The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1861

Vol 8 Chapter 1861: Come To The Door

Xia Qingyan was arranged to practice in the best palace in Senluo. The terrain here is extremely high. Sitting outside the palace, you can see a cloud of mist flowing like a fairyland.

At this time, Xia Qingyan closed her eyes and practiced here, no one disturbed.

But in fact, Xia Qingyan was not calm at all. She knew that Ye Futian was in the Senluo House, and she was in a very bad situation. But when she first came to China, only she and the eagle were here. Must be calm.

Not far in front, a figure stepped into the sky, seeming to step in the clouds, the temperament was elegant, and he had a bit of heroism on his body. It was Han Lin, the young master of the Senluo. He looked forward and saw Xia Qing. The kite is surrounded by divine light, the meaning of life and death circulates around the body, there is a sacred lotus opening and closing under the seat, that extraordinary temperament is like a goddess.

Han Lin has also seen many women, but a woman as temperament as Xia Qingyin has not seen a few people. Moreover, if she puts on a woman's dress, it must be extremely stunning, probably for the convenience of walking, after all, it is a powerful person. Just entered the world to practice.

He stopped not far in front of him, did not disturb Xia Qingyan, nor did he take the liberty to move forward, although this is his Sen Luo Mansion, so polite, it was with the person who directly made Ying Qing Ye Futian a corpse puppet Just like two people.

"Is there anything wrong with the Master?" Xia Qingxuan opened her beautiful eyes and looked at Han Lin.

"Xia Xianzi entered the WTO and wanted to ask the master of the Taoist school. Although Senluo is not a top force, but also has a lot of economics, fairy may be interested?" Han Lin said with a smile.

"That's the case, the master of the Shaofu invited to come over, why should you be so polite." Xia Qingyuan said.

"Afraid to disturb the fairy practice." Han Lin's extraordinary manner, he took a step in the sky and came here, keeping a certain distance from Xia Qingyan, waving his palm, and suddenly many ancient books of jade scrolls flew out and floated in front of Xia Qingyan. .

"Here are all the good old books from my collection in Senluo. Fairies can see them." Han Lin said.

"Thank you, Master Xiaofu." Xia Qingxuan nodded slightly, and then quietly read, Han Lin sat there quietly, without disturbing. Cultivation came to his realm, patience was naturally excellent, and it was a long time to enter.

After reading through Xia Qingyan, they found out that these were indeed very good ways of doing things. This Han Lin was very generous and wanted to be surrounded by her.

However, she was quiet and gave up after reading a few words. She looked at Han Lin and said: "The collection in Fuzhong is very good. I have studied, but I have also seen a lot when I practiced with my teacher. No special needs were found. "

Han Lin was a little disappointed when he heard Xia Qingyan's words, but then he was relieved. Xia Qingyan is such a character, and his master is the existence of a powerful level. Naturally, he has seen many more precious Taoisms. Not extraordinary, but it must be difficult to enter Xia Qingyan's eyes.

"Disappointed the fairy." Han Lin said.

Xia Qingxuan shook his head: "I already have my own way of repairing in Shimen. This time I travel to seek the way, just to see the head of a hundred schools, I don't have to observe it. After all, it is not appropriate. The young master can take it in the house. I am very grateful to see me. "

"I came to Senrow House this time and heard that the practitioners of Senrow House are good at the Avenue of Death, so I want to see if there is a unique way of death."

Han Lin nodded slightly and said, "Sen Law House has its own family missionary method, but there are not many people who are cultivated, they are all descendants, and there is no suitable person to consult with the fairy. In addition, there is also a peculiar monastic practice. , It s just that the sword is on the cusp, and its reputation is not very good outside. "

When he spoke to Xia Qingyan, he seemed to want to test how Xia Qingyan thought about this person. If Xia Qingyan was decent and thought it was evil, then the thought in his heart would not be hopeful. So broken that thought.

"What technique?" Xia Qingyuan asked casually, looking at the distance, not seeming to care too much.

"The art of puppets, practice will inevitably have some enemies, or some dying people in the house, if they obtain their consent before death, it will make him become a puppet in the house after death, and continue to serve the Senluo House." Han Lin said Said, of course, it is impossible to come out with all of them.

Xia Qingyan was cold in heart. Was Ye Futian a family of Chou, or a man from Senluo?

Why was it refined?

However, she practiced to the emperor, and she was extremely restrained. After hearing it, she was still unmoved despite her cold heart.

"If you can't complain to the enemy, what should you do to practice?" Xia Qingxuan looked at Han Lin and said: "As for those who practice in Fuzhong, as long as they are willing, then exist in another way can be considered to continue to exert self-worth. What's wrong with this? "

Han Lin was surprised for a while, although a smile appeared on his face, and he was temperamental, he found that he had a better perception of Xia Qingyuan.

