The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1889

Vol 8 Chapter 1889: Hidden Worry

Is a patriarch from a foreign continent looking down on Jun Qiuyan?

Many people showed their doubts. They didnt believe it. Jun Qiuyan also had some holy land controllers on the mainland. They were still guessing Ye Futians identity. high.

"Boring." A voice came out, the eyes of everyone turned, looking at the speaker, they saw a very beautiful woman, Ye Beitian by the side of Bei Gongshuang.

"Are you admiring?" Bei Gongshuang looked to Jun Qiuyan and asked how he felt that this person was very uncomfortable. Although Jun Qiuyan looked extraordinary, he was too pretended.

It seems that everyone should take orders from him. If you dont listen to him, you cant look down on him?

"Shuang'er." Bei Gong whispered, wanting to stop her, they are not only strong, but also the host of Penglai mainland. It is absolutely unwise to break into conflict with each other here.

Beigongshuang was cold, but did not say anything, but Jun Qiuyan looked at her at this time, and did not feel angry. Still Yun Qing asked lightly, "Isn't it?"

Bei Gong Shuang wanted to say something, but Bei Gong Ao stopped her with eyes.

The atmosphere was a little stiff for a while, and Bai Mu said at the moment: "Everyone is for Dongxiandao, and they are all friends of Dongxiandao. Let some unpleasant things pass."

She wanted to relax the atmosphere, Jun Qiuyan smiled and said: "Fairy is too worried, but it's not unpleasant, just curious to ask this Daoist, why is it not appreciated?"

Ye Futian frowned, Bai Mu had deliberately adjusted, but Jun Qiuyan still refused to let go.

Although his tone is calm and the cloud is breezy, but his identity is there after all, this question really wants them to bow their heads and take the initiative to expose the matter.

How should Bei Gongshuang respond now?

Everyone can see that Beigong Ao is stopping Beigongshuang. At this time, many people are looking at Beigongshuang, as if waiting for this beautiful and proud woman to bow her head.

Jun Qiuyan, let her bow her head.

"Several days later, people will practice in Dongxian Island. Then, you will follow me into the island to practice, how?" At this time, Ye Futian looked at Jun Qiuyan and said.

After his words fell, the space suddenly fell into a strange quiet.

Ye Futian, let Jun Qiuyan follow him into the island to practice?

What is Jun Qiuyan, Ye Futian, a patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion, and possibly a puppet pavilion, let Jun Qiuyan follow him?

At this moment, many people's eyes are a little weird, and they seem to understand very little. No one is a fool in this state of practice. Naturally, no one is a fool. To practice in China, wisdom for survival is a must.

Ye Futian's sentence will undoubtedly offend Jun Qiuyan.

Is this beating Jun Qiuyan in public?

Even Jun Qiuyan was stunned himself. It seemed very surprised that he had come to such a sentence. He looked at Ye Futian and felt a little weird. He hadn't thought about it. Someone would say such a sentence to him.

"Yes, then I can go to Dongxian Island with Lord Ye Ge." Jun Qiuyan was not angry. On the contrary, he still had a light smile on his face and said to Ye Futian as if it was a chat between friends. .

"It seems that my appreciation has been answered, so it seems that I was rude, and your heart is open, and Yemou is not ashamed." Ye Futian said with a smile, the same light and light, as if there was no temper.

Hearing what he said, everyone still didn't understand how it happened.

It was probably that Jun Qiuyan had previously invited Ye Futian to follow him into Dongxian Island, and was rejected, so Jun Qiuyan was somewhat dissatisfied.

So, this scene happened here.

Of course, everyone will not think that there is anything wrong with Jun Qiuyans work. In his status, on the mainland of Penglai, he is naturally eligible to invite the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion. In contrast, Ye Futian, he deserves to follow the young master. He entered Dongyuan Pavilion?

The identity of the two is not equal in itself.

There is no conflict of words, a secret struggle, as if resolved in the invisible, and ended in the emptiness of the two people, but everyone understands that when Jun Qiuyan took over Ye Futian's words, Ye Futian had already offended Jun Qiuyan.

This matter, I am afraid there will be follow-up.

Beigong looked at Ye Futian proudly, and seemed to talk a little bit. Beigongshuang seemed indifferent. Although the woman practiced to the realm of the emperor, it gave Ye Futian the feeling that she had not experienced the beatings of the practitioners.

"The Lord of the Cabinet, Jun Qiuyan refused to let it go. It can be seen that this person is extremely arrogant and wants us to bow our heads. When the Lord of the Cabinet said this, he undoubtedly responded in public. Although he did not turn his face on the spot, he was afraid to take it down. Emperor's Road: "After entering Dongxian Island, you must be careful of this person."

