The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1858

Vol 8 Chapter 1858: Shenzhou

Eastern China, a chaotic and unowned area more than three hundred years ago, countless years of birth of unknown figures.

In the recorded history, the most famous people have appeared on the land of China.

It was not until more than three hundred years ago that the East Phoenix Great Emperor and Ye Qingdi were born, and the Eastern China was truly unified.

Back then, the Eighteen Territories of Shenzhou all supported the obedience to the East Phoenix Great Emperor and Ye Qingdi, and only then had a prosperous age more than three hundred years ago.

East China domain, one of the eighteen domains of China.

At this time, on a vast land, a figure lay quietly. This figure had white hair and white clothes, stained with blood, and lay motionless on the ground. His eyes were open, but he couldn't mention it. A trace of power, just looking at the vast sky, white clouds floating on the sky, the air here is extremely clear, the spirit of the world is intoxicating.

But at the moment, he didn't even have the ability to absorb the spirit of heaven and earth, all the meridians in the body were shattered, the internal organs were severely damaged, and his vitality was almost extinct, but he was suspended in one breath.

Is this the land of China?

Ye Futian thought about it, and she survived.

On that day, Princess Donghuang gave him a treasure, and when he went back, he saw it. Ye Futian was shocked by that treasure. It is a divine artifact that can see through the void of the original realm, and can be shuttled from the original realm without opening the cracks in space. aisle.

Means that, in fact, he can go before.

However, he did not do that. More than half of the top forces in the Nine Realms wanted him to die, and the Dark God Court and the Sky God Realm also wanted to watch him die. If he just left then, what would Tianyuan Academy do?

What about friends and alliance forces?

At that moment, he understood the intention of the princess, and gave him the gods, but allowed the forces to kill him. Princess Donghuang let him leave the original realm and disappear from the original realm.

Therefore, there was the previous battle. Actually, it was a drama, but for the sake of reality, the people on the other side were really fighting, just not desperately, everything was just to be pushed into desperation.

In order to have no flaws, he left at the moment when the attack fell on him. In this way, everyone would think that he was killed by the attack and the soul was flying away, and he would not think that his disappearance was actually leaving by himself.

Because of this, he suffered terrible damage, even if he left in time, but the extremely violent attack torn the space and hit him, causing him to be nearly destroyed by the devastation. That attack was terrible and torn. The frontier space hit him.

"The original world, the virtual world, is really the existence of nothingness." Ye Futian thought of the divine thing and the experience from the original world, he could not help but doubt the truth of the virtual world, then, who has such a capacity to refine such terrible Divine things can come out directly from the virtual world.

Could it be that the Great Phoenix Emperor refined the magical thing for the Eastern Phoenix Princess?

Perhaps, there is such a possibility, no one thought of the existence of such a god.

This time, the Princess Donghuang has worked hard for his life, but in the future, they may be friends and foes.

Above the void in the distance, the sound of breaking into the ears, Ye Futian, who was seriously injured, closed his eyes directly. In his current state, he needs to recuperate for some time. Pretending to die here is naturally the best choice. His body will repair itself.

After all, he didn't know who he would meet.

Ye Futian heard the sound of breaking the sky approaching, and a sound came from the void, and it seemed that people were coming to check it out.

Soon, Ye Futian felt that someone was coming. He was motionless, his eyes closed, and he didn't want to be disturbed by the other party. When he first came to the land of China, he had to be cautious.

He only felt that one hand touched his body, as if observing his state.

"Death is alive." A faint voice came from the void, inquiring about Ye Futian's life and death.

The other person's figure flickered, left Ye Futian's side, and returned to the void, staring at a man in his 30s who appeared to be a spiritual practitioner: "Young Master, although he still has breath, he is already dying. People, do nt bother. "

The man's eyes glanced at the talking woman, a smile appeared on her face, and she said, "What do you do?"

"Unclear." The woman responded.

"Go check it." He said to a middle-aged man next to him. The middle-aged man flashed and came to Ye Futian. After checking it, he returned to the void and said: "The body has been cast. The Emperor Realm, if I did not speculate, should be the second order of the Shenlun. "

"Shenlun second order." The man murmured, then said to the woman: "Take it back."

