The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1862

Vol 8 Chapter 1862: Xia Qingxuan

Youge, in the cave house, Han Lin's people selected several corpses, and Ying Qing took Ye Futian's body out.

At this time, Ye Futian's eyes were closed, his body was dark, and his life was lingering, as if he was already a dying person.

"Ying Qing, this corpse puppet has not been completely refined, and the young master is not under control. What do you take?" A person next to him looked at Ying Qing and said, Ye Futian picked it up on their way last time, naturally knowing.

"The thought of the young master, you should be able to see a little bit of it." Ying Qing said.

"Naturally, Xia Xianzi is extraordinary, and she is very suitable for the master of the Shaofu, perhaps, the future mother." Some people said with a smile, but only said this in private.

"The Master of Shaofu specially brought the corpse princess to visit the fairy today. Presumably, the technique of letting the celestial princess come into contact with this puppet puppet was saved. Because this corpse puppet has not been completely refined, it may be usable. Puppy, what's the difference. "Ying Qing said.

The rest of the people thought about it, and then nodded slightly. Ying Qing's words were not unreasonable. Since this is the case, take them together.

Ye Futian is in a state of false death at this moment, sealing off all the breath in his body, only the meaning of death haunts.

And his party took them away, and not long after, they came to Xia Qingyan's palace.

Because there are several puppets that are other people's puppets, the master of the corpse puppet also arrives, so that the puppet stands in front of Xia Qingxuan, only Ye Futian is still under control.

The moment Xia Qingyan saw Ye Futian's heart seemed to be struck violently, the people of Senluo didn't know who Ye Futian was, but she understood Ye Futian's character in the original realm, the first romantic figure in the original realm , Being treated like this.

Xia Qingxuan felt a little pain in his heart, he must be uncomfortable.

But even so, he still managed to restrain himself.

"Isn't he not yet refined?" Han Lin also saw Ye Futian. He didn't pay much attention to the random behavior of the day, a dying person. These days because of his thoughts on Xia Qingyan, he He has even forgotten Ye Futian's existence.

Saw it now, he remembered it.

"Fairies want to study puppets, so they brought them together." Ying Qing said with a bow.

"Yeah." Han Lin nodded, and Ying Qing had a good idea. He looked at Xia Qingyuan and said: "These are puppets that have been refined. This one has not yet been fully refined and is temporarily uncontrolled. puppet."

"Thank you." Xia Qingyan had a very strong killing thought in her heart at this moment, but she tried to restrain herself from letting a trace of killing thoughts leak out, otherwise everything would be abandoned.

She looked at a few puppets, and she was invaded by her body, and she seemed to be studying these puppets carefully.

"Dao Yi seems to be born in nature, this puppet refining technique is indeed superb, and I have never heard of it from Master." Xia Qingyan praised it, Han Lin did, she naturally can see that the other party intends to use puppet technique. Attracting your own interest, therefore deliberately praising and showing a strong interest, so that the other party let go of their vigilance.

When Han Lin heard Xia Qingyan's words, she smiled and said: "This technique is the secretary of the Senluo Palace. It is indeed a bit extraordinary, but the fairy fairy is a worldly expert, and the method of his practice must be my Senluo Palace. Dare to compare. "

Xia Qingyan was not sure about it and studied it carefully. Han Lin saw that Xia Qingyan ignored her, and she also said with interest: "Now study here, these puppets will be disposed of with the fairy."

"Thank you." Xia Qingyin nodded to Han Lin with the murderous thought in her heart. In fact, she could not wait for Han Lin to leave immediately, but she insisted that she did not show eagerness, or even took the initiative to catch people.

The more this time, the less careless you can be.

Even after Han Lin left, Xia Qingyin still didn't make any moves, still studying these puppets outside, it seemed very serious.

This is Senluo. She doesn't know how many eyes she has. She must not be very careful.

The night came, and the Senluo House was lingering with death, so it was a bit eerie.

Xia Qingyan finally began to act, she took some puppets into the palace, and then ordered the small sculpture to take Ye Futian into the inner courtyard alone, and applied the technique of forbidden, these days she is every night, cut off the **** Nian, this is also a method commonly used by practitioners abroad, and no one will doubt it.

The other puppets are all under control, so she waited until now to dare to do it, and dared not be in front of the puppets.

Seemed to perceive the power of the ban. Ye Futian's eyes finally opened and he took a deep breath. He felt much more comfortable from that time. He didn't have to waste energy to resist the invasion of that force, and he could recover his injuries.

But he still needs time, and he is still very weak when he just got out.

After opening his eyes, a pair of beautiful faces printed in his eyes, it was Xia Qingyan.

She looked at Ye Futian at the moment, and she felt a little heartache. She didn't endure it until now, and she felt a little incompetent.

