The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1860

Vol 8 Chapter 1860: Plan

Han Lin's smile was gentle, and there was a bit of elegance. He looked at Xia Qingyan and said: "Fairy Master respects fame and fortune, so he doesn't have to ask any more. Fairies come to want to teach the strength of outsiders. How do I arrange for the fairy? "

The land of China is boundless and vast, and the strong do not know how many people are. The people of China have their own ways of survival. There are many unknown people in the great land of China, such as the unknown, not even heard of the strong, Xia Qingyan So outstanding, Han Lin will not doubt that her master is a superpower.

When such a person comes, it is natural to wait to come.

"Yes." Xia Qingxian nodded, and there was a black wind carving. She naturally knew Ye Futian's current situation, but she would not recklessly save people. The forces like Senluo House must be a fierce means, if you know She comes from a famous family, but she is refining her friend. Even if she says no, will the other party bet?

May be released, but it is also possible to kill together.

What's more, if Senluo wants to kill Ye Futian, how can it not be investigated?

"Please." Han Lin said with a smile, he looked at the people around him, and commanded: "To summon the next emperor of Senluo in the palace, to gather in Senluo Dojo."

"Yes, young master." The men led the way, and Han Lin took the lead and seemed very polite, but he could also be neither humble nor overbearing. After all, he was an emperor and a strong man, but it made people feel very good.

The Senrow Dojo in Senrow is very vast, and there are formation blessings surrounding the high mountains.

At this time, the Senro Dojo gathered a lot of strong people. The people of the Senluo House came here after hearing the news. When they saw the stunning figure standing on the black wind sculpture beside the Senro Dojo, many people were amazed. Extraordinary people, with divine light on their bodies, look like goddesses. Although they are dressed as men, they still can't hide their charm, they must be beautiful women.

Many times, the identity will have aura blessing, let people make up their minds, if Xia Qingyan is only a person of ordinary identity, they will not have so many ideas.

Moreover, some of the middle-aged elders in the Senluo Palace are looking over here in their respective palaces. The perfect Shenlun owners are generally disciples or family members, and they are considered to be in this area. Relatively strong forces, but there is no perfect **** wheel owner in the contemporary era. Han Lin was perfect when he was in the lower emperor realm, but after breaking into the middle emperor, he could not continue.

As for other younger children, they are all gone, including some other children of the governor, so Han Lin is known as the young master, because his talent is the strongest, and it will not take decades for Han Lin s strength may not be in the master under.

"Who wants to teach the fairy way?" Han Lin asked, looking around the crowd.

I saw a figure stepping onto the Senluo Datai and looking at Xia Qingyan. This person is quite young and has proved the emperor of Taoism. He is also a very outstanding figure in Senluo, named Han Yan.

"Please enlighten the fairy?" Han Yan breathed out, and Shenlun was in a state.

"This repair requires my young lady's shot." A contempt flashed in the eyes of Heifeng Diao, Han Yan's brows were slightly wrinkled, and there seemed to be a breath of death in his eyes, looking towards Heifeng Diao.

This monster is just Xia Qingyan's mount, and it also uses the power of the master to be arrogant.

Han Lin also glanced at Heifeng Diao. Although there was a smile on his face, he was a little cold in his heart.

"If the demon brother wants to get the education, he can naturally shoot." Han Lin said with a smile.

The eyes of the black wind carving eyes glowed with metallic luster, and its body was suspended in the air, and a fierce storm suddenly blown around.

"Om ..."

Saw its body turned into a residual image, swooping down, almost to the extreme.

The battle platform is only a place for internal discussion in Senluo. Actually, it is not suitable for this level of powerful battle. Although it is vast, it is still too small.

Han Yan saw the Black Wind Eagle rushing to fight, his eyes shot cold, the Dao God's wheel breath broke out in his body, a terrorist death storm swept out, covering the sky, he raised his palm and grabbed the void, Turned into a huge imprint of death.

The dark golden claws of the black wind carvings are extremely sharp, and a force of tearing space erupts from the claws.

"Boom!" The crowd saw a residual image across the void, and the big handprint of death was smashed directly. They could hardly see the movement of the black wind carving, and they saw the sharp claws buckled on the Dao battle platform, making a violent shock. Han Yan's body retreated to the edge, and his shirt was torn, with a deep blood stain, which was shocking.

Many people's faces changed slightly, Han Yan's eyes were cold, staring at the black wind sculpture in front of him.

"You are too weak, this kind of practice is also worthy of learning with my young lady?" The black wind carving speech is bitter, ironically speaking, its body is suspended in the air, without continuing to shoot, it turns directly back to Xia Qingyan.

Anyway, he has been Ye Futian's mount for so many years, and his mind and mind are connected. Ye Futian's perception can also learn from the insights, and the force of attack is naturally very strong.

Although the black wind carving is a bit ruthless, its pride and strength set off the light of Xia Qingyan next to it, and all of its mounts are so powerful. What a magnificent woman this is.

"Sculpture, unreasonable." Xia Qingxuan said, "This trip came down to the mountain for discussion, and it is irrelevant to see the practice of one hundred schools.

