The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1882

Vol 8 Chapter 1882: Sword Refining

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Ye Futian met Beigongshuang, the first beauty of Beigong family is indeed very outstanding, she comes from an extraordinary background, but she has the noble temperament, but also the woman's tenderness, just like a royal princess.

After seeing Ye Futian, Beigongshuang slightly saluted: "Beigongshuang has seen the patriarch."

When she looked up, her beautiful eyes stared at Ye Futian, who has recently become famous in the mainland and became the focus of the mainland. She was in charge of Dongyuan Pavilion. She has always been very curious. Now when she sees Ye Futian, the first feeling is It's handsome. Ye Futian's soft and handsome meaning, along with her long silver hair, gives the first impression of a beautiful man.

Moreover, the temperament is also outstanding.

"What's Miss Bei Gong looking for?" Ye Futian asked.

"After his father went back, he often mentioned Lord Pavilion Ye, which was full of praise. Therefore, Bei Gongshuang always admired the Lord Patriarch. I hope I can come to Dongyuan Pavilion to practice, and ask the Patriarch for advice, so I came to see the Patriarch and hope to follow the Patriarch to seek Taoist practice." Bei Gongshuang's voice is crisp and the tone is calm and gentle, which makes people feel very comfortable.

Of course, perhaps because she gave birth to an extremely outstanding face, it is difficult to make people uncomfortable.

The people around showed a look of interest. The black wind carving glanced at her lightly. Is it useful to look good? What vision does the owner of his family still have in line? Princess Donghuang will have to wait for the master to conquer!

A family on this continent has a lot of money, although it is a bit handsome, but the master carving is insignificant.

After all, the vision of Diaoye is not generally high.

Xia Qingyan's beautiful eyes also looked at Bei Gongshuang, a woman so beautiful, who wanted to follow Ye Futian to practice. What does that mean?

Ye Futian is also a bit strange, listening to He Lianyou said, Bei Gongshuang is Bei Gongao's daughter, Bei Gong family's first beauty, outstanding talent, such as if Bei Gong family has a grudge against him, who wants to sacrifice him to envelope him, also It shouldn't be Bei Gongshuang.

In doing so, it seems to be extremely optimistic about him.

Could it be that Bei Gong Shi Jia doesn't mind at all what happened last time?

Moreover, because of the gap between the last time, although neither side said anything, it must have been understood in their hearts that the Beigong family took the initiative to show their favors. It stands to reason that Ye Futian should accept the kindness of the Beigong family. In this way, that matter, It can be regarded as revealed.

But Ye Futian was not interested in this. He looked at Beigongshuang and said, "Since Miss Frost is coming, let's practice in Dongyuan Pavilion in the future. If there are any problems in practice, we can discuss it together. I just learned from each other. As for advice, Im not at a high level, and I cant talk about advice. Im afraid its not as good as the old Beijing Palace."

He Lianyou looked at Ye Futian with some surprise. Such a beautiful gift, he simply refused. However, Ye Futian seems to have a top beauty by her side, and I don't know what the relationship is. Perhaps, it is an escort.

Xia Qingyan has always been very low-key, never showing anything, but silently behind Ye Futian, so it is not easy to judge what is the relationship between her and Ye Futian.

As for Ying Qing, he had taken off his mask, and it turned out to be the person who practiced under Mr. Nanshans door. Of course, no one had publicly discussed the matter, but the people of the Royal Family knew it well, and it also confirmed their last discussion. Things.

Ying Qing has been practicing quietly in Dongyuan Pavilion.

"Father said that the Patriarchs future achievements are far beyond what he can compare, and I am afraid that some of his insights in spiritual practice are also stronger than him." Bei Gongshuang said again: "If you practice in Dongyuan Pavilion later, The Lord is disturbing, and I hope the Cabinet Lord will forgive me."

Ye Futian nodded, and Bei Gongshuang said everything at this step, and he has always behaved just right, only hinting that he will consult in the future, and he has no reason to refuse.

"Okay, if there is any problem in the future, Miss Shuang will contact me directly." Ye Futian said.

"Thank you, Patriarch." Bei Gongshuang slightly lowered, said: "Then I'll go to the Dong Yuan Pavilion first."

"Go." Ye Futian answered, and Bei Gongshuang left here and went to the Dongyuan Pavilion.

After she left, He Lianyou looked at Ye Futian and said: "It seems that I have been thinking more. The vision of Senior Beigong is not comparable to me."

Ye Futian heard her meaningful words to understand what she meant. Before, they thought that Beigong Family would hate it. Now it seems that Beigong Family can use Beigongshuang to resolve this matter, which is also a statement.

Of course, Helian thought more than Ye Futian. She was thinking that some things that she and her father had guessed may have been speculated by Bei Gongao, and they were very optimistic about Ye Futian.

Moreover, Ye Futian's talent is indeed exciting.

Although in this Dongyuan Pavilion, they have nothing to ask for, but when the practice reaches them, who doesnt want to go on?

Next year, there will be an opportunity.

