The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1859

Vol 8 Chapter 1859: Shimei

Ying Qing left Ye Futian and left the cave. She didn't like it, she could even say it was disgusting.

Ye Futian was thrown into the formation alone, and the power that invaded his body contained not only the power of death, but also the toxin, which constantly corroded and paralyzed every part of his body, so that everything in the body became rigid and in the life palace There is a stream of air flowing out to resist the invasion of this force, but this force is also very domineering. It can only prevent the other party from corroding, but there is no way to destroy it directly.

The power he can use today is far from enough.

"Some troubles." Ye Futian closed his eyes. He didn't struggle. He didn't want to waste any trace of energy. He didn't expect to just escape from the Jedi and enter another Jedi.

Everything in Sen Luo Mansion is still the same, and there is no slight change because of Ye Futian s arrival. He was originally a dying man. When he was picked up by Sen Luo Man, he was ready to refine him. This kind of thing is for Sen Luo Mansion. It is too common.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed, and Ye Futian stayed in the array for seven days.

In the past few days, people often took away the refined corpses, but no one moved him. Each corpse has a different owner. Whoever brought it, it belongs to whom.

On this day, Ying Qing finally appeared in the cave house again, and looked at Ye Futian.

When she saw Ye Futian's skin color, she couldn't help but reveal a strange color, and then thought of invading Ye Futian's body, a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes, looking at Ye Futian said: "Are you awake?"

Ye Futian's eyes opened. At this moment, Ying Qing saw a pair of boundless deep pupils. Those eyes seemed to contain a terrifying magic power, swallowing her spiritual will into it, making her seem to enter a illusion. in.

"Don't talk." Ying Qing's complexion changed, but he heard a voice ringing in his mind. Only a moment later, the pupil surgery space disappeared, and everything recovered as before, but Ying Qing felt a little cold sweat on his back.

Emperor strong, there is no simple generation, this person is very dangerous.

She took a deep breath and stared at Ye Futian below. Seven days, she didn't even refine at all?

"Can you not be eroded by corpse poison?" Ying Qing said to Ye Futian. She knew how terrible this corpse poison was. Mo said that Ye Futian was almost useless. Even the intact lower emperor entered it. Must be refined.

Ye Futian, however, did not seem to be greatly affected.

"That day you checked my injury and told you that the young master didn't have to pay attention. I presumed that I didn't want me to be brought to the Senrow House. I also said sorry later, then all this is not what you want, right?" Ye? Fu Tian told Ying Qing that his condition was still very poor, and it was difficult for him to recover in this formation.

Ying Qing's eyes showed a strange color. She stared at Ye Futian and replied: "You don't have to start with me, enter Senluo House, you can't get out."

Although she has some sympathy for Ye Futian, she doesn't want to die with Ye Futian.

She is not so selfless.

"You just saw that pupil surgery just now, I am an extraordinary emperor, as long as I can recover, Sen Luofu can't trap me, as long as you help me, I can promise your terms in exchange." Ye Futian continued.

Ying Qing's eyes flashed a bit of hesitation, Ye Futian looked in his eyes and said, "I can take you out of here without being trapped here."

"I will report to the young master." Ying Qing turned and left, her mood was slightly fluctuated by Ye Futian's words, but she didn't want to be put into formation like Ye Futian.

"and many more."

Ye Futian said, he should stop in green footsteps, hesitating.

"Give me some more time, the people of my school are coming. Then, you can see what kind of person she is, and then make a decision." Ye Futian said.

"Who is it, how to cultivate?" Ying Qing said: "How does he know that you are in Sen Luofu."

"With its own tracking method, the coming person will be my teacher and sister, the cultivation is not high, and I am equivalent, but believe me, after seeing her, you will change your mind and give me a chance for yourself." Ye Futian continued , Ying Qing left after hearing this.

After Ying Qing left, Ye Futian closed his eyes. This feeling was really bad, and his destiny was not under his control.

He knew that Ying Qing was not wrong, all for life, even if she didn't want to do it, she had to do it.

In a palace in Senrow, ancient trees stand, but many trees are black, and there are waterfalls and water in front, which can overlook the mountains and pavilions.

Shanluo's young master Han Lin sat on the waterfall with his eyes closed and practiced, a breath of death wrapped around his body, footsteps came, and Ying Qing stood quietly behind him without disturbing.

"How is it?" Han Lin asked.

"The person has a body protection airflow, which has not been completely refined, and may have to wait a little longer." Ying Qing bowed to Han Lin and said.

Han Lin opened his eyes, a ray of perplexity lingered, and he turned to look at Ying Qing, whose dark pupils made Ying Qing bury his head lower.

"You have been in Senluo for several years, and there are conflicts?" Han Lin faced Ying Qingdao.

Ying Qing's heart tightened, shaking his head and said: "Ying Qing dare not."

