The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1864

Vol 8 Chapter 1864: Kill God

In the palace, Xia Qingxuan looked up and saw a wave of invisible waves invading the power of the ban. She knew what Han Lin might have discovered.

Otherwise, Han Lin will not be so rude.

Looking back, she looked at the white-haired figure sitting cross-legged. At this time, Ye Futian had recovered as usual. During the practice, the whole body was surrounded by light. The white hair and white clothes, the soft temperament contained a little, and the handsome face added again. The mature temperament adds a bit of charm.

He opened his eyes, looked up and said, "Let's go."

According to the exploration of Xia Qingyan and Heifeng Carving outside the Senluo Mansion, the Shenluo Mansion's main **** wheel is the seven realms, and the imperfect **** wheel. Even if there are some means, he should be able to cope with it.

In the void, Han Lin stood outside the cliff of the palace and the ban was opened. When he swept away, he saw another person beside Xia Qingyan and Heifeng carving, Ye Futian.

Before Ye Futian was a dying person, he didn't care. At this moment, Ye Futian's weather was extraordinary, standing with Xia Qingyan, there was no violation at all, as if the two should have appeared together.

At this moment, Han Lin's eyes were extremely cold, and those eyes seemed to be able to pierce the void.

He was fooled.

Before, it was his wishful thinking.

He has practiced for many years, but he did not expect to be planted in the hands of a woman. He thought that Xia Qingyuan had just entered the world to practice, but he did not know the world, but he did not expect that he was being played by the other party in the palm of his hand, giving power, and sending puppets.

I am afraid that after this incident, there will be many people under the Senluo House secretly mocking him.

Han Lin's practitioners all came forward. Standing behind him, they naturally saw Ye Futian's existence, and they all understood what was happening, and each one looked indifferent, and their Senluo House was calculated.

Ying Qing was pale and looked at by an emperor, who glanced at her. If there was a patriarch of the Pavilion, and what he saw in front of him, I am afraid that Ying Qing could not get rid of the relationship, even if it had nothing to do with her. The character of the Lord will not let her go.

Xia Qingyan and Ye Futian stepped out, and the black wind sculpture followed behind, looking up at Han Lin in the void. At this moment, Xia Qingyan did not hide the indifference and disgust in her eyes. Han Lin exposed her eyes when she saw her eyes. With a sneered smile, I do not know whether to mock Xia Qingyan or himself.

Ye Futian was much calmer. Looking at Han Lin showed a sense of indifference. That kind of indifference was like looking at a dead person.

"I'm curious, even if you rescue him, what can you do?" Han Lin asked Xia Qingxuan, he didn't ask Xia Qingxian's identity, it didn't make sense.

The moment I saw Ye Futian, both of them had to die, there was no second way.

He made Ye Futian a corpse puppet, how could he let the other person leave alive?

It's just that he was a little surprised, Ye Futian was able to recover, probably because of their special practice.

Xia Qingyan ignored Han Lin's words, Ye Futian took a step forward, the white shirt on his body was automatic without wind, and the breath of avenues flowed between heaven and earth.

Han Lin glanced at the two of them and said, "The female stays, the male and the beast are taken to Youge and turned into a corpse puppet."

He did not call the fairy anymore, nor did he shout the name. Since everything is fake, the name must be fake.

Xia Qingyan He does not intend to move for the time being, he will let her pay the most painful price, let her like some women before, after playing with him, in the making of his corpse puppet, he has not yet smelt such a beautiful corpse puppet.

One figure walked forward, one of them was an old man, who was a middle emperor, and his breath was terrible. His body was full of death, and his thoughts moved, and suddenly there seemed to be a shadow of death between heaven and earth, surrounding Ye Futian and Xia Qing. The sky above the kite quickly enveloped the palace in it, like a large array of ghosts and gods.

Is full of ghosts and ghosts, filled with terrible breath of death, capable of attacking the souls of people.

The old man's palm grabbed towards Ye Futian, and immediately a hundred ghosts were dispatched, spreading his teeth and dancing claws, and rushed towards Ye Futian's body.

Standing above the body of Ye Futian, a brilliant light radiated out, and there was a sword intention to spit out from him. Under this sword intention, the ghost and **** virtual image felt a strong threat, and he dare not dare to approach.


The dazzling sword light suddenly burst into bloom, and a sword-like intention instantly shot through the void. In an instant, the ghosts and ghosts all exploded and shattered, and the sword light went straight to the sky, smashing the formation that enveloped this space directly.

The old man's expression changed slightly, the infinite gray air of death surrounded the body, and a huge ghost ghost appeared.

Ye Futian glanced at him, stepping forward, a sword born, running through the space.

An amazing storm of sword gas appeared, the sword intention swallowed the horrible sword mansions, directly pierced the space of the avenue, and at the moment when it just bloomed, the old man felt like he was going to split, that super strong His sword intention directly locked his body, making his soul tremble.