Ye Futian, who served as the patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion, led them to go together, and it must be stronger than Liu Han. Although Liu Han is strong, his talents are very different from Ye Futian, and Ye Futian is unfathomable. It's impossible to see through. If their guess is correct, and the destruction of Sen Luo Mansion is related to Ye Futian, then his strength will be more terrible than expected.

Ye Futian didn't think too much, went on retreat and practiced, and didn't want to waste a little time. For him, improving his strength is more important than anything.

A few days later, Yang's family, Yang Dongqing was extremely displeased after hearing about it.

"Helian's guy has been avoiding me intentionally or unintentionally, and Bei Gongao is so ostentatious. Has the practice of these years smoothed his temper?" Yang Dongqing's eyes were sharp and he was afraid of the practice of a **** in three realms. people.

"Beigong Ao is so worried about Ye Liunian, is he afraid?" someone asked.

"Even though he is talented, he can kill many middle emperors, but the middle emperor and the upper emperor are also the same. If we are afraid, it is also a matter of the future. How can he get the position of the patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion without our support? After throwing things to us after sitting in power, I sat down and enjoyed those successes, but still set those rules. In my opinion, he kindly treats Dongyuan Pavilion as his." Yang Dongqing has always had opinions on this matter.

In his previous thoughts, he just wanted to support a puppet, but then everything went in a direction beyond his control.

Emperor Helian really assisted him with his heart, and let the princess Helianyou follow him, do things for him, and deploy manpower to manage Dongyuan Pavilion.

Emperor Helian avoided him, so he wanted to pick the Beigong family. Unexpectedly, Beigongao swallowed the cartilage himself, but sent Beigongshuang to Dongyuan Pavilion instead.

Now, he wants to shake Ye Futian's position as the patriarch, afraid that it will be difficult.

Although he was able to enter the Dongyuan Pavilion, he could not get any control.

"As for the fear, I can't talk about it. It's probably the same as Helian, who took a fancy to Ye Liunian's talent." Yang Dongqing continued: "Don't forget, we will go out next year."

The people next to me immediately understood Yang Dongqing's words, and time passed quickly.

Next year, it will be a meeting again.

Ye Futian didn't think so much. He didn't find anything at that time, so he was too lazy to care. Whether Yang Dongqing did it or not, Yang's attempts did not matter. He really didn't care.

After that battle, he also had a general understanding of the strength of several people, and there was not much difference from the head of the Senluo government.

Dongyuan Pavilion's monastery, this is the top of Dongyuan Pavilion, equipped with a superb avenue array, Ye Futian's body suspended in the clouds, surrounded by the meaning of the avenue, the surrounding scene can be called horror.

Ye Futian wore clothes and hunted on his body, his hair fluttered, and the whole sky seemed to turn into a melting pot of the avenue. In the process of refining his way, all the ways of Ye Futian's body were refined into it. A huge storm appeared on the sky. Within the terrible storm, a faint figure can be seen faintly, also the figure of Ye Futian, but like a fairy shadow.


The breath of terror fell from the sky and became stronger and stronger. The immortal attracted the condensed imprint, and the meaning of the infinite road suddenly merged into one, as if intertwined in one point.

There, there are three swords floating, or three sword meanings.

San Daoyi was nurtured by Ye Futian's avenue and became more and more terrible. The surrounding avenues suddenly turned into a vortex storm, and Immortal Shadow also turned into a hundred feet, and merged into this heaven and earth.

Among the three swords, a terrible vortex appeared and devoured everything. With the sky-blooming sword light blooming, an unparalleled sword breath appeared in this space, and the Dafa formations fluctuated violently.

"Oh..." The sharp and piercing sound came out, as if there were thousands of kendo airflows falling from the sky dome, as if every kendo airflow contained kendo attack power, but it was only a brief moment, and everything was not in Ye Futian's Inside his body, above his

The surrounding storm gradually dissipated, Ye Futian opened his eyes, and the body suspended in the void stood upright, like a sword. Although it was a human body, it seemed to be sharper than any sword.

"Kendo breeds sword intention, and I don't know what level of attack power." Ye Futian secretly said, before the battle of Dongyuan Pavilion, only one sword intention, not strong at this moment, can easily kill the median emperor. Now, the sword is accidentally released , I am afraid that the power will be more powerful, usually the median emperor, kill it with a sword.

Below, beside Dongyuan Pavilion, He Lianyou looked up at the void, and there was a wave of fluctuations in the Dafa Formation. She knew that Ye Futian was practicing on it.

Moreover, He Lianyou, who has been with Ye Futian for a long time, knows which Taoism Ye Futian is practicing.

Is it true that what he recorded in that scripture can be made?

On the Dongyuan Pavilion, a white figure fluttered down and came towards the bottom. He Lianyou looked at the figure. She could feel Ye Futian's temperament. Under her handsome appearance, she was as sharp as a sword. .

At this moment He Lianyou knew that Ye Futian's swordsmanship had become stronger these days!