The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1899

Vol 8 Chapter 1899: Xiaomu

"what is that?"

At this time, someone looked at the center of the island, the area directly below the Thunder God of War, within the Endless Thunder, there was a straight long tree, shining bright purple thunder, when the intention of the Thunder came, everything Will be swallowed by it.

"It's Lei Xiaoshu." Someone whispered, his eyes sharp, his eyes sharp.

"It is indeed Lei Xiaoshu, which has transformed into Xiaomu."

"Xiaomu?" Ye Futian asked the neighboring Helian and Bei Gongao when he heard the comments of the people next to him.

"Thunder is a fetish." Bei Gongao said: "When ten years ago, Lei Xiaoshu was not completely mature and transformed into Xiaomu. Ten years later, finally transformed, Xiaomu was born and did not know who Can get this artifact."

His eyes were a little heart-twisting. Obviously, he also wanted this Xiaomu very much.

Lei Xiaoshu is a thunder **** tree. It is extremely difficult to grow. It needs to be born under the road **** thunder, and it can grow for hundreds of years. It has to transform into Xiaomu, and it has to go through many years. Only by tempering can this thunder god's artifact be born.

Once Xiaomu is born, it is extremely precious, especially for those who practice Thunder's attributes. It is a fetish, which can help them better integrate the power of Thunder Avenue, and even use it during battle. It can also have the same effect as the top magic weapon, Royal Thunder, increase the power of Thunder Avenue.

Such a big little tree must have been transformed into a complete Lei Xiao tree. It took many years to conceive, and the time may be thousands of years.

The Dongxian Shangxian had fallen many years ago, and many parts of it have retained their original appearance, which means that the tree may even be planted by Donglai Shangxian still, so that the people who came to seek the Dan will stay In addition to the strong thunder, he gave birth to thunder magic weapon.

However, he did not wait until this day.

But when the practitioners here stared at Xiaomu, their eyes were burning, and they wished to take it immediately. Xiaomu's value in their eyes was better than the ninth-order magic weapon.

At this time, many people had already walked towards the thunder area and stepped inside, but the morals of the thunder inside were extremely terrible. Some people were directly shocked and exited as soon as they entered it. Wandering, even faintly breathing out of the body.


Beside Ye Futian, a practitioner was shocked and flew out of his mouth, spitting out blood, and his body seemed to be torn out with a blood stain. The scene was very miserable.

In front of the island, a lot of powerful practitioners appeared, many of whom were practicing Thunder Avenue power. Because of this, they came here. Many people who did not practice Thunder's strength detoured directly and left, they did not want to It is a waste of time here, and would rather go to other places to find the opportunity.

Among Ye Futian's group and others, Bei Gongao and Bei Gongshuang are both practitioners of the Thunder Dharma, so they don't give up and stare at Xiaomu. However, the strong here are like clouds, they want to win Xiao Wood is not easy.

Although someone was shocked, there are also people who have cultivated into a powerful realm. They want to go through the thunder field and directly enter the core hinterland to fetch Xiaomu.

"These people haven't been here ten years ago." Bei Gongao looked at them and said.

"Why do you say that?" Ye Futian asked.

"No one can go straight into it." Bei Gong proudly said: "This island is the realm of Thunder Avenue. It contains the will of the top characters who came to Qiudan the previous year. Who can afford to practice here? Can you withstand the coercion of this level of people?"

Ye Futian naturally understands that when he looks forward, there is such a strange land in Dongxian Island, which is very suitable for practice. It is meaningless to forcibly break in. I am afraid that those who practice seeing Xiaomu are greedy for a while. Nian wants to go directly into it to get it.

However, if you want to win Xiaomu, I still want to start with the will of the top character and resonate with it.

Bei Gong looked at Ye Futian proudly, his eyes burning.

"What do I do when I look at this?" Ye Futian was speechless. If Bei Gongshuang looked at him, he had no opinion. After all, Yan Yan was eye-catching, and Bei Gongao's eyes made him feel strange.

