The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1890

Vol 8 Chapter 1890: Kill Without Amnesty

"No..." Ye Futian directly refused before opening Bei Gong Shuang: "I will not return."

"Shuang'er." Bei Gongao looked at her with a harsh look.

Bei Gongshuang's eyes were extremely stubborn, and she still shook her head and did not listen to her father's opinion at all.

"Why don't seniors go back together?" Ye Futian asked.

"The opening of Dongxian Island is an opportunity, and will the patriarch return?" Bei Gongao asked Ye Futian.

"No." Ye Futian shook his head and looked at Bei Gong proudly: "However, Miss Shuang has already confirmed that her senior should let her make a decision."

Beigong was stunned. He looked at Ye Futian. He did have more restraints on his daughter besides spiritual practice. Ye Futian's words were not unreasonable.

But this time, he still hopes that Bei Gongshuang will leave, and he sees a potential crisis.

As the head of the Beigong family, Beigong proudly asked himself that people are still very accurate. Jun Qiuyan is not a kind, and he is extremely proud. Before that, only because Ye Futian refused, Ye Futian and Beigong Frost both bowed their heads, not to mention being Confronted, Ye Futian even asked Jun Qiuyan to follow him to practice, what would he think with Jun Qiuyan's proud personality?

However, Jun Qiuyan just laughed at the time, and nothing happened. He would not think that this matter would end here. The more it is, the more likely it will be for them to start later.

Although they are top figures in the continent where they are located, the young master of the top family clan in Penglai mainland may not necessarily be eye-catching.

"Enter Dongxiandao, you should follow me as much as possible." Ye Futian said to Beigongshuang.

Beigong was stunned and gave Ye Futian a surprised look. Beigongshuang also looked at him and nodded gently, saying, "En."

Ye Futian said this, Bei Gongao did not say anything. From this sentence, he faintly felt the strong confidence in Ye Futian's body.

"Let's go." Ye Futian stepped away from here and found a place to settle.

Penglai Fairyland has more and more people, extremely prosperous, I dont know how many powerful people came here to prepare to enter Dongxian Island, whether it is the sky or the streets below, it is a crowd of people and a grand occasion.

In a blink of an eye, there is only one day left before the opening of Dong Xian Ge. The practitioners from all continents are ready, and there are more and more trading places in Penglai Fairyland. There are many strong people at every moment. Complete the treasure transaction.

At this time, in an open-air restaurant on the top of an attic, Ye Futian and Emperor Helian and others were drinking quietly here. Looking at the practitioners who still walked above and above the sky, Ye Futian's heart was slightly turbulent.

After many years of practice, although I have seen many top characters, even the Princess East Phoenix and the gods around me, but I have not seen so many powerful practitioners, even if it was the battle of several god-level forces. In terms of numbers, it is far from such a person in Penglai Wonderland.

After all, this is the congregation of more than a thousand mainland practitioners. I can imagine how many practitioners there are.

Looking at this grand scene, even Emperor Helian expressed with emotion, "The practice has always produced an illusion from time to time. Sometimes I think that I have already practiced to the peak. After all, I am already the upper emperor, but I came out and saw this Such a grand occasion, you will feel that you still have a long way to go."

"Cultivation is endless, even the emperor does not dare to say that he has already practiced to the peak." Bei Gong whispered, he was very accurate in positioning himself. In their own continent, they can be more arrogant, indeed. It's a character standing on the top floor, but when it comes out, it will be low-key and restrained.

There are too many strong men in the practice world, and let alone other people, it is said that Liu Han, the former patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion, died.

Ye Futian, who is in the three realms of the gods, can make Liu Han die. Although it is not that he directly killed Liu Han, it was indeed driven by Ye Futian, which led to the fall of Liu Han.

If Ye Futian's strength is really just a common subordinate emperor level, who will care about him? Liu Han couldn't be shaken at all.

And until now, I still don't know Ye Futian's identity, giving people a sense of mystery.

"Who is the strongest in the East China Territory?" Ye Futian suddenly asked, his words jumped a bit, but let Emperor Helian and Bei Gongao stunned, they returned to Penglai Fairy Island, Ye Futian jumped to the east. Huayu?

"The East China territory is too big." Emperor Helian looked away with emotion and sighed. The eighteen domains of Shenzhou, the continental plates of each domain are in units of tens of thousands, how many strong ones are there? How many top characters.