Finally, she walked out of her body and took the initiative to walk up to the Taoist platform. The sacred and radiant brilliance was glorious, and the beautiful eyes looked to the crowd and said: "Whoever wants to enlighten me, you can try it."

"An old man teaches a fairy." An old man's robe fluttered. He stepped out and looked at Xia Qingyuan, saying, "The fairy is careful."

The voice fell, and his hands were condensed. In an instant, there were signs of death appearing in all directions, raising his hand and pointing a finger. Immediately, the infinite sign of death shot straight at Xia Qingyan, and Jane submerged the void.

Xia Qingyan's **** wheel blooms, a brilliant two-color lotus wraps the body, the petals bloom, opens and closes between heaven and earth, and envelopes towards the imprint of the killing.

At this moment, she stood in the lotus, and the imprint of infinity entered the petals and would be destroyed directly.

Surrounded by sacred two-color divine light, Xia Qingyan at this moment is even more holy and unparalleled, which makes many practitioners in Sinrow House secretly envious, and the light contained in the perfect divine wheel is indeed dazzling.

Blossoms of lotus blossoms, life two, life three, become endless. These flying lotus swallowed all the imprints of death that covered the sky, and then turned into life and death and robbed the light, and killed towards the old man.

The lotus that contains the emperor s will is transformed into the soul of the gods to transform itself. In the original realm, Xia Qingyan also practiced with Ye Futian. Although her realm did not have the opportunity to participate in the battle on the battlefield of the original realm, in fact she Not weak.

And to say that the battle for the original realm is the three god-level forces, many of them are far stronger than the practitioners of the Sen Luofu.

Innumerable lotus flowers bloomed sacred robbery, the old man Shenlun two realm, soon unable to resist, was repelled by robbery.

In the void, another emperor stepped into the void, and walked onto the platform. The mighty death enveloped the sky. The sound of rumbling destruction came out. A shadow of death appeared on the sky. A light of divine light directly stamped down and fell. On Xia Qingyan, the next moment, the light of death fell from the sky dome and killed Xia Qingyan directly.

This shot is a strong man in the Three Realms of Shenlun, with a very strong combat power.

The Lotus God Wheel burst into a more brilliant divine light, and countless lotus flowers appeared hovering in the void. The killing forces collide together.

The two beams meet and collide in the air, and the lotus is growing stronger and stronger, covering the sky and covering the sun. After a while, the other party cannot support and be repelled.

On the battlefield, the inferior emperor who set foot on the Taoist can't get close to Xia Qingxian's body, and they all lost.

It didn't take long for the battle to stop, and Xia Qingyan was standing alone on the platform, with divine light and white clothes flying.

The advantage of the perfect Shenlun can fight across the realm. Xia Qingxian directly released the advantage of Shenlun to the extreme, in order to give an illusion in the life of Sen Luofu, she was famous.

"Wonderful." Han Lin looked at Xia Qingyuan and said, "The fairy is gorgeous, the **** wheel is perfect, the realm of the next emperor, it is difficult for anyone in Senluo to contend."

For many years, he had no interest in women, and at most he just took the fruits of their practice and was fooled by him.

And at this moment, he actually gave birth to a ray of thought, if it can make this woman become a spiritual practitioner, it would be very good.

Xia Qingyuan has condensed her breath and returned to the original place, but her body still lingers with divine light.

"Thank you." Xia Qingxian said to Han Lin.

"Fairies don't have to be polite." Han Lin said.

"I have disturbed you, so I will leave." Xia Qingyan said to Han Lin.

"Where is the fairy going?" Han Lin asked.

"This time I went down the mountain to seek the way, seek the strength of the hundreds of families, and learn the practice of others ~ ~ there is no specific goal." Xia Qingyuan said.

"In this case, the fairy is better to stay in Senrow for some time. I also have a lot of practices in Senrow. In addition, I will travel a long time later. When I travel with the fairy, I can also lead the fairy. ? "Han Lin said.

Xia Qingxuan thought for a moment, then nodded gently: "Then it disturbed."

"Fairy is polite." Han Lin turned and said: "Immediately arrange for the fairy to rest in the palace."

Xia Qingyan's look was always cold and indifferent. She was originally a princess of Xia Huangjie. Before she knew Ye Futian, she was extremely cold and proud, but now it is just a natural appearance.

On the other side, Ying Qing looked at all this quietly. Although she intended to help Ye Futian these days, she had not made up her mind yet. Now when she sees Xia Qingyan, she feels a little moved.

Quietly retreated, Ying Qing came to the Youge Pavilion, stepped into the cave, and looked at Ye Futian in the formation.

Ye Futian still closed his eyes, but he naturally knew everything about the outside world, and would communicate with the idea of Heifeng Diao to let it execute the plan.

"Your sister's surname Xia?" Ying Qing said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian opened her eyes and looked at her and said, "Yes, now, do you believe me?"

Ying Qing looked at his eyes and struggled a little in his heart, but then, he nodded vigorously!

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