The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1865

Vol 8 Chapter 1865: Exterminator

Ye Futian once told Ying Qing that he had his own way to leave, but she did not expect it to be his own strength. If Ye Futian said that at the time, Ying Qing might not have bothered him.

The second-order state of the Shenlun, what can you do to fight against the Senrow?

However, now, Ye Futian is standing there, incarnate to kill God, and kill half of the emperors of Senluo with one sword.

He stood in the sky, hunted in white clothes, spreading his sword spirit around him in the distance, and made an amazing sound of sword roar. In an instant, the entire Senluo House was shrouded in sword spirit.


I saw the sword falling from the sky, falling down like a sword rain, the rumbling noise continued, the mountains collapsed, the palace burst and destroyed, and the Senluo House seemed to be razed to the ground in an instant.

Although there is no absolute righteousness and evil in the method of cultivation, the fact that the Senluo House is using evil methods to destroy human nature should not exist in the world.

If it were nt for his extraordinary ability and the help of Xia Qingyuan, then a living life was turned into a corpse puppet by Sen Luo Fu, and it is clear that Sen Luo Fu is accustomed to this practice, obviously this is not the first time to do this Kind of thing.

In the distance, in the palace at the highest point of Senro House, there was suddenly a breath of terror. The principal of Senlu House was retreating and practicing, but was also alarmed by this movement, in the palace , A monstrous sense of death went straight to the sky, causing the death cloud to appear above the sky, which seemed to converge into a face of death.


I saw a huge imprint of immortal immortality grabbing towards Ye Futian. The imprint was like a mountain, capable of directly buckling a mountain.

Ye Futian glanced over there, Taiyin Shenhui was blooming, the sword was clamoring, the infinite sword resonance between heaven and earth, flying between the frantic heavens and earth, carrying the sword of Taiyin Shenhui to bloom the omnipresent cutting technique, ravaged between heaven and earth , Killing the past towards the big fingerprint of death.

However, when the sword touches the big handprint of the **** of death, it will be turned into a dark color, dim and dull, and then annihilated in the invisible. The powerful of the upper emperor's realm is shot, what a terrible strength, the black big handprint of death covers the sky. Come, in this space, it seems that there is no vitality.

The lotus blooms on Xia Qingyan's body, which covers herself and the black wind carvings in the lotus light curtain. There is endless vitality. Ye Futian's palms are facing forward, the sword is empty, a sword is out, the road is against the flow, the void seems to be broken, The sword pierced the handprint of death with a straight thorn.

"Boom ..."

A dull and violent noise came out, the mountains below Ye Futian exploded and shattered, the space where Ye Futian and Xia Qingyan were located was overwhelmed by the death Taoism, the Excalibur flew back with shock, but the big handprint of the Death God also shattered Open, turn into an endless stream of death.

Ye Futian's body also trembles. After all, it is the seventh-ranking superpower of the Shenlun who shot. His strength is extraordinary. Although he is perfect, he still has a great gap.

I saw a tall figure wearing a loose black robe over the highest ancient mountain peak. His eyes were dark and extremely terrifying, staring at Ye Futian across the void.

A man in the second realm of the **** wheel, actually killed so many powerful people in Sen Luo Mansion, and wanted to destroy Sen Luo Mansion.

"The House Lord."

Many people looked at the figure in a low voice, and the inner shock was more intense. Ye Futian, the next emperor, even shocked the master of the Senluo House.

This fighting power is too amazing.

In another direction, there was also a tyrannical sense of death. The Senluo House seemed to be transformed into a space of death. I saw the direction of Youge. A corpse puppet flew and appeared in front of Han Lin. The horrible puppet I went to before.

Han Lin's eyes stared at Ye Futian coldly, even though he was extremely talented, today he is going to be slashed in Senluo Mansion, Shenlun two realms, how to contend with the superior emperor?

He has also created the perfect **** wheel, knowing the strength of the person who perfects the perfect wheel, and has the ability to break through the border. It is common to cross two realms. The demon can cross three realms, but the second round of the **** round to the seventh round of the **** round. The rank of the upper emperor, this is the five realms, how huge the gap is.

This time, the loss of Sen Luo was so great.

"Father, this person is mine." Han Lin looked at the master of the Senluo Mansion in the sky in the distance and said, Ye Futian would become his corpse puppet, and Xia Qingyuan's final fate would be the same. However, before that, he will 'reward' Xia Qingyuan and let her know the price.

I saw Han Lin's hands condensed, and suddenly the corpse puppet's eyes glowed with terrible green light, a rotten death's way of thought permeated out, and the sound of the lala came out, and I saw that the corpse puppet seemed to turn into a tree The decaying ancient tree's body grew countless death vines from it, covering the sky and covering the sun, just like countless tentacles, and directly grabbed in the direction of Ye Futian.

The sword was broken, the infinite sword intended to tear the space, and cut towards the vines, but the vines were endless, making the entire void permeated with the breath of destruction and death, and rolled to Ye Futian at a very fast speed.

I saw that the gorgeous Excalibur directly broke a gap and killed the corpse puppet itself. With a bang, the Excalibur was directly killed into the corpse puppet, and the terrible sword exploded, trying to smash it, but the corpse puppet gave birth to endless Tentacle, directly curled up to the Excalibur, trying to corrode and destroy it.

