The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1875

Vol 8 Chapter 1875: 1 Sword

Liu Dongge put down the glass in his hand and looked up to Ye Futian and He Lianyou.

At this time, the surrounding atmosphere became more suppressed and powerful, and people around the restaurant withdrew from this area.

Soon, a large area was cleared. With this restaurant as the center, except for Ye Futian and others, there were only those who appeared in Dongyuan Pavilion, and more than ten emperors appeared, guarding differently The location is terrible.

The faces of people in the distance have changed. Many of these undercurrents in Tiandongyuan City have felt it. Now, is this about to explode?

Could it be that the practitioners in Dongyuan Pavilion really want to move Ye Futian?

In this case, I am afraid that the population will lose its tongue.

After all, Ye Futian was appointed by the builders of Dongyuan Pavilion, and he could even hold Dongyuan Pavilion on his behalf.

"Nothing, that day the memory of Ye Huang's style is still fresh, and the emperors in Dongyuan Pavilion are all martial, and they want to learn from Ye Huang." Liu Dongge spoke lightly.

"Not interested." Ye Futian replied.

"When he went to Dongyuan Pavilion that day, Ye Huang was extremely strong." Dong Lin's woman said with a cold voice.

Today, they will not kill Ye Futian, but will control him.

The Helian royalty and the Yangs wanted to use Ye Futian to plot the Dongyuan Pavilion. They naturally knew how to make the other party's conspiracy succeed.

Ye Futian must be in control.

"Since Ye Huang said he was not interested, naturally he was not interested. What is the intention of the young patriarch Dongyuan Pavilion?" He Lianyou asked coldly.

"It has nothing to do with Princess Chang." Liu Dongge glanced at He Lianyou and continued.

"Of course it is. Ling Zun has control of Dong Yuan Pavilion for the past ten years. Father and Senior Yang have set off to Dong Yuan Pavilion not long ago, to decide whether Ling Zun will still control Dong Yuan Pavilion for the next ten years." He Lianyou said Speaking of direct showdown, there was nothing to hide.

Before she came, she was ready.

Liu Dongge stared at He Lianyou, and there was a faint sneer in his eyes. The other party was prepared, why they were not the same.

Since the other party happened to be in the Dongyuan Pavilion, then do their own thing.

Here, he will solve it. On the other side of Dongyuan Pavilion, he will give it to his father to solve it.

"Since my father has been in charge of Dongyuan Pavilion for so many years, Dongyuan Pavilion has everything intact. Everyone in Dongyuan Pavilion seeks spiritual practice, and many excellent practitioners are born. Since Emperor Helian has opinions, he can naturally discuss it." Liu Dong Court said: "We don't have to worry about things there."

Everyone around the restaurant was a little excited, but I didn't expect to see a big show today.

This is, the competition for control of Dongyuan Pavilion has begun to erupt?

These undercurrents these days are centered on this.

What happens next?

Dongyuan Pavilion!

Many people thought of looking up in the distance. This is the restaurant selected by Dongyuan Pavilion Shaoge Pavilion. It is not far from Dongyuan Pavilion. The powerful peoples thoughts can be directly covered. The practitioners of Yuange, if they are strong, can directly cover the mind here and see what is happening here.

"I naturally don't worry, but since Ye Huang is not interested, then you should not bother." He Lianyou said, and there was also a breath of amazing breath coming from the distant crowd, I saw it there As they walked out, they were all powerful emperors.

Obviously, the Helian royal family is also ready.

In addition, they also felt that there were many unknown emperors in the crowd, which were mixed in.

You should know that there are six forces that can affect the control of Dongyuan Pavilion. This is a game between the six forces. Naturally, not only the two forces have arrived, but the strong parties are in the dark.

Liu Dongge smiled and looked at Ye Futian said: "Sure enough, you have been prepared for that day, the statue was sacred that day, the father asked, as long as Brother Ye nodded, the father is willing to give up the position of Dongyuan Pavilion Lord Ye Brother, why did Ye join forces with Helian to conspire against us."

Ye Futian frowned, he didn't like the title of Liu Dongge.

"You deserve to call my lord like this?" Heifeng Diao whispered beside him. His voice was a little sharp, and his eyes swept the Liudong Pavilion. A clown is also worthy?

"There is no place for beasts to speak here." Liu Dongge glanced at the Black Wind Carving lightly and continued: "Since Ye Ye wanted the position of Dong Yuan Pavilion, his father told him to invite Ye Xiong to Dong Yuan Pavilion. He will abdicate himself to let the virtuous."

"it is good."

