The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1888

Vol 8 Chapter 1888: Jun Qiuyan

"People of the Jun family." Emperor Helian spoke to Ye Futian next to him and came to Penglai Wonderland. They had already briefly mentioned the top powers on the mainland of Penglai, and the Jun family was one of them.

This Jun Qiuyan is naturally a young master of the Jun family.

Ye Futian's eyes looked at each other. This Jun Qiuyan looks similar to his age, and his cultivation base should be similar, and his temperament is also very outstanding. Otherwise, he will not buy a lot of Dongxianling here, and want to buy him. Let him follow.

The purpose of this is not difficult to guess. Jun Qiuyan wants to call a group of people into Dongxian Island with Dongxianling. One Dongxianling can take ten people. If you collect many Dongxianlings, you can naturally bring a lot Entering the strong, and then buying some followers, can become a super power into Dongxian Island.

It seems that these Penglai mainland's top forces have already begun to prepare for the entry into Dongxian Island.

"No need, this **** lotus is in the first look, can you let me?" Ye Futian looked at Jun Qiuyan and smiled, but he was not angry, very politely asked.

"Don't think about it?" Jun Qiuyan opened his mouth, and he looked at some powerful people around him: "These people from all continents have gathered in Penglai these days, and I think the same is true for you. Some people around me are also practitioners from all continents. , To have mutual care together."

"Thank you." Ye Futian replied: "However, I am used to walking with friends around me. Your kindness can only be appreciated."

Jun Qiuyan's deep eyes stared at Ye Futian, and he paused for a moment, as if the atmosphere was slightly serious, but at the next moment, Jun Qiuyan smiled and returned Hell Lotus to the owner of the bunk, saying, "Let him. "

The owner of the shop did not dare to offend him. After the things were returned, Ye Futian looked at each other, but he saw the owner of the shop and said with a smile: "Sorry, this **** lotus, it will not be sold for the time being."

Ye Futian's eyes flashed a different awn, and looked at the other party.

His voice fell, and there was a fierce air in his body. His eyes showed a strong sharpness, and even he could see why. In this Penglai Xianchi, the master was humiliated.

"I don't need it anymore." Xia Qingyan said to Ye Futian, she naturally understood that the **** lotus was given to her for practice, but she didn't expect it to be a life-long setback, first of all, they valued the trade that Jun Qiuyan grabbed before them. Go, the other party gave Jun Qiuyan without hesitation.

Now, Jun Qiuyan gave up, and the other party was worried about offending Jun Qiuyan. She never dared to deal with them. She naturally understood how proud Ye Futian was. However, the behavior of the other party undoubtedly trampled Ye Futian's face.

Therefore, she is also very angry, even if the other party is willing to trade, she will not want.

Ye Futian looked at the other party and smiled, said: "Your Excellency is doing business, but there is no principle."

said, he turned directly to leave here, did not continue to talk nonsense here, this is Penglai Xianchi, Penglai mainland several major forces jointly control the place, the other party does not trade, he can not do anything.

Everyone looked at each other indifferently, and then left, but the black wind carving's fierce eyes still stared at each other.

The other party didn't care. He looked at the small sculpture calmly, and would enter Dongxian Island in a few days. Here he offended Jun Qiuyan. Who knew what would happen after entering Dongxian Island, he realized that he still had it.

Although Jun Qiuyan didn't say it clearly, it's enough to understand it.

Ye Futian made another turn in Penglai Xianchi without encountering what was needed, and then left here.

"It seems that there are not many treasures that can enter the eyes of the patriarch." Emperor Helian looked at Ye Futian and said with a smile.

Ye Futian is not sure, there are really few treasures that can enter his eyes.

"However, after coming out of Dongxian Island, there may be more good things to appear." Emperor Helian said: "Of course, most people are reluctant to take out, but there will always be some exceptions."

Ye Futian They got off Penglai Xianchi and joined the people outside, and they were ready to leave. However, at this time, several women dressed in white appeared. This line of women's grievances attracted the attention of many people.

"Fairy of Dongxian Island." The people whispered, and Ye Futian also recognized it. A few days ago, the fairy of Dongxian Island went to Dongyuan Pavilion to invite, and the women were among them.

The other party seemed to be coming straight to Ye Futian. He stopped in front of Ye Futian and arched slightly: "I have seen the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion."

"Is there anything wrong with you fairies?" Ye Futian asked.

"Bai Xianzi invited the Patriarch to gather together." The woman said, Ye Futian showed a strange color. So, the other party came to him deliberately. As for why he could find him, he was not surprised. There is a flutter of breath. The people of Dongxian Island can lock the position of Dongxianling.

When entering Dongxian Island, the Dongxianling is to be returned to the other party.

