The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1870

Vol 8 Chapter 1870: Strong

Ye Futian glanced indifferently at the other party and said: "Dongyuan Pavilion was created by the emperor, are you worthy to stand and stop me?"

Finally, he lifted his feet, stepped on the stone steps, and continued to walk up.

The person who practiced was cold, and was easily repelled by Ye Futian in Nanshan before, and he was a little uncomfortable. At this moment, he was so daring to break into Dongyuan Pavilion. Could it be that the power of Dongyuan Pavilion is now a decoration?

A terrible avenue of breath swept through. At this moment, his divine wheel broke out, and a huge basalt beast appeared above the sky. A terrible road of repression came to this heaven and earth, as if the void must be suppressed at his feet. .

His palm stretched out and pressed directly towards Ye Futian. A huge basalt turtle appeared directly above Ye Futian's head. At this moment, Ye Futian only felt that there was supreme power above his head.

A round of divine light diffused from Ye Futian's body. As if he didn't feel the power, he continued to take a step on the stairs, and the rumbling noise came out, and there was a crack in the stairs under his feet.

This ladder is made of special materials, which is extremely stable and contains the power of the avenue, but at this moment under this heavy pressure, it has produced a series of cracks, extending towards the surroundings, but Ye Futian is straight as if Like a gun, it was not affected at all.

"War has begun." There are more and more powerful people gathering below. Even if people in the distance feel the coercion here, Shen Nian sweeps over. That's how Dongyuan Pavilion, how did the fighting break out?

"Boom!" Seeing Ye Futian's footsteps without any hindrance, he moved forward step by step. The rest of them walked to the edge of the upper step of the stairs and looked down at Ye Futian.

I saw a very sharp breath released from a white figure. On the sky, there was a terrible sharp whistle. Many people looked up suddenly, and they saw a terrifying road. , Seems to be able to destroy everything.


I saw a peerless spear appearing, containing a monstrous spear, capable of breaking the space, trembling in the void, but it did not attack, and the practitioners below raised their hands to the sky, and suddenly a terrible turbulent airflow swept away. In the void, the second spear appeared, or rather, the meaning of the peerless gun.

"Boom, boom, boom ..." A ray of spear appeared on the sky, and soon there were nine spears, suffocating the space.

"Kill!" He pointed his finger down, a sharp howling sound came out, the spear broke, and he directly directed at Ye Futian who was oppressed by Xuanwu phantom.


There was a loud noise, and the gunshot came down, blasting on a brilliant divine light, Ye Futian's golden divine light flowed around him, turning into a golden light curtain, and the indefinitely domineering spear could not pass through.

"The person standing on top, is this strength?" Ye Futian said, when his words fell, his footsteps fell suddenly, at this moment, the ground roared and trembling, a round of infinitely domineering avenue ripples swept out, turned The terrible gang wind hit the crowd.

The Xuanwu Great Demon's phantom was directly destroyed and shattered, the spear was broken, and the road power that the rest of them pressed on him was also wiped out. Even the high powers of the people on the stairs were passing by The footsteps recede continuously, and the breath floats.


Another loud noise came out, and their hearts were beaten violently, their internal organs were rolling, their souls were shaking, as if they were about to be shattered by this step.

However, the footsteps did not stop, Ye Futian stepped up the stairs step by step, each step their heart violently oscillated.

Not only they, but also the faces of the practitioners of the vast space have changed. Even if it is not to bear this force positively, they still feel the blood rolling, seeming to be shattered.

When Ye Futian took the last step and stepped up the stairs, a more terrifying road storm swept through. The emperor who stopped him actually snorted, and at the same time spit blood and pale as paper, they only felt inside The power of the avenue was terribly suppressed.

At this moment, their look changed slightly, staring at Ye Futian who came up, this person's Avenue God Wheel may be much stronger than them.

The people under the stairs saw Ye Futian walked up directly, and could not help but tremble in their hearts. They deserved to be the practitioners of the emperor's realm. Since they did not allow it, they walked up.

"The Dongyuan Pavilion built by the East Phoenix Emperor allows the world to preach and practice. Even the person in charge of the Dongyuan Pavilion is only managed by the emperor, so that excellent people can enter the Dongyuan Pavilion to practice. ? "Ye Futian glanced at the few emperors in front of him, and the other was speechless.

The hearts of the people below were also quite shocked. Ye Futian was right. He was obviously stronger than the other and was able to crush. What qualifications can these people have to block him?

The truth is no problem, but in the practice world, the truth has never been said by mouth ...

In front, Liu Dongge who was about to leave turned around and saw Ye Futian forcibly rushing up. Liu Dongge frowned slightly and his eyes were cold.