Even Emperor Helian was obviously worried, and he reminded Ye Futian.

"En." Ye Futian responded with a response. Before that, he didn't want to worry about it. He had been patient and had no need to conflict with the other party, but he didn't expect Bei Gongshuang to come out and speak.

Since Beigongshuang stood up, he could only stand in front, and he couldn't let Beigongshen bear it.

Bei Gongao seems a bit worried. Although the owner of a family, there are too many powerful forces in Shenzhou. Many times they need to endure.

On the contrary, people like Ye Futian who are homeless and self-cultivating are free and unrestrained.

On the throne, Bai Mu gave Ye Futian a slightly meaningful look, but it was somewhat surprised that Ye Futian would directly counter Jun Qiuyan, which would be extremely unfavorable for Ye Futian's trip to Dongxian Island.

But she is not someone from both sides, this kind of thing, they will not participate in Dongxiandao.

"This trip to Dongxian Island, there will be some great opportunities. You are all powerful practitioners from all continents. After entering Dongxian Island, I hope you can all gain something. If there is any force who is willing to practice in the future, If you are practicing in the island, you can also find me." Bai Mu said, turning the topic away, so as not to stay in the previous dispute.

"Junmou has always been longing for Dongxian Island, and it has been an ear for many years. I wanted to enter it ten years ago, but my father was not allowed to be repaired at that time. This time, I must take a good look at the island. Maybe I can really practice with the fairy in the future." Jun Qiuyan looked at Bai Mu and smiled gently, as if he had forgotten what he had just said and put it behind his head.

"Son gentleman said so, Bai Mu is waiting to see." Bai Mu responded.

Bai Mu invited everyone to come this time, but it's really okay. It's just a simple banquet with a familiar face. Maybe there will be contacts in the future, but because of the relationship between Jun Qiuyan and Ye Futian and his party, the atmosphere at the banquet Always slightly subtle.

Even though it is not mentioned later, it is still affected.

Ye Futian They were naturally isolated. A group of practitioners from Dongyuan Pavilion and the Penglai mainland's top monarch family were in friction. What would other people think? Undoubtedly, in their view, Ye Futian's behavior is impulsive and ignorant. Such impulse is likely to pay a big price.

Cultivation industry has always been ruthless.

Stayed for a moment, Ye Futian took the initiative to say goodbye to leave, it was a bit boring to stay, it is better to stroll around in Penglai Wonderland.

Bai Mu didn't keep it, let Ye Futian leave them. After leaving Yuxiantai, Ye Futian asked Bei Gongshuang: "How do you think of opening?"

"I can't read it without saying it, why?" Bei Gongshuang looked at Ye Futian.

"It makes sense." Ye Futian was speechless.

"Before I practiced with you in Dongyuan Pavilion, did you also think about the reasons, why did you think things would be so complicated, practice, didn't you do whatever you wanted?" Bei Gongshuang Meimei looked at Ye Futian and continued: "At that time, I wanted to see you practice, so I went with you."

Ye Futian took a deep look at Bei Gongshuang. So, did he think so much?

Beigongshuang has always had a red has not been corroded by the outside world. He looked at Beigongao with some surprise. He naturally can see that the owner of Beigong family is an old fox, but he will The daughter is so tightly guarded?

Beigong Ao behind him smiled bitterly at the moment. He was indeed contaminated with worldly dust, and his mood was not enough. It was difficult to continue to go up. After the birth of his little daughter, Beigongshuang, she was very talented, and he never let her be contaminated. Some things in the world, so Beigongshuang's practice is very fast and talented.

Until Ye Futian appeared, he concluded that Ye Futian must be an extraordinary person, so he sent Bei Gongshuang to Dongyuan Pavilion for practice. In fact, he did so with selfishness.

But nowadays, Jun Qiuyan may remember Beigongshuang. This matter makes Beigongao a little worried. This joyous and indescribable Beigong family head has a hint of worry on his face.

"Pavilion Lord, I want to send Shuanger back, so I won't enter Dongxian Island." Bei Gongao said, "Of course, I will enter Dongxian Island with the Pavilion Lord."

Ye Futian heard Bei Gongao's words and understood the other party's worries. He was a little surprised in his heart. Before, he was actually a little old fox who couldn't look down on Bei Gongao's wind and rudder, but somehow, although he was still the same, Ye Fu Tian is somewhat appreciative. In the practice world, everyone has their own way of survival, regardless of strength or weakness!


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