The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1873

Vol 8 Chapter 1873: Agree To Replace

In the Dongyuan Pavilion, Ye Futian glanced through the ancient books of the exercises quietly, without thinking about the outside world.

What he did caused huge waves in Dongyuan City. Countless people talked about him, but Ye Futian himself, as if nothing had happened, temporarily left everything behind.

Although he agreed to Ying Qing, it was only a part of his experience in Shenzhou. He would not spend too much time on it, but always remember why he came to Shenzhou.

No matter where he is, he has only one goal, to practice and become stronger.

The realm has been disconnected. He ca nt know what happened there. Even if he knows it, he ca nt control it. He can only improve his strength as soon as possible, so that he has the qualification to contend with the top characters, so that he has the opportunity to return to the realm. Also, deal with forces such as the Protoss and the Golden Kingdom.

In an instant, he stayed in Dongyuan Pavilion for a few days. During this period, many practitioners of Dongyuan Pavilion came in and stared at him with very unfriendly eyes, but no one dared to deal with Ye Futian in Dongyuan Pavilion. .

Ye Futian's heart is boundless, completely attracted by the collection of Dongyuan Pavilion, this is a huge Taoist treasure, can be called a treasure trove, the Donghuang Great Emperor's Taoist Tibetan power is amazing, more valuable than he thought, any practice When people come here, they can find what they need.

He couldn't help but admire Donghuang Great Emperor and Ye Qingdi. Ye Qingdi needless to say, as for Donghuang Great Emperor, not to mention how this peerless character really is, but he is indeed an epoch-making character and has made great contributions to the Divine State .

This style is admirable.

Moreover, Ye Futian also understood why all forces wanted to take charge of Dongyuan Pavilion. Some jade slips directly invaded and practiced in it, and the effect was not the same as writing it down to practice.

At this time, Ye Futian sat in a place to practice quietly, Shen Nian invaded a jade jade, and felt everything quietly in him. A ray of divine light circulated on his body, causing several eyes to move towards him.

After a long time, Ye Futian's mind was separated from it, and he continued to look at other ancient books.

He became more and more addicted to it, which made Ying Qingdu feel that this person was afraid that he had forgotten what he came to Dongyuan Pavilion for.

She also became more curious about Ye Futian's identity.

At this time, Ying Qing seemed to feel something. She looked back and looked at her side, and she saw a woman in a plain white dress standing quietly there.

This woman looks around 30 years old, she was born very beautiful, a little girlish, but with a mature charm, the body curve is also perfect, it is imaginative.

The woman's temperament is also very outstanding, giving people a dusty beauty, with a bit of the noble atmosphere of the royal family, and it seems a bit cold and arrogant, like a fairy fairy who does not eat the fireworks on earth.

Ying Qing can feel that this woman's cultivation is bound to be very strong, the emperor is needless to say, and it is not a low-level emperor.

She had been standing quietly at Ye Futian who was watching the practice. Ye Futian who was sitting there seemed to be aware of it. She stood up and looked back at the other person. She asked politely, "Is there something wrong with the fairy?"

Apparently, he noticed that the other party had been watching him.

"Although the exercises here are very strong, it is not easy to practice, and it takes a long time to understand. If you stay in Dongyuan Pavilion for a short time, it may be difficult to understand." The woman said.

"This code?" Ye Futian asked, pointing to a place.

"Also among them." The other party nodded.

"I will consider it myself." Ye Futian said with a smile: "If the fairy has anything else, but it's okay."

"My father waited a few days for Ye Huang, but he didn't see Ye Huang going out, so I came to have a look. I wanted Ye Huang to appreciate his face." The woman said, "Heren's family, Helian You."

"Her Royal Princess, Princess."

Ying Qing said to Ye Futian: "Helian is the royal power of this continent, and its strength is very strong. It is not inferior to Senluo. Judging from the number of practitioners it controls, it is even better than Senluo. The person you are speaking to is Emperor Helian. "

Ye Futian knew something, he nodded and said, "Yes, but wait for me some time, I still have no insight in some places."

"Good." He Lianyou nodded, and Ye Futian continued to practice.

Nothing happened, and Helian You also read the exercises and practiced.

Several days passed in a blink of an eye, He Lianyou had always been quiet, and had never urged Ye Futian.

On this day, Ye Futian's body of Dao flowed, but he was controlled and stopped practicing. Ye Futian looked in the direction of He Lianyou and smiled and said, "If I have been practicing, you have been waiting for this?" "

He could see that the eldest princess of the Helian royal family was above him and had been waiting for him. From this point of view, it was far superior to Liudong Pavilion.

"It's only a few days, and it's gone after random enlightenment. Can you still practice in Dongyuan Pavilion?" He Lian said indifferently, she always seemed very indifferent when she spoke, giving people a very comfortable a feeling of.

"Let's go." Ye Futian said with a smile, such a beautiful princess was so peaceful and pleasing to the eye.

