The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1900

Vol 8 Chapter 1900: Break Through

Ye Futian himself was still immersed in Lei Fa, and shared his feelings with Bei Gongao.

The more he realized, he found that the Lei Fa is extremely strong, and he practiced to the top of the figure. They perfectly integrated the power of the Avenue and the attacking technique, turning it into the magical attacking technique of the Great Avenue.

Since this top character can come to Dongxiandao to seek pill with this will, what is bound to be left is very Taoist, and therefore very strong.

In consciousness, Ye Futian seemed to see a top figure attacking. This attack gathered super-strong avenue power, converged on the arm, and had some resonance with the surrounding space, then bombed out, and suddenly thunder destroyed. Waves, it seems that some kind of thunder and punishment was born, which is both a group attack and a single attack.

Moreover, his attack is fluctuating, something like the true meaning of the God of War waves he once learned. When the lightning strikes at a point, that point is subjected to a destruction attack, but the next moment, Lei Bo continues to sweep through the spread, At another point, how terrible the speed of thunder's power is, so in the moment of eruption, there will be a terrible co-seismic force around them, all destroyed.

The stone wall records that this technique of attack and logging contained in the will is called a thousand penalties.

Ye Futian perceives quietly, and his spiritual will is also under great pressure. At the time of perception, the thunder force is like raging directly in his mind, and the endless Thunder Avenue is above his body. Roam.

Bei Gongao walked towards it step by step. He was also under great pressure. His thunder and glory shone, and there was a subtle connection with the thunder domain of this space.

"Good savvy." Bei Gongao said, this is not the first time he came here, but coupled with the last time he didn't have such a deep understanding of the thunder god's intention, Ye Futian just came soon, and, to the will The perception is still getting stronger.

is worthy of being the demon emperor who made the statue sacred and the flower tree crazy.

Ye Futian continued to perceive the power of this Tao, and even began to evolve in his mind. He saw more pictures. Under that powerful will, Thunder Avenue seemed to turn into a ray of thunder. Light, it is those lights of thunder and punishment, that burst out the follow-up power.

turned out to be a bit like his comprehension of Jianyi, of course, not so strong.

The light of thunder and punishment gathered in the sands of Thunder Avenue gradually became clear, as if he had gathered the power of the avenue of terror into thousands of punishments before he shot it, and then it exploded in an instant to produce this kind of power.

"Thousand punishments." Ye Futian said secretly in his heart, and there was a faint understanding. Around his body, a rumbling sound came out, and there was a thunder of thunder gathered together, and it condensed into a thunder, just like the light of thunder punishment, directly from The sky fell down.

This made Ye Futian show a weird look. In order to explode thousands of penalties in an instant, how powerful Thunder Avenue can be controlled?

Moreover, it is very difficult to control even the light of thousands of penalties.

But when he sensed this mood, the more terrifying Leiwei descended on the island, and above the sky, there was a light of thunder, just like Doomed Thunder Tribulation.

People from many other places in the distance are moving towards this side, seeing the ruined scene in the void trembling.

"Someone resonated with Thunder's will on Thousand Punishment Island." The fairy of Dongxian Island saw a ray of thought in their hearts, and they naturally knew the cause of this vision. Flashes.

Is the person who stepped into Dongxian Island so strong this time?

Only in such a short period of time, they achieved resonance with the will of Thousand Penalties Island, and they remember that there is still a fetish on Thousand Penalties Island that is blocked in the Thunder Realm.

Will it come out now?

It seems that this time, it was really a hidden dragon and a tiger.

A series of figures came towards this side. Although Ye Futian's perception became clearer, he still stood outside without moving, but allowed Bei Gongao to be inside, allowing him to feel the thunderous sense of truth more realistically. .

Moreover, because of his help, Bei Gongao also had a ray of resonance with Thunder's war intentions. Gradually, he had penetrated deep into the island and kept walking towards Xiaomu.

Some figures walking inside looked towards Beigong proudly, frowning slightly. Seeing this trend, Beigongao might really stand out and get Xiaomu.

"Boom!" Wisps of thunder came down and walked in the thunder field. Bei Gongao bathed in the light of thunder and moved forward, toward the center of the island, not far from Xiaomu.

Dongxiandao has fairies coming, looking at Bei Gongao and asking, "Who is this person?"

Many people shook their heads slightly, they didn't know, but it seemed that they would resonate with the will of Thunder Avenue and win Xiaomu.

Sure enough, Bei Gongao had come to the middle, and his hand was on Xiaomu. In an instant, he thundered and thundered, and swept out. Thunder burst out from his palm, facing eight directions. Going in the direction, leaving an extremely bright light of lightning above Dongxian Island, attracting the eyes of many people in the distance.

"I got it." The Emperor Helian was faintly excited, and Beigong Aoguo succeeded in getting Xiaomu.

