The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1872

Vol 8 Chapter 1872: On Behalf Of Palm?

In front of the Eighty-One Chong Dong Yuan Pavilion, the statue is sacred and the avenue is three thousand miles away.

There, an illusory figure appeared, lifelike, as if it were a real existence. At this moment, his eyes suddenly opened. At this moment, countless people around the area of Dongyuan Pavilion shook their hearts, Settle the stormy waves.

Is this ... Was the ray of will hidden in the statue awakened?

The sacred light enveloped the statue, and the illusory figure looked towards Ye Futian. At this moment, Ye Futian's eyes seemed to pass through the boundless space and saw the powerful figure of the other world. It's not difficult, the person who cast the statue back then retained a ray of will in the world to test the world, and he directly awakened this ray of will and alarmed the master of the statue.

Then there was a shocking scene in front of me.

The place where three thousand miles of light shrouded, everyone in Dongyuan City looked up, and they saw the sacred figure in their vision.

"It is a statue in front of Dongyuan Pavilion, this is ..."

"what happened?"

The people in the city are boiling, and the statue is sacred, something must have happened. Numerous people in the city rushed to the direction of Dongyuan Pavilion.

Is not just the people of Dongyuan City. At the moment, even the big people around Dongyuan Pavilion were shocked, including the top continent figures such as Emperor Helian. This guy did what they have never done.

Ridiculously, the practitioners of Dongyuan Pavilion stopped him from going to Dongyuan Pavilion. Even the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion deliberately made trouble and asked him to let the statue out of the way, but they might not even think that Ye Futian Will do this step.

This time, the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion slapped himself.

Seeing this scene, Dongyuan Pavilion Lord's eyes are extremely exciting. Although his heart is very shocking, he also feels threatened with cold killing thoughts.

As a patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion, did something he couldn't do. Someone has done it today, so that the statue can be sanctified in front of the world. Why does he feel so bad about it? If this person is fortunate for him, it is extremely ironic that they stop him from stepping on the Dongyuan Pavilion.

At this moment, he had a spirit in his heart and secretly blamed Liu Dongge. Why didn't this **** let Ye Futian go to Dongyuange?

He didn't know about it.

But now, this situation has not changed.

"Have seen seniors."

At this time, I saw several big figures beside Dongyuan Pavilion Lord bowing slightly towards the sacred figure, and they naturally had respect for the founder of Dongyuan Pavilion.

The figure did not look at them, but looked at Ye Futian and said: "Dongyuan Pavilion does not set any restrictions on you, even, you can take charge of Dongyuan Pavilion."

"Thank you, Senior." Ye Futian bowed slightly to salute, and suddenly the ray of radiance disappeared, and the illusory figure gradually disappeared. The avenue radiated into the statue. When everything returned to calm, it seemed that nothing had happened, but everyone But his heart couldn't calm down for a long time, which was extremely shocking.

The people of Dongyuan Pavilion did not allow Ye Futian to set foot in Dongyuan Pavilion. However, the founder of Dongyuan Pavilion now appeared in person and said to Ye Futian that Dongyuan Pavilion had no restrictions on him.

What is more shocking is the latter sentence, Ye Futian, who can replace the Dongyuan Pavilion.

what does this mean?

The founder hand-picked Ye Futian, who can take charge of Dongyuan Pavilion.

The bowed Dongyuan Pavilion Lord raised his head when he heard this sentence, and his heart was cold, looking at Ye Futian's eyes flashing a killing thought.

Ye Futian's palm Dongyuan Pavilion? What is he, the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion?

"This time, the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion and his men were ugly, and his face was completely lost." His Excellency Fang Xiuxing, the lord of Dongyuan, concealed in his heart, really beating his face.

When the statue was restored as before, Dongyuan Pavilion was exceptionally quiet for a time, no one spoke, and the atmosphere was a little weird.

Seems to have no idea how to speak.

Liu Dongge's face is so ugly and ugly, he is the author of everything.

Before, he told Ye Futian that he did not allow Ye Futian to enter the Dongyuan Pavilion.

Ye Futian asked why, Liu Dongge said that if he said no, it would be unacceptable. There was no reason. His words would decide everything.

So, what now?

Does he want to expel Ye Futian Dongyuan Pavilion?

Today, the strong men witnessed that this matter will soon spread throughout the Dongyuan City. Do they forcefully cut the leaves? As a result, are they still qualified to hold Dongyuan Pavilion?

I am afraid that no one will serve.

