The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1894

Vol 8 Chapter 1894: Dongxianmen

Jun Qiuyan and others turned and left. When he passed by Bai Mu, he stopped slightly and said softly: "White fairy opens, Jun is willing to give face to Dongxian Island, but it is not guaranteed that he can leave Penglai mainland alive. Hope the fairy will understand."

said, he continued to lift his foot to leave, the friend beside Jun Qiuyan also paused, smiled and looked at Bai Mu said: "Bai Xianzi pleads for him, why, some are more than worth it."

Bai Mu didn't say anything, before she thought Ye Futian was just a puppet pavilion, after all, Ye Futian Xiu was very low, only the realm of the lower emperor, many people around him were stronger than him, and there were several upper emperors Under such circumstances, it is natural to think that Ye Futian is not the real master of Dongyuan Pavilion.

But what happened before made her change her mind. This person made her feel a similar breath to her. That is the perfect level of the Divine Wheel, and it has a very strong fighting power. A lot of rock strength.

If you enter Dongxian Island, perhaps, Ye Futian can have a greater harvest. If possible, Dongxian Island may recruit him.

Thinking of this, Bai Mu glanced at Ye Futian and said, "Yongzi, the Jun is the top force in the mainland of Penglai, and he controls a very powerful force in Penglai's fairyland. This trip may be a bit dangerous. The son gave birth to killing thoughts, but tomorrow he will enter Dongxian Island. If Ye Gongzi can gain something in Dongxian Island, I will see if I can say a few words for Ye Gongzi in Dongxian Island. Dongxian Island may be able to protect Young Master Ye."

Her tone is very calm, without the kind of kindness tone, as if she is really planning for Ye Futian.

Jun Qiuyans killing intentions everyone saw that Penglai mainland is the other partys territory. In this case, he needs other strengths to save his life. If Dongxian Island is willing to help, it is undoubtedly a ray of life.

"Thank you Fairy, I will consider it." Ye Futian replied that he had many ways to live. Helian and Bei Gongshi could not be put down. After all, they were involved in this time.

Jun Qiuyan didn't care about his majesty at all. As he said, he was sure to let Jun Qiuyan die before the other party wanted to kill him. He was still confident that he could do it.

"Okay." Bai Mu didn't say much when he heard Ye Futian's words. She also felt that Ye Futian was extremely proud and confident. He still seemed to think he had a solution.

Maybe, Futian in Dongxian Island will bring some surprises.

can only wait and see.

"Farewell." Bai Mu nodded slightly to Ye Futian, and then rose into the sky, looking at the crowd and said: "Tomorrow Dongxiandao opens, everyone don't forget."

said, a group of fairies walked away in the void.

After they left, the storm calmed down and ended with the fall of many emperors.

Many people felt some emotions. All this made people feel a little dreamy. They wanted to kill Ye Futian, but they were counter-killed. Now Ye Futian and others are still safe.

But they can also understand that Bai Mu speaks, even if Jun Qiuyan does not want to let go, but also has to give some face, after all, he will also enter Dongxian Island tomorrow.

And Dongxian Island is the site of Bai Mu, so even if Jun Qiuyan is displeased, he temporarily puts it down, and waits for the matter to pass, then kills Ye Futian and them.

The strong men still did not leave, but looked at Ye Futian and them. Penglai Fairyland gathered more than a thousand mainland practitioners. Naturally, all kinds of things will happen, but they dare to be as strong as Ye Futian. There are still very few people, and many people are looking forward to it. I dont know what will happen to Ye Futian on this trip.

"Let's go." Ye Futian said, and the group left from the crowd. After they left, the strong parties from all sides dispersed, and many people showed a look of interest.

This trip to Dongxian Island seems to be busy again.

After Ye Futian walked out of the crowd, Bei Gongshuang lowered her head slightly, she looked at Ye Futian and said softly, "I'm sorry."

Ye Futian looked at her, somewhat surprised, saying, "Why do you say that?"

"It's hurting you," Bei Gongshuang whispered. She didn't think she had done anything wrong. Before, on Qiuxiantai, it was Jun Qiuyan who was poking, and she refuted the sentence. So that the conflict broke out.

"It's okay, you didn't do anything wrong." Ye Futian whispered, Bei Gongao looked at the two people in front and secretly sighed, no one knows his daughter better than him. Bei Gongshuang is dedicated to the practice of the practice world. The experience is too few, even if it is to practice to the realm of the emperor, but in fact her scheming is still not deep.