"The patriarch try?" Bei Gongao said, Ye Futian was the figure who made the statue sanctified. And not long ago, he thought that the movement of the flowering tree was also because of Ye Futian. In this way, the ray of thunder Avenue's will in front of him, and Is it right?

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded, and he had the intention too. Since Xiaomu was so precious, he tried his best to help Bei Gongao get it, which would also be beneficial to Bei Gongao's practice. Maybe he might have the opportunity to go further. .

Not far away, there are also powerful people who have already begun to try. Among them, many people, like them, are also missionaries from a certain continent.

Ye Futian looked forward, his eyes became extremely gorgeous, and the pupils seemed to be able to see the trajectory of the flow of the avenue, and everything was extremely clear and natural.

At this moment, in Ye Futian's perception, the scene he saw seemed to be two different worlds.

He felt a terrifying thunder punishment, just like the stormy waves. In an instant, he groaned, his steps couldn't help but retreat continuously, and he walked with the power of thunder, and his face was slightly pale.

"It's strong." Ye Futian whispered in his heart, how terrible the power of the will left behind by the top characters, when he could fully perceive it, he had to withstand the attack of the artistic conception and directly descended into his perception.

Next to "Pavilion Lord." Beigong Ao was startled and panicked forward, worrying about what Ye Futian had encountered. This did not seem to have happened before.

"It's okay." Ye Futian said, indicating that after the Beigong retreat, this situation was normal. I didn't encounter it before because the flower tree itself was not attacking, but just felt the avenue and attracted the power of the avenue.

He continued to move forward, and once again walked to the front of the stone wall, many people next to him glanced at him, with a bit of contempt in his eyes, could not bear it for a moment?

"Pavilion Lord?" Someone whispered that such a young Pavilion Lord was rare. The man said to Ye Futian: "The avenue of the ancestors of the ancestors is not something that can be spied on at will. If the realm is not enough, don't try it anymore. Be careful and get injured. "

Ye Futian glanced at the other person, then turned his eyes again, and smiled back: "Unfortunately, you are bothered."

With that, he entered the previous state again. In an instant, in his perception, the picture seemed to come alive. He saw an extremely terrifying phantom of the thunder **** standing above the void, his palms stretched out, attracting the world Dadao Zhenlei's power, then pressed down.

In an instant, a wave of horrible thunder ripples swept out. Everything that passed by was shattered and destroyed. The thunder ripples are the rhythm of the road, one after another, extremely profound and complicated.

Ye Futian understood at this moment that what was left by the thunder will of this avenue was actually a kind of thunder law. Perhaps this was part of the transaction. thing.

After Ye Futian sensed, Shen Nian rushed out and wanted to fit in with that will power to create some kind of resonance. Gradually, he could feel the terrible thunder attack more truly.

"Senior. UU Reading" Ye Futian spoke to Bei Gongao, and then a ray of divine light came out of his mind and shared with the other party.

Bei Gongao knew that Ye Futian was helping him, and he was also aware of it, but when Ye Futian passed on his feelings, Bei Gongao only felt a great shock, he also snorted, bleeding from the corner of his mouth, But he did not give up. At this time, he stepped forward and seemed to enter a state of ecstasy.

He had already practiced Thunder Avenue, and he had an extraordinary understanding of Lei Fa. Ye Futian came to see it like a cloud, and many of them suddenly became bright.

Bei Gong proudly walked forward and actually penetrated directly into the Thunder area. This scene made Bei Gongshuang a little nervous and worried about accidents.


Many people showed a strange color, and Beigongao even went in, which made many practitioners feel a sense of threat. After all, Beigongao's realm is much stronger than Ye Futian, and he is the superior emperor of the Seven Realms of Shenlun. presence.

Seeing this scene, Emperor Helian glanced at Ye Futian next to him. He felt that it was Ye Futian who did what made Bei Gongao move forward step by step.

This time, is it really possible to get Xiaomu?

Thinking of this, Emperor Helian was also somewhat moved. When he let Ye Futian take the position of Dongyuan Pavilion, did he not have the idea of today?


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