The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1863

Vol 8 Chapter 1863: Find

Xia Qingxuan closed the gate and practiced, naturally forbidden the palace, not to be disturbed by outsiders. This was a very normal thing, and no one doubted it.

As for the destruction of several puppets, Han Lin himself explained to Xia Qingyan beforehand, and Xia Qingyan destroyed it after training. There is nothing wrong with it and no one will be held accountable.

Perhaps because of the training of puppets, Xia Qingyan felt something!

Han Lin thought so, he did not disturb Xia Qingyan's retreat, but was busy with his own affairs.

Time passed day by day, Xia Qingyan has been retreating in Senluo, called retreat. In fact, he was waiting for the old tree of Ye Futian World to repair his damaged body. Before he was hit hard, he could have repaired it by himself, but he was The Senluo House was taken into the death battle, and the snow was worse, so that he could use only enough power to resist the invasion of death.

After coming out now, Xia Qingyan baptized him again, speeding up the recovery of his body, so in these days when Xia Qingyan 'closed', Ye Futian recovered quickly and was able to move his body within a few days.

But Xia Qingyan still did not leave the border. Before coming here, Xia Qingyan and the figurines explored the Sen Luo Mansion. This is the upper emperor's seat. The strength of the Sen Luo Mansion is very strong. Although Ye Futian killed the upper emperor, To be cautious, he needs to return to the heyday.

After all, they have only three people, and only Ye Futian is the one who can really compete against Sen Luofu.

In a blink of an eye, days passed.

On that day, Ying Qing took Ye Futian to Xia Qingyan and kept holding a heart. She was worried that her feet might be exposed. After all, she might be implicated if she was a little careless. I was found, I wonder if she would doubt her. Although there were no flaws in it, she had no reason to help a puppet, but she was also afraid that Ye Futian would betray her.

Despite the fear in her heart, she still chose to help Ye Futian that day. The people in the Holy Realm were tenacious. She was trapped in Senluo for several years and had wanted to leave for a long time. This was against her heart. Opportunity, she is willing to gamble.

On this day, she followed Han Lin to Youge.

Yingqing followed others, and looked as usual. After so many days, after Xia Futian was sent away, Xia Qingyan closed his practice, presumably to make Ye Futian recover. What on earth did they want to do?

Even if it recovers, how to deal with Sen Luo?

A figure came towards them, dressed in black robes, with a terrible breath.

"Pavilion Lord." Han Lin nodded at the other party.

"The Master of the Shaofu House comes with me." The Lord of the Pavilion of the Pavilion took Han Lin and others to a hidden palace. There was a strong corpse puppet, and the palace was covered by death. Outside the palace, they dare not go in.

"How does the young master feel?" The master of the Youge Pavilion said to Han Lin.

Han Lin stared at the tall puppet, which was cultivated by a powerful man in the Seven Realms of the God Wheel. At first, they spent a lot of money to deal with this person, and it took a long time. He looked at the puppet with sharp eyes, and saw that the puppet's eyes also opened, and a green, terrible cold light shot from it, like a ghost.

"Hard Pavilion Master." Han Lin thanked him. The reason why he was willing to use some puppets to practice for Xia Qingxuan, is because in his view the cost is not very high. This level of puppets is theirs. The powerful power of the government.

Father's puppet naturally need not say much, and now that he gets this puppet, his strength can be greatly increased.

"Master Shaofu is kind." Master Yuge Pavilion said: "Unfortunately, there are too few puppets in this level, there are only two, otherwise ..."

Han Lin nodded, if more, they had already annexed another hostile force, but no hurry, when they won the other day, they all became puppets.

"Good puppets are hard to find." Han Lin said.

"The puppets brought by the master of the Shaofu government on that day were actually very good, but unfortunately it was so wasted." Youge Pavilion main road.

Han Lin thought of the person he had picked up before, but he didn't feel much. He said: "It's just the second order of Shenlun, it's no pity."

"No, I spy on the breath inside him. The **** wheel may be perfect, and it is good at the power of life and death, so the power of death in the formation has not been able to invade and refine." Youge Pavilion main road: "Before Shaofu The Lord often sent people to check it out. I thought that the Master of the House of Justice attached great importance to this corpse puppet, but I was wrong. "

"Perfect level, good at life and death?" Han Lin frowned, faintly feeling something was wrong.

Isn't this Xia Qingyan?

Shenlun is perfect, good at life and death, and has a great talent.

