The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1883

Vol 8 Chapter 1883: Anecdote

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Ye Futian's figure fell in front of Helian You, smiling and asked, "What's wrong?"

"How strong are you to cultivate?" He Lianyou couldn't help but look at Ye Futian. She was curious for a long time.

Of course, it was because she was familiar with each other that she would ask so straightforwardly.

"The Three Realms of the God Wheel, but the Avenue God Wheel is perfect, don't you all see it?" Ye Futian asked with a smile.

"I mean combat power." He Lianyou looked at Ye Futian: "I always had a guess. Last year, one of the top powers on this continent, the evil sect, Saro House, was destroyed overnight. Sword practice."

After talking, her eyes kept looking at Ye Futian. Although she had speculation in her heart, she still wanted to verify it herself.

Ye Futian looked at He Lian's curious eyes, and Emperor He Lian's attitude towards himself should be related to this.

However, He Lianyou can say it is also a mutual trust.

"I went to Dongyuan Pavilion to practice." Ye Futian didn't respond directly and smiled and walked towards the gate of Dongyuan Pavilion.

He Lianyou looked at Ye Futian's back. Although Ye Futian did not answer directly, she already knew the answer.

Taking a deep breath, there was a slight turmoil in the heart. Guessing was one thing, and it was really confirmed that it was still very shocking.

After all, that is only the three realms of the **** wheel, **** the existence of a high-level emperor?

The strength of Senluofu is absolutely at the same level as her father, Liu Han and others. He has always wanted to be one of Dongyuanges dominant forces. Senrow House is excluded.

Who would have thought that Ye Futian was exterminated alone.

Well, if Yang Dongqing really has ideas about Ye Futian, it may not be pleased.

However, she would not remind Yang Dongqing and Yang's people of this matter. In the words of his father, although the two sides had formed an alliance and joined hands, it was because the goals were the same. Now, since the positions and views are different, they will take care of themselves. Yes.

Previously, Yang Dongqing was unreasonable to the Bei Gong family.

They will not deal with Yang Dongqing and the Yang family, but there is no need to remind him. His father said that the old fox Bei Gong Ao of the Bei Gong family may have foreseen some things. If Yang Dong Qing would be confused in the future, he would be stupid.

However, compared with Yang Dongqing, Bei Gongao is shrewd. Before changing his position to support them at a critical moment, he became the winner. Now, he has sent Bei Gong Shuang to Dongyuan Pavilion for practice. The owner of the Bei Gong family is extremely savvy. .

After Ye Futian entered the Dongyuan Pavilion, many people saw him saluting him.

"Pavilion Lord."

"Falling Sword Emperor."

Many people were slightly stooped. They were all those who entered the Dongyuan Pavilion to practice through examinations. They respected Ye Futian quite a bit, and some people laughed and said that the white-haired sword emperor.

Ye Futian nodded and responded.

"The Pavilion Master is really beautiful and unparalleled. This extraordinary person is the most outstanding person I have ever seen, and there is no one." Someone whispered.

"Well, on talent, it is also unparalleled."

"It would be nice if I could become a fellow with the patriarch." A young woman said with a smile, many people cast a look of contempt, this nympho...

"The first beauty of the Bei Gong family is now practicing in Dong Yuan Pavilion, and the eldest princess of the Helian royal family, it is your turn?" Some people said with a joke, but it was very lively and full of taboos.

"Hmm!" came a cold hum, and everyone saw an old man reading ancient books there, and he was an emperor's spiritual practitioner. All of them calmed down suddenly, knowing that they disturbed others' spiritual practice, but this old man The realm of the emperor, why do you belong to Dongyuan.

Ye Futian walked up the stairs above the Dongyuan Pavilion. In his realm, the lower level of cultivation practice was meaningless to him.

Many people have entered Dongyuan Pavilion for practice these days, so there are many people in Dongyuan Pavilion. Even if the number of people is controlled, there are still many people on each floor. Every time Ye Futian goes to the upper floor, someone will call the pavilion master.

"Pavilion Lord." When Ye Futian came to the high level, someone shouted. At one place, I saw a shadow of Qian Ying put down his hand, looked back at Ye Futian, and shouted: "Ye Patriarch."

"Miss Frost is here," Ye Futian replied.

