The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1887

Vol 8 Chapter 1887: Give It?

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After getting the mirror of son and mother mandarin duck, Ye Futian and Xia Qingyan tried it on the spot with divine refining. Such a valuable thing naturally had to be seen on the spot. Sure enough, there was no problem and the two put it away.

Emperor Helian and others looked at the two with a slightly meaningful meaning, which confirmed the relationship between the two.

In addition, Ye Futian was even more unfathomable in their eyes.

The ninth-order emperor magic weapon is the treasure of their town clan. Ye Futian actually used it to trade the mirror of the son and daughter.

So can one think that in the eyes of Ye Futian, the ninth-order emperor's magic weapon is not as good as the son-mother mandarin duck mirror? Then, there must be other instruments of the same level on him.

In their eyes, Ye Futian became more mysterious.

Yang Dongqing glanced at Ye Futian slightly, but he did not expect that Ye Futian was so wealthy.

Many people around looked at Ye Futian. Many people saw the deal just now, but many people are curious about Ye Futian's identity. Those who can get the ninth-order emperor magic weapon are naturally not simple.

"Do you want to come here and see?" Ye Futian walked forward from the shop before he left, only to see someone take the initiative to call him.

"No need." Ye Futian responded with a smile, and continued to walk forward along the Xianchi.

In many places in front, the ray of radiance from the avenues is the avenue light that comes with the magic weapon, making this palace more gorgeous and like a dreamland. Ye Futian glanced over at the glance, dazzling and dazzling.

"Huh?" At this moment, Ye Futian saw a familiar figure. An old man was sitting there drinking wine with gourd, which made Ye Futian show a strange look.

The old man I met before entering Penglai Mainland is a step ahead of him, and has already set up a berth in this Penglai fairy pond.

What makes Ye Futian speechless is the transaction before his shop.

"Xiaoyou meets again." The old man looked at Ye Futian with a smile.

"Good old man." Ye Futian responded with a smile.

"Before I heard that Xiaoyou said that he was not invited, then to enter Dongxian Island will definitely require Dongxianling. Do you want one? If you get acquainted, I can give it to you at a low price." The old man smiled and smiled. Squint into a gap, giving a very smart feeling.

"No need, although the juniors have the heart, they can't come up with the equivalent." Ye Futian refused with a smile, the two were guilty and indifferent to the snake, and the people next to them all felt good and fake.

"Yes." The old man didn't mind either, and smiled: "Little friends are also wonderful people, and they might have a chance to meet them in the future."

"The juniors are looking forward to it." Ye Futian responded politely, and then walked away from the old man. Shortly after Ye Futian walked away, a group of figures came to the old man's shop. The headed person was a handsome young man with extraordinary temperament. The old immortal order was issued.

When the young man was about to leave, he only listened to the old man and said with a smile: "The young man is a wealthy man at a glance. He has extraordinary temperament, and he must have an extraordinary family background."

"Practitioners, talk about what it means to be a family." The youth responded with a smile.

"That's right." The old man nodded: "However, I still have a Dongxianling on my body. Can this son buy it together?"


The young man who was about to walk away was stunned. He stopped suddenly, looked back at the old man, and looked at the other man seriously. The old man squinted and smiled, giving a very treacherous feeling.

This old guy, looking harmless to humans and animals, did not expect to be a hunter.

The hunter specializes in hunting. Obviously there are more than two Eastern Immortals on this old guy. Who can't understand the meaning of this?

Even Ye Futian, who had already left here, stopped and looked back at the old man. He suddenly remembered that when he entered Penglai, the old man asked him if he had an Eastern Immortal Order. It's a ruthless person...

"Sen Thousand Illusions Senior?" The young man stared at the old man for a moment, then shouted with a smile, and suddenly many people around him were slightly surprised, their eyes turned towards this side.

It turned out to be him.

Thousand Fantasy Old Man, also known as the Sacred Thousand Fantasy.

This man can change a lot, so he is called a thousand illusions, not his name. As for the holy hand, it is also sealed by the practitioners, because this old guy is a very famous thief, known as a holy hand, stealing means Said to be fascinated.

But his reputation is not as bad as expected, because even if the holy hand Qianxian is a thief, he never hurts, and the thief also has the way, obeying the principles, is a strange person, and has been in the'practice world' for many years, and so many He has stolen the top characters of Kuai mainland... Therefore, his fame is not small, and he can even be said to be very famous.

"Master Jun has good eyesight." The old man said with a smile, and pointed out the identity of the other party. Many people around him suddenly felt awkward. Many of the practitioners who came to Penglai's Wonderland were from different continents. I dont know, let alone familiar.

But for the top forces of Penglai Xiandao, they all know from time to time, since they come, they must naturally be prepared.