Among the ancient temples around Dongyuan Pavilion, one figure walked through the air and came here. Their eyes swept to Ye Futian. The previous battles shocked the practitioners in Dongyuan Pavilion.

This is, someone wants to break into Dongyuan Pavilion?

Ye Futian raised his head slightly and glanced at the strong men. He didn't care. His current strength doesn't care so much about Dongyuan Pavilion. Even if he directly fights with Dongyuan Pavilion, he is not afraid.

If someone dared to deal with him, he would not be polite.

"I came to the Dongyuan Pavilion to be tested by a statue. The practitioners in the Dongyuan Pavilion stopped me, and I assumed that I was more qualified to stand on it. , Blasphemy the emperor, blame the emperor's mercilessness. "Ye Futian said, lifting his footsteps and walking towards the towering building.

Many people nodded secretly, Ye Futian's logic was not a problem. Since he shot against him that Ye Futian was not qualified to go to Dongyuan Pavilion, then they were naturally stronger than Ye Futian.

Otherwise, what is the right to stop Ye Futian?

This guy actually moved the emperor out, but the emperor could not manage the trifle of Dongyuan Pavilion.

There are countless continents in Shenzhou. This continent is only one of them, and it is simply unremarkable.

Looking at Ye Futian step by step, the emperors who were repelled by him did not dare to continue to intercept and give way. Obviously, they were not sure they could leave Ye Futian. They had already suffered a loss just now and continued to leave Ye Futian. Only shame.

"Take it." Liu Dongge frowned, and there were several powerful people beside them. They came here to discuss Dongyuan Pavilion. Under such circumstances, Dongyuan Pavilion was even forced by someone. Enter, one can imagine his mood.

This will undoubtedly leave the opponent with a handle.

The empress next to her was also frowning and her eyes were cold. Her family and the Patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion were allied forces, with close relations and common interests.

When Liu Dongge's words fell, he saw a breath of terror spread out, only to see a **** emperor of the fourth order of the Shenlun walk out. This scene made the people below the stairs a little disappointed. Dongyuan Pavilion even let the people of high realm play. In this case, even if Ye Futian was stopped, it was not glorious.

There was a horrible blade of sword in the fourth-order strong man of the **** wheel. He walked in the sky, a huge scimitar appeared on the sky, sharp to the extreme, and a wisp of blade of sword was cut towards Ye Futian's body as if it could Cut off the space.

"Good domineering." Many people feel the unprecedented domineering spirit from this knife mind.

The man's emperor's palm stretched out, with a knife in his hand. This space seemed to become a world of knives. Ye Futian only felt that he was caught in a world of swordsmanship. In the front, the man's emperor was extremely overbearing and looked to Ye Futian Tao: "If you step back, you won't die."

Ye Futian will not retreat naturally, which is also expected by the other party.

"Look for death." Seeing Ye Futian was still moving forward, his hand was gone, the knife light flashed away, faster than lightning, the crowd only saw a light flashed in front of his eyes, and his eyes could not catch it.

too fast.

Many people are beating, can Ye Futian live like this?

Looked at Ye Futian, and at the next moment, their pupils contracted, their hearts beat, and they stared vigorously over there.

I saw Ye Futian's arms raised, and a stream of Taoism flowed on him. On his palms, there was a super strong air flow flowing. Amazingly, his palms were extended with five fingers, and he actually pinched a knife. That's not a real sword. UU reading is a super strong sword intention, which is faster than lightning, and a more domineering sword attitude. It has never killed Ye Futian. Fu Tian squeezed.

Grasped the knife with bare hands.

Even the emperor of the fourth-order **** wheel trembles violently. This is impossible. It is difficult for the middle emperor with the same realm to be higher than his realm. How can Ye Futian do it?

"Are you going to save me not to die?" Ye Futian looked at the other side and asked, there was a divine flow in his hand, and suddenly the knife was smashed into nothingness, as if that terrible knife had no power at all.

The squeaky noise came out, and a sword appeared in front of Ye Futian. The vast space saw sword resonance, and the sound of sword roar enveloped the space.

"So, you pick me a sword." Ye Futian's voice fell and looked. The sword crossed the void and was assassinated like lightning. The other party saw Ye Futian's unwillingness to break the Dao with a bit of fear. Out, want to avoid its edge.

The sword and the knife collided together. The sword also contained the power of the shadow. Under the Excalibur, the sword shattered directly into nothingness. The sword crossed the void and passed away in a flash.

When everyone saw that the sword light flashed, the strong body of the void violently trembles, and there was a strong sense of fear on his face, then the body shattered and turned into nothingness.

"I am not qualified to go to Dongyuan Pavilion, how many of you can stay at Dongyuan Pavilion?" Ye Futian spoke lightly!

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