The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1898

Vol 8 Chapter 1898: Holy Land In The Island

"Impossible..." Bai Mu and other practitioners of Dongxian Island saw this scene with a strange look. They looked at the towering **** tree. Although the flowering tree was silent, the leaves were still swaying, making a rustling sound, seeming to appear Some sadness, as if abandoned.

Even, even those who still practice, the blossoming trees still seem to ignore them.

This situation is unheard of, even if they practiced in Dongxian Island, they had never heard of it.

"Someone deliberately hid." At this time, only one voice came out, and a fairy figure spoke, and suddenly everyone showed their different colors, and also guessed this possibility.

They gazed at the figures on the blossoming trees. However, everyone had the glory of the road, and Ye Futian was the same. On Ye Futian, there was fairy light flowing, gorgeous and bright, without any exception.

He stood on the back of the black wind carving, and his eyes looked to the left and right. When his thoughts moved, he saw the black wind carving spread its wings and moved toward the front. He took Bei Gongshuang and others to leave the blossoming tree together.

The rest of them looked around, but they couldn't find the reason, and they didn't know who it was.

But among them, there must be hidden an extraordinary monster-level character.

The strong men walked one after another, leaving this side, it seems that no one can be found.

Jun Qiuyan looked at Ye Futian and his entourage, who had gone away in the distance. A cold flash flashed in his eyes, which contained killing thoughts.

He was not willing to guess whether it was Ye Futian, but Ye Futian Xiu wanted to leave this Dongxian Island alive.

"Go." He walked the same way, and behind him, someone walked up to the huge endless flower tree, but no more gorgeous scene appeared before, and even the flower tree began to be immersed, too lazy to move.

As if no one could make the blossoming tree willing to bloom for him.

This made some of the strong people behind show anger, extremely unpleasant, and only felt contempt for a tree, but there was no alternative but to start a tree?

can only walk away unpleasantly.

This made no one willing to step on the blossoming tree. I saw walking by the tree, not wanting to let a tree despise it.

Soon, the mighty practitioners left here and disappeared into view.

The practitioners of Dongxian Island looked at this with amazement, and felt a little dreamy, which was different from what happened in the past.

They are thinking, who is the person who hides in the crowd and makes the flowers appear abnormal?

Why did he hide himself?

Moreover, before that person, there was a mysterious person with a very evil spirit, and let the flowers bloom in full bloom, it must also be an extraordinary person.

The people behind don't know how, but this time the person who entered Dongxian Island must be a Tibetan dragon and a tiger.

"Will it be him?"

Bai Mu's eyes showed contemplation, looking at the distance, she thought of a person, Ye Futian.

This person is extremely talented. Before the conflict broke out with Jun Qiuyan, she found that Daquan Shenlun was perfect and extremely fierce and decisive. She showed no mercy to the enemy, even Jun Qiuyan's people killed them directly.

Ye Futian's talent is unquestionable, so is it possible that he is hiding himself?

Just now, besides Jun Qiuyan and them, Ye Futian is also in front of the blossoming trees, and judging from the strength of Ye Futian and Jun Qiuyan, Ye Futian is obviously more outstanding, so, instead of doubting Jun Qiuyan, Ye Futian may Sex is greater.

Thinking of this, she had some ideas in her mind. It seemed that at that time she let Jun Qiuyan release Ye Futian, which made Ye Futian have the opportunity to enter Dongxian Island. Now, Ye Futian will have a chance in Dongxian Island. In his words, she would urge Dongxiandao to protect Ye Futian. Even, without her, Dongxiandao would not let Ye Futian do anything.

"Let's go." I saw her figure flashing, walking forward, heading towards the front, and the rest of the people were also moving forward.

Ye Futian didn't think so much, he just didn't want to be the target of the public, so he was too lazy to expose, as to whether Dongxiandao valued it, he didn't even care.

Now, he just wants to see if Dongxiandao has any chance to improve his strength.

The area where Dongxian Island is located is not just one island, but an archipelago.

The sea in this fairyland is endless, filled with a breath of air, like a fairy sea.

Above the Immortal Sea, stands a series of immortal islands, each island is different from each other, a strong breath comes out.

At that time, Donglai Shangxian was a top-level existence, and he was good at alchemy. It opened up the world in this field. It is considered by many people to be a holy place for spiritual practice. In Dongxian Island, there are various Taoisms and powerful immortals. During the heyday of Dongxian's Shangxian, I don't know how many practitioners came to the house to seek medicine. There are also countless people who want to go to Dongxian Island to practice.

At that time, Dongxian Island was the absolute king of this continent. Where are the Penglai Xiandao's top powers today?

"What's that?" At this moment, Ye Futian looked away, seeing that there was a fairy island, drowned by the terrifying thunder, and the mighty thunder, even if it was far apart, could still feel clearly. To the terrible power it contains.

At this time, there were already many strong men heading towards that side, standing outside the island.

"Human form." Ye Futian looked over there, and his heart was a little shocked. The endless thunder airflow over the entire fairy road condensed into a human form, just like a Thunder God of War, standing on the island, a round of Thunder Avenue divine power Sweeping out, spreading toward the distance, so that people close to can clearly feel the power of destruction and destruction contained in Thunder Avenue, which seems to be directly wiped out by the thunder wave.

The whole island seems to be covered by a Thunder God of War. The arm of the Thunder God of War penetrates down and blasts on the island. A ruined Thunder Light Curtain covers the island inside.

"There is an inscription." He Lianyou said, her eyes saw the front of the Thunder Island. The side of the island was a thousand-foot cliff, as smooth as a play, UU reading www.uukanshu. com is like being cut off by thunder, turned into a huge monument, inscribed on the handwriting.

"It was left by a top character. At that time, many people came to Donglai Shangxian to ask for Dan, but Donglai Shangxian could not give away in vain. Therefore, all those who come to Qidang must pay the same price, so Dongxian Many ruins of holy places for spiritual practice have appeared on the island, and they were once left by the top figures who came to Qiudan." Next, Emperor Helian said.

Ye Futian continued to move forward, and saw that there were many people standing in front of the cliff inscription, floating in the air, looking at the writing on it, and really engraved a piece of history, recording a top character who came to Qiudan The story left a ray of thunder here.

"No wonder Dongxian Island has such a appeal." Ye Futian said, "When Dongxian Shangxian is alive, I think Dongxian Island is extremely prosperous."

"Yes." Emperor Helian nodded: "True holy place, countless practitioners come first, but it is extremely difficult to enter Dongxian Island. The threshold is very high, and non-monsters are not allowed to enter. Unfortunately, later Dongxian Island moved from the east. Lai Shangxian has fallen after the fall, and has been hidden in the island. It will only be open for ten years."

"Who is in charge of Dongxiandao now?" Ye Futian asked.

Helian Huang and Bei Gongao shook their heads: "I don't know, but Dongxiandao has been accumulating strength. Today, I don't know what level Dongxiandao is at!"


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