"Wonderful." Emperor Helian exclaimed. He looked at Ye Futian: "The statue stood here for three hundred years. No one has ever done the same to make the statue sanctified by Xiaoyou, and alarmed the predecessors who created Dongyuan Pavilion. From the perspective, it is ridiculous that the practitioners in Dongyuan Pavilion even stopped, and did not know the purpose. "

"Master Liu, do you still want to stop now?" Emperor Helian asked the master of Dongyuan Pavilion, embarrassing the other in public. Obviously, the relationship between the two parties is not good, and even there can be a grudge. Otherwise, the other party will not be able to step down.

"Now that he did it, and the predecessors who created Dongyuan Pavilion spoke in person, the previous thing will stop here." Liu Gezhu looked at Ye Futian and said, "From today on, Dongyuan Pavilion can come and go freely, with absolute autonomy. . "

How can he do in such a situation? Against the creator's wishes?

Can only calm down people and admit that Ye Futian can freely enter and leave the Dongyuan Pavilion. As for the death of the emperor, he can only say nothing.

The emperor is destined to die in vain.

Ye Futian glanced at each other indifferently, which he did not expect. If the patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion continued to shoot arrogantly, then he would directly counterattack, and now his cultivation is the realm, even if it does not urge the imperial will. , Should also be able to fight.

Of course, he is still not clear about the specific combat power of the Patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion, but in any case, it is unlikely that the other party wants his life.

He came back after deliberately breaking through, it was foolproof, Emperor Yi will not be released in public, but it is the bottom card.

"Is that the only thing?" Emperor Helian narrowed his eyes and looked at the patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion, and said with a smile: "Did the patriarch not hear the words of the predecessors?"

The master of the statue is sacred, saying that Ye Futian can take charge of Dongyuan Pavilion, which means that Ye Futian can become the new patriarch.

"Helian, although his predecessors said so, but he cultivated to be the lower emperor after all, how to deter the powerful and how to control the Dongyuan Pavilion?"

"I, the Royal Family of Helian don't mind helping." Helian Huang said with a smile.

"Wolf ambition." Middle-aged sneered.

"Would you like to be in charge of Dongyuan Pavilion?" At this moment, listening to the Dong Yuan Pavilion Lord asked Ye Futian, so that the two who were in dispute closed their mouths and looked at the Dong Yuan Pavilion Lord with some surprise. At first glance, could he turn his temper?

Ye Futian looked at the other party, but showed a funny look, and asked, "If I want to?"

"Since the predecessors have spoken, if you want, I will give you the position of Dongyuan Pavilion Lord, but it is not enough for you now. We will temporarily maintain Dongyuan Pavilion order with you until you don't need us. At that time, it is completely up to you to control it. "Liu Gezhu said.

Ye Futian smiled at each other.

Good way, in this way, you and the other party jointly control the Dongyuan Pavilion. As a puppet, no one knows how to die.

The days are so long, it is not easy to kill a subordinate emperor?

The other party might think so.

"Thank you, but you don't have to." Ye Futian said, and then he walked towards the Dongyuan Pavilion and saw Liu Dongge in the sideways direction, saying: "You don't allow me to enter the Dongyuan Pavilion, I still came up . "

Liu Dongge's face was stiff and speechless, he could only watch Ye Futian walking forward.

Xia Qingyan, Ying Qing and Heifeng Diao followed him, and the sharp eyes of Heifeng Diao swept Liu Dongge and said, "Idiot ..."

Liu Dongge's body of Daowei diffused from his body, and the black wind carving swept at him with a somewhat provocative look.

"The evil animals are not allowed to enter." Liu Dongge said.

"East Pavilion." Dong Yuan Pavilion Pavilion Master interrupted his words, UU reading books Liu Dong Pavilion only then endured, watching the black wind carving into the Dong Yuan Pavilion.

"Interesting." Emperor Helian smiled, and then saw him with his hands behind his back, and also walked towards Dongyuan Pavilion leisurely. This scene made the Dongyuan Pavilion's face look bad. This old guy has always been plotting His position now wants to use Ye Futian's hand to take control of Dongyuan Pavilion?

Ye Futian walked into Dongyuan Pavilion and was shocked by this building.

The whole Dongyuan Pavilion is enveloped by a breath of avenue, which includes Vientiane. Those ancient books carved on the walls cannot be taken away. They are carved into the jade jade by special means. Can view.

In the middle of Dongyuan Pavilion, is a circular upward staircase that extends all the way to the 81st floor.

Ye Futian glanced at random, but at the bottom there was nothing he needed, all people from low realms practiced, and he followed the ladder all the way up.

Although his practice is not lacking, since here is the East Phoenix Great Emperor who ordered people to transcribe and preach to the world, it must be suitable for all practitioners, there may be some powerful practice magical powers.

Ying Qing followed quietly behind Ye Futian, and everything today had a great impact on her. How wicked was this practitioner who was picked up by Sen Lin's Han Lin?

Now, she does not worry about her hatred at all, and since Ye Futian agreed, she will definitely help her solve it!

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