The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1868

Vol 8 Chapter 1868: Chinese Calendar For 1945 Years

China has a history of 1045 years, and it has been several years since Ye Futian closed.

The news of the extermination of the Saro House has long gone. Many people in the area around the Saro House came to investigate, but when they saw that the Saro House was surrounded by swords, and there were black wind carvings to patrol the mountains, no one dared to dare. Break into it to disturb.

After all, the practitioners who can destroy Sengrow House are not good. However, in the area where Sengrow House is radiated, many people clap their hands and applaud, but they want to see the practitioners who have destroyed Sengrow House. .

After all, they all know something about what Senrow House looks like, and now they are destroyed by people, which is also a very popular thing.

At this time, on the highest mountain of Sen Luo Mansion, Ye Futian's body was filled with a strong breath of air, the air flow around the main road was flowing, the light of the **** wheel was shining, and a strong road of divine radiance swept from his body. It came out like a divine glory.

Outside, the Black Wind Eagle and Xia Qingyan turned back and looked towards Ye Futian's cultivation ground, and there was a terrible light of the avenue rushing into the sky, like a sky beam, the round of the avenue ripples towards the whole The spread of the Sentral House made the Kendo airflow surrounding the Sentral House directly annihilated and destroyed by the meaning of this avenue.

"So strong."

A avenue of breath hit Ying Qing's body, making her clothes hunt. The sense of the avenue gave her the feeling that neither the teacher nor the brother had ever had it. It was extremely pure, although the realm was far less than his teacher. But the pressure that her morality gave her was no less than that of her teacher.

Ying Qing couldn't help but wonder, and he didn't know which secret realm Ye Futian came from. This talent is terrible.

At the time of the Second Realm of the God Wheel, he killed the Lord of the Senluo Palace. Now he has broken through the territory and cultivated it to be a better one. Although he may not be able to shake the power of the Eight Realms, he is not the owner of the Perfect God Wheel. I'm afraid it's no problem.

In this way, Ye Futian was more confident in dealing with the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion.

Although I waited for several years here, Ying Qing did not care. As long as he could get revenge, what would these years be, and relying on her own, there might be no hope in this life.

For a long time, the avenue breath dissipated, a white hair figure stood on the edge of the mountain, and looked at the distance, Ying Qing looked at the figure, thinking he might be very young, don't know how to practice.

Moreover, for him to break through the realm of the emperor's realm, there was no obstacle at all.

Seeing that Xia Qingyan and Heifeng Diao were moving towards that side, Ying Qing then stepped out and came to the mountain where Ye Futian was.

Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyan with a gentle smile on his face. In addition to the feminine beauty, he also had a somewhat elegant temperament.

Xia Qingxuan looked at that face better than when he saw him in Kyushu. Although he had matured a lot, he was more charming.

"Waiting for a long time." Ye Futian said, this time it took a lot of time to practice, and finally broke the road.

But since he came to the land of China, he also knew that it was impossible to go back in a short time. Even if he could go back, he would go back to die, and he had to be strong enough.

Walking in Shenzhou also requires strong strength to protect itself.

First came to Shenzhou, just a few years later, and I do nt know how the original realm is.

When the East Phoenix Princess had personally spoken, after he 'dead', the realm should be able to calm down for a long time.

"Where are you going now?" Xia Qingyuan asked.

Next to Ying Qing looked at Ye Futian's gaze, looking forward.

Ye Futian felt her eyes and said to her, "Go to Dongyuan City."

In addition to the things that promised Qing, Dongyuan City, as the largest city in this continent, can help him learn more about China.

Ying Qing cultivated her holy land, and her knowledge of Shenzhou came from other people. She had never walked out of this continent, so in a sense, she did nt know much about Shenzhou s vision.

For those who practice in the Holy Realm, China is too big.

Even for the emperor, it is still vast and endless, but the countless continents will never end.

"Little Eagle." Ye Futian shouted, and the wings of the Black Wind Eagle suddenly opened, and the body became larger, shaking up, like a Dapeng bird for a moment.

The three of them stepped up, and the wings of the black wind eagle flapped, like a cloud in the sky, and at the next moment, the figure rushed directly into the clouds and disappeared.

Dongyuan City, the largest city in the mainland, countless practitioners, like the strong.

Nanshan, Dongyuan City, was once a famous place in Dongyuan City. Because there is an extraordinary figure who practiced Taoism in Nanshan, the world called it Nanshan Laodao, and some people respectfully called it Mr. Nanshan. In those years of practice in Nanshan, many disciples of the disciples were accepted. As the disciples gradually grew up, Nanshan became an extremely powerful force in Dongyuan City.

At the beginning, Nanshan was hailed as the second of Dongyuan Pavilion, with great influence. Nanshan Lao Dao also had a relationship with the master of Dongyuan Pavilion. However, in a day, this Nanshan was destroyed.

