The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1878

Vol 8 Chapter 1878: Decision

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In front of Dongyuan Pavilion, a super-gun sword crossed the gorgeous arc and flew back to Ye Futian.

In an instant, countless eyes looked towards Ye Futian, and his heart was trembling violently.

Donglin's powerful man was even more terrified. Donglin Qiuyi showed horror, witnessing her father, Donglin's helm, being wiped out with a sword.

For a time, a strange silence appeared in this space. Everyone looked at this scene dumbly. I saw that the arrogant figure in the void was still white hair, and a long silver hair was flying in the sky.

That's one of the six pinnacles of this continent. They can control Dongyuan Pavilion. Just now, they are still fighting for Dongyuan Pavilion's control. Patriarch.

However, who could have imagined that in just a moment, the leader of Donglin's was wiped out.

Even though he was fighting with Emperor Helian and fell into a dream, but his own cultivation level was there, it can only prove that Ye Futian's strength is also strong enough, at least far stronger than his own.

Just a moment ago, Liu Han and the peak master of Xuanjian Peak were too late to respond. When they wanted to shoot, the sword had fallen and was unable to return to heaven.

So, not long ago, the situation of the three major powers against the two powers became Liu Han and Xuanjian Fengfeng's masters against Emperor Helian and Yang Dongqing, and they had no advantage. There was even a Ye Futian.

Liu Hans face was free of previous calmness, and Lord Xuanjianfeng was no longer as confident as before. They all stared at Ye Futian. The situation seemed to have lost their original control, while maintaining a neutral attitude. The head of the Gong family also looked at this scene with interest, and some thoughts came into his mind.

In a quiet space, Ye Futian looked indifferent and instantly killed one person, so that the pressure was reduced a lot, and there was no need to expose too much strength.

This time he killed the Dongyuan Pavilion Lord, he did not intend to hand over all his cards, which was unpredictable. He also could not fully trust Emperor Helian and Yang Dongqing.

"Kill him." Donglin Qiuyi's eyes were filled with extremely strong killing thoughts, and Donglin's strongmen stepped out one after another.

"Om..." I saw that the sword in front of Ye Futian crossed the void directly, faster than lightning, just like a light that directly penetrated the void, leaving a gorgeous sword mark.

"Be careful." There was a median emperor who was standing in front of Donglin Qiuyi, but he saw that the sword's intention penetrated directly, and with a bang, blood spattered from the other person's head, and then the body fell down.

Donglin Qiuyi's complexion also changed, and she wanted to withdraw, but it was too late. She was only able to bear Ye Futian's sword in the fourth order of Shenlun.

The sword light crossed, Donglin Qiuyi's body shook violently, and there was a panic look in her eyes. Her eyes looked at Ye Futian, and she seemed to remember the situation that Ye Futian was blocked on Dongyuan Pavilion before. Yun is not allowed, is this Ye Futian's revenge?

At that time, how could she think of today.

Blood spattered out, Donglin Qiuyi's body fell down, the soul was broken and died, looking at the beautiful figure, people outside Dongyuan Pavilion looked at Ye Futian's back standing in the void, this white hair figure was wearing With a sense of loneliness.

The emperors who released their morality stopped, and no one stepped forward, daring not to fight Ye Futian.

If the sword is crossed, someone will die. Who dares to do it?

It's just that, at the moment, the helm of Donglin and the princess of Donglin were cut by sword.

"People of the Donglin family will leave Dongyuan Pavilion immediately. I shall be in charge of Dongyuan Pavilion for one day. I shall not set foot on Dongyuan Pavilion. Offenders shall be cut." Ye Futian's voice was indifferent, and the calm tone contained an undoubted killing breath.

If Donglins strong man is ashamed, their strongest helm at Donglins will be killed. Others, fearing that no one is Ye Futians opponent, in this case, Donglins will control the power from Dongyuan Pavilion. After the delisting, they will not be able to influence Dongyuan Pavilion in the future, they are not eligible to participate in it, and even they are not allowed to set foot in Dongyuan Pavilion.

In a day, Dong Lin's status plummeted.

The reason is because they stopped Ye Futian.


"It's crazy."

The hearts of the people were trembling, and they had never imagined that the demon emperor, who made the statue sanctified, would be so strong and decisive.

It seems that he is also a superior himself, habitually giving orders.

Ying Qing, who was standing not far behind Ye Futian, was used to it, but his curiosity about Ye Futian grew stronger and stronger. Where is he sacred?

Why was such a person seriously injured and picked up by Han Lin from Sen Luo?

Even more ridiculous is that he was almost turned into a corpse puppet.

The other strong men of the Donglin family are struggling in their hearts. They want to avenge Ye Futian's revenge. However, is there any chance?

Liu Han and Xuan Jianfeng are still strong. If they join forces, will they have the opportunity to kill Ye Futian?

"Donglin's people, withdraw." At this time, an old man said, his position in Donglin's was also quite high. His voice fell, and when he first stepped away, the other strong men looked iron, somewhat unwilling, but still follow away go with.