The corpse puppet has no life, no fear of pain, even though the sword intentionally cut through the body, the tentacles transformed by the other party are still frantically rolled towards the sword, trying to bury it there.

At the same time, countless death vines continued to roll towards Ye Futian.

Even more terrifying is that there seems to be an open mouth on the vine, and it is extremely ugly to try to devour Ye Futian.

The lotus light curtain around Xia Qingxian's body was invaded, a little bit corroded, and the vines had rolled towards her body.

Ye Futian saw this scene with a terrible divine light flashing in his eyes, and the next moment, a more sacred light erupted from him, centered on his body, a noble breath filled out, very divine.

With his body as the center, the surroundings seem to have turned into absolute realms. Those invaded vines were instantly purified into nothingness. This sacred radiance soon enveloped Xia Qingxian in it, expelling Xia Qingxian beside him. That decayed meaning.

Feeling the breath of Ye Futian's body, the faces of the strong men of Sen Luofu have changed, can they be stronger?

And, this breath ...

Even Han Lin's complexion changed, and the eyes of the principal of the Senluo House suddenly became extraordinarily dignified. He looked at Ye Futian and asked, "Who is he?"

He felt a ray of emperor's meaning from Ye Futian.

What is this person's identity?

Why would Senluo offend such a talented person?

The people who practiced Divine Land in China have always been quite careful not to provoke people who are too wicked. After all, there are too many people in the background in Divine Land. Although they have a high-ranking emperor in Senluo, they can be regarded as a very powerful force in the eyes. However, if you look at China, this level can't be ranked high, too many people can't afford it.

"People who were brought to Fuchu to be corpse puppets."

Ye Futian spoke lightly. When his words fell, the sword that was caught in the body of the corpse burst into a more brilliant glow.


Ye Futian spit out a cold voice. I saw the endless vines shattered into nothingness. Above the Excalibur, the blazing glow of the radiant light destroyed everything. The corpse puppet exploded in madness, and soon disappeared.

The sword is empty, and it is full of magnificent light.

In the void, the shadow of Taiyin sprinkled all over the vast space, and I saw a figure that seemed to be turned into an ice sculpture, and then the sound of puffing continued, and the bodies of some middle emperors exploded and shattered into dust.

Ye Futian glanced at the people beside Ying Qing, and then a ray of light fell, and those people couldn't even scream, and they were directly killed by the **** of moon.

"Sen Luo Mansion, be destroyed."

Ye Futian's words fell, and the sword light erupted from the sword in the void enveloped the boundless space. There was no double sword intention in the past. At this moment, the practitioners of the middle emperor's realm continued to fall under the sword intention. , With a horrified look on his face.

They didn't think of it anyway, a second-order spiritual practitioner of Shenlun was going to destroy Senluo Mansion.

Han Lin finally felt a sense of fear, he stared at Ye Futian, how could this be?

Is just a dying person picked up, why is it so terrible evil character?

"Om!" At this moment, Ye Futian suddenly felt a dangerous breath, and saw an illusory figure directly appearing in front of him. Ye Futian only felt that the soul of the **** was under intense threat. This phantom figure could directly invade the soul of the god.

In the distance, the master of the Senluo Palace took a hold, and Ye Futian only felt that the soul was imprisoned. At this moment, it was faintly difficult to control the body to respond.

Ye Futian's body of breath shrouded the boundless space. It seemed to have turned into an absolute avenue field. Ye Futian's eyes glanced at the other party, and the illusory figure only felt trapped in the illusion of pupil surgery, but he still killed Ye Futian. And go.

"Go back." Ye Futian glanced past, seemingly innumerable Shenhui swept out, then the phantom withdrew back to the back of the main house of the Senluo Palace, where there appeared a phantom ghost of death.

He frowned slightly, glanced at this space, the sun and the moon were empty, the extremely terrifying divine sprinkled down, and directly killed him, he was trapped in the realm of the avenue by a **** wheel of the next emperor.

Ye Futian reached out his hand, a spear appeared in his hand, the Emperor's intention blended into it, and the spear threw out an unparalleled war intention. At this moment, Ye Futian was like a **** of war.

The chief of Senro House showed a vigilant look ~ ~ Suddenly, there were countless death ghost shadows rushing out at the same time, and heading towards Ye Futian. At this moment, Ye Futian felt very uncomfortable.

But the ultimate fighting intention broke out in him, and the footsteps stepped, and a light appeared in the void. Seeing this scene, the master of the Senluo Palace wanted to avoid it, but when the guns came down, he even felt an extreme coldness. , Making the void solidify, his movements become a bit slow.

"Go away!" In a hurry, he raised his hand and slapped out, the void trembling, but the figure holding the lance turned into a light, and the man and the gun were united, the light crossed the void, and the booming sound came out, Sen Luo The main body of the house burst.

"Do not"

Han Lin's face was extremely frightened, Ye Futian turned around and looked at him.

Ye Futian walked towards him step by step with a spear, Han Lin he has entered the realm of the middle emperor, but at this moment, he has no heart of fighting and wants to escape.

But here, it seems that Ye Futian's avenue area, where to escape?

Is another light of lightning bloom, Ye Futian figure disappeared directly from the place, appeared behind Han Lin, then saw Han Lin's face twisted until his body shattered.

There are still a few people who are alive, they feel a little dreamy.

Today, a second-order spiritual practitioner of Shenlun destroyed the gate of Sen Luo!

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