"Where?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yuxiantai, but may require the pavilion owner to go by himself, we have to go and invite others." The other party said, Ye Futian looked at Emperor Helian, they saw Emperor Helian nodded and said: "Dongxian Island in Penglai Wonderland station."

"OK." Ye Futian nodded. The white fairy in the other party's mouth must be the headed woman who last went to Dongyuan Pavilion.

"Thank you Pavilion Lord, I'll wait for the first step." After that, they walked past Ye Futian and went in the direction of Penglai Xianchi. It seems that there was someone they invited on Penglai Xianchi.

"Let's go." Ye Futian said, and Emperor Helian nodded, leading the way, Yuxiantai is a very famous place, they naturally know.

They rise from the sky. In the Penglai fairyland, there are still powerful people in the void, and looking down in the air, people are coming and going, and they are very prosperous.

headed towards a prescription. After half an hour, a fairy pavilion appeared in front of it, with the lettering, Yuxiantai.

Under Yuxiantai, many people gathered, all looked up, and some people walked up the stairs and were all invited people.

Ye Futian looked over Sendai. Many people gathered there. In order to show respect, Ye Futian also landed on the ground first, and then went up the stairs. Some people asked, and then took them to the top of Yuxiantai.

At this time, a lot of strong people have arrived on the Yuxiantai, sitting in an arc shape, sitting in different positions, with many seats and very spacious. There are not many people who practice in each position. The women who lead the way lead Ye Futian came to a position to sit down.

Ye Futian looked up and looked forward. As he expected, the heading woman was the one who had invited to Dongyuan Pavilion before, and was as stunning as a fairy.

This woman is named Bai Mu, a practitioner of Dongxian Island.

Dongxian Island will send out immortal envoys every ten years and go to all continents to invite practitioners to enter the island. The people who are invited today are all Bai Mu who went to the invitation. She can know the Dongxianling she sent. position.

Seeing Ye Futian was seated, many eyes turned to him. The leaders of all continents are quite old. There are very few young people like Ye Futian. Many people think that he is the heir of the top power.

"Dongxian Island, Bai Mu, has not yet asked the patriarch how to call it." Bai Muwang asked Ye Futian.

"Ye Liunian." Ye Futian replied.

"Which patriarch?" A middle-aged man asked next to him.

"Dongyuan Pavilion." Ye Futian said.

"Dongyuan Pavilion." There were people around showing different colors. Although they came from various continents, some people in the continent knew each other. Dongyuan Pavilion was also one of the holy places created by the emperor's order. Just like them.

It's just, how is the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion so young?

"Dongxian Island is about to open, so I went to the Holy Lands of various continents to invite you to come here to meet you. It is an honor for Bai Mu. Lord Ye is the youngest among you. Mu Qing said softly.

"Fairies are well-known, I'm just a fluke." Ye Liunian replied that everyone else was looking at the Emperor Helian around Ye Futian. They were thinking, Is Ye Futian a puppet being pushed out?

After all, when the various forces on the mainland cannot reach a certain consensus, they will jointly select a puppet to take charge of the Holy Land. In fact, all the forces on the mainland will be in control together.

"The last patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion should be Liu Han, how is he doing now?" A middle-aged man asked, Emperor Helian had seen each other and was the holy land ruler of the neighboring continent.

"Liu Han violated the will of the great emperor and wanted to use the Holy Land as his own power, and he was killed." Emperor Helian said.

"It turned out to be so." The middle-aged man laughed and said nothing, as if he understood it. It was indeed an internal struggle that led to the fall of the Patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion, so he supported the puppet.

Everyone around him also showed a sudden thought it was clear.

"So, on the continent where the Dongyuan Pavilion is located, are there no other people suitable for inheriting the position of the patriarch?" A voice came from afar, and everyone looked towards them, and they saw a group of people coming from the sky, This person did not go down, but went directly to Yuxiantai. Many people got up or arched their hands and shouted, "The son of the emperor has arrived."

The person coming here, is really Jun Qiuyan that Ye Futian had seen not long ago.

Jun Qiuyan was actually invited.

He did not look at Ye Futian when he spoke, but looked at Bai Mu, who landed on the floor, directly descended on the banquet seat directly opposite Bai Mu, and arched slightly: "Jun Qiuyan has seen Bai Fairy."

"Why should the gentleman be polite." Bai Mu still said lightly and calmly, "Please sit down."

"Thank you." Jun Qiuyan sat down. He looked around the crowd, then his eyes fell on Ye Futian and smiled and said: "I didn't expect to meet again so soon."

Ye Futian looked at the other person and responded: "It's a bit unexpected indeed."

"Two people know?" Bai Mu asked.

"I have only seen it in Penglai Xianchi not long ago, and I really appreciate Lord Pavilion, but Lord Pavilion is somewhat dismissed from Junmou." Jun Qiuyan smiled, and all the people around him suddenly showed a strange color.


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