The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1857

Vol 8 Chapter 1857: Leave And Return

"Finally dead!"

Above the sky, the strong man of the Golden Kingdom looked at the dark cracks and breathed a sigh of relief. This operation finally achieved its purpose. After Ye Futian's death, Tianyu Academy was no longer a threat.

The breath on them gradually converged. Before that, they promised in front of Princess Donghuang, Ye Futian died, and it was all over.

The Golden Kingdom of God Gai Cang's eyes were cold, but unfortunately he could not open the killing ring, and took this opportunity to destroy the Tianyu Academy and wipe it down, but their reason for Ye Futian's shot was that Ye Futian did not do his best in that battle. , Affecting other people in the original alliance, now that they are killing the Tianyu Academy, is it clear that they are playing Princess Donghuang?

And the princess promised not to interfere in this battle, but also hoped that the original realm would restore its original order, and die a Ye Futian, so that the original realm would return to the past without killing. If they continued to pick things up at this time, it would really be a shame.

Not only now, the forces from China may converge in the future.

At this moment, there were two figures heading towards the place where Ye Futian was ruined, which made many people show a strange color and glanced over there. They saw a very beautiful woman. The ruined battlefield is still deep. The terrible dark crack seemed to open a passage.

"Go back." Tai Xuan Dao Zun looked at the figure rushing over there and shouted that it was Xia Qingyan. This woman likes Ye Futian. He naturally knows it, but now she wants to die?

In addition to Xia Qingyan, there is a monster, Heran is a black wind eagle. His eyes are extremely sharp, and he rushed towards that side and said, "The princess comes up."

Xia Qingxie's figure fell directly on its back, and the moment of one person and one demon seemed to be released, and rushed towards the terrible space channel.

The speed of the black wind carving is extremely fast, but it simply burst into the crack in a flash, making many people show a strange look.

"Martyrdom?" Powerful players such as Golden God Kingdom reveal an interesting look, and the monster, so loyal.

"It's a rare feeling, but it's a pity." Jian Ao whispered, the strong men attacked together, and abruptly opened a space channel, but before that Ye Futian was dead, the attack first fell on him and then torn space.

The woman probably didn't see Ye Futian still had a hint of illusion, want to rush into the crack to find someone, but this is undoubtedly the act of finding death, there is space turbulence, in the realm of Xia Qingyan, where is there Life, the top characters are not afraid to step into it easily.

The strong man on the side of the Tianyu Academy looked at the disappearing figure, and all sighed secretly in his heart. I did not expect that the silent woman was so affectionate.

Tai Xuan Dao Zun wanted to stop it, but the speed of the black wind carving was too fast. When he found out, it was too late. The black wind carving flicked in and went straight in. He couldn't stop it too late, watching the gradually closed dark crack too. Xuan Dao Zun's face was a bit ugly, so careless, did Ye Futian's guy tell her?

Tai Xuan Dao Zun didn't know that Ye Futian intended to drive Xia Qingyuan away and let her return to Xia Huangjie.

It did nt take long for the cracks to dissipate and the sky to return to normal, and the strongest battle in the Nine Realms came to an end.

"Ye Futian is dead, everyone will come back. In the future, don't provoke the Nine Realm disputes anymore." Jian Ao said, everyone looked at him, this Jian Ao would not be able to flatter, and now he has learned to be a good person?

This old fox, as if he were for the original world, I am afraid, for the sake of Jian Qingzhu.

"Princess." Jian Ao looked up and looked at Princess Donghuang slightly, and everyone shouted.

Princess Donghuang stood above the sky, looked at everyone, and said, "Everything, stop here."

"Yes, princess." Everyone nodded. The voice of Princess Donghuang was slightly stronger this time, with a bit of indifference. This time they killed Ye Futian. Presumably the princess was also a little unhappy.

Nowadays, no one dares to get into the inch anyway.

Princess Donghuang glanced at the crowd, there was no emotion at that glance, but it made many people feel sad, and then saw Princess Donghuang turned around and stepped away, the strong man beside him left with her.

The strong man of the Dark God Court saw this and turned away.

In the restaurant, Shixie showed a faint smile, put down the wine glass in his hand, glanced at the opposite Meiting, and said, "If you have the opportunity to drink with Mr. Mei again, say goodbye."

Let's just say, he also took people away.

The first genius in the original realm, it was a great irony to die in the hands of people in the original realm.

Mei Ting looked up at the sky, and it did not appear, but he also understood that the people of the East Phoenix Emperor were here, where did they dare to appear, once they appeared, even if they did not die today, they would be targeted and could not escape.

Just, is Ye Futian really dead?

He always feels that I am afraid that things are not so simple.

In the void, the South Emperor, Shen Gao and the patriarch of the Protoss also returned.

Shen Gao's faces were extremely embarrassed, and they were extremely gloomy, glancing at the strong men.

Shenji, dead.

His death is not only the responsibility of the Tianyu Academy Alliance forces, but also these people who came with them. In the case of occupying an absolute advantage, Shenji will die in battle. There is only one possibility that he will be abandoned by his allies.

This group of bastards.

They only wanted to kill Ye Futian, so they restrained the Southern Emperor, but they didn't expect to be overcast by their own people.

How difficult it is to have a top strong, any top character is enough to create a top force, standing on the top of the original realm, but in this battle, only his protoss loses a person of this level, other forces No.

Did the Protoss win?

Killed Ye Futian although they won, but they lost to other forces.

However, this dumb loss has nowhere to say, who can they ask to settle the bill?

Looking for Tianyu Academy Alliance? Now that only the two of them are left, how to deal with the forces of the Tianyu Academy Alliance?

Looking for their alliance power? So many people, who are you looking for?