"Boom!" A scream of death meant to rush out, his body rose to the sky and wanted to escape.

But this sword is too fast, the moment the dazzling light blooms, the sword has arrived.

A burst of noise came out, and everyone saw that the old man's body was trembling violently, the body was penetrated, and the whole person was entangled with swords, gradually becoming unreal.

"Do not"

The old man made a horrified roar, and then his body exploded and shattered, and his soul was scattered. The distance behind him, the mountains were flattened by the sky-breaking sword light directly from above.

At this moment, the powerful men of Senluo looked up and looked towards Ye Futian's palace.

In the palaces of various parties, there was a series of figures rising from the sky one after another, the figure of the strong man who was repaired shone, and headed towards the other side, covered by the divine thought, and had seen the situation there.

Soon, centered on Ye Futian's palace, there were many strong men, the lower emperor and the middle emperor realm are many, the upper emperor did not appear.

Senluo, only the master is the upper emperor.

But the breath of some people who practiced the middle emperor was very terrible, especially the existence of the six realms of the Shenlun, the Tao was filled, covering the whole world, and the palace where Ye Futian was located was completely covered by the meaning of death, as if it were transformed into a piece. Deadly.

"The second order of the Shenlun, the perfect Shenhua." Everyone stared at Ye Futian. No wonder that the former median emperor was directly obliterated. The owner of the perfect Shenhua in the second realm of Shenlun, the fighting power of which is absolutely the imperial imperial perfection. At the level, it is not surprising that the talents are outstanding, beheading a median emperor of the fourth order of the Shenlun.

Several puppets were controlled to move forward, and wanted to test Ye Futian's truth and reality first. These puppets were deadly and terrified, and they rushed directly in the direction of Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stood there quietly, glanced at the puppets, a frosty avenue filled out, the space seemed to freeze, and the corpse puppets quickly turned into cold Ice, unable to move, under the sword's will, the puppet's body exploded and shattered into nothingness.

This scene caused many powerful men in Senrow to frown, and this person was so powerful.

Ye Futian glanced at the figure in the void, and said, "Practice such a evil method.

His body was suspended in the air, a full moon was empty, Taiyin Shenhui bloomed from the full moon, and instantly covered the infinite space. Many people felt a biting chill, cold into the bone marrow, and the soul was trembling.

The faces of many of the median emperors have changed, and that breath instantly swept through the vast space. The meaning of the Avenue of the Powers seemed to be suppressed, as if the flow was slow, uncontrolled, and the space velocity was slow.

I saw that the round moon released the shining moonlight, and the body of the lower emperor's realm was directly frozen.

"Be careful." The low voice of the Pavilion Lord reminded that many people wanted to retreat, but that gorgeous divine moment came down, carrying the terrible power of the terrifying Taiyin God Thunder.

"Boom ..." In the void, a panic appeared on the face of the next emperor. The next moment under the divine brilliance, the body shattered directly into nothingness, and the same thing happened in all parts of the void.

With the dull sounds coming out, there are constantly strong bodies directly crushed and exploded, and the soul is scattered and died.

Is not only the lower emperor, the weaker middle emperor also can not bear the power of divine brilliance and is wiped out.

"Gather together." The faces of the median emperors changed slightly, and they were also greatly affected. After releasing Dao Yi to resist the power of the overcast, their death breath exploded in madness, gathering in the Yin array, and appearing in the void. A series of horrible ghosts of death, fusing together, Ye Futian's place is like turning into a tomb, a round of death gods directly swept down, and the horrible ripples of death wanted to bury the mountain.


A dazzling sword light burst out, and a sword appeared in front of Ye Futian, clamoring.

Swords that pierce the space among the divine swords are shot out, blending into the divine glory.

Ye Futian pointed his finger upwards to the sky ~ ~ The Excalibur bucked the trend, the shrill noise came out, all the ripples of death annihilated and shattered, the Excalibur directly cut through the space, and a loud noise rang, The tomb was broken, and the sword rushed to the sky, suspended before the moon in the sky.

The divine radiance released in the god's wheel of the moon merged into the divine sword. At this moment, the sword of Taiyin broke out, and all the strong men evaded wherever they passed.


Ye Futian's words fell, the sword came out, and shuttled directly in the void, like a flash of lightning.

"Puff puff"

The sword light of the sword continued to penetrate the body of the respected emperor, but in an instant, the sword flew back and floated in front of Ye Futian.

And all the powerful people on the sky showed fear on their faces, and the next moment, the figures burst and shattered.

Every figure burst, Han Lin's heart would twitch, he looked at the disappearing figure, just a thought, most of the strong men standing in the void fell, and no one survived.

Youge's face also changed, with a strong sense of fear, how could it be so strong.

Han Lin picked up a killer and returned to Senluo.

Ying Qing saw this scene, the heart was beating violently, and the dark eyes looked at Ye Futian shocked!

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