"Yeah, look at East China Territory, let alone us, even the family of Penglai Xiandao, can't talk about the top level, there are too many strongmen, those amazing characters, who is strong, how do we know, maybe , It is the domain master." Bei Gongao said.

Ye Futian nodded slightly, but it was also clear that although Helian and Beigongao were superiors, the level of contact was still limited. For those top characters, they did not understand so much.

The master of the Eighteen Domains of Shenzhou, I dont know how strong the cultivation base is. Perhaps, its not weaker than the gun emperor who appeared in the original realm.

China is so big, it must be the same as the world ruled by the Dark God Court, as well as forces such as the Devil Realm.

It seems that it is still necessary to quickly upgrade the cultivation base. The third order of the Shenlun can still be walked in these ordinary continents. However, it will not work in the core area of Shenzhou. It is still not enough to look at.

While they were chatting, not far from the attic, Helianyou and Beigongshuang were hanging out, wanting to see what was needed.

There is a very large trading pavilion here, pavilions and pavilions. Many people trade directly here, and the repair is very strong. Beigongshuang stopped in front of a pavilion and looked at the thunder pearl in front of him. The light of thunder filled with terror seems to be suppressed, and it may burst at any moment.

"This thing can be cultivated into the soul of the gods to improve the control of the Thunder Dao. Do you want to consider it?" The owner of the Lingzhu in the attic looked at Bei Gongshuang with a smile.

"What price?" Bei Gongshuang asked.

"This Thunder Bead is equivalent to the fifth-level treasure. I need a spatial attribute of the same level." The other party said, this level of transaction is generally to exchange treasures for treasures, each to take what they need.

"Can I feel it?" Bei Gongshuang said.

"OK." The other party nodded, Bei Gongshuang's palm stretched out, held it, and suddenly a terrifying thunder force walked up her arm, her arm retreated instantly, shaking slightly.

"It should be fine." Next, He Lianyou, who was in the middle imperial realm, felt the intensity and said to her, Bei Gongshuang nodded, and then took out a storage ring and put a treasure in it. Give it to the other party.

After the man took it, Shennian invaded and felt it, and Bei Gongshuang's eyes were still looking at the Ray Lingzhu.

"Your Excellency, what are you doing with an empty storage ring?" At this time, only the other party said, Bei Gongshuang was stunned. She withdrew the other party's storage ring. nothing.

At this moment, her face changed slightly, a little cold, staring at the other party. The moment when the other party put the storage ring in the sleeve just now, she must have dropped the bag by special means and had already taken things away.

Hellian looked at her, Bei Gong frost said: "I gave it."

He even calmed his face, waved his sleeves directly, and took away the rayling beads, coldly said: "I'm just a joke when I'm your Excellency."

"Indiscriminately." Seeing Helianyou's action, the other party directly issued a thunderous shout, and a violent breath swept out. His robe swelled up, and the road storm hit the two people. Helianyou was still there. North Palace Frost was shocked.

"What's the matter?" At this time, there was a strong man coming in the void, and the breath was terrible. Daowei oppressed it and directly enveloped this space, especially the majestic middle-aged head, the breath was terrible, and it was a superior emperor. .

He Lianyou looked up to see that her face had changed. She knew that she might have entered the game.

The other party is waiting for them.

Otherwise won't be so coincident.

Without any hesitation, Helian You Shennian was released. It is not far from Ye Futians place and can be directly covered by mind. After all, they offended people a few days ago, they are not so careless, they can see each other. .

But at this moment, a magic weapon appeared in the void, directly blocking the vast space and cutting off the mind.

"Someone forcibly robbed the magic weapon, violated the trading rules, temporarily blocked the space, everyone forgive me." The majestic middle-aged man in the void directly said aloud, his voice was indifferent, his eyes aimed at He Lianyou, with those cold eyes Kill it all.

This woman has an extraordinary temperament, and she is beautiful even when she is born, but she still wants to die.

"Not good." He Lianyou saw the other person's eyes and could perceive the killing thoughts in the other's pupils. She pulled Bei Gongshuang's body directly back, wanting to leave this space, but there were strong people around The advent appeared, the breath was terrible, and they were not allowed to flee here.

In the void, a terrible killing intention burst out of the majestic middle-aged pupils, and said in a cold voice: "Forcibly plunder in Penglai fairyland, killing without pardon."

His voice fell, and his murderous intentions enveloped the void. The powerful people in the surrounding void suddenly broke out the avenue of killing at the same time. In a flash, Helianyou and Beigongshuang were in desperation!


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