Ye Futian nodded his head softly, the voice was extremely calm, as if for him, it was still a trivial matter.

Now that everything has been seen clearly, the patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion also understood it.

Then, lets settle the things that promised to be green.

He put the wine glass down and looked at Liu Dongge for the first time. When he saw the indifferent eyes, Liu Dongge gave an illusion, just like the owner of those eyes, he never put him in his eyes, nor did he Take his words to heart.

Ye Futian, who looks quite young, but has extremely deep eyes, seems to have experienced many stories.

Speaking of experience, from the lower bound of Kyushu all the way to the land of Shenzhou, there are really few people who can compare with Ye Futian. They have crossed too many regions and have experienced too many life and death and turbulence.

"So, Lord Pavilion of Dongyuan Pavilion, abdicate." Ye Futian said, making people in the distance tremble.

Patriarch Dongyuan Pavilion, abdicate.

Ye Futian abdicated the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion.

This means that the person appointed by the founder of Dongyuan Pavilion is ready to take charge of Dongyuan Pavilion.

"Yes." Liu Dongge looked at Ye Futian with a smile, his eyes narrowed slightly, and said: "Since Ye Huang opened his mouth, then his father would abdicate and let Xian, please let Ye Huang follow me to Dong Yuan Pavilion."

As long as they are in Dongyuan Pavilion, what can Ye Futian do even if he is the master of Dongyuan Pavilion?

It's just a puppet. In the future, let him die.

"I will go." Ye Futian got up, lifted his steps directly, took one step, and walked out of the restaurant. Everyone watched his movements, and some were not adapted to Ye Futian's rhythm.

They always felt that Ye Futian was like a child's play. He didn't take this matter into his heart at all. He just walked away, ignoring Liu Dongge, and the powerful emperor everywhere.

Even He Lianyou froze, then got up and followed Ye Futian's steps towards the restaurant.

However, just as they walked out, among the crowd, a ray of Daowei came instantly, enveloped this space, and pressed on Ye Futian's body.

Liu Dongge got up and swept his head to Ye Futian, with a little haze in his eyes.

Ye Futian is too arrogant and rude.

I saw Ye Futian walking all the way forward, walking in the void, but in front of him, a median emperor appeared in front of him, blocking his way. The road of the median emperor was under pressure and terrible.

Liu Dongge looked over there from a distance, his expression was extremely cold.

"This place is not flat. In order to avoid conspiracy against Ye Huang by intentional people, use Ye Huang, or invite Ye Huang to go with us." Liu Dongge said, Ye Futian must be in his hands.

Ye Futian raised his eyebrows and glanced at each other with only one look. The other party instantly felt a bone-chilling chill. In those deep eyes, he saw a cold moon.

Moonlight directly invaded the soul, making him a bit dull.

At the same time, Ye Futian's body suddenly burst into a super sword spirit, and the sky's sword energy instantly bloomed, boundless space, turning into the realm of sword.


I saw the vast sword territory, countless swords around one place, and made a sword. This sword is the sword of the road, and it shines in the void. The terrible sharpness makes many people feel suffocated.

The people who watched the battle from a distance collapsed, and under extreme depression, they only felt unable to breathe.

The middle emperor's complexion intercepted in front of Ye Futian also changed, and Jian Guang was printed on his body. At the next moment, Ye Futian pointed his finger forward.

Dadao Jianyi traverses the void directly, faster than lightning, leaving a boundless and gorgeous sword mark between heaven and earth.


A sound came out and saw that the body of the middle emperor was directly penetrated by the sword, and the next moment, the soul was scattered and the body was shattered into nothingness.

As if never existed.

Liu Dongge watched this scene with his eyes fixed there, a sword, and beheaded the median emperor.

Not only did he not converge, he was even stronger than that day.

"I hate threats," Ye Futian said, continuing to move forward.

Liu Dongge's face was somber, and he saw a Taoist emperor's body vacant, and even offered a powerful magic weapon.


Ye Futian waved his palm, and then he saw that the sword of the sword was transformed into golden lightning, and it traveled between heaven and earth. The sword passed directly through the power of the avenue and through the body of an emperor.

Poo poo poo...... Continuous sound came out, I saw a statue of the median emperor shattered into nothingness under the sword.

No one can afford the power of a sword.

Such a powerful scene fixed the eyes of the powerful people around, Ye Futian was able to make the statue manifest, and the talent is naturally needless to say, but they still did not expect to be so strong.

Is this the next emperor of the third order of Shenlun?

Killing all emperors with a sword, such a powerful killing, subverted their views on the realm of spiritual practice!

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