The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1879

Vol 8 Chapter 1879: New Lord

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The head of the Beigong family family shot, he reached out his palm, and the sky thunder came down, and there was a thunderous thunder robbery above the sky, running through the void, covering the body of the Beigong family family family. The extreme purple thunder big hand, from which breeds a terrifying breath of destruction.

Not only that, his body was also wrapped in the gorgeous purple thunder. Behind him, there appeared a majestic shadow of the thunder god, which was the road **** wheel cast by the soul of life.


Above the sky, the Ten Thousand Tribulation descended, covering the sky and the sun, and covering the boundless space. Those thunders seemed to turn into terrible chains, and the eyes of the strong were all staring at him.

Bei Gong, the head of the Bei Gong family, will choose whom to start?

Before, Bei Gongao stated that he wanted to be neutral. Now he chooses to do it. Emperor Helian and Yang Dongqing are naturally vigilant. After all, the other party must have reached an agreement with Liu Han.

Of course, Liu Han and Xuanjian Fengfeng didn't dare to care, after all, after Ye Futian's words, the other party chose to shoot.

Ye Futian looked calm and looked at the other party. At the next moment, he saw the **** Lei Tianjiang, and he directly rushed to the Lord of the Xuanjian Peak. Appeared in front of the main body of Xuanjian Fengfeng.

Obviously, he made his own decision to help Ye Futian.

The main reaction of Xuanjian Fengfeng was extremely fast. Raising his hand was a sword, and a giant sword cut off the void, but he saw that terrible purple big handprint contained a very violent atmosphere. Chong Cun Cun smashed, the terrible palms directly blasted on the opponent's sword curtain.

A dull sound came out, Lord Xuanjian Fengfeng was shot and flew out, and at the same time screamed: "Beigong Ao..."

This **** really meets the wind and rudder. When they invited them before, they said that they had formed an alliance with the three parties, and only he needed to be neutral.

Now that the patriarch of the Donglin clan has been killed and the situation has changed, Bei Gongao has betrayed for an instant, violating his previous promises to them and starting against him.

Ye Futian is no exception. These alliances are all for the benefit. These upper emperors are only the seventh order of the Shenlun. Although they dominate in this land, they cant talk about the top land in Shenzhou. Wisdom of survival.

Today's situation Beigongao should be able to see that they are biased towards them. In addition, he showed the perfect magic wheel, and the statue master was hand-picked and well-deserved. It was normal for Beigongao to choose them.

Now, three to two, perhaps, he doesn't need to shoot.

Yang Dongqing naturally will not miss such a good opportunity. In the moment after Bei Gongao's shot to the main master of Xuanjian Fengfeng, he stepped on the void and came in an instant. The same close attack, the war broke out, and the waves of terror were in The Dongyuan Pavilion raged, and buildings collapsed and destroyed. Only the Dongyuan Pavilion towering into the sky, the invisible avenue divinely permeated, towering and unshakable.

In addition to the battlefields of several top figures, with Dongyuan Pavilion as the center, there were strong forces from all sides. Among them, several emperors of Xuanjian Peak glanced at Ye Futian.

Lord Xuanjian Fengfeng was strangled by two top characters. If he wants to break the game, he only has to kill Ye Futian.

The powerful sword intention exploded in an instant, and more than ten giant swords appeared on the sky, directly blocking the void. Those figures walked in the sky and appeared in different positions above Ye Futian. The sword intention locked Ye Futian's body. At the same time erupt, cut.

The terrifying sword light tears the void, and a giant sword is slashed at the same time, slashing towards Ye Futian's body in an instant. In that piece of kendo space, Ye Futian's body is buried and will die under the sword.

However, at this time, there was a very cold chill around Ye Futian's body, cold into the bone marrow, even in the distance, you can clearly feel the meaning of the frozen soul, the space seems to be frozen .

With Ye Futian's body as the center, the road freezes, and the dreaded sword of the beheading seems to stop. The cold moon light shines in the void, and the terrifying moon gods bloom, and the sharp swords become extremely incomparable. Fragile, shattered into nothingness directly under the moonlight, vulnerable to a blow.

Above Ye Futian's body, a sword was directed upwards, carrying the terrifying moon **** Hui to one of the directions. The spiritual practitioner felt cold and brandished his sword and wanted to intercept Ye Futian's sword intention.

But he saw that the sword was beheaded, his sword shattered directly, the **** wheel collapsed, and his body was penetrated.

Before he was completely killed, the sword intention disappeared again, and a brilliant arc was drawn in the void, cold moon and cold light, under the sword, a clear sound came out, only in an instant, that sword intention Back to Ye Futian's body.

When everyone looked at Xuanjian Peak and Jianxiu in the void again, the sound of puffing continually came out, and a figure burst and shattered under the sword's will and fell.

Ye Futian still only made a sword. Looking at the figure still standing there safely, many people felt that they couldn't understand Ye Futian.

It seems that no matter how strong the opponent is, only one sword is enough.

The people who shot just now are all powerful sword repairs of Xuanjian Peak, and they also cultivate swordsmanship. However, what a force that can't bear a sword, the cold power, and the soul is frozen?