"Yes, Young Master." The woman cultivated only the Holy Realm. After hearing the order, she did not hesitate, and her body flew to Ye Futian lying on the ground. She lifted her body up and brought it together.

A group of people walked in the sky. After a while, a mountain castle appeared in the front, and ancient palaces stood in the mountains, majestic.

Senluo, one of the major forces in this area, was ruled by Emperor Senluo.

They went directly into the Senluo House and went all the way in. There were many practitioners in the castle of the mountain. They fell in a monastery in a mountain. The head of the person looked down at Ye Futian and then said coldly: "Take him Go to Youge. "

The woman's heart is a little bit cold, but she still has no expression on her face and keeps a calm mood. She has had many incidents in Senrow House, knowing everything about Senrow House, knowing what to say and not saying.

She looked down at Ye Futian and sighed secretly in her heart, only to be out of luck.

Youge Pavilion is the place where the corpses of Senluo are stolen. The young master of Senluo wants to make Ye Futian a corpse emperor, under his absolute control.

The woman came to Youge with Ye Futian. Many people were busy here. She saw the master of Youge and said, "The young master ordered that this person be sent to Youge."

Youge Pavilion Lord is a dark emperor, with a dangerous breath on his body. He glanced at Ye Futian, but he looked very young, and he should have a good talent.

However, the more so, the more interesting.

"Yes." The Lord of the Pavilion nodded slightly and said, "You will be responsible for yourself, and send him to the battlefield."

"Yes." The woman bowed to her life and seemed to have a very low status in Senluo. After all, Senluo is also a relatively famous and powerful force in the vast area. Dominating one side, the principal of Senluo is the existence of the upper emperor. A person who practices in the Holy Land will naturally not have a high status in the government.

She took Ye Futian to the front of a cave mansion, and there was a guard outside, pushing the door and stepping into it. The mountain was hollow, and the terrible death was filled with terrible breath of death, and it was a land of abyss. Below the abyss is a super scary array of death, with countless dark air flowing, as if filled with the meaning of death. In it, there are many chains of death, and many figures are locked in it. Those figures have no breath of life, but yet Will move, are all corpse puppets refined.

Looked down at Ye Futian, and the woman said: "When will you pretend?"

Ye Futian's eyes opened, and looked at the woman in front of her. Her eyes were dark and dignified, with a bit of heroic spirit on her body, her face was beautiful, and she was a beauty, but her face in the practice world could not be talked about.

Her face was a bit cold and expressionless, and Ye Yetian still looked at him calmly when she opened her eyes.

Ye Futian did not expect that he would be so unlucky. He deliberately pretended to be unconscious and was still taken away. Moreover, the person who took him was really not a good person. He even wanted to kill him with a large battle of death.

He stared at each other's eyes, and the woman avoided him slightly, his cold eyes did not meet him.

Since the other party discovered it long ago but did not reveal it, it seems that he is not so willing to do this.

"What are you going to do?" Ye Futian looked at her and asked.

"This is the place where the corpse puppets of the Sentral House will be smelted. The large formation below will kill you and make you a puppet. Are there any last words before this?" The woman said to him.

"Can't you die?" Ye Futian said.

The woman shook her head: "I have no choice ~ ~ She dare not obey, otherwise she is the one who died.

Brought Ye Futian to the abyss, Ye Futian at this time seemed to have no resistance, let the other party do anything.


The woman said to Ye Futian, the words fell, she pushed Ye Futian's body into the abyss.

In an instant, Ye Futian's body kept falling, falling into the abyss.

Within the abyss, a large array of deaths started instantly, flooding his body. In that large array of deaths, there appeared to be countless tentacles, holding Ye Futian's hands and feet, and a terrible line of terrible death directly invaded his body. , Infiltrated through his limbs.

Ye Futian didn't expect the first thing he came to Shenzhou was that he was refined into a corpse puppet.

Closed his eyes, the intention of death invaded his body, flowed along his body, and then entered the life palace, turned into a part of it, he lay there quietly as if he had completely lost his breath.

The woman looked at Ye Futian below on the abyss, and sighed secretly in her heart. She knew that she would be guilty of doing so, but she could not resist at all, even if she wanted to escape, she could only respectfully obey.

The emperor in front of him, his face is handsome and unrestrained, he was afraid of being an extraordinary character during his lifetime, but he is hard to escape!

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