The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1871

Vol 8 Chapter 1871: Manifestation

The East Phoenix Great Emperor built a pavilion in China to preach to the world and is the first choice for talent.

Now, in the Dongyuan Pavilion, the people are preventing Ye Futian from moving forward, but Ye Futian breaks into it and crosses the border to kill the emperor. How many people can stand above him?


However, Ye Futian seems to have arrogant capital, Dongyuan Pavilion, no one in the same realm can leave him, then he has to admit his words, the above people are not qualified to stop him.

Although this is the case, the Dongyuan Pavilion was controlled by the main forces of the Dongyuan Pavilion. Ye Futian stepped into the Dongyuan Pavilion and even shot the Emperor.

I'm afraid it's hard to be good.

Under the stairs, the practitioners gathered in the vast land looked at the white hair figure. This person is so powerful, can it be supported by the forces behind him?

Is the continent's top forces wanting to take control of Dongyuan Pavilion, so give Dongyuan Pavilion the power to dismiss it now?

Otherwise, even if the talent is outstanding, after all, the three rounds of the Shenlun, if the Dongyuan Pavilion forces want to kill him, how can he bear it.

Sure enough, after he slaughtered the emperor, suddenly in the Dongyuan Pavilion, more powerful people appeared.

In the distance, in front of the towering Dongyuan Pavilion, a figure was suspended in the air, and his eyes swept coldly towards Ye Futian.

The sky above Ye Futian's head, a series of avenue storms converged and one of them said coldly: "There is awe in my heart to murder before the holy land."

Ye Futian glanced at each other across the sky, a sixth-ranking central emperor of Shenren, his eyes were facing each other, Ye Futian's eyes did not evade, and he also looked at the other indifferently, responding: "If the previous knife I didn't take it , Is another story, forcibly broke into the Dongyuan Pavilion, and acted as a joke, right? "

Finally, he continued to move forward, step by step toward Dongyuan Pavilion, looking at the statue in Dongyuan Pavilion.

"The great emperor wanted to preach the world and set up the Dongyuan Pavilion here. The people who built the Dongyuan Pavilion left a statue here. Presumably, there will also be the will of his predecessors. If he sees the Dongyuan Pavilion he created, he will be reduced to others for personal gain. , According to my own practice place, I do nt know how it will feel. "

Ye Futian spoke lightly: "You are tarnishing the Holy Land."

His voice was rolling, spreading through the void, like the sound of the avenue, thousands of miles of space, countless people stopped to stay and could hear the sound of the avenue.

The main forces of Dongyuan Pavilion, defile the Holy Land?

Liu Dongge intercepted Ye Futian today and did not allow him to go to Dongyuan Pavilion. Presumably, he did not expect that Ye Futian would be so strong. He even cut the emperor of Dongyuan Pavilion. Bad influence, more people will question them.

Many people support Ye Futian in their hearts. Over the years, the Dongyuan Pavilion is indeed completely controlled by the main forces of the Dongyuan Pavilion. Whoever they allow to go to the Dongyuan Pavilion will be able to go, and they will not allow anyone, and who will not be able to go. .

Many people accept this potential rule, and they all strive to enter the Dongyuan Pavilion through the assessment of the Dongyuan Pavilion Lord, but in this case, many genius characters only have to be willing to join them. Every large-scale assessment requires first Become part of them, and then enter Dongyuan Pavilion to practice.

This situation has made many people have ideas in mind, but the Patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion is one of the top characters in this continent. Except for several forces at the same level, who can question?

At this moment, only a few figures came out of the Dongyuan Pavilion, the man in the middle had swords and eyebrows, and his eyes were like swords, giving a strong sense of majesty. When he saw him appearing, the people in front gave way away, slightly. Indifferently said: "Pavilion Lord."

This figure appears to be the master of the Dongyuan Pavilion. The temperaments of several people around him are also extraordinary. Although they have not released the breath, they can vaguely feel a strong coercion from them. With a faint smile, he looked at Ye Futian across the sky and smiled and said, "This younger generation is not unreasonable, and its strength is not weak, and it can kill the enemy across the border. Although it seems a bit presumptuous, it also has a cause. The Lord of the Cabinet has hatred against him? "

His voice fell, and many people were slightly surprised. The person who came out of Dongyuan Pavilion even spoke for Ye Futian, which would undoubtedly offend the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion.

So obviously, he didn't care at all.

Someone recognized him and whispered: "It is Emperor Helian, the master of the royal family in the western part of the mainland."

"In the past few days, it has been rumored that several top forces have come to Dongyuan City, and it seems that it is really true." They looked at several others, and the person standing next to the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion was the strongest in this continent. Characters.

Many people heard his words and looked at Liu Dongge. Before that, Liu Dongge was extremely strong, and Ye Futian was not allowed to go to Dongyuan Pavilion. Many people did not understand the reason. Could it be that there was hatred?

"Although talent is outstanding, but there are no rules, even if the practice is successful, it is a disaster. You can let him practice in Dongyuan Pavilion. I don't think there is anything wrong with the East Pavilion." A middle-aged person with extraordinary temperament said. This person is the king of another top clan and the father of the woman beside Liu Dongge.