Such a coincidence?

Ying Qing heard the Lord Pavilion's heart thumping outside the hall, and her face changed uncontrollably. She slightly lowered her head to cover up the brief panic, calming herself down and restoring her normal expression, but her heart remained the same. A piece of cold.

Have you seen Ye Futian these days?

This is a quiet pavilion. Some people will go there every day, but no one will move the puppets of Shaofu s main practice, but it s normal for the princess of the pavilion to look at it.

But speaking at the moment, how could Han Lin not think of it.

"Well, I heard that Master Shaofu gave a woman practice?" Youge Pavilion main road, he did not pay attention to Xia Qingyan's things before, Youge Pavilion is deep in Senluo, from the whole mountain range It s a bit secret here. The Lord of the Pavilion is also busy with puppet refining. Ordinary things wo nt disturb him. Therefore, it was nt until Ying Qing took the puppet away that he asked him about it. He knew Xia Qingyan.

But even so, he didn't ask much.

The speaker is unintentional, but it falls in Han Lin's ear, but it is undoubtedly a heavy hammer.

"Pavilion Lord, who often comes here?" Han Lin asked. He didn't care too much about Ye Futian's existence before, so he asked a couple of times, not to mention sending people here often.

"Under the master of the Shaofu, outside." The master of the Youge Pavilion pointed to Ying Qingdao.

I saw Ying Qing walking forward, controlling the fear in his heart, and bowed: "The young master told him that Ying Qing would not dare not pay attention to it. The puppet is difficult to refine, so he often comes to see it."

"How many times have you come?" Han Lin asked.

"More than ten times." Ying Qingdao, she came more frequently.

"He took you there too?" Han Lin asked again.

"Go back to Master Shaofu, if the subordinates know that this puppet is extraordinary, they will certainly not take it away, but replace it with other puppets." Ying Qing's ability to respond is not weak, she didn't say Xia Qingyan, she just said I wonder if this puppet is extraordinary.

Han Lin did not mention that Xia Qingyan had any problems. If she took the initiative to mention it, it would mean that she admitted that under such sudden pressure, many people would easily get lost and accidentally talk about leaking.

Han Lin's eyes were fixed on Ying Qing. Ying Qing knelt on one knee and buried his head below, trembling.

Now these are not flaws, it can be explained, just look at how Han Lin decides.

Seeing Ying Qing's attitude, although Han Lin had doubts, he didn't really think that Ying Qing was a partner with the other party. After all, Ying Qing had no reason to do so, to help a dying person?

Moreover, how can she get in touch with Xia Qingyan?

Among them, there are some flaws.

But if it happened that they sent Ye Futian to Xia Qingyan's hand, it was too coincidental, Xia Qingyan disguised like this, even if she saw the puppet, she would not move, then, if she had a problem, I must have known in advance that Ye Futian was made into a puppet by them.

How did she know?

Among them, there are several rings that can't match.

However, as long as I go to Xia Qingyan, everything will be clear.

"What's the matter?" The Lord Pavilion asked, seemingly aware of some of these problems.

"The woman may have a problem." Han Lin said, then stepped out first, and said: "Bring her on."

She naturally refers to Ying Qing.

Ying Qing's face was a little pale. She did not expect that the undoubted dialogue between the Lord of the Pavilion and Han Lin made her suspicious.

And ~ ~ She knows that Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan are having problems. Han Lin can find out the truth when he goes there.

Thinking about this, she felt cold all over, but then she was relieved. Since you gambled, wasn't it a matter of failure to lose her life?

Youge Pavilion Master frowned, Han Shao, Lord of the House, cheated?

Thinking of this, he also stepped up and went to see what was going on.

Han Lin has been indifferent to Xia Qingyan these days. Before Xia Qingyan closed, she would chat with her every day to discuss the topic, and even used the resources of Senluo for her practice. Falling on him, naturally have to grasp.

But now, is this fate, or is it all arranged deliberately?

Seems like a fairy goddess who does not eat fireworks on earth, is it so deep?

Han Lin came to Xia Qingyan's side. His body was suspended above the cliff, looking at the palace in front. The people behind him were all behind. He did not keep up. He needs to confirm first.

So, isn't it a sudden surprise, although this possibility is very low, but he still has such a thought, unwilling to admit that he was being played.

"Is the fairy still practicing?" Han Lin asked aloud to the palace, Shen Nian walked towards the palace, and soon encountered a force of ban!

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