"Master Zun once taught that the path of spiritual practice is a ruthless way. How can the compassion live forever in the world, make the best use of things, and cultivate with external force is also the way of spiritual survival. Otherwise, why should I come to Senluo. "Xia Qingyan continued to open her eyes and looked forward. Ye Futian had already asked Ying Qing what kind of person Han Lin was and told the small sculpture."

These words of Xia Qingyan are completely in line with Han Lin's character.

"Master Fairy, must be a strange person. If you have the opportunity to visit and listen to the preaching of your predecessors in the future," Han Lin was very happy. The master, the master, the demeanor, and the beauty of the face, and so fit his heart, perhaps, this It is fate.

He has been seeking Taoist practice for the rest of his life. He has never moved his heart and used it only for women. This time, he was a little bit moved.

Beauty is hard to find, nowadays it can be found, fight for it.

"The teacher doesn't like outsiders to disturb." Xia Qingyan responded faintly. Han Lin was shocked. Xia Qingyuan seemed to notice something wrong and said, "Don't mind the young master."

"It doesn't matter what." Han Lin smiled and got up, and it turned out to be a person who joined the world.

However, he likes it.

"Disturb the practice of the fairy today, and visit again tomorrow." Han Lin said, "These are placed here first, and if you are a useless fairy, take a look at it."

"it is good."

Xia Qingxian nodded, Han Lin left and left with a faint smile on her face.

Xia Qingyan still practiced quietly, did not do anything wrong, or even walked in the Sen Luo Mansion, leaving no traces. At present, Ye Futian is not in danger of life. Although he wants to save him, he does not want to wait for a moment, but in order to To be safe from doubt, she needs patience.

Han Lin is definitely not a simple person. He can't let the other party see that she came with a purpose, otherwise the other party will inevitably be suspicious.

In the next few days, Han Lin would sit here every day, not very long. Most of them were talking about spiritual practice. Han Lin found that Xia Qingyuan was obsessed with spiritual practice and he didn't care much about other things. He naturally voted It's good.

Gradually, Han Lin felt more and more familiar with Xia Qingyan, and even knew the name of Xia Qingyan, of course, not the real name.

On this day, Han Lin brought a figure to Xia Qingyan. He Ran was a corpse puppet, and his body was lingering with death. Although it was a human body, it seemed to be shrouded in a breath of death.

"Curiously, death's morals are so rich." Xia Qingyan saw that the corpse puppet appeared very interested, and even stood up.

This made Han Lin show a strange color. Sure enough, he deserved to be a person who was obsessed with cultivating. He was very interested in everything about cultivating. The corpse puppet was a unique method of cultivating him in Senluo. It was extremely extraordinary. interest.

"Something." Then a sharp voice came, and Heifeng Diao stepped forward to look at the puppet: "Miss, this thing is filthy."

"The puppet's meaning of death is extremely pure." Xia Qingxian said, but Han Lin looked at the black wind carving, Xia Qingxuan did not fit his appetite.

In the future, the two people's double cultivation must be of great benefit to both parties.

A dreadful of death's sense of death diffused from the puppet, making this space full of death, everywhere.

The bright light of Xia Qingyan bloomed, a ray of life lotus flew out, the glow of light was expelled, and expelled the power of death. That divine light directly irradiated the body of the puppet, but the death road seemed to be difficult to expel, and it was still flying wildly.

Xia Qingyan's body was even more dazzling, and the lotus wrapped the puppet, and refined the puppet a little bit. The puppet's body violently oscillated. After a while, it was refined into nothingness.

"This puppet can actually persist for so long." Xia Qingyuan exclaimed.

"The puppet is under my control and has no life. Even if he suffered a fatal attack, it is still safe and can continue to fight." Han Lin said.

Xia Qingxuan nodded slightly, he looked at Han Lin and said, "This technique ..."

But she seemed to stop talking, and Han Lin understood her look ~ ~ smiled, since he brought the puppet, he wanted to see Xia Qingyan's attitude, if the other party wanted to To learn, he will consider.

However, this technique can only be cultivated by the most central character of Sen Luo, and he will not be easily handed over to Xia Qingyuan.

"This technique is the mystery of Sen Luo Mansion, and the people at the core of Sen Luo Man can practice." Han Lin said.

Xia Qingyan said nothing, she knew Han Lin's intention.

"Han Lin, can I borrow some puppets for my training?" Xia Qingyan didn't call the young master, but Han Lin, and it seemed that the relationship was closer. This made Han Lin happy, and the effort these days has been. Not in vain.

"Of course." Han Lin nodded without hesitation and agreed, "You go to Youge to make arrangements."

"Yes." Several people stepped back and left, and Ying Qing also left with them.

Is finally shot?

She didn't expect that Ye Futian, a teacher and sister, was so patient, she had never shown any heart to save people, but she was familiar with Han Lin step by step until Han Lin took the initiative to come to her door.

I'm afraid he couldn't think of it at all. Xia Qingyan has been waiting for him here.

Of course, Ying Qing would nt say that she did nt know anything, she would become a part of it, but if it failed, it had nothing to do with her. After all, she did nt know where Ye Futian s confidence came from!

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