The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1866

Vol 8 Chapter 1866: In Response To Qing's Request

Senluo, the area around the palace, except for Ye Futian, Xia Qingyan and the small sculpture, only Ying Qing was still standing there.

The rest of the people fell, and the remaining emperor after Han Lin's death was also wiped out by Ye Futian.

At this time, Ye Futian's imperial artistic conception converged, but his light was still dazzling and could not last forever.

Other places, looked at this side, the people of Senluo were trembling, showing a look of extreme panic.

The masters of the palace were all killed, and all the top figures fell. The Senluo Palace is almost equivalent to the destroyed and alive practitioners, which poses no threat to Ye Futian.

Moreover, at the moment, the sword's intention flowed over the sky, covering the mountain range where the Senluo Palace was located. The sword's intention fell down, confining this vast space. Someone wanted to escape before, and was directly killed by the sword's intention.

"There are innocent people in the emperor's realm of Senluo?" Ye Futian asked Ying Qing. The question in this bureau decided the life and death of the few emperors who were still alive.

"Sen Law House is either a Han family or a person who has joined from outside. All Han families are practicing the practice of corpse puppetry, and outsiders are naturally also accomplices, and there are no innocents." Ying Qing responded.

Ye Futian nodded, his thoughts covered everyone, and a sword was blooming from him, and then he was killed in different directions in the Senluo Mansion. In one of the places, someone's body rose into the sky and wanted to escape. However, Jianyi crossed the void directly, penetrated over his body, and cut.

The rest of the directions are also the same. The sound of puffing is constant, but in an instant, the Emperor of the Luo Dynasty is killed and no one survives.

Practitioners under the emperor are trembling with fear in their eyes. The white-haired young people are demons and true death in their eyes.

Han Lin This is a real killer who came to Senluo.

"People under the realm of the emperor, you take my demon to clean up." Ye Futian said to Ying Qing.

Ying Qing understands that Ye Futian gave her the power to kill and kill her. The rest of her life will be decided by her.

Ying Qing himself practiced in Sen Luo, and it seems that he did not come voluntarily. He knew more about Sen Luo and knew who should kill and who was similar to her. Moreover, although previous contacts had been hesitant about whether to Help him, but judging from her behaviors several times, Ying Qing moved her silhouette. She didn't want him to be brought into Senluo House for the first time, with goodwill in her nature.

Is therefore the most appropriate for her to decide.

"Okay." Ying Qing nodded. She didn't reject Ye Futian's proposal. Doing so would kill evil, but she was willing to do this evil man.

These years have seen a lot of evil things in the Senluo House, and she has been suppressing a hostility in her body. Such a force should have been destroyed long ago and should not exist.

She just didn't expect that everything would come so suddenly, a man who was seriously injured and dying, was picked up and was about to be refined into a corpse puppet, and the Senluo Palace was destroyed.

At this moment, Ying Qingdu felt a little dreamy.

"Sculpture, you follow her to deal with." Ye Futian said, the black wind nodded his head, his wings spread forward, his eyes were full of fierceness. These days, it has also been holding a anger, and the master was almost killed. Refined into a corpse puppet, if it does, they don't want to stay, and all are destroyed.

But Ye Futian's words, it still naturally listens.

After Ying Qing and Hei Feng Diao left, Ye Futian's figure fell to the ground, and he looked at Xia Qingyan: "It's hard."

Xia Qingxuan nodded gently. When these people came, Ye Futian had been recovering from her injuries. She hadn't come to remember to talk to her. Now, the Senluo Palace was destroyed. The crisis was only completely relieved, and she felt relieved.

"Xia Huang didn't know the truth, I was afraid that he would be sad for a while." Ye Futian smiled bitterly, before cheating Xia Qingyan to let her return to Xia Huang Realm, there are also reasons for Xia Huang, after all, he has the grace to know him, and Xia Huang He loves Xia Qingyan very much, he doesn't want to delay Xia Qingyan.

Xia Qingyan thought his father was a little sad.

This time when I came to Shenzhou, I didn't know when I could go back, or even whether I could go back alive.

She already knew that this is a continent in the Eastern China territory of Shenzhou.

Ye Futian turned around, walked to the cliff, and looked into the distance: "I heard that the outside world is vast and endless. In the original land, the Sanqian Avenue Boundary is the practice ground, but beyond the Sanqian Avenue Boundary, there is a boundless endless void. Compared with the Three Thousand Avenues, it is only a very small part of it, and the Divine Land may be complete without those void spaces. "

When he first arrived, he didn't know how big China was, but if he wanted to go back, it might not be possible in a short time.

The treasure given by Princess Donghuang can see through the virtual realm and come out of the virtual realm, but there is no way to return to the virtual realm from Shenzhou.

Therefore, it is irreversible.

