The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1896

Vol 8 Chapter 1896: Flower Tree Changes

At this moment, there was a sound of exclamation among the crowd. Many people looked at the flowering trees in front, their eyes slightly shocked.

I saw a place above the flowering tree at the moment, a figure stood on the ancient tree, the flowering tree suddenly bloomed countless flowers, on the sky, the avenue air flowed madly, and fell on the figure, making the figure extremely gorgeous Eye-catching, like the Son of God.

"The blossoming trees are still blooming. Who is this person?" Some people exclaimed. It was so spectacular that countless branches and leaves of the towering ancient trees extended towards that figure. Thousands of blossoming flowers bloomed as if the whole world had transformed into a blossoming world .

Countless people looked up at the figure. Many people exclaimed and asked who this person was. However, few people actually knew it.

"Who are they?" Jun Qiuyan glanced at the figure, and there was a group of people following behind him, he didn't even know his identity.

The people around them shook their heads and said, "Donglai Shangxian was also a famous figure in the East China Region. Every time Dongxian Island opened, some mainland strongmen came from far away, and some people were quite low-key and unknown. , This person may be the same."

Jun Qiuyan nodded slightly, but he had heard of this, and it might be a wonder to see the blossoming of this blossoming tree.

The fairies of Dongxiandao who came in from Dongxianmen are asking each other, who is this person, and as a result, no one knows.

There are 10,000 blooming blossoming trees, and the flamboyant blossoms have dyed half of the sky. The figure standing on the blossoming trees is magnificent, as if standing on an ancient tree, looking at the mountains.

The young people turned their backs to everyone, feeling the breath of flowers and trees, as if they were close to the way of all things in the world, and they deserved to be strange ancient trees.

lifted his footsteps, then stepped away and walked forward. The people behind him followed him away and headed towards the front of Dongxian Island.

After he left, there were people who flickered and walked toward the blossoming tree, but no one had such a grand scene as if he was the pinnacle.

"The strong man of Qi Tian Pavilion has gone." At this moment, someone looked over there and saw a group of practitioners wearing Chinese costumes and walking towards the blossoming trees. Many people recognized that it was Penglai Xiandao. People who preached in the Holy Land Qitian Pavilion

"Qi Tian Pavilion." Ye Futian whispered to the people around him. Qi Tian Pavilion, like Dong Yuan Pavilion, was a holy place for the emperor to stay in Shenzhou, but Qi Tian Pavilion was a holy place for Penglai mainland. In charge, the person in charge directly is the most powerful force in Penglai mainland, the Qitian Dynasty.

This force is awe-inspiring for Penglai mainland, even though it is the Jun family where Jun Qiuyan is located, it must be weak.

The Qitian dynasty directly took charge of the Qitian Pavilion, and selected a group of top characters to enter the Qitian Pavilion for cultivation. It is known as the Qitian Pavilion practitioner. At this moment, those who set foot on the flowers and trees are the Qi Tiange practitioners.

"Prince of the Qitian dynasty, the existence of the six realms of the emperor." Bei Gongao whispered, Ye Futian nodded, it seems that Bei Gongao knew a little about the power of the mainland of Penglai.

The figure standing at the highest point of the blossoming tree was the crown prince of the Qitian dynasty. His magnificent robe, majestic and noble, the median emperor's peak state, the avenue breath was released, which made the blossoming tree bloom magnificently and blossoming blooming , But there is no gorgeous scene before.

There are rumors of tens of thousands of flowers. The former practitioners made the prosperity bloom more than ten thousand flowers. At the moment, the crown prince of Qitian Dynasty only let the prosperity bloom thousands of flowers. As for the other practitioners of Qitian Pavilion, there are fewer , Not many flowers flock to them.

One after another came forward, but no one could surpass the young man before.

"I'll try it." I saw Ye Futian next to them, and a figure was heading forward. It was Bei Gongshuang. She was curious about her potential in the avenue.

Ye Futianben was about to leave, but when he saw Beigongshuang, he stopped again and looked towards him.

"Let's keep up." Ye Futian said, and his steps followed Bei Gongshuang forward.

"It's them." Many people have seen him before because of the conflict between Ye Futian and Jun Qiuyan, and recognized them. Bei Gongshuang seems to be the woman who was almost killed by Jun Qiuyan's people on the spot.

"Go." Jun Qiuyan saw Ye Futian's indifferent look, and took a step forward, walking towards the front. Seeing Jun Qiuyan passing by, many people suddenly showed a look of interest.

Could it be that it is impossible to continue?

"Let's join in the excitement together." Many people in Penglai mainland stepped forward and smiled toward the towering ancient tree.

Bei Gongshuang took the lead in walking into the area of ancient trees, and the breath of her body was released. The ancient tree swayed suddenly, and many flowers bloomed towards her, covering her figure like a fairy, and many people were surprised. The color of the blooming avenue is not much worse than that of the prince of the Qitian dynasty. This means that this woman's avenue has great potential, and her perception and perception of the avenue are far beyond the ordinary emperor.

Ye Futian is also a little surprised. In this way, Bei Gongshuang's talent on the avenue is also strong among the emperors. Bei Gongao is very fond of this daughter and is dedicated to her practice. Perhaps there is also a reason for this.

Jun Qiuyan frowned and snorted in his heart. Then they went straight ahead and came to the blossoming tree. Ye Futian had been alert to them. When they saw Jun Qiuyan going forward, they also stepped forward together. , A breath of avenues filled out from the body.

Jun Qiuyan stepped on the blossoming The avenue of his body was released, and he felt the rich heaven and earth avenue here. At this moment, the sound of clamoring came out, and the brilliant brilliance bloomed at the same time. The sky was submerged, and countless flowers bloomed at the same time. Wrapping this sky, it seemed to cover everyone.

"What's going on?" This sudden scene shocked Jun Qiuyan, feeling the mad blooming flowers. He was surprised first, then a strong anticipation and excitement came out of his heart, and he walked on the flowers This vision happens when the tree is planted. What does this mean?


At this moment, the crowd was shocked to find that the whole flowering tree was moving, the huge island was shaking, the sea was roaring, the avenue above the sky furiously poured into the flowering tree, and the towering ancient tree seemed extremely Excited, want to stand up.

Even the fairies of Dongxian Island were shocked by this sudden scene. They had never seen such a situation, and they had not even seen it in the millennium history.

They only know that the blossoming tree is alive. At this moment, what is happening makes the blossoming tree so excited.

"Is it because of Jun Qiuyan?" They looked at each other and looked at Jun Qiuyan who had just walked on the flowering tree. If so, Dongxian Island had to think about the relationship with the Jun family. It is best to let Jun Qiuyan enter Dongxian Island practice!


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