The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1867

Vol 8 Chapter 1867: Dongyuan Pavilion

"You come from other land?" Ying Qing asked Ye Futian.

"Land?" Ye Futian looked at Ying Qing.

Ying Qing's eyes became more and more weird, this leaf Fu Tian Shen wheel is perfect, super powerful, but it seems ... don't know anything.

So, where did he come from?

"I come from a mysterious realm in Shenzhou, isolated from the world, so I don't know everything about Shenzhou." Ye Futian said to Qingqing.

Ying Qing was a little surprised, she did nt know that Ye Futian was referring to the original realm. The original realm was too far away for most people in Shenzhou, and she did nt even know the existence of the original realm, as long as the top-level forces knew These secrets.

Ying Qing is obviously not here. However, Shenzhou is vast and endless, and there are indeed many secluded secret areas. Therefore, she has no doubts, no wonder that the combat power is so terrible, and she does not know how to appear injured on this land that day.

"Shenzhou consists of endless land plates, you know?" Ying Qing asked.

Ye Futian shook his head: "Isn't Shenzhou one?"

"It can be said that it is one, or it can be said to be separate." Ying Qing understood Ye Futian's words and knew that he really knew nothing.

"The endless land plates of the Divine Land are floating in the Divine World, at different positions and even at different heights, but as long as they are built to be powerful, they can go to different places at will, in fact, they are not connected and connected as a whole. And some lands are very close, and can be crossed in a few steps. They are almost one body. For the strong, it has no effect. "

Ying Qing explained that Ye Futian nodded slightly, he already understood that the so-called endless land in Ying Qingkou is like the Three Thousand Avenue Boundary, but perhaps because there are too many plates, so he is not named after the boundary. Part of China.

But what is different is that there is nothing space around the Sanqian Avenue boundary, but Shenzhou is different, it may be all real space.

"After the great emperor unified China, the land was divided into eighteen domains. Our continent is one of the land plates of the East China domain. Each domain has a domain master. Although the Senluo is also named after the prefecture, But it is not a concept at all. The main lords of the eighteen domains of Shenzhou are all princes of the Chinese state, helping the emperor to rule the endless Shenzhou. I heard that the strength of each lord is super terrible. Therefore, he deliberately explained to him the division of the Divine Realm.

"Domain House directly governs the Divine Land?" Ye Futian asked, like the imperial power?

Ying Qing shook his head: "China is endless, the number of continents is endless, how to govern it? Domain masters generally do not intervene in China, but only when there are some major events will they intervene to balance the top power of each domain."

Ye Futian nodded, which is somewhat similar to the virtual emperor palace in the virtual realm, all directly under the jurisdiction of the East Phoenix Great Emperor, monitoring the world.

"After the Great Emperor unified the world to set up the main government of the world more than three hundred years ago, he ordered people to collect the classics of the world's spiritual practice, summoned many practitioners to transcribe them, and divided them into countless copies. In the city, and build a place for spiritual practice. "

Ye Futian is slightly moved. How much manpower and time is required for such a large-scale operation?

"The continent where we are now has chosen Dongyuan City, and set up Dongyuan Pavilion in the city, and put all the books and books in it." Ying Qing said, Ye Futian had heard of Shuangdi when he was in the virtual world of Kyushu After the unification of China, the Wufu Academy was established in the world.

It turned out that it was not just in the original realm, on the land of China, or even copied the classics directly from all continents.

"Master of the Pavilion of Dongyuan Pavilion." Ye Futian thought that Ying Qing wanted to kill himself. No wonder he had not heard that Dong Yuan Pavilion Ying Qing would be surprised. It turned out to be the Holy Land of this continent.


Ying Qing nodded: "After the establishment of Dongyuan Pavilion, the strongest group of forces in each continent jointly supervised and controlled, and the master of Dongyuan Pavilion was also decided by all forces together. Senluo has always wanted to be among them. A force participated in the decision-making of Dongyuan Pavilion. However, because of the special practice of Sengrow House, although its strength has been reached, it has been excluded. The Sengrow House has been closed to practice, hoping to break through in strength and suppress Everyone, by then, no one can stop him from entering the Dongyuan Pavilion. "

"These forces will not produce greed?" Ye Futian asked.

"Of course." Ying Qing nodded: "But the emperor copied the classics and preached in the world, originally hoping to spread it to the world, but there are too many people who practice in China, and it is impossible to open them all. In that case, the emperor may be busy every day. It is enough, so first of all, the gainers are still the major forces of all continents and those who have become strong. They are easier to enter and leave Dongyuan Mansion, and the forces naturally have their own greed, but Dongyuan Mansion does not exclude them. It s allowed to pass on in private, but everything in Dongyuan ca nt be taken out, and no one dares to do it forcibly, so the forces hope to become one of the leaders, so that they can bring people freedom. Enter and exit Dongyuan Pavilion. "

Ye Futian nodded his head. For the vast majority of spiritual practitioners in Shenzhou, the ancient scriptures handed down from the emperor are all-inclusive, and they are definitely the best spiritual resources they can reach.

