The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1901

Vol 8 Chapter 1901: Death Island

"Congratulations." Emperor Helian congratulated Bei Gongao. Bei Gongao broke through. His heart is a little complicated. Although they all follow Ye Futian, they belong to the same level of continent forces. Although they are friendly to each other, But in the dark, the same.

Nowadays, Bei Gongao will be the first person in that continent, how can his mood not be complicated?

"Some disappointed." Bei Gongao looked at Emperor Helian and said with a smile, Emperor Helian shook his head bitterly and saw his expression, Bei Gongao said: "Relax, all old friends, no matter I will not break through, and will always follow the patriarch in the future."

"This old fox..."

In the heart of Emperor Helian secretly, indeed, he had guessed that Bei Gongao must have seen a lot of things before, and had always shown Ye Futian, but he did not expect that the current situation of breaking the border and the eight realms was not expanding at all, and it was still modest enough to continue Slapping, this old face is so thick.

I want to hold my thigh tight.

Although Ye Futian Xiu Wei is far inferior to him.

Eight Realms, although it is not a top figure in China, after all, there are too many strong people, but to say that there are more weak people at the level, depending on which angle to look at, looking at the endless creatures of China, the Eight Realms are already superior. People, a continent, are considered the first person.

"Don't say that to seniors, I don't necessarily have to sit for long as the position of the patriarch." Ye Futian said, he was going to let out the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion sooner or later, and now Beigong is proud of the situation, but it is also suitable. Take this position.

"It is naturally impossible for Dongyuan Pavilion to stay for long, but even if the patriarch goes through the Divine Realm, it can still serve as the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion. This is not a contradiction, and we can also go out with him." Bei Gongao continued Road.

This breakthrough made him believe that Ye Futian followed Ye Futian to have the opportunity to become stronger. Otherwise, with his own ability, it is impossible to perceive this thunder will and enter the core area, take Daomu and Refining, and thus breaking through.

"Bei Gong is right, even if the patriarch is going to practice elsewhere, it still does not prevent him from serving as the patriarch of Dong Yuan Pavilion." Emperor Helian also said that Bei Gongao is breaking through the border. What is his chance on the road?

How could Ye Futian run away.

"These will be mentioned for the time being." Ye Futian said, his eyes looked in the surrounding direction, and he saw many people coming towards them, a ray of avenue breath was released, and his eyes were fixed on Bei Gongao.

If it were not for Beigongao, they might have shot, but nowadays, many people are afraid to act rashly. After all, there are very few high-ranking emperors above seven realms, and not many people have entered Dongxian Island.

"My friend, Xiao Mu is a Thunder artifact. I will practice Thunder Avenue's strength. Can we feel it too?" At this moment, an old man said, the old man was majestic and domineering, his hair flying wildly and bloody. Vigorous, strong breath, when the voice is like Hong Zhong, actually makes the space oscillate.

Hearing his words, many people were staring at Bei Gongao. If someone took the lead, they would naturally be happy. The legendary Xiaomu, who practiced the law of thunder, who didnt want to feel it?

"Xiaomu has been refined and will not be able to do as you wish." North Palace proudly said.

"Even if it's refined, you can take it out." The old man continued to speak, his voice rolling, shaking many people's eardrums trembling, blood tumbling.

"It has been completely fused into the body, and has been integrated into the flesh and bones." Bei Gongao continued: "If the old man wants to see it, it's OK, let's take a look."

Let's go, Bei Gongao took a step forward, and suddenly he walked around the terrible thunder.

"Boom..." His body turned into the body of Thunder Avenue. The whole body shone with the dazzling thunder, the sky moved out again, and the infinite space turned into a thunder domain in an instant, as if it were all Thunder Avenue strength.


A thunder fell from the sky dome, covering the sky and sun, and there were countless thunders that fell directly on Bei Gongao's body, but did not hack him, but directly integrated into his physical body. At this moment, his body is the avenue The thunder body, the fetish Xiaomu and the flesh merge into each other, and his body becomes like a fetish.

"It's a strong breath." Many people's faces changed slightly, even the old man frowned tightly, and felt the power of Bei Gongao. The momentum of the majestic Thunder Avenue was incomparable. He was not only breaking the ground. As Xiaomu Refining and Chemical merged into his body, he also became stronger. Now the Thunder Avenue power he controls is far from comparable to those who have just broken through the eight realms.


