death, and the party of Tianyu Academy has already given up the last resistance. Now, only the last step is left.

A series of figures came here, standing in front of Ye Futian. The top strong men such as Jian Ao of the Tenjin Academy, the sky of the Golden God Kingdom, the Master of Tongtianjiao, and the Master of the Sun Palace were all standing above Ye Futian s body. Shenwei shrouded the void.

Ye Futian, now it is impossible to escape.

Once they shot, Ye Futian could not leave alive.

Who will do it?

Kill this first genius in the realm.

Really reached this point, some people felt that they couldn't bear to start, not because they didn't want to kill, but there was a rare character like this in the original realm, but they wanted to destroy it by hand.

No way, if they had a good relationship with Ye Futian before, they would also like to keep Ye Futian undead.

But since there has been friction, Ye Futian is still more assured that they will die and will not affect them in the future, becoming a stepping stone to the rise of the Tianyu Academy Alliance.

"Golden Divine Kingdom Let's do it." Some people said that the hatred between Ye Futian and the Golden Divine Kingdom is the deepest, unresolvable, and there are Protoss, but the Protoss is not there.

In addition, many forces participated in the last shrine, so I was not worried and wanted to get rid of Ye Futian.

Gai Cang glanced at the figures around Ye Futian, all of them top figures, let him come to kill Ye Futian, fearing it would be a hatred to pull alone, how could this be done?

Although the Tianyu Academy Alliance may collapse in the future, even if the other party dares to form an alliance, they will come again, so they do nt care so much.

But if he was allowed to kill the Golden God Kingdom alone, Gai Cang was still a little uneasy. In case, like Shen Ji, were they regarded as abandoned sons?

Therefore, it is better to do it together.

"Since you have reached this point, let's do it together, it can be regarded as an account of the first genius of the original realm." Gai Cang said, even admitting that Ye Futian was the first genius of the original realm.

The land of the original realm, Mo said, was shoulder to shoulder with Ye Futian. There were no people who could approach him. He seemed to be at a level.

"OK, let's do it together." Someone responded.

Ye Futian looked at the figure above, the sacred and bright emperor Shenhui enveloped the body. Although he had given up, he still seemed unwilling.

Tai Xuan Dao Zun and other powerful people also have Dao Wei appearing around his body, turning into a ray of light curtain, and those powerful people sneered.

The sound of a sigh from the gods came out, and the two powerful men of the Golden God Kingdom held the golden **** spear, and a divine light hung down towards the sky, which was extremely gorgeous.

In front of the Master Tongtian, the Tongtian Pagoda released an incomparable radiance and smoothed everything.

The strong man of the Sun Palace summoned the sun **** sword, and the sun **** light descended from the sky dome, and a ray of destruction appeared.

All the powerful people released their own power. At this moment, the area where Ye Futian was located was really suffocating, as if standing in it, it was difficult to withstand the pressure of this suffocation.

Ye Futian's silver hair flew wildly, without fear, only indifferent, his cold eyes swept to the figure, as if to engrave them into his mind.

"Give me another few decades, I can cut you all." A cold voice spit out from Ye Futian's mouth.

"Unfortunately, you won't have it in a day." Gai Cang shook the golden **** spear in his hand and said, "Kill."

His voice fell, the golden **** spear directly penetrated this sky dome, the rumbling loud noise came out, and the dazzling golden dignity made people's eyes unable to open, leaving a trace of gold between heaven and earth, and then There was a terrible crack in the main road, and the space was torn apart, killing Ye Futian.

At the moment he shot, the other strongmen also shot, the sun **** sword annihilated everything, crossed the sky dome, passed the sky pagoda to suppress the sky dome, born a devastating storm ... A series of attacks came down at the same time, just like the end, the piece The sky dome will collapse and destroy, not to say that it is the second-order figure of the Shenlun, even if any powerful person in this situation faces this level of attack, he will die.

"Do not"

In the distance, a figure coming from the sky, Xia Qingyan made a frightened and desperate voice, her face was pale, her long black hair was scattered, flying in the air, her heart twitched, blood was dripping .

In my mind, it seems to recall the scene where I met Ye Futian. In the past, they often quarreled, and the fire and water were not tolerated. She was always used to the weather by Ye Fu.

I don't know when, she found that she had him in her heart, it would be difficult to let go, so she has been silently accompanied, from Xiahuang Realm to Chilong Realm, and now to Jiujie, has experienced tribulations, and also experienced life and death.

But now, she only saw one devastating attack, and that terrible crack. The top characters broke out in a killing blow, even without leaving their hands, they directly released a very powerful attacking method, without giving Ye Futian a trace. The chance of his life requires him to die completely.

The attack of the powerful came, intersect, and destroy the space, so that the cracks in the dark space appeared, terrible and terrifying.

A ray of devastating storms radiated towards the surrounding world, and the bodies of top figures such as Tai Xuan Dao Zun were shocked. The robe hunted, and the aura of destruction swept through the sky and swept away into the distance.

"Poo ......" Yu Wei swept away. XU Qingxuan and others snorted with UU reading She spit out blood and pale.

She was still attacking Yu Wei after being so far away. They were blocked by Tai Xuan Dao Zun and fell on their bodies. They all injured them. Ye Futian in the center of the storm could imagine what kind of killing she faced.

The devastating storm is still raging in that space, in a deep crack, as if tearing open the dark passage.

But there was no figure of Ye Futian.

It seemed that the soul was flying away, completely disappeared, and was destroyed.

Under the sky, in the oracle city, at an endless distance, they can all see a beam of destruction descend from the sky and penetrate the sky. At this moment, they seem to have foreseen something.

"Don't." Hua Jieyu covered her head with both hands, which seemed more painful.

Seeing her reaction, Hua Fengli sighed, he still looked up at the sky dome, slowly turned around and stepped away, at this moment, his body seemed to be rickety, more old.


"At that time, why did you accept such an unfilial disciple." Hua Fengliu whispered, and the corners of her eyes seemed a little wet.

It didn't take a day to settle down, didn't I say nothing?

So, is all this fake?

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