A group of people walked down, and then left Dongyuan Pavilion. After them, many figures appeared outside Dongyuan Pavilion, looking at the departing figure. Liu Dongge also appeared there, as well as the women around them. Indifferent eyes.

"He Lianyou." Liu Dongge whispered: "The old fox, I am afraid that he would take this person's hand to take control of Dongyuange."

Ye Futian naturally didn't know what they were thinking, and he didn't care about it.

He Lianyou took Ye Futian to a restaurant. On the roof of the restaurant, a feast had been set up. In addition to Emperor Helian, there was also a strong man who was seen in Dongyuan Pavilion that day. The practitioners of Yuange Pavilion who walked out together.

"Little friends, please sit down." Emperor Helian smiled at Ye Futian, and Ye Futian sat down at a position. The middle-aged opposite nodded at him. It is also equivalent to the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion.

"Presumably, the little friend should know who I am, this is my friend, Yang Dongqing, the lord of Tianmu City." Helian Huang introduced.

"Tianmu City is one of the three largest cities in the mainland. Its status in this continent is second only to Dongyuan City. The Yang family controls Tianmu City. The owner Yang Dongqing is the owner of Tianmu City." Ying Qing Chuanyin Introduced, if the practitioners of this continent will naturally come to an end, but Ying Qing understands that Ye Futian knows nothing.

"Senior Yang." Ye Futian nodded slightly to Yang Dongqing, no salute, practice world, if it is a stranger, generally speaking on the basis of strength, in this respect, he is not inferior, but the other party is a senior figure , So he still matches his predecessors.

"On that day, Xiaoyou let the people of Dongyuan City witness the history, and Yang Mou was also an eye-opener." Yang Dongqing smiled and nodded. The two treated a younger person like this, and obviously wanted to intersect Ye Futian.

Ye Futian did not respond, but looked at Emperor Helian and asked, "Why did the senior find me?"

"Since the little friend asked, I opened the door." Emperor Helian said to Ye Futian: "The Dongyuan Pavilion Master has been in control of Dongyuan Pavilion. Liu Han's desire to control has become stronger and stronger over the years. He vaguely regards Dongyuan Pavilion as his thing and excludes dissidents. Even if our people want to enter Dongyuan Pavilion to practice, it is not easy now, and it is necessary for him to nod. Therefore, we plan to change a pavilion owner. "

"Xiaoyou got the approval of the creator of Dongyuan Pavilion that day, and let Xiaoyou take charge of Dongyuan Pavilion on his behalf. He is famous and can directly replace it." Emperor Helian continued: "These days, Xiaoyou also went to Dongyuan Pavilion to see After all, I must have known Dongyuan Pavilion. Although the owner of Dongyuan Pavilion admitted this time, he must have hated you. After all, you are now a threat to him. "

Ye Futian nodded, he understood this naturally, but he didn't care.

Today, Emperor Helian and Yang Dongqing want to replace Liu Han, the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion.

"Hellian is right, Liu Han will kill you." Yang Dongqing also said.

Ye Futian lowered his head and whispered: "Senior wants to support me as the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion, so, after that, will Dongyuan Pavilion be given to the two seniors to take care of it?"

"I have a great career and I do nt have time to stay in Dongyuan City. I just need to enter Dongyuan Pavilion and not look at other people s faces. After the little friend becomes the patriarch, I will support the Royal Family with all my support. People can enter Dongyuan Pavilion to practice at any time. "Emperor Helian Road.

"The patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion will now prevent the seniors from entering into practice?" Ye Futian asked.

"It doesn't count a lot of time, but something happens from time to time, the emperor is a little unhappy." Emperor Helian coldly said, uncomfortable, naturally he had to change the other party.

"I Yang can send someone to control the Dongyuan Pavilion with Xiaoyou. UU reading" Yang Dongqing said: "After taking Dongyuan Pavilion, Xiaoyou will have absolute autonomy in the Dongyuan Pavilion. Entering the Dongyuan Pavilion wherever you go to practice, and reading ancient books, will surely make the children's strength improve faster. "

Ye Futian naturally understood, Yang Dongqing, he might want more, and he was in charge of Dongyuan Pavilion behind his back.

He glanced at Yang Dongqing, and then looked at Emperor Helian and asked, "There is one thing I want to ask the next two seniors. What happened to Mr. Nanshan's death?"

"Nature." Emperor Helian snorted coldly: "Mr. Nanshan was also an extraordinary person at that time, and he was a good friend with Liu Han, but he did not expect to be poisoned by Liu Han. There is an excuse to secretly clean up. "

"Predecessor checked?" Ye Futian showed a strange color.

"This also needs to be checked?" Emperor Helian said: "As far as I know, before Nanshan first, the practice has long been under Liu Dong, the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion, even stronger, why did he die? And silently. If, as Liu Han said, Nanshan sent home to die? "

"And, after the Nanshan practitioners were destroyed, this is obviously a long-term plot." Helian Huang snorted coldly: "Starting with your friends, it's good for your heart."

Ye Futian nodded and said, "I promise senior."

He agreed to become the new patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion!

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