"Don't dare, there is still it." Han Lin spoke lightly, and the tone gave a cold feeling, but he didn't care, he smiled and said: "The people who are refining and refining in the Senluo House are all hatreds or The deceased, this is to give them a new life, a chance to relive, what do you think is wrong? "

"Return to the young master, no." Ying Qing bowed his head and dared not look up.

"En." Han Lin nodded lightly: "Practice well, set foot on the emperor as soon as possible, go."

"Yes." Ying Qing nodded and turned to walk away. Her steps were steady, but she felt a chill in her heart and felt cold. Although Lin Lin's eyes and tone were gentle, she made her feel scared. She had an ominous hunch. If she practiced to the emperor, what would her fate ...

Several years in Senluo, she has also heard some things faintly, and there were several emperors before. It is said that they violated the rules of Senluo and were turned into corpses.

In the next few days, Ying Qing often went to Youge to remind Ye Futian to pretend to be more like herself. Although he did not say so, Ye Futian knew that the other party had agreed to cooperate, but in the Yuge, she dared not do anything. You can only continue to wait.

On this day, outside Senluo, a huge monster came out with wings spread out. This is a demon emperor. His pupils contain dark metal color, cold and sharp. Its wings are like dark blades, shining in the dark. Cold light.

On the back of the monster, a beautiful figure dressed as a man stood on it.

Is the coming Xia Qingyan and Black Wind Carving.

The black wind eagle and Ye Futian have the same thoughts. Ye Futian knew in advance that the black wind eagle would come. When he left from the original realm, the black wind eagle could perceive his situation, so he followed Xia Qingyan to follow his trajectory They rushed out, but because they needed to go through the cracks in space, they encountered some troubles. If they were not able to track Ye Futian's location, they might die in a chaotic crack.

Even so, they were hit hard after they came out, but they were not as serious as Ye Futian s injury. After a period of repair, knowing Ye Futian s situation, they inquired about Xia Senluo from the outside and came here.

A guard appeared in front, with an indifferent look, and said, "Who is your Excellency?"

Heifeng Diao has a contempt in his eyes, and the invisible demon envelops the other party, making the other party's look slightly change.

"I heard that the people of the Senluo House practiced the power of Death Avenue, and came to learn from it." Xia Qingyan said, the black wind sculpture moved forward, rushed directly into the Senluo House, the guard could not stop it, only Give way.

"Who runs into my Senluo Mansion." Among the large halls of the Senluo Mansion, many strong men stepped out of it, among them there were several emperors.

Xia Qingyan glanced down at her, and a terrible death robbery sword flew out of her, and the emperor's breath broke out, raising their hands to attack and resist the death robbery sword.

At this moment, behind Xia Qingxian, the **** wheel bloomed. It was a terrible two-color lotus with two levels of life and death.

The two-color lotus released the terrible light of death, and instantly enveloped the vast space. The emperor's face changed suddenly, staring at the incomparably gorgeous Avenue God Wheel.

This is ... Perfect level chakra.

"Which friend enters my house in Senluo, please." At this time, a voice came from afar, and the people around me suddenly retreated, and the wings of the black wind eagle flew, galloping forward, and soon came to Senluo In front of a hall, there are many practitioners here.

Han Lin looked at Xia Qingyuan, the **** wheel is perfect. Although it is not a woman's dress, it can still spy on its beauty. It is definitely a stunning woman.

"I don't know which fairy came to my Senluo Palace?" Han Lin asked the woman, such a temperament, coupled with the perfect magic wheel, I am afraid that it is not an ordinary person, and the other party dared to break into the Senluo Palace, full of confidence.

"My girl's name is a shame, how can you easily ask." The black wind carving has a sharp voice, and UU reads coldly, his eyes arrogant.

Han Lin glanced at the Black Wind Carving, are the monsters so rampant?

"My surname is Xia." Xia Qingxuan looked at Han Lin and said, "Before I had practiced with my family teacher, after the testimony, my family teacher asked me to join the world to seek Taoism. I came here to hear that the practitioners of the Senluo House were good at the way of death. Come and learn. "

Xia Qingyan has the temperament to make dust, and it is just the first level of the **** wheel, and the perfect **** wheel is cast, and it looks very young. This age has proved that the emperor, the talent is conceivable, and it really seems to be a person who devotes himself to practice.

So, this woman just joined the world to practice, she doesn't know anything about the world.

Her teacher must be a very powerful hidden character.

Han Lin gave birth to many ideas, such a stunning woman, and just entered the world to practice, there must be no intention.

Thought of this, his mind became active.

"Senior Master Zunzi must be an expert, can I ask him a name?" Han Lin asked.

"People who respect the mountain, they don't know what practice, no name." Xia Qingxian replied, Han Lin smiled more brightly when she heard her, it seems to be the existence of a powerful level as he expected.

Behind him, Ying Qing's eyes kept looking at Xia Qingyan, and she believed Ye Futian in her heart,

It seems that this should be his sister!

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