In Penglai Xiandao, there is a surname, Jun. A very domineering surname, however, the Jun strong has already become the top local power. Dominating the Penglai mainland side is the top clan capable of affecting Penglai mainland.

This young surnamed jun, looking at the people who followed him, could easily guess his identity. After all, the top surnamed monk in Penglai mainland, this family alone, is easy to associate.

Well, depending on the person's age and identity, it is most likely to be Jun's young master, Jun Qiuyan.

Many people have a bit of interest, looking to this side, the Jun family should also have a great influence in Penglai Xianchi, one of the behind-the-scenes forces, Jun Qiuyan and Shengshou Qianxian appear here at the same time, Penglai Xianchi Worthy of being the land of hiding dragons and lying tigers.

"How many Eastern Immortals are there in Mr. Qianhuan's hands? It's better to come up with a price together. I have some resources in hand to see if I can digest Mr. Qianhuan." After knowing the identity of the old man, Jun Qiuyan understood that the other party's hands were absolutely There is more than one Eastern Immortal Order.

What kind of character is Sacred Hand Thousand Illusions? Without ten Eastern Immortals in his hand, he lost his fame.

The old man smiled when he heard Jun Qiuyan's words and reached into his arms. When he took it out, he actually took out a bunch of Eastern Immortals, no more, no less than ten.

This stunned the powerful people around, this old **** is really cruel.

"Since Master Son said so, I'm not willing to make an offer." Sheng Xian Qian Huan said to Jun Qiuyan that after hearing his words, Jun Qiuyan's expression slightly changed, even if he was mentally prepared, he was still offered by the other party. Was surprised.

"Old gentleman, digesting so many Eastern Immortals is not an easy thing in itself. The ten Eastern Immortals are sold together, but the conditions of the old gentleman are more harsh, which makes the juniors a little puzzled." Jun Qiuyan said.

"It doesn't matter, the transaction is what you want, I don't want, my son doesn't want it. Naturally, other people will want it, old and so on. Several other top forces on the mainland of Penglai, as far as I know, they all need Dongxianling now, I turned around and asked them." The old man's eyes were still narrowed into a gap.

His words caused Jun Qiuyan's pupils to shrink slightly and stare at each other. Did this old guy hear anything?

What he said before was not all true. He collected Dongxianling, not to help the elderly digest, but to have his own use. If the other party really left other forces on the mainland of Penglai, it would be a trouble.

"Fine, I'll take it all." Jun Qiuyan nodded decisively and agreed with each other's opinions. Afterwards, he really paid a very high price.

This scene has caused many people to start thinking. What does this mean?

Ye Futian looked at it for a moment, and then went to find what he needed. He still did not encounter the treasure that made him admire, but he saw a flower, which was a flower confined in the dark, Closed, the petals turned into a face, and they wanted to swallow people when opening and closing.

"What is this?" Ye Futian asked.

"Hell Lotus." The owner of the shop in front responded: "Death is extremely strong and dangerous. It is the top grade Hell Lotus. Even the people of the upper realm can borrow it to practice.

"Price." Ye Futian asked.

"An eighth-order magic weapon." The other party said to Ye Futian and said, you're welcome.

Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyuan and said, "You can practice it for you in the two levels of life and death, and refine it."

"Good." Xia Qingxuan nodded gently, without refusing, his heart was warm, and the two treasures that Ye Futian traded were for him.

"Can this treasure be given to me." At this time, a voice came and saw Jun Qiuyan looking at the owner of the shop and smiling.

Ye Futian's eyes narrowed slightly when he heard the other party's words, and turned back to look at the other party, only to see Jun Qiuyan didn't look at him, still looking at the owner with a smile.

"The son of the gentleman speaks, naturally there is no problem." The owner of the shop is also a practitioner of Penglai mainland.

"Okay. UU reading book" Jun Qiuyan paid the magical tool directly, and then he had to take things. Ye Futian said lightly: "What do you mean?"

Jun Qiuyan took the treasure, and then turned back, facing Ye Futian and questioned, and handed the treasure to Ye Futian with a smile: "Let me give it to you, make a friend."

"Friend?" Ye Futian froze for some surprise, but the other party bought something and gave it to him, fearing that the purpose was not so simple.

"Yes." Jun Qiuyan nodded: "There are a few days before the opening of Dongxian Island, and I don't know how many evildoers stepped into it. I see that you have extraordinary temperament, and you are not ordinary people. After Xiandao, come with me?"

When Ye Futian heard Jun Qiuyan's words, he was suddenly bright and understood. It turned out that the other party took this treasure and gave it to him in order to buy it.

Let him, after entering Dongxian Island, follow each other, that is, after they enter Dongxian Island, follow Jun Qiuyan!

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