The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1893

Vol 8 Chapter 1893: Live A Few More Days

At this time, the talents began to notice Ye Futian's strength. He continued to kill the emperor in the three realms of the Shenlun, and even cooperated to kill an upper emperor. Although there are two people holding each other, it is the Shenlun. The existence of Seven Realms, even so, can still see how strong his sword is.

Moreover, the sword just made the opponent frightened, Jun Qiuyan was even scared to retreat quickly, which shows that Ye Futian's strength far exceeds his own realm, and can even be said to be much stronger than his own realm.

Otherwise, it is impossible to do all this.

"This person is very strong." Many people secretly said that Ye Futian was too strong. Although many people now guess the reason, Jun Qiuyan's status is there. He is the young master of the Penglai mainland's top power.

Jun Qiuyan can use some means to deal with Ye Futian, but Ye Futian is so fiercely resisted that he is vulnerable to bite.

The sword just now can be said to make Jun Qiuyan lose face.

Sure enough, Jun Qiuyan's face was extremely gloomy at the moment, and there was a strong killing look in those deep eyes. He had only one thought now, and he wanted Ye Futian to die.

Even, at this moment, he didn't have the kind of cloudiness that was before.

He still behaves politely on Yuxiantai. No matter what Ye Futian said, he always smiled, but he secretly wrote down in his heart, showing his city, his emotions are invisible.

But at the moment, among his icy eyes, only the killing thought of Ye Futian.

Let Ye Futian follow him, is he unworthy?

Now that he is unworthy, so good, kill.

No matter how powerful the talent is, kill him, let him see, what is unworthy?

"Slaughter the law enforcer, killing in Penglai Fairyland, arrogant and rude, all eyes are empty, no matter which continent you are from, and do not want to leave in the future." Just listen to Jun Qiuyan coldly said, every voice contains killing thoughts.

"All won, can be killed on the spot." Jun Qiuyan said coldly, and issued a kill order.

At this moment, he didn't hide himself at all, and he was too lazy to find any excuses. Ye Futian's words almost hinted at the entire event. In this case, he didn't want to justify anything, just kill.

His voice fell, and he saw a figure walking forward. Those from all continents also flickered in shape, enclosing Ye Futian and others.

For a time, this space became more oppressive. Emperor Helian and Bei Gongao and others looked extremely ugly. Sure enough, something went wrong. Before, Bei Gongao wanted to let her daughter leave.

At that time, he vaguely had a bad hunch.

Yang Dongqing next to him has never shot. At this time, he seems to be an outsider, standing quietly in the side direction, not participating in this storm, Ye Futian is going to die, he will not die with Ye Futian, he is not so stupid, Offend the top power here on the mainland of Penglai.

is to pay for what he does after all.

Everyone around this scene also felt that Ye Futian was afraid that they would be miserable. They rushed to the crown and were so strong, but they were not strong enough.

The three-handed sword was suspended above Ye Futians head. His eyes were fixed on the figure of Jun Qiuyan in front of him. He was sure that he could kill Jun Qiuyan before the war, but in that case, Dongxian Island could not enter. It is to leave directly, and may cause disaster in Dongyuan Pavilion.

For example, he can go away, but Emperor Helian and Bei Gong family are afraid that they will be implicated.

Therefore, less than a last resort, Ye Futian will not take that step and directly kill Jun Qiuyan in public.

"I promise you will die before they start." Ye Futian looked at Jun Qiuyan and said, his tone made Jun Qiuyan feel a very strong confidence, as if Ye Futian said it would be able to do it.

'S arrogant words made Jun Qiuyan's face more and more gloomy. The previous sword had already made him lose face. Now, Ye Futian has once again insulted him in public. He is also a powerful and talented emperor.

But nowadays, it is humiliated.

There are so many strong men, Ye Futian said that as long as his people start, the one who will die first will be his Jun Qiuyan.

Ye Futian never put him in his eyes, as if he could easily squeeze to death, and even disdain to fight with him.

"The big words are not ashamed." Around Jun Qiuyan, the strong men of the two upper emperor realms stared at Ye Futian coldly and scolded, treating them as air?

Before their shot, Zhujun Qiuyan?

"You try." Jun Qiuyan also spoke ironically, he didn't believe it.

"Do it, kill." Jun Qiuyan ordered coldly.

In an instant, a terrible road storm erupted, flooding this space, and at the same time, the three swords floating above Ye Futian's head released the sky breaking sword.

"All of you are merciful." At this moment, I heard only one voice, which was ethereal and sounded in the avenue storm, and clearly passed into everyone's eardrums, making many people stunned. Does anyone come to discourage?

turned his eyes and saw that there was a white figure in the void stepping into the void. This pedestrian fluttered in white, and the peerless dust came out. Everyone was very beautiful, just like a fairy goddess, the strong man of Dongxian Island.

The woman headed by is Dongxiandao Baimu.

In the battlefield, the strong road storm stopped for an instant, Ye Futian they also looked at Bai What do Fairies advise? Jun Qiuyan looked up and asked Bai Mu.

"Can Master Son and Ye Gongzi give Dianxiandao a face, let's stop here today, no longer ask who is wrong in sleeping, and no longer investigate what happened before?" Bai Mu looked to Jun Qiuyan and Ye Futian They opened their mouths and said, "They are all invited by Dongxiandao, and I was invited by Baimu, so Bai Mu did not want to see you like this. The day when Dongxiandao opened is now. Any loss is my fault."

Jun Qiuyan looked at Bai Mu. He didn't think Ye Futian needed to nod. In his view, Ye Futian was already a dead person. Bai Mu wanted him to stop there and spare Ye Futian's life.

"The Jun family also maintains the order of Penglai's fairyland. It must not be so unpleasant. Dongxian Island will open tomorrow. Bai Mu hopes to see all the invited people can enter Dongxian Island." Bai Mu sees Jun Qiuyan hesitating Continuing to say that she naturally can see the difference in strength between the two sides, but Ye Futian showed amazing potential in this battle.

She also didn't want to see Ye Futian fall before stepping into Dongxian Island, so she came out, hoping that Ye Futian would have the opportunity to enter Dongxian Island.

Jun Qiuyan saw Bai Mu's eyes and insisted, looking at Ye Futian, coldly said: "What happened today, afterwards, let you live a few more days."


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