The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1886

Vol 8 Chapter 1886: Duck Mirror

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Penglai Fairyland is located in the central area of the mainland, and it is surrounded by an extremely strong aura, just like being in a fairyland.

According to rumors, Penglai Fairyland contains a natural magic circle that gathers the spirits of the heavens and the earth. It was the layout of Dongxian Shangxian, which was originally the outer periphery of Dongxian Island and belongs to the activity area of Dongxian Island.

Today's Penglai Wonderland is extremely prosperous, and people from all over the world gather here, and the number of practitioners is simply unimaginable.

In the void, Ye Futian walked in the sky above Penglai Fairyland. The crowd around came and went. This scene was like a group of fairies walking in the sky, making this fairyland more veritable.

Ye Futian looked at the surrounding area, looking at the people who came and went, the elders with immortal style, the beautiful women with enchanting and charming, and the overbearing high-ranking people, the handsome young people, and even Monk, there is aunt.

"Every time Dongxian Island opens, Penglai Fairyland will be mixed with fish and dragons, there are everyone, there are many decent practitioners, evil factions, various types of practitioners." Emperor Helian whispered, and told the people behind him Tao: "You are here, don't arbitrarily provoke right and wrong."

"En." He Lianyou and others nodded. The people who came from the Helian royal family had other heirs besides the princess Helian You, as well as the royal strongman. Dongxian Island would take a few days to open, so he asked.

This is not the continent where they are. On that continent, they are standing at the top of the power, and here, you dont even know the background of the other party in the event of a conflict. Even if there is an accident, you may not find anyone.

Shenzhou is too big. When the other party leaves, where do you go?

Ye Futian's eyes looked down, and I saw the towers of Xiong Pavilion and the pavilion of the ancient courtyard. In addition to this, you can see many people trading in the pavilion, don't underestimate these stalls. People, Ye Futian glanced at random, but they were all emperors, and few people could see the emperor as a realm.

The reason is very simple. If a weak person takes out a treasure, once he is stared at, he has no ability to protect himself.

"Are they all traded like this?" Ye Futian asked.

"No, this is one of the ways. There are many very famous trading places in Penglai Wonderland. If there are treasures, they will trade in those places. The news will be released first to let those who need to go. In addition, Penglai The most prestigious trading place in Fairyland is Penglai Xianchi. It only appears before and after the opening of Dongxian Island every ten years. Ordinary treasures are not eligible to enter Penglai Xianchi. Those who want to trade in it must first check. Bao, look at what level of treasure you have in order to be eligible to trade inside." Huang Helian explained.

Ye Futian nodded, so to speak, but wanted to take a look, there are still many treasures on his body.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said. Fairies exchanged over Penglai Fairyland, and the ground was more bustling.

A group of people fell to the ground and walked in the land of fairyland. There is no restaurant here, but there is a tavern that can only accommodate a few people. It is on the side of the road.

In addition, walking in the fairyland, where beauty can be described as clouds, has been reborn since the cultivation to high realm, temperament transformation, women's appearance will be outstanding, especially the beautiful people, can be said to be particularly eye-catching.

But at this level, the temptation of beauty is not so big.

"This is selling spirit grass?" Ye Futian looked to a pavilion next to him. There was a ragged old man in a stall, where there was only a spirit grass, and the whole body was red, making the surrounding air hot and vaguely able Perceived the meaning of the Tao of Fire.

"Well, Dao Lingcao born from Dao pregnancy." Bei Gongao nodded and said: "This spirit grass is not high in grade, things should not be very precious, but it is very rare for the people in the peak of the Holy Dao."

Ye Futian nodded. When he was in the original realm, he went to the sea of the mysterious realm of Shangxiao Jingu to seek the way, and he felt it.

The group continued to move forward and saw a lot of precious things, but Ye Futian had no exciting treasures. After all, his vision was relatively high.

"Go and see Penglai Xianchi." Ye Futian said, and the group continued to hurry and came to an immortal mountain. There were magic circles around the mountain and there were strong guards.

"Do you want to go in together?" Ye Futian asked them to Emperor Helian.

"I'll go in and have a look too." Emperor Helian smiled, and then told the person behind him, and brought two people, and Bei Gongao and Yang Dongqing did the same. Then eleven people moved forward. People are people who want to enter Dongxian Island, and others are waiting outside.

On the Xianchi ladder, some people saluted them slightly and said with a smile, "You."

Ye Futian naturally understands the meaning of each other, and everyone who comes here knows the rules.

A token appeared in Ye Futian's hands and asked, "Is this possible?"

"Of course." The other party smiled and said: "Please."

What Ye Futian came up with was the East Immortal Order. This thing itself can also be used for trading, and it is of great value. This also proves that Ye Futian is an invited person and naturally let go.