"En." Bei Gongshuang nodded: "The first witness, the Emperor, still has many doubts about his practice, so he has been watching the ancient books in the Dongyuan Pavilion. The Dongyuan Pavilion was worthy of being built by the emperor and contains all kinds of things."

"In Dongyuan Pavilion, you can really learn a lot." Ye Futian nodded: "You continue to watch."

With that said, he continued to go up.

But seeing Bei Gongshuang also raised his pace and followed him together.

"Is there anything wrong with Miss Frost?" Ye Futian asked.

"I want to see what the patriarch looks at in Dongyuan Pavilion, so I can learn a little." Bei Gongshuang said softly: "If it would disturb the patriarch, I would not go."

Her voice is soft and gentle, which makes her feel extremely comfortable.

Ye Futian thought, the Beigong family would choose someone.

"You are free." Ye Futian smiled, and then he went up. Although Ye Futian only said that he was casual, Beigongshuang did not hesitate, and he followed Ye Futian directly up and followed him.

Ye Futian felt a little weird. Bei Gongshuang was also a man who practiced to the realm of emperor...

But he didn't pay any attention to it, and began to read the practice method in Dongyuan Pavilion. Beigongshuang also followed quietly and would not disturb him. When Ye Futian finished reading, she would read it later.

Ye Futian sees what she sees.

This situation lasted for several days, even if Ye Futian didn't care, but after a long time, it still felt weird.

At this time, he put down his practice and looked at Beigong Frost Road: "Miss Frost, the way I see the practice is because his own way of practice is not necessarily suitable for you."

"Yes." Bei Gongshuang nodded: "I know."

"........." Ye Futian looked at her, although he had some opinions, but that face made him unable to be angry.

Is she really silly or pretending to be silly?

"It's just that spiritual practice shouldn't be confined to one's own way. The roads are connected. In the past few days, I have followed Ye Ge's spiritual practice to watch these ancient books. I have also learned a lot. It is good for my spiritual practice. Since it is so, how does it matter?" Frost looked at Ye Futian Road.

"But is it better for Miss Shuang to choose what suits her?" Ye Futian asked.

"I have just broken through the border, and I don't know which ones are suitable for me, what to look at, and Dongyuan Pavilion is so big." Bei Gongshuang looked at Ye Futiandao: "My father praised Ye Patriarch very much, so I also believe Ye Ge's vision is naturally no problem, so he also practiced together. If Ye Ge minds, then I will be farther away, and wait until Lord Ye is optimistic, and then I will move forward."

With that said, she actually moved towards the side without dissatisfaction, and still seemed indifferent.

"........." Ye Futian was speechless and could not refute.

He smiled and shook his head, and then left here, did not care about Bei Gongshuang, and followed her.

Beigong Shuangran and Ye Futian were separated by a certain distance, but still the same as before, seeing the ancient book exercises he had seen.

After practicing for another period of time, Ye Futian left.

Later, when he came to practice in Dongyuan Pavilion, he brought Xia Qingyuan together and let Xia Qingyuan follow him.

However, he didn't think that Bei Gongshuang was still "apartable", still following him. Ye Futian wanted to know what she was thinking in her head.

Bei Gongshuang's behavior even attracted the attention of others in Dongyuan Pavilion, and even spread it, so that it has become a topic that many people in Dongyuan City are talking about. The story between genius and beauty is naturally the most easily spread. Will not be limited by the realm of cultivation, the higher the realm, the more eye-catching.

Especially This relationship is more complicated, it seems to be a love triangle.

This is a lot of talks for many people after tea.

Although Ye Futian has some opinions, but also added a little embellishment on the day of boring practice, after all, the practice is extremely boring.

Time flies, another year inadvertently, Ye Futian has never left Dongyuan Pavilion.

When Shenzhou arrived in 1046, Emperor Helian, Yang Dongqing and Bei Gongao also came to Dongyuan Pavilion again.

Ye Futian approached everyone in the Dongyuan Pavilion, and all three shouted, "Master Ye Pavilion."

"Seniors don't need to be polite." Ye Futian said with a smile: "On the opening year, why did all the seniors have time to come to Dongyuan Pavilion?"

"We actually came here for one thing on this trip, and the cabinet owner will know it soon." Emperor Helian said with a smile.

Ye Futian showed a strange color, and the three forces came at the same time. For one thing, it seems that this time is not simple, otherwise they will not be so valued!

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