The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1897

Vol 8 Chapter 1897: Hidden

"This sight..."

The people were completely shocked by the spectacular scene in front of them. The whole fairy island was moving. The avenue was full of flowers and trees. As if they felt something, they wanted to break out of the sea, and countless branches and leaves rolled up, drowning that figure. inside.

All the silhouettes of the ancient trees are covered by foliage, and Jun Qiuyan is the same. The sound of clattering lambs is heard, and countless branches and leaves are rolling towards him.

At this moment, Jun Qiuyan felt only a surge of heart, even though he was a strong man in the realm of the emperor, it was difficult to contain his inner excitement.

As a person of the top clan family of Penglai Xiandao, how could he not know the rumors of flower trees, which are ancient trees on the avenue, and can perceive the avenue. Generally speaking, the practitioners have stronger perception and affinity for the power of the avenue , The more flowers trees will be welcomed, on the contrary, it also means that your road achievements may be higher.

Now, when he walks here, such a vision appears in the blossoming tree, how can he not be excited, although he is the young master of Penglai Xiandao Junshi, who has no ambition? The Shenzhou is too big, and Penglai Xiandao is only one of the continents of the East China Region, not a top continent.

If he can get the recognition of the blossoming tree and let the blossom bloom for him, first of all, the power of Dongxian Island may become his help, and then with his avenue talent, he may go further in the future and go to Donghuayu. The main city of the world, to reach the wider world.

Jun Qiuyan throbbed in his heart, facing the blooming flowers, looking forward to them coming towards him.

But at this moment, the sound of a clatter came out, the branches of the blossoming tree passed directly beside him, and the blossoming blossoms also passed directly beside him, directly passed him, did not greet him, Did not bloom on him.

It seems that the change of flowers and trees is not because of him.

This scene made Jun Qiuyan's fiery heart cool down instantly, like an empty joy.

Lost, extremely lost, as if in a flash, falling from the cloud of illusion.

However, he still seemed to have a glimmer of hope, but when he saw more and more branches and flowers passing by him, he became desperate and gradually calmed down, knowing that the flowers were not blooming because of him.

A proud character like Jun Qiuyan, when the flowers are in full bloom, because of the pride and desire in his heart, it is easy to think of himself for the first time, but he also has self-knowledge, knowing that although he is talented, he is not like that. Outstanding, at least, that there are no ancients before Penglai mainland, far from it.

calmed down, many things became transparent.

However, not because of him, who moved the blossoming tree?

walked with many strong men, including some powerful practitioners on the mainland of Penglai, but as far as he knew, no one had such a talent.

So, who could it be?

He looked back, but this is an ancient tree space, his vision was blocked, he was wrapped in it, he could not see the situation of other people, and even the Divine Thought could not break through the ancient tree.

"Willn't he?" Jun Qiuyan's mind flashed with a thought. This thought was like a thorn, which made him very uncomfortable, so he immediately abandoned this thought.

How is it possible that if he is so outstanding, he will not be on an unknown continent.

He didn't want to guess this possibility.

Jun Qiuyan didnt want to guess, but Bei Gongao first thought of Ye Futian. Emperor Helian always believed that he was an old fox. He was really good at calculations, and he was very accurate. Under Liu Han, he decided to be neutral, so that he could receive Liu Han's benefits and help each other, and the outcome would be that Emperor Helian could not succeed. Liu Han continued to serve as the cabinet leader, and he only had benefits and no losses.

Ye Futian appeared, but he took the opportunity to resolutely choose his position again.

Later, someone wanted to provoke his relationship with Ye Futian. Not only did he not have a grudge against Ye Futian, but on the contrary, he sent his favorite daughter Bei Gongshuang to Ye Futian's side.

Helian also guessed everything he had guessed, and he did more than Emperor Helian and sent someone to Senluo.

So at the moment there was a horrible change in the flowering tree, he thought of Ye Futian for the first time. It was when Ye Futian stepped here that the flowering tree moved.

Moreover, the sky and leaves and the blooming flowers swarmed in the direction of their location, submerged them all in an instant, buried in the sea of flowers, of course, not blooming for him.

Well, he believed that all this was because of Ye Futian.

is so sure because Ye Futian has also done one thing to make the statue in front of the Dongyuan Pavilion, which is an unprecedented deed.

No one had done it before Ye Futian, so the statue owner appointed Ye Futian to take charge of the Dongyuan Pavilion. According to Bei Gongao's speculation, Ye Futian could do it, probably because it resonated with the statue and urged the statue The hidden will.

"The statue is sacred, the flowers and trees are blooming and moving for him." Bei Gong proudly thought, what level of talent is this guy Ye Futian?

Why do people like this appear in Dongyuan Pavilion?

Could it be that the disciples of super powers are practicing in the lower realm?

Of course, Ye Futian himself realized that the moment he released the breath of the road, he clearly felt that the towering **** tree on the Dongxian Island seemed to be summoned towards him, Let Ye Futian feel faint, this flower tree is extremely excited.

For a moment, the flowers bloomed in front of him, rushing towards him, seemingly fighting for pets.

Not only that, he felt that this immense huge flower tree wanted to rush out and integrate into his body.

Could it be that the ancient tree of the world is the tree god? Let the flower tree perceive, so this situation?

When the foliage and the flowers merged with him, his perception was extremely clear, and his mind was not hindered by anything. He could perceive everything in this space through the flowers tree. He saw Helianyou and Beigongshuang where they were, He also saw them.

"No, this flowering tree is the Dongxian Island God Tree. If I take it directly as soon as I come in, and I don't say what the Dongxian Island will be, many people who come to Dongxian Island on this trip will all I'm going to stare at me." Ye Futian secretly said He didn't want to be noticed when he first entered Dongxian Island, and was stared at by everyone.

More than a thousand mainland practitioners, the mighty emperor, this is a great trouble for him.

The breath of the avenue in front of him surged. At this moment, Ye Futian felt that the power of the avenue was running smoothly, as if he could borrow it.

In an instant, a powerful space avenue power enveloped his body, and then the light of space loomed toward Emperor Helian.

The outside world, everyone was still immersed in a shocking scene, looking at the trembling flowers tree.

But at this moment, the crowd saw that the blossoming tree suddenly fell silent again, no longer so excited, and then, the branches and leaves rolled back, the blooming blossoms also seemed to wither and close, everything had to be restored to its original state.

In a short moment, the flowering tree was still the flowering tree, without any exception.

Ye Futian They stood together. On Ye Futian, there was no breath out, and the breath of the road inside him was imprisoned by himself, so that the blossoming tree could not feel it.

Fragrant flowers and trees are born toward the Dao. If they cannot perceive the breath of the Dadao, they will be silent.

"What's going on?" Many people showed a weird look.

What has happened, is everything illusory before?


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