Along the way, this place gathers the essence of heaven and earth, and the aura is extremely strong. In a luxurious palace, there is a Wang Xianchi, which is filled with Xianqi, and there are many extraordinary characters around Xianchi trading here.

There are not many people in it, but both cultivation and temperament far exceed those of the outside world.

Penglai Xianchi is ten miles long. The palace inside is extremely luxurious, 100 meters high, and it is no different from being outside.

There are many shops on both sides of Xianchi. Many people sit cross-legged. Some treasures are placed in front of the shops. Many are valuable treasures.

"What is this?" Ye Futian came to a berth and stopped. There were two small mirrors on the berth. From the middle of Ye Futian, he felt the ripples of the avenue, and even the space was filled with morality.

"Mother and daughter mirrors, two mirrors are connected, if they are refined at the same time, even if they are separated by thousands of continents, they can see each other and talk directly to the mirror." The master of the shop is immortal, with extraordinary temperament. Xia Qingxian said to Ye Futian: "If Xiaoyou and his wife lack this, it makes a lot of sense."

Ye Futian was a little touched, and still had this kind of treasure. He had never heard of it in the original realm before.

On the earth of China, the characters of master refining masters are far from comparable in the original realm, and they are not even found in the original realm. Many refining methods are lost.

If there is such a thing, it is very different.

However, Xia Qingyan's attention was on the other party's title. She looked at Ye Futian around her and saw that Ye Futian did not deny it.

"What price?" Ye Futian asked.

"The ninth-order emperor's magic weapon." The other party offered an offer, and the people in Shenzhou divided the magic weapon and the repair directly into nine-tier.

The ninth-order emperor magic weapon is the peak-level magic weapon.

"It's just a communication treasure, is it worth it?" Ye Futian said.

"This son-mother mandarin mirror is only a communication tool, but it is extremely difficult to refine. Non-refining master-level characters cannot be refined. They also need to be good at different avenues and can be refined with very special materials. The grade is very precious. Only the distinguished talents of the top forces are willing to use this thing. It is a symbol of identity. At first glance, the little friend is among the people, the temperament is extraordinary, and the wife is not a person in the world. It is worthy of this thing, not to mention, children will inevitably be separated from their wives in the future. If they encounter some troubles, they can communicate."

The old man explained that eloquence was excellent, but Ye Futian felt a pity that if there was such a treasure, he could leave one for interpretation.

"Indeed, as he said, although this object is not very useful, it is not easy to refine. This kind of treasure is very rare. Because it is not very useful, it is not much. Only the core children of the top powers need to use it." Emperor Helian told Ye Futian that Ye Futian also understood the logic.

"However, you can bargain." Emperor Helian said.

Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyan and saw that Xia Qingyan was watching him as well, seeming to be moved.

"We have been together, but we don't need it." Ye Futian said. Helian Huang and Bei Gongao and others heard this, and they moved together. Although the two were together, Ye Futian never revealed theirs. relationship.

Now, this is the first time, so to speak, is it really a spiritual practitioner?

Xia Qing kite's beautiful eyes flashed a strange color, she slightly lowered her head, gently nodded, and made a very subtle sound.

"Let's go." Ye Futian stepped away, the old man smiled and said: "Little friends please help yourself, but this time there are many people who come to Penglai Yaochi, who are extraordinary people. There is only one child and mandarin duck mirror. If it is If someone is traded away, there will be no second one."

The transaction book is a psychological game. Ye Futian said that he does not need it, but he just wants to lower the price. How many years has he been in the practice circle?

The woman was also a little emotional, but more concerned about the man's words, Ye Futian said, she would have no idea, now, just look at her status in Ye Futian's heart.

Ye Futian secretly said the old fox when he heard what the old man said. The people here are really smart.

"How about trading with Taoism?" Ye Futian asked.

The old man shook his head, UU reading With his realm, similar to the place like Dongyuan Pavilion, he could naturally go in, without the need for Taoism.

As for those powerful secret methods, the mandarin duck mirror is not worth it, he still has self-knowledge.

"Eighth-order magic weapon?" Ye Futian said again. The other party still shook his head and closed his eyes, saying, "Since you have no sincerity, please help yourself."

"The old gentleman counts you ruthlessly." Ye Futian turned around and came to the old man, smiling at the convenience, and said: "The old man is still accurate, the little friend is an extraordinary person, a ninth order method The device must be handy, not to mention the beauty."

Ye Futian didn't say anything, and threw a storage ring to the other party. The other party invaded into it, felt it, and smiled, "No problem."

Ye Futian took the mandarin duck mirror and handed one of the mirrors to Xia Qingyuan. This time they came to Shenzhou, except for the small sculpture, they were both of them!

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