The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1895

Vol 8 Chapter 1895: Flowering Tree

At this time, in front of Dongxian Gate, a line of figures walked out of the breath of breath inside Dongxian Gate as if out of thin air.

The headed person is a middle-aged and beautiful woman with a noble and elegant temperament, a graceful figure, with a mature charm, which gives people a very cold feeling, it seems difficult to be close to her, its appearance is outstanding, but it is not lost at all. The white mu that I have seen shows the beauty of this beautiful woman.

She looked around the crowd and said: "Ten years, Dongxian Island invites you to come into the island. There are avenue opportunities in the island. If you can get the chance, you can take them away. With the Dongxian Ling, you can enter. Island."

Her voice fell, and there was a ray of strong spatial fluctuations in the Dongxian Gate. The strongmen stepped forward. Many fairies in Dongxian Island were distributed in different directions, waiting for them. Just take out the Dongxianling and return it. Can bring people into the island.

"Let's go." For a moment, the mighty practitioners walked forward, handed the Dongxianling to the fairy who was staying there, then stepped into the Dongxianmen, and the figure disappeared directly.

The movements of the people are very fast, because the Dongxianmen is spacious enough, and there are many fairies standing in front of the Dongxianmen, so every moment many people enter into it at the same time. Into it.

"Let's go." Ye Futian was in the direction they were, only listening to Ye Futian's voice, and a group of people walked straight forward. They walked in the direction of Bai Mu's direction, and took out Dong Xianling, and gave it to Bai Mu.

Bai Mu glanced at Ye Futian and whispered: "Be careful."

"Thank you fairy." Ye Futian responded, and then took ten people into Dongxian Island.

After they entered, not far away, Jun Qiuyan and many others stood there. I saw that the lineup around Jun Qiuyan was very strong. The mighty strong seemed to be a small army.

His eyes glanced in the direction of Bai Mu, and then he also moved in that direction. After walking over, he and the dozen people around him took out Dongxianling at the same time. Suddenly, there was a strong lineup of more than 100 people. Step into Dongxian Island.

"See you in Xianzi Dongxiandao." Jun Qiuyan whispered to Bai Mu.

Bai Mu glanced at him and nodded gently: "I look forward to seeing you again in Dongxian Island."

"It must be." Jun Qiuyan said, and then led a group of people towards the Dongxian Gate, imposing and stepping inside.

After he entered, Bai Mu glanced at his back. She knew that the last thing had actually offended Jun Qiuyan. She let Jun Qiuyan pass Ye Futian. Jun Qiuyan gave her this face, but she was not Wishfully, there is resentment in my heart.

Nowadays, she is very dissatisfied with her.

However, she doesn't care much. After all, she is from Dongxian Island. Even though Jun Qiuyan is a disciple of Penglai's top powers, she can't treat her like that.

Behind Jun Qiuyan, there are still many strong men entering the island one after another. The number of people outside is declining, and not long afterwards, the people who have entered are all in. Most of the people waiting outside are people without Dongxianling, only outside. guard.

The fairies of Dongxian Island also relaxed, and someone whispered: "I don't know who the blooming tree will bloom for."

"Master, can you go in and see?" Someone looked to the middle-aged beautiful woman and asked. The beautiful woman glanced outside and nodded slightly, saying: "Leave some people waiting outside."

"Yes." Everyone nodded with a smile, and then followed them together in the East Fairy Gate.

Ye Futian After they stepped into the Dongxian Gate, they felt as if they had come to a fairyland on earth. The immortal air, the blue sky, the pure and impeccable Daohai, and many islands could be seen on the sea.

In front of the crowd, there is an island, but there is no one on the island, only a tree.

An island, there is only one tree, this tree is the whole of the island, a real ancient towering tree, a branch, like a street, a leaf, can accommodate many people standing on it, One can imagine how big this tree is.

There are many blooming flowers above the towering **** tree, which is very charming.

The blossoming tree is also called the avenue blossoming by the practitioners of Dongxian Island.

Flowers bloom, they are born for Tao.

At this time, many people walked forward and stepped towards the flowering tree, and many people even released powerful Daowei in front of the flowering tree.

The blossoming trees are born for the Tao, and they can perceive the breath of the Daoist practitioners.

"Is this the legendary flowering tree." He Fuyou whispered next to Ye Futian. This was her first time entering Dongxian Island. Last time she didn't come, it was the first time she saw the flowering tree.

"En." Emperor Helian nodded.

"In legend, the flower tree blooms for the Tao. This flower tree has 18,000 flowers. It can spy on the talents of practitioners on the avenue. Different people can welcome different flowers." Helian murmured, she wanted to give it a try.

"It's so wonderful?" Ye Futian was a little curious. He looked forward. Those who walked in front of the blossoming trees already had blossoms blooming towards them, but not many of them, but they still blossomed beautifully.

"Yes." Bei Gongao nodded and said: "The blossoming tree was planted by Dongxian Shangxian, the owner of Dongxian Island thousands of years ago. It took hundreds of years to bloom and was born on the road. It is located on Dongxian Island. At the entrance, it is rumored that Dongxian Shangxian recruited disciples of disciples through the blossoming trees at that time. UU Reading It is said that there was once a person with great talents on the road, blooming flowers, blooming flowers Horror, it really became a very strong character."

"Later, after the fall of Dongxian Shangxian, this flowering tree was still at the entrance of Dongxian Island, and people who entered the island could see the potential of their own avenue through the flowering tree." Bei Gongao explained to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked to the front, but did not expect the number of flowers to have such a origin. It is no wonder that those who practiced were competing towards the front and came under the tree of flowers, hoping to let the flowers bloom.

However, most people are unhappy, the blossoming trees seem to be listless, there is not much interest, they are just swaying at random, and there is no real bloom in the true sense.

Want to let the blossoming tree give birth to the induction, blooming the avenue blossoming, non-extraordinary characters can't do it, some people don't even look at it, but practice hard, don't think they need the approval of a tree.

"Would you like to try it?" He Lianyou pointed to Ye Futiandao beside him. This is a figure that can make the statue in front of Dongyuan Pavilion.

However, Ye Futian's expression is very plain, and it seems that there is not much interest!

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