Princess Donghuang didn't want him to die, but couldn't stay in the realm anymore, so he came here.

Xia Qingxuan came to him and whispered: "Before you were in Kyushu, Xiahuang Realm was the upper realm, and Sanqian Avenue was far away."

Ye Futian understood Xia Qingyan's words, smiled and said, "Princess, you have never praised me like this before."

Mentioned Kyushu and Xiahuangjie before, so he called the princess.

"If it was before, I would directly order you to take me with me." Xia Qingxuan said.

Ye Futian smiled and remembered a lot of past events. He looked at the beautiful side face of Xia Qingyuan around him, and suddenly moved a little, thinking of the sacred fairy among the lotus that night.

"I have said before that the princess must look better in women's clothes, but I haven't seen it yet." Ye Futian smiled.

Xia Qingyan slightly looked up at Ye Futian, and saw the smile in his eyes. Xia Qingyuan turned and walked towards the palace.

A moment later, when a figure walked out, it seemed that everything was eclipsed. Ye Futian froze for a while, and then showed a smile, which was better than he thought.

Xia Qingyan walked to Ye Futian's side, and saw his eyes keep looking at him, his eyelashes moved, his beautiful eyes turned, and he said softly: "Good looking?"

"Not good-looking." Ye Futian said with a smile, then looked away, Xia Qingyan looked at him in amazement, beautiful eyes glared at him, actually a little bit scornful.

"Hypocrisy." She whispered, Ye Futian acquiesced.

After dealing with the practitioners in the Senluo House, Ying Qing and Xiaodiao came back here.

"It's over?" Ye Futian asked Ying Qing.

"En." Ying Qing nodded.

"Okay." Ye Futian Shennian shrouded Sen Luo Mansion, said: "Since today, there will be no Sen Luo Mansion, you all go."

Many people bowed slightly in the direction of Ye Futian, and then left here, these people are not the heirs, otherwise they will be disposed of, Ye Futian let them go, they are still grateful, with Ye Futian's strength No such screening is necessary at all, and it is normal to eliminate them all.

But he was merciful.

"Senior, can the junior follow you to practice?" A bold person asked, looking in the direction of Ye Futian, and many people turned back after hearing this.

Ye Futian is too strong, if you can follow him ...

However, they saw that Ye Futian shook his head. The person who spoke was disappointed and left, and the others cut off this unrealistic thought. Ye Futian was good enough to let them go.

Soon, the vast mountainous land became extremely quiet, and only a few of them remained.

Ye Futian looked at Ying Qing and said, "Can I lie to you?"

Ying Qing felt emotion and looked at Ye Futian said: "Seniors don't blame me?"

Before Ye Futian slaughtered Han Lin and others, she was still a bit worried. Jiaolong got out of trouble and liquidated old debts. At that time, she did not do her best to help. If Ye Futian was narrow-minded and asked her to liquidate, it was not impossible. very common.

"You can't help yourself, and take the risk to help me, why blame you?" Ye Futian looked at Ying Qing, although Ying Qing didn't do much, but it was very critical, especially when he finally brought him out of the pavilion, It is a crucial part, otherwise, it is not yet known whether it is possible to escape from difficulties.

Moreover, as long as Ying Qing sold him directly in exchange for Han Lin's appreciation, he would be over.

It can be said that Ying Qing saved his life.

He is not so narrow.

"You said before, as long as you can get out of trouble, you can exchange with you, the House of Sen Luo is destroyed, there must be a lot of treasures on them, you choose some?" Ye Futian faced Ying Qingdao.

Ying Qing heard Ye Futian's words but looked up at him, saying: "Since the seniors recognize what the younger did ~ ~ Can the younger give up this and put forward a condition for the older one?"

Ye Futian said before, as long as he is out of trouble, he can promise her conditions in exchange.

"What conditions?" Ye Futian asked, the treasures left by the Senluo House must be all of the emperor's rank, should Ying Qing be a little bit unmoved?

But he asked Ying Qing to pick some instead of one.

"Kill someone for me." Ying Qing said, her brow suddenly became cold, revealing a killing thought.


Ye Futian asked, Ying Qing did not choose a treasure, but asked him to kill someone.

"Dongyuan Pavilion Contemporary Patriarch." Ying Qing said.

"Who is he?" Ye Futian asked again.

Ying Qing was stunned, looking at Ye Futian's eyes with a hint of weirdness.

I saw Ye Futian's expression as usual, but just looked at her calmly. Ying Qing understood that Ye Futian really didn't know ...

He did not know Dongyuan Pavilion.

So, Ye Futian is not a person on this land, but a foreigner?

Ye Futian saw Ying Qing's expression and knew that the other party might be more famous. However, he knew nothing about Shenzhou, but only knew a few things through the small sculpture.

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