He looked at Ye Futian, and saw that Ye Futian still surrounded Thunder, his eyes glowed with purple thunder, and he was extremely fascinating. The North Palace is proud of how many pounds and two heirs are. It is naturally clear that he can do this. , Naturally Ye Futian was helping him.

After getting Xiaomu, Beigong Ao didn't come out immediately, but sat inside and practiced, letting the Avenue Thunder gloriously baptize, but many people have already stared at him, waiting outside.

Xiaomu, the top thunder treasure, even for the characters of the upper realm, have great attraction, especially those who are good at the power of thunder, they are very tempting.

Many of these characters from various continents are the realm of the middle emperor and the upper emperor, one can imagine their desire for Xiaomu.

"I'm afraid it's a bit of trouble." Emperor Helian saw the strong people around him secretly facing Ye Futian and had many opportunities to enter Dongxian Island, but the people in Dongxian Island did not intervene in what happened here. They You can see it, but you cant intervene.

Nowadays, it is not a good thing that so many spiritual practitioners coveted Xiaomu. Once Bei Gong proudly came out, it was immediately targeted by many powerful spiritual practitioners.

I am afraid that he will be handed over to Xiaomu.

At that time, it was still a question whether we could hold it.

The sound of thunder roaring continued to spread, and I saw Bei Gongao actually refining Xiaomu, and Xiaomu and he merged, and suddenly a terrifying thunderstorm appeared in the space thousands of miles above the sky, with Bei Gongao's body as the center, Thunder Avenue Stronger and stronger, the sky was full of thunder, and the sky was flooded.

"This..." Emperor Helian showed a strange look. Could it be that Bei Gongao was about to break the shackles?

Xiaomu's little integration with Bei Gongao's body and integration into his muscles and flesh and blood makes Bei Gongao's body fit the avenue more, leading to an extremely terrible vision of the avenue. Is this the opportunity for the avenue?

Ye Futian was also a little surprised. He still looked at Bei Gongao, who still felt that he didn't need his help anymore.

The resonance of Bei Gong Ao and that will also become stronger and stronger, the palm of the thunder, the world is changing, Lei Wei rolls, and Jiuxiao heavenly thunder.

In the distance, many practitioners look here, how long does it take to enter Dongxian Island?

Someone broke the opportunity of the avenue, want to break through?

Moreover, looking at this intensity, it should not be the breakthrough of the lower emperor, most likely the upper emperor.

It is extremely difficult to break through this state. Some people have a hard time peeking through the state. When they enter Dongxian Island and encounter this situation, there must be a chance.

This makes many people feel envious, Dongxian Island really is a treasure of cultivation.

"It's time to break through." Helian Huang said when he saw the breath of Thunder Avenue still converging and becoming stronger. He looked at the figure in the Thunder area with some envy, and even some envy, why is it not him?

also came with Ye Futian, the other party encountered an opportunity, and his heart was unbalanced.

However, this is a good thing for them. There is a crisis in Dongxian Island. Now Beigong Ao will be stronger if he wants to break through the situation, and they have a little more self-protection ability.

Behind, Yang Dongqing's expression was not so good.

He had previously instigated Ye Futian's relationship with Beigong family, but now he sees Beigong arrogant, how can he feel well?

Moreover, once the realm of Beigong Ao got rid of them, Beigong Ao will become the first person on their continent. At that time, they will no longer be balanced, where else is he.

Even without Ye Futian, Dongyuan Pavilion, it was no longer his turn, which must be controlled by Bei Gongao.

"Good luck." Those who coveted Xiaomu also secretly Nowadays, it is undoubtedly more difficult to **** Xiaomu, unless it is the strong power of the gods and eight realms.

Ye Futian smiled and continued to perceive that Bei Gongao's breakthrough was naturally a good thing. Their strength became stronger, and many things did not need him to do it.

Avenue thunder falls from the sky, the sky above the entire East Fairy Island seems to be covered by thunder light, that terrifying power of Thunder Avenue rushed into Bei Gongao's body crazy, baptizing his body and tempering his soul again and again.

After a long time, Beigong Ao opened and drowned, the thunder vision above the sky dissipated, Beigong Ao stepped out of the field of Thunder Avenue, looked at Ye Futian, a smile appeared in his eyes.

He naturally knew that all this was given by Ye Futian, otherwise, he would not have the chance this time.

In fact, he never thought that he could break through and be able to do all of this. He had an understanding of the will of Thunder Avenue, but the main reason was Xiaomu.

"Congratulations to Senior." Ye Futian said with a smile.

"Besides luck, it's all your credit." Bei Gongao responded with a smile: "I still want to leave Xiaomu to Shuanger, but I didn't expect to be ashamed by myself."

Ye Futian laughed when he heard him, Bei Gongshuang would not have any thoughts naturally, she would only be happy to see her father breaking through the border!


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