He has a good relationship with the Patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion, and has gone closer in recent years. It is regarded as an alliance force. He naturally continues to support the Patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion. As long as he sits in this position, his people come to the Dongyuan Pavilion. Practice is just one sentence.

"To say the rules, some emperor came to take the initiative to participate in the assessment, did not even have the qualifications?" Another one said: "Is this the rule set by the Pavilion Liu?"

The master of Dongyuan Pavilion heard several people's words, and his expression has been very cold. He looked at Ye Futian in front and said, "Retreat and let him be evaluated by the statue."

Everyone was shocked for a while, all exposed a strange color, what does the patriarch mean?

The people around smiled and looked at the patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion, only to hear the patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion continue to say: "If this person can't let the statue road accidentally release, then, cut."

"Yes." The practitioners of Dongyuan Pavilion responded with a faint killing in their eyes.

No one knows the statue better than them. Ordinary practitioners ca nt even communicate the Taoism. The talented people can make the Taoism flow. If they can perceive the existence of the Taoism, they will urge it. Was allowed to enter the Dongyuan Pavilion to practice.

However, it is extremely difficult to accidentally release the statue road, and few people can do it.

Ye Futian was extremely arrogant and broke into the Dongyuan Pavilion with strong force.

Since this is the case, then the patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion gave him a chance, if he could not do it, he would cut it.

Ye Futian's eyes glanced at the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion.


Dongyuan Pavilion, who can cut him?

Of course, if he did not refute the other party, since the other party let him accept the assessment, then, try it.

Ye Futian walked forward and came to the statue. The owner of the statue looked around forty or fifty. His eyes were gleaming, with terrifying eyes, and the statue was so high, standing in front of the Dongyuan Pavilion, like a patron saint. , Standing in front of it can feel an invisible pressure.

Ye Futian's body is suspended in the air, and his eyes are looking at the statue. This statue stands here. Although there is invisible coercion, there is no breath released on the body. It seems to contain divine power and restraint. Ordinary people can only perceive their divinity. But it can't really spy.

I saw Ye Futian's eyes changed, became extremely deep, even with a bit of strangeness, everything in the world seemed to be clear in his eyes, he looked at it, and saw that the statue seemed to come alive, as if the whole The statues are all made of runes of Infinite Avenue, and even connected with the Dongyuan Pavilion that rises into the sky.


Everyone saw that the statue suddenly burst into a ray of light, many people's pupils contracted, and the statue was bright.

It was so fast that the statue lit up in an instant.

"It really is different." The old man who helped Ye Futian said with a smile, Emperor Helian seemed to be very interested in Ye Futian. This Emperor looks like a young man and may have been practicing for less than a hundred years.

But the talented combat power seems to be at the top level, Dongyuan Pavilion took the initiative to kill, but if the other party really did, I do nt know what to do with the Dongyuan Pavilion Lord?

I saw that the statue was getting brighter and brighter, the body of the hundred feet, the light of the gods was shining, and the avenue of breath flowed above the body of the statue, which made the eyes of Liu Dongge and other people change. Although they can do it, Ye Futian The speed is too fast.


Above the statue, there was a sudden ray of light outside. This person's eyes were exclaimed by the person of Dongyuan's side. There was a faint feeling of dazzling.

Many people's eyes freeze, this ...

Too fast, how could it be so fast.

The practitioners of Dongyuan Pavilion were stunned for a while.

Even the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion froze for a moment.

"That's it?" Ye Futian opened his eyes lightly and glanced at him. It seemed extremely easy and effortless, and he did what Liu Dongge had done for a long time. UU reading

"Dongyuan Pavilion is not bright, can't talk about accidental release." The Dongyuan Pavilion Lord said coldly, still keeping calm, obviously he didn't want to let Ye Futian go.

"is it?"

Ye Futian smiled, the moment his words fell, a ray of ray of light flowed on the Dongyuan Pavilion, all the way up, straight to the cloud, in an instant, the Dongyuan Pavilion that was inserted directly into the cloud lit up brilliantly, making the sky The clouds above are all bright.

The eyes of Dongyuan Pavilion's main body were frozen, but he was speechless. How did he do it?

Everyone from the side of Dongyuan was also shocked at this scene, and the sounds were one after another. This is simply ...

It is said that the rules at the time when Dongyuan Pavilion was founded, if someone can fully light up Dongyuan Pavilion, then Dongyuan Pavilion will be completely open to him. The 81th floor of Dongyuan Pavilion can be on any level, anyone No obstruction.

Lord Dongyuan Pavilion intentionally made trouble for Ye Futian, but it was easily cracked. I do nt know what the thought of Dongyuan Pavilion Master was at the moment.

"Enough?" Ye Futian continued to say: "If not enough, how about this?"

Ye Futian's words fell, and the Dongyuan Pavilion shot a tremendous radiance of light. From the statue, an endless avenue of eruption erupted, and I saw an illusory figure appearing, as if the statue was holy, the deity came, suspended above the sky dome, Xiaguang swept three Thousands of miles, in Dongyuan City, countless people looked up to the avenue glow!

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