A sharp and harsh voice came out, a ray of thunder and punishment light came down from the sky, Bei Gongao reached out his hand, as if turned into the hand of Thor, holding the thunder domain, the endless thunder light walked around his palm, he looked at the other side: " Xiaomu has been refined into the Tao, does the old man need to feel it?"

The old man's eyes narrowed slightly, then he smiled and said: "It's worthy of the Thunder God Tree, and I have seen it."

He just gave up, turned around and continued to enlighten the will power of Thunder Avenue, no longer wanted to win Xiaomu.

After the refining of Xiaomu, Beigongao's strength has increased greatly. From the perspective of the thunder and road, if they want to rob, it is difficult to get the benefits, and it is not worth the loss. After all, there are still many avenue opportunities in Dongxian Island.

The rest of the people also retreated, no longer thinking of Bei Gongao, Ye Futian glanced around, and said: "Let's go, look at other places."

Everyone nodded and walked away from here.

"There are many islands in Dongxian Island, do you know any good places?" Ye Futian asked, he wanted to go directly to useful places.

"Dongxian Island has archipelago, and there are many places with great opportunity. To say a good place, in addition to the great chances left by some practitioners who came to seek elixir, there is also Dongxian Island itself, Donglai Shangxian. At that time, alchemy planted exotic plants on many islands, including fairy grass and poisonous grass, and more than one island, many islands are the medicine garden of Shangxian in Donglai." Emperor Helian said.

Ye Futian nodded. A powerful alchemist such as Donglai Shangxian, even in Shenzhou, is extremely rare. It must not be speculated by common sense. At that time, many herbs were planted in Jiang Shengdu in the lower realm. Donglai Shangxian took out a seat. It is also normal to plant herbs on the island.

"Last time the patriarch wanted to trade Hell Lotus. As far as I know, there is a place where Hell Lotus is planted in Dongxian Island. There is even the legendary Hell King, where there are a variety of plants that contain the way of death." Bei Gongao He said aloud, and he glanced at Xia Qingyan when he spoke.

Last time, Ye Futian suffered a secret loss, which was regarded as "humiliated" by Jun Qiuyan, and the conflict between the two was born.

Moreover, the owner of Hell Lotus finally did not dare to offend the other party because of Jun Qiuyan's reason, so that he refused to deal with Ye Futian. This matter made Ye Futian and Xia Qingxian not good-looking.

This matter has always been remembered by Bei Gongao, and the relationship between Ye Futian and Xia Qingyan is present. When Bei Gongao talks about this, naturally, Ye Futian can win the hearts of beauty.

"Old guy." Emperor Helian scolded in his heart, why didn't he think of it.

Sure enough, Ye Futian immediately nodded when he heard this, and said, "Go, let's go and see."

can help Xia Qingyuan practice things, naturally want to see, and, since it is the herbs planted by Penglai Shangxian, it must be very simple.

"Okay." Bei Gong proudly nodded and led the way forward, flashing in the sky above the sea, the speed is extremely fast, and there are constantly strong men in different places around him, looking for their own opportunities.

In Dongxian Island, there is an extremely dead island. It can be said that it is shrouded by the breath of Death Avenue, so gloomy and terrifying. Very few people come here.

The whole island gave a yin.

Moreover, there are very powerful monsters on this island.

At this time, there were already a lot of strong people in the island. More than a thousand people from the mainland came and there were many people who practiced the power of death. Then this island is the place that must come.

For example, the person who practiced Jun Qiuyans refusal to trade Hell Lotus with Ye Futian that day was also At this time, he was already on the island, staring at a plant on the island, surrounded by many People who practiced like him, but no one dared to act rashly. In front of the plant, there was a horrible big thing standing there, and a pair of cold and gloomy eyes swept into the sky, extremely terrible.

It is a big snake with a body of hundreds of meters, and it is dark all over. Only the sticking tongue is red. It spit out a ray of black mist. The black mist lingers in the terrible breath of death, as if it touches it immediately Dead and corroded, the plants in the space around the snake are all plants that contain the Avenue of Death, and other plants cannot survive here.

As a monster-level existence, this giant snake is no different from human spiritual practitioners in intelligence. It has been guarding here many years ago, relying on this island to survive, and it is becoming stronger and stronger. Everything on this island Its all of them, these humans want to covet, then devour it.

"How about teaming up to kill this snake together?" Someone said, and others suddenly nodded their heads.

This snake is the upper level of the demon emperor. Several people have died in its hands before.

When Ye Futian came here, he had seen this terrifying serpent very far away, a plant he had been guarding.


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