"Aren't you going back to the Xia Emperor Realm, why bother to come here." Ye Futian sighed softly. Xia Qingxian and the small sculpture came to China through the crack of space. It was an extremely risky behavior. If the small sculpture could track itself, I am afraid that they will fall into the turbulent flow of endless space.

However, fortunately they came, otherwise I really don't know how to break the game.

Xia Qingyan looked at him, his eyes cold, and it was still the same at this time.

She squatted down and hugged Ye Futian. Ye Futian's eyes were weird, and then she saw Xia Qingyuan's life soul bloom, the sacred bright life lotus bloomed, and petals grew out and grew bigger and bigger. Shaking upwards, enveloping this space, there is an incomparable breath of life flowing above each petal.

In addition, Xia Qingyan's body seemed to have an endless flow of life, like a strand of silk thread, penetrating into Ye Futian's body. Those silk threads connected her and Ye Futian. At this moment, she was in that gorgeous **** Against the background of light, it is sacred like a goddess of the Nine Heavens and cannot be blasphemy.

The bodies of the two seem to blend together perfectly, and the life force is integrated into Xia Qingtian's body into Ye Futian's body, and cannibalizes the death force that invades Ye Futian's body, directly invading Dao Ye Futian's limbs, bones, and internal organs. At this moment, Ye Futian had no secrets in front of Xia Qingyan.

The blooming petals closed slowly, covering their bodies inside, under the darkness, like a blooming lamp.

Not far away, the black wind carving saw this scene with some melancholy, in broad daylight ... No, in the dark night, in front of the carving master, don't you really think of the carving master as a person?

Does this make sense?

The sculptor turned around and stepped out.

I think you have this day master.

This moment made the sculptor who had been prejudiced against Xia Qingxuan with emotion.

Princess true woman too!

This night, the eagle carved a few hours outside, and his heart was filled with emotion.

Finally, the sacred light gradually dissipated, and the holy lotus petals slowly came down to the lotus, and the figures of Xia Qingyan and Ye Futian appeared in it.

I saw that Xia Qingxian was shy at the moment, and her delicate face seemed to be able to drip water, which was very beautiful.

"It's hard." Ye Futian said to Xia Qingyan, seeing the shy face, he was also slightly disappointed. At this time, Xia Qingyuan's long hair was sprinkled there, and the beautiful eyes and the face were full. The woman's coquettishness is like a 'princess' on weekdays.

Xia Qingxian stared at Ye Futian, seeming to be somewhat bitter.

"How are you feeling?" Xia Qingyan asked softly, as if she didn't realize that her voice was a little softer.

"The breath inside the body is working smoothly, and now it takes some time to recover from the injury in the body." Ye Futian said, the threat of death was completely removed, no longer his shackles, plus Xia Qingyan healed him, more than just arrived The state at the time of China is better.

Now, just wait for the recovery.

"En." Xia Qingyuan nodded gently: "You have a good rest."

With a look, she glanced at Ye Futian and hugged him directly into the room. Then she came out blushing and seemed to notice a pair of bright eyes peeping at her. It has passed.

Diaoye didn't see anything.

Xia Qingyan walked behind the black wind carving, and the carving master clearly felt a cool breeze, and could not help lamenting that the woman is really fickle, is this changing her face too fast?

No, just peeked, as for?

"Go to bring a puppet." Xia Qingxian ordered, ready to destroy the puppet with training tools, so that Ye Futian naturally disappeared reasonably.

These puppets are not humans anymore, they will only become a murder weapon of Xen Luo Mansion. Xia Qingyan naturally has no psychological burden. The Black Wind Carving will bring a puppet into Xia Qingyan every once in a while to be cleaned up.

After everything was cleaned up ~ ~ Xia Qingyuan returned to the house to rest, of course Ye Futian was also there.

So the two were co-located in the same room.

Ye Futian couldn't help himself.

In the early morning of the second day, Ye Futian felt well for a long time, and his injuries were being repaired quickly. In this way, it will not be long before he can recover.

Today, it cannot be discovered.

Han Lin came here as usual on this day, but this time, he did not see Xia Qingyuan, and it was the first time Xia Qingyuan entered the Senluo Mansion.

He saw by the black wind and said that Xia Qingyan had some feelings yesterday and was retreating to practice.

Han Lin saw that Xia Qingyan's palace was radiant, and a lot of sacred lotus flowers were blooming and blooming, covering a courtyard, leaving a sentence, and coming again to disturb the fairy.

Han Lin at this time did not realize what Xia Qingyuan's retreat meant to him.

He had heard the instincts, and the puppets were all practiced by Xia Qingyan during his training. Although it was a bit distressing, as long as he could attract Xia Qingyan, he thought it was worth it. Now Xia Qingyan can feel something and make him more happy.

Everything seems reasonable.

Therefore, Han Lin happily left, and Xia Qingyuan, smashing Sen Luo Fuzhong began a period of retreat practice!

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