The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1892

Vol 8 Chapter 1892: Tease

Ye Futian, actually slaughtered Penglai Fairyland law enforcement directly.

Moreover, it almost wiped out cleanly, and all the figures in the void came towards the bottom. There are more and more practitioners here, looking at the situation here.

Is this angry at the crown?

However, the people around them thought they would be extremely angry if they encountered this kind of thing, but they would not like the impulsive violent killing like Ye Futian, most of them could only swallow this breath.

No way, the strength is not as good as human beings. Behind the law enforcers are standing some of the top powers of Penglai mainland. Where can foreigners from other continents can contend?

If these law enforcers deliberately want to kill Helianyou and Beigongshuang, then they must also mean the people behind them. Ye Futian must have offended them. Is the safest approach.

Acting impulsively like Ye Futian, there is a great possibility that he can't get out of this Penglai continent.

"You are arrogant." The majestic middle-aged stared at Bei Gongao in front of him and said, his voice was extremely cold and contained a strong murderous opportunity. Even in front of him, it was so arrogant to kill the law enforcement people.

"It's going to be arrogant today." Bei Gong looks like a terrifying Thor, his eyes turned into purple, and the thunder lightning shot directly rushes towards the other body, and the sky above the sky is suddenly lowered to destroy Thunder Tribulation. Instantly turn into an end-time scene.

Seeing her daughter almost killed, Bei Gongao was obviously angry.

makes him feel even more afraid that the other party didn't hesitate at all. When he arrived, he killed the killer. The excuses he couldn't withstand any scrutiny, just to make excuses and to make excuses, is to kill.

As long as Ye Futian moves slowly, Bei Gongshuang may be killed.

"Do you know that the Penglai Fairyland Law Enforcer was killed?" The majestic middle-aged man is terrifying, like a monstrous and terrifying beast, oppressing the vast void, making everyone around him feel extremely depressed.

Ye Futian swept to each other and said: "Penglai Fairyland law enforcers colluded with others, pitted those who came to Penglai Fairyland to prepare for trial in East Fairy Island, so the law enforcers, everyone can kill, today, Penglai Fairyland and East Xiandao cuts you, Senior Bei Gong, let's do it."

"Good." Bei Gong proudly nodded, and a terrible thunder chain appeared on the sky. It was extremely thick and swept towards the other party. However, an extremely fierce demon appeared above the other party's body. It was a scary red. The colored flame dragon, the dragon scales on the body are as red as blood, like the dragon coming out of the magma, the temperature of the sky becomes extremely terrible.


Thousands of robbers thundered, locked the sky, turned into a circle of thunder, and walked toward the other party's body, the flame dragon roared, and a respected dragon shadow rushed out, but the space was blocked by the thunder of the avenue, and Lei Weiyu Lock the sky directly.

At the same time, Emperor Helian also started. Not only the northern palace frost, but also his daughter, Helian You, the eldest princess of Helian.

His body floated directly in front of the other party, his eyes looked at the magic dragon, and he saw that the flame dragon seemed to be sleepy, and his spirits were in a trance, as if to enter a dream.

The two great men joined forces, and suddenly the majestic middle-aged man felt a strong pressure. His pupils turned into a red color, so that he was not disturbed by the way of the big dream, but he saw a terrifying big fingerprint directly toward the He came from the bombardment.

It was the big handprint of Thunder of Bei Gongao, the palm of which was covered by Thunder Avenue, containing a terrifying atmosphere of destruction, feeling the power of destruction in it, the majestic middle-aged arm stretched out, and a magic dragon arm turned into a void, also domineering Sharp, slammed into each other.

The two collided close together, and at that moment, the power of destruction turned into a terrible avenue storm swept out, causing many people in the distance to be shaken out, the buildings on the ground were razed to the ground, and they were wiped out in a flash, even if they were humans The emperor is under terrible pressure.

At this time, the other party saw a pair of eyes, and those eyes would force him into the dream. The spiritual space, and the terrible attack directly killed, making the majestic middle-aged extremely uncomfortable.

He roared, his body rose into the sky, the flame dragon rolled towards his body, the flames burned into the sky, this space turned into a world of infernal fire, surrounded by a destructive dragon, extremely horrifying.

But even so, Bei Gongao still directly forcibly killed him, stepping towards him step by step, carrying the destruction of the Thunderstorm.