Many years ago, Nanshan Road coveted the position of the patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion and led his disciples to the palace of the Dongyuan Pavilion. The person was also cleansed.

This incident was quite influential at the time, and it was a sensation. Mr. Nanshan was indeed a character who was eligible to compete for the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion.

As for whether there are hidden feelings behind, the world can only guess. The master of Dongyuan Pavilion controls Dongyuan Pavilion. For a while, no one will be willing to offend him.

After all, who doesn't want to enter Dongyuan Pavilion, but the person who controls the passage is the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion.

At this time, at the foot of Nanshan, there were several figures standing here, it was Ye Futian and them.

Ying Qing wears a black mask on her face, covering her face and breath. Although she didn't notice much at first, someone will always remember to recognize her, so she put on a camouflage.

Returning to the old place, the eyes under Ying Qing's mask were red, staring at Nanshan, thinking of many past events.

Back then, she prayed with Nanshi in Nanshan.

Teacher treats every disciple equally, and often preaches that the disciples are very admired and have always been willing to follow.

Nowadays, things are right and wrong, and Nanshan has already existed.

At this time, from the Nanshan Mountain, a strong breath came from them and fell on Ye Futian. Ye Futian looked up and saw a middle-aged figure stepping down from Nanshan Mountain. His eyes were indifferent and swept to Ye Futian and his party people.

"Who are you?" Asked the practitioners walking down Nanshan.

"Who are you?" Ying Qing asked back, and this is the place where she taught.

The other party glanced at Ying Qing without a response. His eyes were still fixed on Ye Futian. He naturally could see that Ye Futian was the core person. Moreover, his temperament was extraordinary, and he could threaten him faintly.

"Nanshan's old man." Ye Futian said, "This is the place where senior Nanshan practiced. Why are you here?"

"He has already fallen. Many years ago, this is the land of no ownership. What is your relationship with him?" The other party continued to ask.

"Why did it fall?" Ye Futian asked.

"I'm asking you." The other party's voice was a bit cold, and it seemed extremely strong.

Ye Futian glanced at the other party, then turned around, preparing to leave here.

Although he agreed to Ying Qing, it was impossible to kill Dong Yuan Pavilion directly and cut Dong Yuan Pavilion Lord. First of all, he had to know that Ying Qing said it was true. Second, killing Dong Yuan Pavilion Lord could not be like dealing with Sen As in Luo Fu, Sen Luo Fu had already practiced the evil method, and if he cut it, he cut it, but for no reason, he killed the cabinet leader of Dongyuan Pavilion, for fear that the influence would be very bad, and even there might be some hidden dangers.

After all, the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion nominally helped the emperor to guard the pavilion.

"Your Excellency stays." Seeing that the other party wanted to leave, the strong man on the Nanshan said, his voice fell, and a great pressure on the road directly pressed on Ye Futian.

Ye Futian released an invisible breath and continued to walk away from here, ignoring the other party's coercion.


There was a dull sound in this space. Many practitioners under the Nanshan Mountain suddenly stopped moving. They only felt that their bodies were extremely heavy, and Ye Futian's breath was more terrible. There seemed to be a virtual basalt monster in the void. , Oppressed directly from the sky dome, suppressed this piece of sky, and also oppressed Ye Futian.

A powerful sword spit out suddenly from Ye Futian's body, he continued to move forward, and the basalt beast that was pressed on the body seemed to be penetrated in an instant, full of holes, and the practitioners on the southern mountain snorted. Suddenly, the footsteps took a step back, and the pressure of the road disappeared.

"I'll do it again, and I'm welcome to blame you. UU reading book" A voice resounded through the void, and the people around him tremble in heart, so domineering.

The practitioners on Nanshan Mountain are actually the disciples of Dongyuan Pavilion. After the destruction of Nanshan Mountain, Dongyuan Pavilion took control of Nanshan Mountain. Nowadays, some people come here to practice.

The man saw that Ye Futian called Nanshan Lao Dao as a predecessor and claimed to be an old man, so he wanted to take down and prove how Ye Futian had to do with the old man.

However, he could not shake the other party at all.

Breath of the Three Realms of the God Wheel.

His cultivation behavior is not weaker than the other party.

Soon, Ye Futian's figures disappeared, and the people around them whispered.

"This person seems to be very strong, a former disciple of Nanshan Laodao?" Someone asked.

"Unclear, but it should be acquaintance. Now that the strong guys from all sides of Dongyuan City are here, it seems that another big event is about to happen."

"I heard that the Senro House on the mainland was destroyed by people, and everyone in the emperor's realm was beheaded. After the other party destroyed the Senrow House, they practiced there." Another person said: "There is news that Dongyuan City, that person He has left Senrow House and is heading in this direction. He also knows whether he will come towards Dongyuan Pavilion. If this person can destroy Senrow House, he may threaten to collapse Dongyuan Pavilion! "

A voice drifted into Ye Futian's ear, and he planned to go to Dongyuan Pavilion!

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