I saw those strong men turned around and left, as if nothing had happened, they directly ignored them and pretended not to know anything.

Shen Ji, Bai died.

"Asshole." A coercion came out of the two of them. The others had already stepped away and they all had a share. At this time, who would provoke them?

"Take a cocoon for self-restraint." Tai Xuan Dao Zun said coldly, and the two Protoss swept at him with indifferent eyes: "The future is still very long, Ye Futian is dead. I'm going to see the next step of Tianyu Academy."

"Then you will wait and see." Tai Xuan Dao Zun replied, the Protoss snorted and left with anger.

They can't get revenge.

The strong men all left one after another. The Nanhuang glanced at the place where Ye Futian disappeared, hoping that what he said was true.

Ye Futian said, in this battle, beg to death.

He will come back.

Therefore, although they tried their best, no one desperately tried to protect themselves as much as possible.

From the beginning of the battle, they knew the ending.

Everything is just for Ye Futian.

Many forces in Nine Realms could not hold Ye Futian. Dark God Court and Kongshen Realm were also staring at him. He was too outstanding, and he controlled the power of Taiyin. In fact, they all understood that the land of the original world could not contain Ye Futian.

They glanced at each other, and then they all went down, and the group returned to Tianyu Academy.

The people of Tianyu Academy looked up at the sky, with unwillingness, anger and sadness in their eyes. Did they die like this?

Their Tianyu Academy, there was a peerless demon figure, known as the first genius in the original realm, and was murdered by the powerful powers of the nine realms.

They are very unwilling.

Qi Xuangang and Yan Yuan were together, and they didn't believe it in Qi Xuangang's heart. Ye Futian talked to him that day. He remembered that Ye Futian wouldn't beg for death. He still has too many things to do. Concerned, he will not die.

People from Kyushu also looked at the void. Although everything is so real, they also have a hint of fantasy in their hearts.

Gu Dongliu was one of the insiders. Ye Futian was not as clear as everyone said, and probably had concerns. If he knew it, he couldn't hide it.

However, he didn't expect that Xiaodiao and Xia Qingyan would rush out.

The small sculpture is connected with Ye Futian's mind. Perhaps, it may have found something, so it rushed over. Is there something unexpected?

Hope not.


At this time, Zhuge Mingyue was next to Hua Jieyu, only to see that Hua Jieyu was still extremely painful. There were tears dripping down her eyes, which was uncomfortable.

There are more and more pictures in her mind, as if there are countless consciousnesses awakening, all printed in her mind. At this moment, she has been unable to distinguish who she is, as if every consciousness is hers.

At this moment, in many places on the Three Thousand Avenues, many people suddenly showed a blank meaning, and then looked up at the vast sky, a consciousness flew out of them, turned into a phantom figure, and flew towards the distance Go as if there is another self.

In the oracle world, Fan Jing Tian Xuan Tian Goddess is also there, her mind is trembling violently, as if something is awake, she looks in the direction of Hua Xie, a phantom figure from her body Fly out and go towards Hua Xiayu.

"It turns out that I am too." Xuantian goddess murmured.

Probably, everyone who practiced that exercise is one of the incarnations.


Tianyu Academy's powerful people looked at Hua Jieyu, and they saw illusory figures floating from all over and blended into Hua Jieyu's mind, which made those top characters show a strange color.

What exercises are so terrible?

The masters of the Tianchen Realm, the Gods of Mount Wanshen and the Haotian Immortal Gate Jiang Chengzi and others all knew that the practice of Queen Fanjingtian was very special. They all reminded Ye Futian that he should be careful in explaining the words. Maybe this is Queen Jingtian Incarnate, practice with his power.

But they still did not expect to be so overbearing.

And this moment gave them a strange feeling, as if to explain the truth, is the real body, not the Queen Fanjingtian.

At this time, a strong breath filled up, looking at the other side, and saw an illusory figure of unparalleled elegance appearing, the divine light shining, and it was the Queen Fanjingtian.

She stared at Hua Jieyu, how could she wake up so quickly, which broke her rhythm.

However, it does not affect the overall situation, but the timing is not good.

She has practiced for many years, but she was shackled by the avenue, and even though she got super powers, she still ca nt break the shackles of the avenue. There is a lack of heavenly path. She is limited by this, so she needs to reshape the road tire.

She chose Hua Jie Yu, not because of Hua Jie Yu's talent, but from Hua Jie Yu's body, she sensed the chance of enlightenment, she had a super life and was able to borrow her to become enlightened.

However, UU reading is not under her control, and she always retains a strong sense of self.

Under the eyes of everyone, the phantom figure of Queen Fanjingtian directly invaded the body of Hua Jieyu. In a brief moment, an extremely strong breath bloomed out, and the face of Hua Jieyu was changing, as if it had become a Brahma. The beauty of Queen Jingtian.

"No ..." There is another consciousness in Hua Hua Jie's mind. This consciousness is extremely strong and her obsession is deep. At this moment, she finally knows who she is and where she comes from.

In the tearful eyes, a smile appeared. Her name was Hua Jieyu, and he was his wife.

That face turned into a flowery face again, and two beautiful faces kept changing, seemingly fighting for control.

Her body trembled slightly, as if experiencing a very painful struggle.

Remember that she said, whoever wins will become her.

Under the gaze of the strong men, this scene lasted for a long time, and finally, a beautiful face appeared and no longer changed. On the beautiful face, a brilliant smile bloomed, however, the tears were along the beautiful face. The face keeps sliding down.

She looked at the vast void, to the disappearing figure. In her mind, countless memories appeared, and all the pictures were occupied by the memory of the same person.

She came back, but why, he left her again!

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