The two strong men attacked at the same time again, and they were trapped in majestic middle age. At this time, the three swords were hovering above the sky, giving birth to the terrible aura of kendo killing, and there were sword rivers in the sky, Pour into the sword.

"The three swords are so strong." Many people's attention was attracted by the collision between the two sides, so that they ignored the three swords on the sky, but then the atmosphere of the three swords was more and more scary, just At the moment when the two sides collided again, Jianyi erupted at the same time, descending from the sky dome, turning into a sword of heaven, and running through the void.

"Bang!" The violent storm of collision swept through the vast space, and Penglai Wonderland seemed to tremble. At this moment, many people in Penglai Wonderland looked up to the distant sky dome. There, three terrible swords fell from the sky dome. Can see three sword rivers, each sword river contains unparalleled sword power.

In the distance, Jun Qiuyan, who chatted with friends and drank in a restaurant, also saw the sword rivers. They were magnificent and far apart, and they could still feel the grace of this sword.

However, Jun Qiuyan frowned, then got up and flickered away in a direction.

Could it fail?

Killing a few small people from the mainland, for him, is not a big deal, just find an excuse to solve it.

Jun Qiuyan was accompanied by a group of strong men who followed him at a very fast speed, and walked directly across the space.

In the battlefield, countless eyes are fixed there, the terrible road storm is gradually disappearing, everyone is staring at the majestic middle-aged, the law enforcer of the Seven Realms of Shenlun, his body is wrapped around the sword and is penetrated by the sword. His body became illusory a little bit, and there was fear, unwillingness, anger and despair in his eyes.

He didn't expect to die here, so he lost his life in order to execute a simple plan.

"......" The sword intention bloomed, the person's body turned into nothingness and dissipated in the sky and earth, and fell.

With his death, the surrounding space became quiet, and the strong men shook their hearts. They really killed, and the law enforcement leaders led the same way. That's a high-ranking strong man.

In the distance, there are several powerful breaths coming, and many people who come to see the lively, Penglai Wonderland people perceive the fighting here, and come in this direction, and gather more and more.

Jun Qiuyan also arrived. He came with his friends. There were many others who followed him. When he saw the disappeared figures, his face was a little gloomy. The same was true of his friends. His eyes were cold, and they swept to Ye Futian.

"What did you do?" said a young emperor sweeping to Ye Futian, who was beside Jun Qiuyan, with a very cold tone.

"Yes." Ye Futian looked at each other and responded.

"Take it down." Jun Qiuyan looked at Ye Futian's cold and arrogant attitude, just like he had on Yuxiantai, he suddenly had a strong killing thought in his heart.

Both Beigong Ao and Emperor Helian released a strong breath, looking at the strong men gathered around them, they stepped out at the same time, and the breath was extremely cold.

Although it was guessed that Jun Qiuyan had instructed people to do it behind their backs, they did not expect Jun Qiuyan to make an order without any concealment. He might be so proud that he didn't even care.

arrogant, no one in sight.

"Don't you ask what happened?" Bei Gongao looked at Jun Qiuyan and said.

"Slay the law enforcer, take it back to investigate, and if there is any disobedience, kill no amnesty." The answer to Bei Gongao is a murderous cold voice. If you resist, kill no law.

There is no need to disguise what went through. No one knows the course of things better than him. All he wants is the result, but the development of the other party deviates slightly from his However, the ending will not change .

"Om!" Just as his voice fell, there were three swords directly crossing the void, and it was the ultimate moment.

"Be careful." Someone tried to resist, the big palm seal was directly intercepted in front of Jianyi, and a loud noise came out. The resisted attack was directly pierced and crushed by Jianyi. The suffocating pressure made Jun Qiuyan look shocked and his body quickly. Flashing backwards and back, the figure was extremely fast, and at the same time, several figures stood in front of him, and it was naturally impossible for Jun Qiuyan to have an accident.

However, Jianyi didn't continue to move forward, but crossed a gorgeous arc and turned directly back to Ye Futian's head.

Jun Qiuyan's face became extremely gloomy when he saw this scene, and he walked in front of the two people who stood in front of him, staring at Ye Futian.

The other party is playing him.

However, that sword intention made him feel the threat of death.

"Let me follow you into Dongxiandao, and you are also worthy?" Ye Futian said sarcastically. Hearing his words, everyone showed a strange look. It seemed that the two knew each other.

So listen to Ye Futian's meaning, what happened before, the reason is most likely to be here.

Jun Qiuyan, wants Ye Futian to follow him and enter Dongxian Island!


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