Started with the top powers of all continents, and then passed them on to the world through various means such as their own power inheritance and trading. With the passage of time, after many years, people in Shenzhou who have become stronger can be reached.

Of course, those who practice the weak still have no chance and can only get in touch with the worst exercises.

Ye Futian was somewhat sighed. The actions of the East Phoenix Emperor and Ye Qingdi were indeed worthy of admiration. After claiming to be an emperor, he did his best to practice the world and preach to the world, but he didn't know what happened in that year, and finally Ye Qingdi died.

"With such a huge project, how long did it take the emperor to complete that year?" Ye Futian asked.

"One Hundred Years." Ying Qingdao.

Ye Futian's heart shook a little. He hasn't practiced for more than 100 years. The emperor spent a hundred years on this matter.

"Shenzhou is too big. In addition to transcripts, it is necessary to send people to places such as Dongyuan Pavilion in the Endless Mainland Cultivation Room, and engrave a large array. In addition to the Great Emperor, there are many practitioners who are busy for this. It is said that it was completed with the Great Emperor. People in this matter have been rewarded. "Ying Qingdao:" And in addition, the emperor has done many other things. "

"Do you admire the emperor?" Ye Futian said.

"At that time, in addition to the 18-domain territories set up by the emperor, Shenzhou also had many top giant forces. When these forces were divided according to the time of Shenzhou, who would think of the world? Who would not practice for their own sake." : "The land of China, most people admire the emperor."

Ye Futian nodded, everyone is selfish, Shuangdi is indeed very human, did not expect Donghuang Great Emperor to be so popular in Shenzhou.

"So why do you want to kill the Patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion?"

Ying Qing heard Ye Futian's questioning words flashed with hatred in her eyes and said.

"I was originally a practitioner of Dongyuan City. Master is also a famous figure in Dongyuan City. I have a good relationship with the Patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion. I often play chess together and think of it as my best friend. The son likes my master s daughter, but this person has nothing but arrogance. My sister and sister do nt like it, but because of the father s relationship, they have always been friends with each other. I did nt expect that their father and son are not as good as the two. When discussing the Tao, I perceived that my master s strength was already above him, and worried that the master would compete for the position of the patriarch, so he let his son start with my sister. When my sister and sister practiced in Dongyuan Pavilion, The son attacked my sister and sister, but my sister and sister did not follow, and they were poisoned. After the attack on my sister and sister, I invited my master to go and discuss it, sneak attack on the killer, kill my master, and then ordered people to do everything for me. Beheaded so as not to spread it, I was lucky enough to escape my life and hid in the House of Senluo. The Lord of Senluo and Dongyuan Pavilion have never dealt with it. The position of the Lord of the Pavilion has been hidden here for several years. "

Yingqing's words revealed a murderous intent, and she had almost covered this matter deep in her heart, because she couldn't protect herself and could not avenge her revenge.

Moreover, she vaguely felt that when she witnessed the emperor, it might be when Han Lin from the Senluo Prefecture started to fight her, after all, she vaguely knew that someone had been poisoned in front of her.

Ye Futian is very calm, the spiritual world is prosperous on the bright side, but how many right and wrong are behind it.

"Dongyuan Pavilion Lord cares about the position of the Pavilion Lord?" Ye Futian said.

"En." Ying Qing nodded: "His people have a strong desire for power, a decent appearance, and control of the Dongyuan Pavilion, which is a symbol of status. Who can enter the Yuanyuan Pavilion and practice in this mainland, if they enter the Dongyuan Pavilion, Even his disciples may have extraordinary characters in the future, but my Master has no intention of arguing with him. "

"How is cultivation?" Ye Futian asked ~ ~ The lord of the Senro House has always wanted to fight for the position of the lord of the cabinet. The realm should be equivalent, and it should be stronger than the lord of the House. "Ying Qingdao, Ye Futian will destroy Senluo alone, she will think of taking revenge with Ye Futian's hand.

"And, if you want to know more about Shenzhou, you should also go to Dongyuan City." Ying Qing Youdao.

"If you say it is true, I promise you." Ye Futian said: "But before that, I need to retreat and practice for a period of time. I don't know the time, it may be a little long."

"Good." Ying Qing nodded, as long as she could avenge her, she wouldn't mind waiting for a few years.

"Clear Xia Luoluo first." Ye Futian said, and then turned away. Xenluofu was destroyed by him, but some things should also be left. Several people checked it. There are not many valuable things. After all, although Ye Futian had just arrived at first sight, in fact, his vision was very high, and ordinary things he would not put in his eyes at all.

After, Ye Futian went to retreat and practiced in the Senluo House, and shrouded the Senluo House with a powerful sword, to deter people.

This time has gone through a life of nine deaths, he wants to impact the realm.

In the second-order state of his **** wheel, although he can kill the upper emperor of the seventh wheel of the **** wheel, it is more troublesome and needs the help of Emperor's will.

Therefore, first increase some strength, and then prepare to wander the Divine Land!

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