Probably what happened this time will give her some profound lessons, so that she can really feel the survival rules of the spiritual world.

However, it is difficult to say whether it is possible to get past this level safely.

Bei Gongshuang heard Ye Futian's words silently, did nothing wrong, but fell into a dangerous situation but it happened. She didn't care much about herself, but Helian was also slaughtered before, and Ye Futian They are all involved in it now, and Jun Qiuyan has made a murderous heart for all of them, without concealment.

"I will be fine," Ye Futian said, still with strong confidence in his tone. Even if the other party really used family power, it would be a big deal to take Jun Qiuyan to deter the other party. Lien and Bei Gongshi migrated.

Ye Futian's eyes looked forward when he talked, Bei Gongshuang looked at his profile, and seemed to feel a powerful force from the dull voice. This power did not come from strength, and it was unclear.

No wonder her father told her that Ye Futian might be the most outstanding person he had ever seen, so she would learn more.

Bei Gongao also felt a strong confidence from Ye Futian's tone. Perhaps he can bring surprises, but this is a demon emperor who can make the statue sanctified.

During the trip to Dongxiandao, he may be able to do things that no one else can.

Moreover, Bai Mu of Dongxian Island has also thrown an olive branch.

"Someone is staring at us," Emperor Helian said, his brow furrowed, his face slightly dark, and he stared at them unabashedly, and he was very strong, and Shennian swept directly on their side, Start monitoring their actions.

Ye Futian's eyes flashed a cold awn, Jun Qiuyan didn't want him to walk out of Penglai mainland alive, and naturally wanted someone to monitor their movements, and would not give them a chance to escape.

He closed his eyes, a terrible wisp of sword gas lingered on his body, the sky above, the meaning of the road was terrifying, and suddenly turned into a sword meaning, the sword meaning clanged, containing the fairy light.

Many people around looked in his direction, revealing a strange color.

The next moment, I saw that the sword was killed directly from the air, and followed the invasion of a **** to kill the past, ignoring the distance in space.

The Shennian was sweeping Ye Futian unscrupulously. At this moment, he suddenly felt a terrible sharp sword. Shennian turned into a giant beast and screamed out. The puffing sound directly annihilated and smashed under the sword. .

In the distance, an old man's brow furrowed, his face embarrassed, and waves of horror **** thought swept out. However, the sword intention penetrated through the air, and all the **** thought power was shattered, and the sword intention seemed to be restrained. Divine read.

"Boom!" A strong crossroads erupted from him, swept away into a terrible avenue of breath, which blocked the ray of sword in his mind, as if he could see the sword pointing at him across the sky, With a strong threat.

Then, Jianyi flew back.

The old man opened his eyes and his face was somber. He was threatened by a descendant of the next emperor, who erased his mind and did not allow him to peep.

Ye Futian didn't pay attention to his thoughts. After the release of Jianyi, the Taoist thoughts were much more honest, and they didn't dare to be so only occasionally sneaked a peek at their location, the purpose is to prevent They ran away.

Nothing happened overnight.

In the early morning of the second day, Penglai Fairyland, Dongxianmen, here is the entrance of Dongxian Island, where immortal air lingers, on the Dongxianmen, the fairy mist is filled, covering a huge space, many Dongxian Island fairy is standing In front, it looks like a beautiful scenery.

in front of the Dongxian Gate is even more magnificent. I dont know how many powerful people have gathered. At a glance, from the sky dome to the ground, the vast endless land is all people who practice.

Thousands of mainland powerhouses, Qi Zhi, most of them are in the realm of the emperor, you can imagine how grand this is.

Among the crowd, Ye Futian also arrived, and they were unremarkable in the sea of people, and were drowned in it. Even the magnificent scenes of Emperor Helian and Bei Gongao were quite unsteady in their hearts. It was so magnificent as it was years ago.

There are too many people practicing in the world, the land of China is too big, so big as their realm of emperor, it seems to be just a drop in the sea.

"Every ten years since the opening of Dongxian Island, there will be some characters, this time, the patriarch may be one of them." Bei Gongao said, the practitioners from all continents, many evil characters are full of confidence, but On this trip to Dongxian Island, not many people can really stand out.


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